May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise


No, you were wonderful even to someone committing a huge faux pas without understanding and regret.
This is a great threat.

And if normal, added sugar containing chocolate isn’t sugary sweets, I don’t know what the definition of that, honestly.

But something good came from it for me, I reflected on my past actions (better than feeling hipocritical). Nowadays I am decent enough to blur out my fruity talk I just can’t avoid, I have such a close relationship with them and they belong to my garden…
But yep, I tried Fangs’s patience in the past (but I was usually very sure I do it with everyone writing way too long comments, I tried not to but it’s hard to change)… Without that intention. But I understand the correction and try to behave, at least. I may fail but eventually I learn. I definitely don’t try to act an innocent victim who can’t imagine why people attach them without a reason… It’s unbecoming.

Hi guys, I can’t talk about carni food now [of course it changed in a few minutes later] as I just woke, drew a mushroom with a snail on it (without a clear idea about what to do about the colors but it will do, it’s just a fun little contest) and feel a bit off as a huge wasp woke me before 6am (too early, I probably talked about my sacred sleep time between 3 and 6 am). But I am very satiated and it shouldn’t change in the next several hours.
I wondered about the state of my garden (temptation wise) in the next weeks, it seems it will be zero. But I have flowers I keep forgetting to make photos of, I go and do them very soon! I have yellow irises now, after the blue and purple ones (hard to tell the colors as they aren’t clear and they multicolor anyway). I love big, beautiful flowers and the bulbs of irises handle the frost in winter unlike gladioluses (I hope this is the plural form).
I like tiny flowers too if they are pretty :smiley: I keep the noneas while mowing as almost black flowers are my big favs.
It’s very useful not to have things in front of me with possible (but if they linger and charming enough, sure) temptations but me being very pleased with my food now is a huge factor too. I appreciate it so much as I remember how bad is trying to find something I can stomach when I am bored of my normal (or any) food. It’s so very easy now and I am not big on eggs at the moment (it’s good, it would be hard to choose now, I want much meat, to my usual at least, many eggs and my other things (dairy but that is low now that I ate my yogurt with record speed. I just don’t eat sour cream like that) can’t fit, I get fully satiated earlier than that. But getting satiated without proper satisfaction is a way smaller problem on carnivore or close to it (as long as I am not bored of meat but I hadn’t that since long. I hope it will stay so. I surely will have less meaty days but when I had to keep it very low for days, that wasn’t always easy). Carbs can mess with various things.
But I still can’t just eat meat and eggs and call it a meal. I would miss variety and I like my dessert like (or at least different) things in the end too. It’s not always needed but usually is. I almost always use dairy for that role now that I rarely eat processed meat, it’s better as more different and dessert-like anyway. But I don’t want to keep that old “dessert in the end of a meal” habit, actually. I just feel the need for “something else” more often than not. I don’t know why I can’t eat my good, tasty food and be done with it… It’s probably completely mental and can be changed…


rainy storm day. waiting on some big Tstorms to roll thru.

did not sleep well last night. have a few issues on my last nerve (nothing dramatic or big, just annoying to me) and I just laid there with the hamster on the big wheel going round and round thinking this and that. ugh. super pain in the butt. Got some allgery bowling ball head but not as bad as yesterday so that may be clearing but I got that ‘dead on my feet’ feeling for sure. NAP time later!!!

woke up super not hungry. food is a no focus but I do have to hit the little grocery for a few items later and will check beef area for sale price on maybe a steak or ? who knows…but I do have a lb. of ground beef defrosted so it might just a meatloaf for me today. Super duper simple is calling my name.

I heated up my leftover wings. yuk. dried out, taste was wonky and in the end, I got to say they are not on my 10 most wanted list right now LOL

Soldier on strong everyone, May is fading now, new month and new commitments to come in June for us!!

(Karen) #383

Hi there, i was trying not to get involved in this discussion as peeps were saying some of the things I was thinking but I just wanted to say that I started, as did most on here, with Keto woe. It was only by exploring the different threads within the forum that I discovered Carnivore woe. I don’t think I would have ever transitioned to Carnie had I not found it within this forum. I lurked in the shadows, read and inwradly digested and yeah thought this is for me. I haven’t looked back and the support I have had on this particular thread, over the last nearly 18 months or so has been truly unsurpassed. Everyone feels like family and I, like so many others, talk to them like they’re family, sharing our days, our good times, our woes, what we’ve been up to, sharing photos of our Carnie food and flowers lol and ironing out our blips, med issues and gleaning information from whoever has experienced similar.

Its a great place for me to visit every, or at least mostly every day as I live on my own and I like to hear how "my family’ is getting on with their lives. For me this is a lovely friendly place.

We all come from different countries and backgrounds and sometimes reading some of the posts its easy to lose something in translation or tone. Let’s move on from this little blip, everyone is welcome and I am sure this wonderful thread wouldn’t be the wonderful place it is without this diversity.


I’m off, gang.

Really appreciate all the help and advice over the years. Hope all goes well for you all in the future. :+1:


Last week of lectures for the semester. COVID is providing high daily positive test numbers here but not too many people in hospital. But influenza has flown in with international visitors to kick off the flu season. Or, so I hear. I feel well on this WOE. The sun came out after the Southern Ocean low pressure system and storms rolled through over the past 3 days. This weather system was as intense as a cyclone or hurricane. We get about 2 of them per winter. It’s great weather for wood fire cooking, hearty beef stews and big mugs of beef bone broth for big mugs like me. But with the sun :sunny: appearing for a blue sky autumn day it was back into the surfie board shorts and half an hour direct sun on skin while walking the property checking the forest after the storm.

I wrote a whole post about the chocolate incident. Then my battery died on the device and I hadn’t posted it. It was good to see some thoughts on cravings and cravings resilience. There was even some blur filter. I haven’t had any chocolate in recent memory. I had a keto snack bar a few months back that was so bad I can still remember the experience. I used to love Lindt chocolate, and we had 90% Lindt in the weekly shopping. But that’s all gone now. Mrs Bear told me women need chocolate. So, the Lindt stayed longer in the house even after I no longer regarded it as food.

I think we are quite resilient to cravings with this WOE, but human enough to occasionally encounter them, analyse them and let them go by having better carnivore options instead. I think that point may have got blurred in the forum etiquette discussion. Carnivore makes us resilient. So, a picture of keto food is not a problem.

I ate 3 chicken eggs fried in butter with two slices of pan fried halloumi cheese. NoFUN, 2MAD. Just one black coffee. I had dinner on the road in the 3 hour drive to the city. I rolled pastrami slices (New York deli beef) in roast beef slices inside Massam cheese slices. I made half a dozen of these carni cigars, and that was enough. There are two perfectly boiled eggs and a can of Portuguese style sardines leftover, if anybody wants them.


“Meat Chewin’ June”


good post FB but one point is very missed here. WE ARE all on different time lines on this journey. New people could easily fall prey to this comment directed at them: -----Go for a couple of squares of something like this dark chocolate (other brands are available!)

Now all us carnivores know that the support is to say go off and eat a lb. of bacon, or take a nice long nature walk then come home and eat a big azz steak or xyz or abc as we would give for good ol’ fashioned carnivore advice to never give in to the cravings. We eat the cravings away on plan as the body adapts to help us become more resilient and presents many mindset changes on what food intake is to us personally.

So you are longer and doing extremely well and finding your personal footing and calm on carnivore where another is still ‘relatively new’ to plan and will walk thru cravings and wondering what in the heck are they doing not eating stuff they love and giving up all the other foods and and and all the thoughts that can run thru anyone’s mind on any food change plan when one starts…we know there is never a X marks the day all cravings are gone and never will enter our lives again, just doesn’t happen :slight_smile:

2 fold here. Carnivores give up all sugar so the chocolate is off the table as ‘go for it’ if needed, nope.
Second is we support staying on plan and give advice thru experience on how to combat those cravings most will always get hit with from time to time, we are human after all, hey, ALL of us LOL

This just put a big smile on my face!! :smile:
It seems like a very calm carnivore message and feeling we have but we know deep down ALOT more is in that simple statement, cause those of us on plan understand the deeper meaning of it! :wink:

You sound in very good form FB! Plus I am loving Meat Chewin’ June ya know :partying_face: cause meat chewin’ is what we do!!

(Daisy) #388

@Fangs and @FrankoBear also we cannot overlook the addiction factor. True that we don’t “often” get cravings on carnivore, but some of us have a bigger addiction factor to consider than others. Some came to carnivore to look and feel better, and that’s great. But some of us got here from true, deep, dark addiction. Carnivore is so fantastic at healing the consequences of addiction that we sometimes forget the addiction is still very much there. Many of us are literally one tiny step in the wrong direction from a full blown relapse. After almost 3 years on carnivore, I am finally at a good enough place to recognize that vulnerability in myself and humble enough to publicly admit it. I know for a fact that @Fangs understands this as well. I’ve felt it through her musings. This is why we covet our safe little corner of the keto forum and why I :100: stay away from the rest of the forum. I literally come to the current month post and never leave it. My Instagram is set up as a carnivore’s dream and all other pages are banished to some other part of the internet, but never into my line of sight. Am I tempted by a square of the c stuff? Not today. Not the day it was posted. But there have been probably 6 occasions over the last 6 years that I’ve binged on 100% unsweetened c stuff, let alone (absolutely) sugar containing 85%. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but anything less than 100% unsweetened, does contain sugar. Take it from an absolute sugar addict in recovery. 7 years ago I ran away from it as fast as possible and I read every label and have looked for every hidden gram like a detective since then. As a sugar addict in recovery, I would not begin to touch 85%. My addicted brain was still able to binge on completely unsweetened (though that binge results in less consequences). I know it seems harmless, but for us that are addicts, it’s not. I’m not one of these sjw’s that demands everyone change their life to cater to my weakness, but I’ve also purposely sought out 2 support systems (the zero carb corner of the keto forum and my specific Instagram account) that are geared towards helping in my addiction recovery vs triggering it. Obviously I can only speak for myself here, but I’ve had enough conversations with fellow addicts to know it’s pretty much the same for them. One of these days I’ll do the necessary mental work to actually heal the addiction. But in the meantime, I’m really enjoying being symptom free and relapse free on carnivore.

(Linda ) #389

What??? You leaving I hope not I really appreciate your input I learn from things you post


Okay folks, I retract everything in favour of a resolution :slight_smile:
I’ll hang around for the carnivore advice…if you don’t mind.

But, could someone tell me how I can blur the words so I can avoid this in future?

I’d appreciate that- not that I intend to write anything controversial!

I’m just finding my feet here, and I don’t want to unintentionally annoy anyone.
So I think if anything is borderline on some topics, perhaps I could use the blur feature, and hopefully this would be acceptable? Thanks.

(Daisy) #391

Maybe someone else can be a little more thorough in explanation. I use my phone and for whatever reason this site is horribly glitchy on my phone. Half of the features don’t work for me, so I usually just avoid trigger things or apologize profusely when I do discuss them :joy:


I stand corrected and apologetic- thanks for the coaching.

Guys, all I can say, I never intended to ‘tempt’ anyone, I was just trying to say if you ever fall to choc temptation on that rare occasion (because we all know we lose our sugary seeking tastebuds for more savoury ones, but sometimes maybe it’s a mental memory that could set you off), then there are versions that might not harm you as opposed to other versions.

I’ve had the 100% Cocoa stuff- it’s strong but I still liked it in small grated quantities. Some say it may even have health benefits, but I’m not going to even dare advocate that here!
I normally do the 95%, and when I say normally a square or 2 a month.

Okay- no carb posting here at all. But i think you acknowledge I was trying to help someone over a chocolate craving, which I appreciate, thanks.


That’s the ticket, cheers!


yes but in the wrong lifestyle eating plan. that is something you must see before offering advice on our thread.

not a judgement, just a plan difference that is so very very very important to many of us on this small but wonderful great carnivore thread.

no one is saying you were off and not kind and whatever, just saying remember the thread you are posting to before advising plan help I guess :slight_smile:

I so am your post.
I so understand every word you wrote.
I know many don’t understand but for those of us who are right there, in that post, understand it all too well and is easily recognizable and very present in our daily lives, no matter how many years on plan we have but we fought like damn dogs to achieve what we have so far, and it could take very little to unravel us. We get stronger thru it but we also know we are literally one picture or nibble in a vulnerable time in our day that all goes out the window.

What it took for me to get here I can never ignore, nor will I ever accept it is not real and a fact I deal with all the time. Some days great, some days medium and some days are hell.

I thank you for writing it out KD!


and now I need a little break from the thread.

I need mental adjustment.

I know me and I know when I am starting to go down and I am going to do just that so best for me to remove, regroup quietly, strong in my manner but for that I need a bit…


Same for me.

I lurked in the shadows, read and inwradly digested and yeah thought this is for me.

I totally wrote comments, being me… But even months after I started to flirt with carnivore it was SO VERY surreal, swapping my beloved veggies, little fruit and not so little nuts with meat. It was a huge jump. But surprisingly easy and beneficial. (I couldn’t stick to it for long but at that point I barely ate meat as I refused to buy normal stuff in shops. I still don’t understand how I did 2 weeks carnivore living on super salty smoked pork, chicken liver, eggs and little dairy. I was determined for sure. And I wanted less food than normal.)

I loved every carni thread here. People were so very accepting and I am not even a carnivore. I just need the help to stay close. Not so much nowadays as what else would I eat normally, my fav dishes are carnivore or close but still, I can stray a tad too far sometimes. Or get bored. And anyway, it’s nice to talk about food and normal keto is so, so different from my woe at this point…

Meanwhile I had my surprisingly small lunch. I suppose it will be a fine TMAD day again, only dinner heavy. I had turkey, liver and egg salad (oh yeah, I can’t go wrong with sour cream and mustard. I like this version). Made the usual carbier egg stew for Alvaro, I have enough meat.

I decided I will give another chance for TMAD. I wake up so early that 3pm sounds a good time for my first meal (possibly the last too but probably not). But my urges will decide that. I wasn’t hungry today but food still seemed a nice idea…

Still didn’t quit coffee. But I won’t give up.

@FrankoBear: I can relate, I only once had a keto bar and it was the worst thing I ever tasted, easily. Now I know I hate monk’s fruit even more than the other super sweet sweeteners. They all taste horrible to me. And WHY must a snack bar have sweeteners… Yeah, normal ketoers aren’t like me, they gave up all the carbs, need some sweets or something like that. it’s fine, I never wanted special and not homemade treats anyway.
Not too dangerous content but I have no idea what triggers who. I don’t have triggering words and other things (except my own inner desires and real things in front of me but reading about them, seeing pics and videos don’t matter to me) - except coffee. And whenever I read about dry fasts, I must go and drink a lot of water.
I am the same with fasts too, I can fast just fine when my SO fills the house with scrambled eggs with sausage :smiley: For some reason it doesn’t affect me. Him coming home and sitting to lunch (right after I cooked) is more serious but if I am determined, that isn’t a problem either. It doesn’t help when I am borderline hungry, but if I am satiated, I am satiated and if I am determined, that’s serious.
But if I am tempted, I can’t resist, it’s not in my nature and skill set. So I am trained not to get tempted easily. And then carni changed me so I am not interested in most things especially not after carnivore days (if I am already off, it’s harder). Alvaro ate 3 more tiny, flavorful strawberries again, I picked them. Zero temptation. But it’s easy with a few tiny strawberries I don’t need and I know they will be around until November…
That’s nothing. I have 2 packages of - I would need super blur here - caramel Timtams in a box in my kitchen all the time since weeks and that is zero temptation too. I am so good right now. I would do proper carnivore or almost but I can’t skip eating very nice but not fully carnivore meat dishes made by Alvaro. Well I could if i wanted but it sounds a bad deal.

At least this phase I never had. If I wanted to eat something, I ate it.
Sometimes I think about how bad it must be to like the wrong food only. It’s probably a thing as some people only eat clearly bad food and I have read multiple times about the unhealthy food being tasty and nothing else.
I am lucky to find good food very tasty, even the tastiest and unable to understand why one need to eat every old fav. It’s enough for me if I eat 8-10/10 delicious meat all the time (very occasionally a lower number is acceptable too) and get satisfied and never miss anything. It doesn’t require to eat everything tasty possible.
Of course, it’s not so easy even so, I go slowly (there were some big jumps but I still do things gradually) and I trained myself a lot. And there are difficulties sometimes but the bad meat boredom hopefully in the past and I won’t ever complain (much) :smiley:

Unusual day. TMAD with a probably quite big dinner, I didn’t track yet (but will as it’s simple and my curiosity almost always wins). My meat consumption dropped but it’s still not very low. I had meatballs, they had one yolk and were just lightly spiced, they were very nice but needed mustard. I had a pancake with head cheese, some sour cream and several sponge cake muffins, a little liver… I feel the need to eat simpler but I had multiple leftovers.
A small, lean pork piece is defrosting in the fridge, 3 pounds exactly. It will roast it (carefully, I will try things to ensure it will be juicy and pink, not a bit dry like last time. just because my usual careless method worked a few times, it won’t every time) but a little part will be ground meat.

I brought photos! Flowers only and not much as I messed up the iris pic. Not the proper (macro) lens either but it should do.

My new little flower and the last remaining pansy, they are next to each other:

One of my several very sweet smelling roses:

Poor roses are so out of way, behind other things that I didn’t even notice they started to bloom for a while. And all are pink except the biggest, that’s deep red and very pretty.

This is long enough for a single post…

(Karen) #397

Pretty flowers @Shinita colours are beautiful. I was snapping pics of mine again this morning as one of the lily’s is starting to bloom as is another plant that I can’t remember the name of that has little lilac/pink flowers just starting to open. Here i the lily and the carnation that has taken off :smiley:

And my bee bombs


Oh my! I am sorry if I ever tempted you or something, I will be super careful! Though I usually blur my stuff now, not when it’s too general, without a specific item name. As I don’t get triggered easily (I am surrounded with carbs all the time, I had to develop some immunity. it has holes, yep but without the thing in front of me I am pretty safe), I don’t know what can possibly trigger others.

I have problems with overeating even without addiction (or I may be addicted to overeating, IDK). I am always uncertain with this word in the content of carnivore as my overeating skills drastically diminish near it (certain items still can do the trick but it’s not that hard for me to avoid them most of the time. so I don’t actually overeat on carnivore(-ish), merely have higher-cal days and I eat too much on average but just around my energy need).

Carnivore is good against compulsions, thankfully, that is one the best perks for me. I don’t very often have compulsions on mere keto/low-carb but if it’s once a year (it’s more but it’s not a very common occurence), it’s one too many. It hurts my pride to be a victim of it.

And addiction and compulsion (maybe they have a common subset, it seems probable) are just 2 serious problem, my mind and life easily produce many other, lesser ones.
We probably all have our smaller or bigger, different problems and we need to battle them differently. As I can’t and won’t resist temptation, I should avoid them. Addicts surely can relate though it’s a bit different.
My end goal is eating whatever I please and that being great for me. Most of the time. And when very occasionally not, still no noticeable problem, physical or mental should happen. Some people consider even suffering for a day pretty cool for some tasty treat, well, I am already a better, bigger hedonist than that but I want to be a near perfect one. So I must enjoy the hell out of my food, not missing anything and giving my body the best food I can to ensure I am healthy and feel right for a very long time. If I need to choose, health first, obviously, it never was a question but I don’t want to choose. I am spoiled, I never did. If I didn’t find my food tastier than on my previous diet, I didn’t do the change. But I always had options food wise, I simply choose what I like and train to get off from
the tempting bad things (if knowing they are bad for me can’t do the trick. it often did).

Good luck to conquer your addiction!!! And other possible food related issues as I have many without proper addictions so I am too aware about their existence.


Very pretty flowers as usual!

I keep smelling wild roses nowadays whenever I take a walk… Every few meters I find a bush, sometimes I can’t resist :smiley: Sooo pretty and nice smelling! Wild rose and elderberry and something else with white flowers, I see them everywhere now.

My honeysuckles (the ones I have in love/hate relationship with, not my tiny, cute, fruit bearing thing - a few berries per year and they never were good this far, oh well, it’s a rare thing and I wanted it in my garden) and my wonderful, finally somewhat grown mock orange just started to bloom! The latter had a few flowers this far but now? Very many! I cut off some blood hazelnut branches to give it more space, that plant wants to be everywhere (and I would have given it more space but space is not something I have in abundance here). But it’s very pretty with its deep red leaves and very healthy, energetic look. Maybe it’s called different as google gave me nothing but it’s the translation from Hungarian and it’s a good name, it is red.

(Linda ) #400

I dont think I’m affected that badly but I can’t open the door by tempting myself I don’t open the door to any sad foods that were my old fav foods if I’ve ever stepped back its been to keto and for a meal or two but some of the new keto snacks I try to avoid as much as possible even though they in the house for hubby.

But its also why I don’t make alot of Maria Emmerich desert eggy dishes even protein sparing bread into creamy delights and cake type options I can and do over eat and just plain egg white bread I’d still eat more than I should so I use anything like that very sparingly and the longer I eat this way the need hopefully will go away I’ll stick to my two coffee a day im not worried about quitting that at this point.