May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise


I’m glad you’re enjoying these foods, but none of these things are carnivore. It’s sometimes difficult to appreciate as they’re close in lots of ways, but the carnivore plan is different to keto.

I think it’s good advice that if you want to go off plan, then going off plan onto keto is probably better than going off plan on to SAD - and the things you’ve listed fit well into keto. But one of the things I’ve learnt is that the longer you stick to carnivore, and the more consistent you can be with the way of eating, the easier it is.

JJ has done super well in being so committed for so long - and sometimes these cravings are just little bumps in the road and we’re just talking through them, as opposed to intending to eat them.

I am the first person to say that people should do carnivore + concessions if that’s what it takes to get started, because I think being on a variant of carnivore is better than not being on at all - and I’m convinced that as your tastes change, you’ll graduate out of those concessions.

I am 100% sure your intentions were good in sharing this, but I’m not convinced it’s helpful to insert a massive picture of chocolate in a thread where people don’t eat it. I think that’s why people use the blur feature if they talk about non-carnivore foods here, or food in the fasting threads etc. Maybe it could be blurred or spoiled so as not to tempt people?


Probably should have put it in the ‘What did you keto today thread’ then!
Which I will- I had some earlier and it was delicious.

Jebus, never realised that people can be so zealous and pedantic here!

OK, advice taken friend.


I think this is a bit unfair. This is the carnivore thread about the carnivore way of eating.

I don’t think most people would be happy if someone went in the keto threads and kept advocating for SAD. It’s not really too different. :confused:


It’s not really friend- I was responding to a post about chocolate, and suggesting if it ever does become too tempting, at least ther is a way to do minimal metabolic damage.

That’s all :slight_smile:

Look, no problem- you’re proud of this thread and your advised practices…I just was a bit bemused by your response there.
But that’s OK with me and i absolutely respect that.
Maybe a bit of hyperbole going on, maybe don’t you think?

Don’t be SAD!!!

(Karen) #365

Long shift today. I don’t think I slept too badly last night although it was wakeful with a normal (for me) amount of toilet trips.

At work at 6am and back home at 4.45pm. Urghh feel quite fatigued and I guess i will be writing tomorrow off completely.

I have listened to so much garbage on the phones today my head has that big balloon blown up inside of it!

Brunch about 1115am of reheated chicken tikka slices in butter.
Around 3pm one hard boiled egg
5.30pm a sirloin steak with egg yolk urghhh not a particularly good steak, not like yesterdays beautiful yummy steak. While it was cooking I tried a bit of another cheddar I bought yesterday … charcoal cheddar, ever heard of it??? If you’ve never tried it … don’t bother it was yuk. Had to remove the taste with some proper normal white cheddar.
Still wanting a 'better taste in my mouth I had some bacon … yuk, too cheap and watery, I had to drain off the watery fluid and added some lard. Not a great foody day :confounded:


That’s miserable, Karen, I am sorry - it’s such a disappointment when your food isn’t right. Never heard of that charcoal cheddar before - I will keep away!

(Karen) #367

Do … it didn’t even have a nice texture and it was expensive!


I support Septimius and the posts. We are not Keto and keto advice really just doesn’t fit our eating lifestyle.

charcoal cheddar, now I am scared of that but my kiddo bought some kind of ‘ranch cheddar’ when she was out in a nice block and I tried a pinch of it and OMG it was vile. Still in fridge growing fur I think cause she didn’t like it either, I think I better hunt it down and dispose finally HA
Sorry your work is annoying you and hope your retirement request gets here sooner for ya and you get approved!!

-----------ate my pork chops. big yum on them.

family having salmon but I am getting hungry and will just heat up a few of my last chicken wings and chow down in a bit. Chops filled me very well plus I do have a leftover chop. Appetite not big today but feel great anyway other than a darn sinus headache. Drugs helping that stupid sinus pressure tho which is good.

Carnivore on strong!

(Robin) #369

Seems many of us are having a cranky day. Myself included. (Gloomy and rainy here.) Maybe something is in retrograde or our hormones are flaring simultaneously.

But… enough back and forth. Everyone has made their point. Let’s move on. I’ll go first… I just ate half a chicken and already know I’ll finish it off soon.


“I support Septimius and the posts. We are not Keto and keto advice really just doesn’t fit our eating lifestyle.”

Yet this site is called Ketogenic forums as opposed to Canivore forums?

Again friend, I actually support Septimus too, and you as well, in getting what is right for you.
There’s no need for any intolerance on here- I believe we’re all loooking to find the best for what suits us, as you allude to. On any diet. I still have the right to post where I like on here, as do you.

But please don’t think I don’t have a role here.
I may not be 100% carnivore…but yeah I’m naturally graduating (sort of) to ‘carnivorisish’ through keto.
I think it’s almost an inevitable progression, tbf, in many respects
I still like some keto veg though, especially mushrooms (veg-ish).

Yeah, no problem Fangs! All good, respect and love!


That charcoal chesse resmbles fossilised horse crud.


This thread is clearly labelled as carnivore and the posters here come to talk about / read about carnivore. The vast majority of the forums are keto - so there’s hundreds of threads for you to post keto things in if that’s your preferred way of eating.

It’s totally fine to be curious about carnivore. It’s a big step to take, and I lurked this thread for months before I joined in, so I encourage people who are not carnivore to have a read.

I just think it’s important to be mindful that we’re all real people, and we all have good days and bad days. The people posting in this thread are trying to stick to a committed carnivore diet - and sometimes making keto recommendations might just accidentally send someone else into the back of their cupboard looking for chocolate.

I realise that wouldn’t be your intention, but it’s just important to consider which thread you’re in and what the unintended consequences can sometimes be. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to knock someone off their way of eating.


I am really a very relaxed one, not a carnivore, can’t even stick to my carnivore-ish or even keto for long but even my high-carber SO with a huge sweet tooth hates to eat SUGARY chocolate on a normal day. Me? Even less so. I can’t comprehend why I would eat the hated added sugar needlessly (and it’s usually very hard to imagine a need, it has no benefits, only the opposite). Sweets are even better without it… And chocolate doesn’t even really need sweetness if you ask me (but it always has. probably the cocoa). People not eating sugar all the time tend to feel it differently.

This is a carni thread, not a keto one. But most of us don’t do added sugar even as ketoers or even just low-carbers as I did (maybe a very very tiny bit in condiments, sometimes it’s hard to avoid. and on off days, maybe but there must be some super good reason. dark chocolate has zero chance, we rather use our own).

Deliberately eating sugary sweets… It’s more like a high-carb attitude (or at least higher-carb) and as my SO proves even high-carbers may lack it. Some people pulls it off on keto, fine, their choice. It still has zero place here.

It is a CARNIVORE thread. Sugary plant stuff is as far from it as possible, it seems glaringly obvious to me.
I just can’t resist to react, I am me. And I made chocolate a few hours earlier as it’s a very important staple for Alvaro and he run out of it today. It lowers his carb consumption (if we imagine the impossible scenario where he doesn’t eat chocolate) so it’s a good thing in my eyes.


My tracking is super unreliable as always with this fatty pork (and it’s such a chore even when I eat simple, quick and everything but I want to stop again) but that’s only the fat and calories. And it can’t be THAT far off…

I had a quite small dinner (I had a little pâté and camambert with sponge cakes and put the rest into the freezer. We have a Mangalica liver thing in sausage shape that I forgot about so we will eat that soon and there is leftover fried liver too. Alvaro isn’t interested in it yet).

Guesstimation says today had 71% fat, yeah, I definitely felt in the end that I need something NOT fatty and even got the tiniest nausea. And people try to force themselves to eat higher because they have read keto is 75% fat (I think both 70 and 75 are super popular. I wouldn’t even like 70% all the time but 75 is out of question for now)…
Yesterday was even fattier. I stop eating that very fatty meat for a few days… But it was very tasty so I definitely will come back to it!

Meat was just below a pound, eggs the usual few.
I ate after 3 and after 6 and that’s it. No problems at all, satiation all day, no hunger ever, I just felt the need to eat as I often do when hunger refuses to emerge. I wouldn’t try to avoid non-OMAD days if I could pull off such nice TMAD days but they are rare.

(Daisy) #375

I think what everyone is trying to say is this little corner of the keto forum is earmarked for zero carb/carnivore. It’s kind of our little safe space, if you will. That’s why, out of courtesy, we try to blur triggering words/pictures. Many of us are addicts in varying stages of our recovery. As it would be in bad taste to walk into an AA meeting and bring pictures of your binge drinking weekend to pass around the room. Its just a respect to the others in our little haven. :heart:


Of course, I agree with you. I post in this thread too. Just as many in this thread post in keto threads.

Let’s not split anyone, and stick together Yeah?.

It doesn’t mean I want to annoy anyone or change anything by posting on here!
I’m more or less carnivore myself, can’t you see? But I am keto in some respects.

Look, let’s all chill out and respect each other, yes?.

Thanks for clarifying .

This is ketogenic forums,


That may be true, but nobody should try to paint anybody, including myself, because I’ve openly told my metabolic problems, as a bad person. I thought this place was trying to help each other (and I still do think that).

I like poeple on here, they are really good, educated, and helpfull. It’s really helped me, diet wise.

Sorry, just latelly, I’ve been getting really snobbish comments towards me, that nobody, but their own opinion input is valid. I can’t be dealing with that nonsense.

I’ll take the hint, you dislike me, so I will leave.

Allo the best peeps x.


Who mentioned sugary sweets?

I honestly did not mention any sugary sweets.

I don’t know. I’m away, good luck.

(Daisy) #379

I’m sorry you’re feeling that way, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that’s never our intent and you of course are welcome here.

(Linda ) #380

I dont think anyone was trying to come off as your unwelcome?? cos I’ve never seen that on this thread you are more than welcome as you have probably already noticed shanita is not carnivore either … typing can always come off as unfriendly it’s hard to put tone into words…

I think ppl are just super protective of our little space and I too believe your intent was not to offend just guess we not used to seeing pictures of chocolate on here lol…so it sent a ripple across the pond as it were…
But if your slowly transitioning into carnivore then you should stick around so much info gets shared here that always something can learn.

Todays food started with lamb hock lunch started with fish followed by lamb rack