May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise


Thanks for the info. I’ll certainly keep an open mind.

It’s just I’ve been schooled differently, growing up, some time ago, in a scientific/medical environment.

The overwhelming thrust by the majority of clinicians, food safety experts and dieticians is that cooked meat (or cured meat, smoking, pickled…whatever) is far safer than the raw version.

I look across the globe and it certainly appears there is historical and widespread geographical consensus on this. This can’t be a coincidence, right?

Yes, I will absolutely agree…a freshly killed seal pulled from the Arctic and butchered immediately, will probably be okay for that (internal) flesh to be consumed, and there are those that do that.
Out of necessity and evolution.

That certainly doesn’t mean that it’s par for the course for other environments.
I hate to raise the spectre again…but wasn’t the recent pandemic blamed on live bats being sold, then eaten close to other species, and questionable food markets in China?

Here, this is what the standard is. I’m concerned- I would advise at least searing your meat food before eating. Butit’s your life friend. :slight_smile:

Raw Food: How It Can Be Dangerous (

(Daisy) #342

I wish that I could quote… but the bat theory was completely debunked.
@Azi I’ll check out that video.
I know several people who have been doing raw for quite some time with zero issues. I think the sourcing of the meat is of utmost importance.

Today was not a raw day :joy:
image image

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I’m not judging lol each to their own but it’s come up a few times here lately and then I saw this yesterday chaffee was indicating that it was cooked meat that made our brains grow and he kept coming back to fire and its history…Shawn was just being cautionary and saying what he has seen…and to be careful. So I thought I’d share…

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Exhausted this morning, these long shifts take it out of me especially as I never get a proper good sleep at night.

Up at 8am after another wakeful night and thought of really resting up and then got clearing out my understairs cupboard! Yikes, out came paint pots that had been in there for at least 30 years! Several winter coats to take upstairs and loads of tools for the shed as there was room in there for them with sorting that out the other day… Took the paint pots to the skip and went into local town to get bird food and duck eggs and ended up with a whole lot more stuff! I just can’t help myself when I’m in the mood to shop the charity also picked up some manx kippers and fancied a bit of cheddar. The duck eggs I bought in market and the seller asked if I wanted the cracked double yoke egg that was sitting on stall so as I had extra egg box with me so I took that too, waste not want not. Then I sort of squished the bag trying to fit everything in the car and when I got home it had cracked a bit more and everything had runny whites over them! Well as i say waste not want not I cracked it a bit more and got the double yokes into a cup and cooked them with my dinner.

Brunch around 11am a heavenly steak done to perfection with 2 fried eggs.

Home at 4.45pm and tucked into some of the cheddar as I cooked dinner. Dinner 2 pork chops and the double yolk. A bit more cheddar to finish and off to bed 7.30pm!

(Robin) #345

I hope you can get a handle on your sleep. It’s as important to your health as diet! Hope you can retire soon!
be well!

(Judy Thompson) #346

Oh my, food pics are beautiful today. @azi cheese wisp crumbs, what a concept! Wow. @Ketodaisy gorgeous eggs & bacon!

It’s so quiet here with no TV and no conversation except that everybody wants to call so yesterday I was on the phone for like 4 hours with people who know hubby’s away - even hubby wanted to talk a long time.
Working on fiddle tunes and a dab of this and that with a load of students coming up in an hour or so and music to write for them.
Yesterday I suddenly got a wild hare about weaving hotpads from twine or yarn. Ordered a loom that will be here tomorrow. Today I watched a bunch of videos on that. Crazy what they make with those looms.

I did see a video yesterday with Chaffee and Shawn Baker and the raw issue came up as well as Dr Baker saying he couldn’t stand the 2 weeks he tried it, lol. And drinking urine was discussed. I guess each to his own :face_vomiting::exploding_head: but I like a little raw beef, I always have. I remember that people with type O blood are less likely to get sick from it - probably a more acidic stomach.

After the laundromat & walking the pup this morning about 9 I was starving, had a piece of tenderloin seared in ghee with 2 eggs. Then sous vided 2 rib eyes I’ll probably grill tomorrow. Then by 1 I was hungry again, ate a tin of sardines and that may hold me until after teaching about 8 tonight.

Along with all that craziness on Saturday and Sunday came a craving for chocolate. I wondered about that, I’m usually so well directed. I didn’t succumb but the thoughts disturbed me.

Washed blankets. I’ll take them to the laundromat tomorrow morning to dry them.
Hubby believes he can fix the dryer if it’s just the motor having gone out. So 10 days of laundromat visits but at least we don’t have to replace the w/d!


Why would anyone or any not huge family do that I can’t imagine… :smiley: But we don’t have that culture thing either. Goose on St. Martin’s day isn’t really a thing in most families either but that may happen. But that’s a smaller bird.

I eat a drumstick and then no turkey for a week or two or seven (not anymore, I eat turkey more frequently now that I can get it locally too. not in my village but the nearby small town, they keep it! sometimes). But a whole turkey may be okay if one has a big enough freezer… A turkey is HUGE! Even a drumstick or a wing is so big, it’s a full meal for Alvaro (with carbs and dessert but still, I never ate more than that either. I just ate pork and eggs too as it’s not satiating enough).

Normal chicken here is tasteless and useless to me. I would just needlessly spend money and effort to eat it without getting anything in return. (Protein but that’s a negative thing too as I would have high-protein even not counting it.) It would be some sad emergency food under certain circumstances.

My food must be delicious. It’s very, very, very basic for a hedonist. Fortunately I have no problems there now :slight_smile: When I had, that was very miserable as I still needed the same amount of food, it just was a torture to get in. Or I had to eat sweets. I almost always can eat sweets (sweet desserts, I mean but sweets are quicker and they seem the same to me…?) and it came handy sometimes even though it probably wasn’t ideal. But we sometimes can choose only between less ideal things. Sweets were good enough especially when I kept my carbs low. It got a bit problematic not so long ago when I had food boredom on near carnivore but I got super bored of sweets. I just had no better options. It was horrible. I don’t want to experience that ever again.

But now I magically desire lots of meat and eating is soooo easy.
I just mess up my timing. Today I started to eat too early (maybe I shouldn’t have fry my meat in the morning… it was AWESOME. but I only had a few eggs… and a little meat… and then I ate all day, obviously as I can’t do it any other way).

Basically anything can make me overeat (not alone, I could never overeat using eggs and lean meat only… at least I suppose it’s true) but indeed, fatty dairy is something many of us should be careful with. That’s why I basically banned cream. Not sour cream, I am just very very careful with that loveliness. I focus on yogurt when I want a bigger amount of creaminess. Like today :slight_smile: Greek yogurt as no way I go below 10% fat but that’s low compared to sour cream :smiley:
Quark is a safe dairy as it’s low-fat, protein-rich and its satiation effect is quite great. No way to overeat because of quark. For me, I mean but probably its macros help in most cases anyway.

Carnivore non-desserts are actually way tastier than carnivore desserts, IMO… At least mine, nowadays. NOTHING beats fried/roasted fatty pork in deliciousness. And carni desserts not being sweet aren’t as nice as sweet desserts. Usually. I found a few possible ones but I rather not bother with them unless I can’t stomach more meat and eggs in savory form. Or specifically fancy desserts.

@Karen18: Pretty chicken wings! I prefer my own food but they are still very pretty.
And the next comment has so lovely pics too… I am even satiated but I still appreciate nice looking meat :smiley:
You must have some great lights to make such pics. I know my kitchen is pretty dark all the time, that’s why I use the lamp AND the little light from outside but it’s still not good enough. Maybe I just lack skills at food photography. Oh well, it’s really not so important for me, I just can’t not think about this again and again. I should bring my plate outside, we have plenty of sunshine now and my hunger is rarely super urgent (though I never want to play long with my food photos).

They NEVER do it in my country, at least I never heard about that. It’s so very odd to me… If someone wants lean meat, they can buy lean cuts… It seems fat got a too bad rap in some countries. They try it here too but in vain, people love fatty meat because it’s delicious. Or it will change in some decades? I really hope not. Our famous fat pig breed “just” got popular again… (Several years ago but that’s not such a long time.)
I looked up, Mangalica is 65-70% fat and 30-35% meat. Oh my, that is way too fatty for me but it’s a fancy, expensive breed. With wavy fur :). The pig farm nearby has them too and several other breeds.
So maybe that’s why there isn’t a focus on lean meat except the naturally lean cuts and animals…? The vast majority of meats here is more or less fatty as people prefer that.

What meat do they trim there?

Didn’t track my day (just took notes) but I ate much. 5 eggs, 2 yolks, over a pound of meat (pork, turkey) I suppose, lots of yogurt and some other things (one egg had cheese on it. I try not to eat cheese as I don’t want it, we only have boring Gouda but started to get run out of ideas for my 5th meal, I wanted to keep my very nice little leftover pork for tomorrow, not taking more turkey from Alvaro… and anyway, I already ate much. but the cheese melted on egg was very nice).
I am finally satiated but it took a long time to reach, it’s such an enormously antihedonistic thing for me to eat early… I got satiated easily first (after 2 close meals) and had some hours of peace but then I just ate and ate and ate, with tiny breaks. I felt I had enough - and half or one hour later I was uncomfortably unsatiated again. and I can’t stand that. It wasn’t annoying, I still don’t have enough active braincells to feel stressed or annoyed or anything but I know it’s not right this way. But oh well. Tomorrow is a new day and I will try to do it better! (Won’t make nice food in the morning. Sponge cakes I can handle at this point, I make them so often but fried pork is something else. But it was soooo good. I have a new big fav.)

Tomorrow I will fry 1 kg chicken liver. It sounds the most sensible amount, my pan is big so it should fit. We won’t eat it all, I put some back to the freezer. I don’t have any ready-to-eat meat there, again… (Only zillion sponge cakes, that’s something :slight_smile: They are so soft and fluffy and easy to squeeze many into a not too big box… And I am almost addicted to make them, it’s quick, easy and oh so enjoyable so I make 12 on most days and even I don’t eat so many. I could but I behave and eat as few as I comfortably can so maybe 5-8. I think it was 8 today. I LOVE them and it doesn’t seem to change at all. So fluffy!)

I ate duck as a kid last time*… It was fine but way too fatty to me. Harder meat too. Maybe it was the cooking method, of course…
*I forgot but I think we tried duck in the last years. Didn’t like it. But I only remember this, not the duck itself. I am open to try it again, maybe with more care? As I am really inexperienced with roasting meat still. I just toss it into the oven for 1-2 hours, mostly. My fav cuts turns out well, some others need a more careful handling though.
My problem with my own fowl roasting that the skin never gets crispy at all. But it’s not that important for me so never bothered to put much effort into learning how to do it. I can just get it off and fry on a pan for 20 mins, yeah, I rarely want to bother with it - or I can put it back to the oven with the next roast, I do that sometimes and that’s nice.

You can cook/fry/bake eggs so many different ways… I only disliked egg salads and mayo, I use the other many ways I know…

I eat boiled eggs (hard and almost hard and very soft), scrambled eggs, almost sunny side ups (with bothered yolks so it gets out but stays runny), egg milk, egg pudding, whatever else I forgot or non-carnivore and of course my beloved sponge cakes (some leftover can be fried. today I had leftover whipped yolks, I fried them and ate them, just like that). The mixed stuff may have very different white/yolk ratios.
Poached eggs are for my soups only but they are sooo nice, I like them soft, Alvaro likes them hard. (Or is it called poached in eggs in purgatory too? Not carnivore but useful dish in my household, I am thankful for this forum as I learned about its existence here.)
And I have my old pasta replacement, crumble (it’s better in Hungarian as it has its own name, similar to classic crumble but not the same). It’s scrambled eggs but I tear it into small pieces during frying. And sometimes it has more whites. And before carnivore it had some oily seeds in it.
I have pancakes too and I have no problems with some not fully carnivore dishes (like egg stew) and no way I ever could get bored with eggs for long even if I eat 10 eggs for 80 more years. Loving eggs to bits is useful in that, of course but I do need variety too.

I like cocoa more now. As I don’t resist temptation, I could check, I LOVE the taste. I always liked it but carnivore made my interest go away for a long while. But it came back. Not as a super serious or every day thing, it’s way subtler. Maybe it’s my trying to quit coffee now as cocoa is a nice replacement for me especially now that I dislike coffee (I still drink it, I just dislike it and want to quit but it’s not that simple. maybe tomorrow) and unusually much like cocoa at the moment. Oh and being super tired and mentally a bit weak doesn’t help.
But I very rarely drink cocoa even when I don’t drink coffee so it won’t be a problem, it’s a tiny occasional thing and no problem for me. Just interesting that it was SO enjoyable.

But this is something I noticed. I extremely enjoy certain things I don’t consume for a while. Cheese is a good example.

(Linda ) #348

[quote=“Shinita, post:347, topic:114749, full:true”]

Why would anyone or any not huge family do that I can’t imagine… :smiley: But we don’t have that culture thing either. Goose on St. Martin’s day isn’t really a thing in most families either but that may happen. But that’s a smaller bird.

I eat a drumstick and then no turkey for a week or two or seven (not anymore, I eat turkey more frequently now that I can get it locally too. not in my village but the nearby small town, they keep it! sometimes). But a whole turkey may be okay if one has a big enough freezer… A turkey is HUGE! Even a drumstick or a wing is so big, it’s a full meal for Alvaro (with carbs and dessert but still, I never ate more than that either. I just ate pork and eggs too as it’s not satiating enough)

Thanksgiving is a big event here for most it’s bigger than Christmas meal so yes a turkey is cooked for family event or for days worth of food.

I usually buy one but because I’m not American I don’t always eat it for Thanksgiving I prefer prime rib…

But it goes along way and as I said smoked or roasted it makes great alfredo and my husband is American and he still likes his turkey.

(Daisy) #349

2mad today. Burgers just never seem to keep me satisfied. 3 burgers topped with eggs cooked in camel fat and beef bacon. Then 4 burgers with Kerrygold image image

(Judy Thompson) #350

@Shinita I looked up Mangalica pigs. Bred in the 19th century in Hungary and they’re so pretty with that curly coat! Do they use the hide for anything I wonder?
… Taught until about 9 tonight, then heated a package of hot dogs I found I in the basement freezer earlier today. Hit the spot!
Another ZC day successfully navigated!


Feels like all of it :joy:

It’s customer driven; people here have drunk the Kool-Aid, as the Americans say, when it comes to fearing saturated fat. When you buy meant, usually the meat that’s left on the shelf is the fattiest.

Great for people on keto - but if a keto person isn’t around to buy it, the shop/butcher/whoever learns that trimming it closer makes it sell.


(Vic) #352

I can think of only one reason to eat raw meat and that is the taste and conveniens.

Probably cooked meat may be a bit safer / beter but there is not much in it. It doesn’t matter.

Same goes for the “loss of vitamins” argument. There is practically nothing in it. Raw, cooked, it doesn’t matter.

There is no such ting as safe food. There is always a small risk you get sick. Cooked or not.

It more important that you all feel comfortable and safe. So by all means cooked it a bit, healthwise you loose nothing.


Never heard about it specifically… Pig fur is used for some thing sometimes, the zoo I visited used it to make artifical cliffs :smiley: It made the material easier to shape, they wrote.
But traditionally pig fur is burned away after butchering the animal. But Mangalica has so much! I don’t know if they do it differently with them… If I will remember I will ask the pig farm lady next time! It turned out she is not in the shop in Saturdays anymore because she is on a market 2 villages from us! The distance may be even smaller that way and we visit a tiny but good market with nice eggs! :smiley: It’s especially precious now that our usual greengrocery with good eggs closed. The egg lady STILL sell us eggs (it’s almost a year she said feeding the hens is expensive and she will stop… she has much less eggs and doesn’t sell them to anyone else but we still get a decent amount. not enough for us at all but a significant amount) but that will probably stop too. We just lose 3 egg sources from 3 in the last years but fortunately the “greengrocery eggs” are sold in our village too, it’s just the town where Alvaro works was a bit more convenient.
But it seems there won’t be any lack of eggs in the near future :smiley: That’s good. I probably could learn to eat more meat and less eggs, I totally do that these days, a pound of meat became less than strictly needed for a really decent meal… But I still need quite a few eggs almost every day.

I am in the middle of tracking yesterday’s eating (the part where I use my memories, the notes are downstairs, probably). As I ate all day and quite fatty meat but smallish meals, I expect much but nothing extreme. 2500 kcal or less.

Yep, 2500, fat is below 200g, protein is below 150g, kind of modest from me especially with 5 meals (or 3, it depends what we consider a meal. I had 2 very close pairs in my 8 hour eating window).

I fried the liver, 500g looks so tiny! Good that I fried twice as much (and that I very quickly get bored of it), it took an hour and I probably will fry it more as it’s not fully brown yet but not the part that I make pâté with.

True but cooking still takes away certain risks and I like that.
And I love frying the hell out of meat, it does especially good to the fat part… I didn’t think the minerals could get seriously affected, that idea was pretty weird to me, they don’t work like that just like the protein content stays too. Some sensitive vitamins are surely affected like Vitamin C but I didn’t heard problems about living on cooked meat so maybe the little amount we need is still there even though much is lost? But meat doesn’t have much vitamin C in it in the first place… I don’t know the numbers though. My carnivore-ish includes some plant vitamin C, very little though.
Too bad that eggs don’t have any, I eat them raw all the time…

Oh well. I will notice the problem before I get scurvy I suppose (just like in the past. I was on different diets and never regularly supplemented vitamin C… or anything else, it’s just not something I can do without Very Serious Reasons and I never had them, I ate lots of nutritious food all my life). It really seems I need little vitamin C (or my staples have enough) even without proper carnivore as I can’t imagine how I could have gotten much on the vast majority of the days in the last few years… It says little with my tiny knowledge about this vitamin, though. I somehow get what I need and that’s enough for me.


Raw eggs, anyone?

June so soon… How about, "We are carnivore hear us RAW!" for a title?

Eggs (3), bacon, and butter. Coffee and cream. Long days at the computer in rainy weather. Halloumi cheese pan fried in butter and tallow, mackerel (120g), and a porterhouse steak. 2 big dessert spoons of unsweetened, pot-set, Greek yoghurt made from organic dairy. Beef bone broth in a big pottery mug to finish. 2MAD, NoFUN, plus rain water and some pink salt to taste.


Raw yolks are lovely, tasty, nutritious! :slight_smile: And creamy, I love that. Raw whipped whites are nice too, not all alone as they are pretty much tasteless, though.
I find raw unwhipped whites gross and I find very few things gross…

But I usually eat runny yolks, not fully raw ones but that happens too. I have recipes with raw yolks. Or almost raw as my egg milk has warm water… If I mess it up, hot water but I mix the stuff anyway so the unfortunate cooked egg parts get smooth again. But ideally they don’t get cooked.

Drinking gross raw eggs is just some low-key daredevil thing I suppose (or being naive and thinking this is the right way), we can get the nutrients in way more enjoyable simple ways.

And eating only raw eggs is probably for egg eating snakes only. Beware the avidin unless you have a properly biotin rich diet like me (it’s not just for humans). I can eat all the raw egg whites I want (okay, that’s not so many) because I will balance it out with way, way more yolks (the same amount of yolk is just to battle avidin but I need more biotin for my own purposes. according to what I have read). Yolks are my darlings. Yum.


all the hoopla over raw eating and more is just a small blip if one gets sick eating cooked food or raw and like KD said, source is also a big key factor.

ZC—eat what you love! Enjoy it and don’t look back :slight_smile: Do that ya got it made no matter all the whatever info on whatever crap topic out there…us carnivores got us covered :slight_smile:

------------------fast post today
got stuff to do and not enough time to do it (well it always seems that way lol)

today is 3 pork chops and eating up my leftover wings to get them out of the fridge and done. wing’d out. don’t have an eye on them anymore right now but I might be getting me cheapy thighs, the other day when I ate a few I ‘kinda’ liked them again…we shall see when I get a pack and cook them up and see if I am back in thigh mode or not.

eyeballs out on some big beef sales.

with Memorial Day holiday around the stores are putting ‘bbq meats’ on sale so I hope I can score good right now…my freezer needs a beef reload.


About 290g/0.64pound meat for lunch after 3pm.
The fat content is the usual mystery but I had a smallish meal. But it was soooo enough, I actually felt satiated before I finished but I knew I would just get hungry almost immediately if I stopped. Still, a few bites more and that was it. Of course I ate eggs and yogurt (all what I had left so that’s it until the weekend. we go to the city again as Alvaro’s Mom goes on a holiday and the guinea pig will be with us for 2 weeks).
The little fried pork was nice but I think I had enough of it for a little while. I still can’t eat much liver but it’s perfect this way. I am bored of simple egg dishes but sponge cakes are awesome. 30g bacon was a bit much to eat but I managed. IDK why I didn’t want it now… The tiny cubes for my scrambled eggs would have been better than the rashers that take so much time to make anyway, I don’t want that burden for some crunch. I will keep that kind of bacon to cover some nice leaner meat occasionally, I think.

I am borderline satiated now, no idea if I will have another meal later but it’s extremely likely. I made pancake dough but I can’t use that as that is only safe for OMAD. Too energy rich and tempting. And I prefer my fluffy sponge cakes anyway, my meat was so fatty that I want something not so fatty with my head cheese :wink: Even though head cheese filled pancakes are my thing on carnivore.

So food wise all is well today. I even made pâté so that is an option too.
There will be huge variety tomorrow as I make egg stew (Alvaro probably wouldn’t want meat again. He has just finished his very meat rich turkey curry). Maybe just for Alvaro, ours are different anyway, his is made with coconut oil and tomato paste, mine with lard and sour cream. But maybe I will experiment with egg salad. Just like I tried it once and I didn’t like it doesn’t mean I can’t make a great version now. I won’t use a recipe this time, just my knowledge about my own tastes.
We talked about trimming meat at lunch. Alvaro find that very weird and unnatural too. He likes the fat in his diet. Lean meat is fine and dandy, he loves that too but cutting away the visible fat rightfully belonging to meat… We find that odd.

I don’t have some proper meat I could eat in proper amounts for tomorrow (my normal meat that escaped the fate of pâté will be sausage spiced meatballs. proper pork but still not like a roast or fried meat and I only eat little of it) so I will eat more eggs and maybe even cheese, I suppose. I don’t want to store the raw pancake dough and it makes 4 pancakes. Nice.


Go for a couple of squares of something like this dark chocolate (other brands are available!):

Anything above 85% Cocoa should be fine, carbohydrate and keto wise.
I sometimes grate a square over bluberries/strawberries and sour cream.
It scratches that occasional culinary itch which can manifest at times.


I’m a fan of pan fried Halloumi cheese.

I’ve a block in the fridge- I may combine it with a protein wrap tomorrow.
Thanks for the reminder, haven’t had Halloumi in a while.

(Daisy) #360

I love raw egg yolks, but just can’t stomach the idea of the whites raw.

Speaking of, today was a raw day.
image image image image