May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise

(Linda ) #321

I like that chicken is fairly bland it makes it great when coated in parmesan and or porkrinds and fried…I quite like parmesan cheese when melted into crackers then ground up for crunchy coating. And chicken in alfredo very yummy…I just eat alot more chicken because it’s so lean.
And doesn’t hold me for hours and hours like the pork yesterday… but chicken is cheap so I’ll buy more of it to make money go further on meat. And I haven’t eaten alot of pork since going carnivore but it’s cheaper too so I’ll prob add more of that as well.


like Azi I am also finding meat shopping with a preference to include more chicken and pork cause the beef is nailing my wallet but darn when I see a sale on beef I am on in but I can function very well on chicken and pork tho…

today I had for first meal can of tuna/mayo
just wasn’t hungry…was going to cook my steak and decided to eat a tad and have my steak for second meal later…which I might pair up with leftover chicken wings, I probably will…will be hungry by next meal I am sure.

big hotter weather is coming and outside and enjoying all the rays on me, I just tend to switch around my eating to lighter and more ‘whenever and whatever’ time for me.

all good, keep on trucking zc and darn if May isn’t seeming to fly by now…huh…into June before we know it :slight_smile:

(Karen) #323

Looks so delish :heart_eyes:

(Daisy) #324

Smoked ribeye, eggs cooked in camel fat, salmon, and salmon skin. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Azi: I only eat delicious meat (except sometimes fish for the texture :smiley: but if it’s not tasty, I only eat insignificant amounts and very rarely).
Chicken doesn’t worth it to me as I will be just as hungry after 1 kg than before (not lean at all, drumsticks with all the skin and extra fat too) and need to eat my proper biggish meal anyway… I tested it twice with the same results. Odd but it seems I am like that.
I dislike cheese in my food except a few dishes and I rarely eat cheese anyway. Meat should be very tasty made by salt only :smiley: Sometimes I use some spice or condiment but I use my meat and salt only dishes way more often. It sounds very wrong to me to use tasteless or worse meat and play with spices to make it edible and still not good. Probably the chicken elsewhere is better or I have different tastebuds, I imagine we all are at least somewhat different regarding taste.
And as turkey is delicious and cheap too, it’s a no brainer for me! I didn’t experimented much with turkey only meals yet but I suspect all fowls are similarly not very satiating. It seemed so, I just can’t be sure when I ate them along with pork. It seems that helps enough though my turkey days always are higher-protein… Whatever, my calories are fine (unless I mess up my eating window) and my protein is still okay, just higher than on my pork and eggs and not much else days (except when I overdo pork shoulders but I don’t do that anymore).

I still are fine with eating nicely cooked chicken at my relatives here and there but it can’t satiate me and pork tastes way better (unless the chicken is from an exceptionally good source).

And of course, my chicken trauma. I was fed chicken every Sunday and got bored of it for life, basically and mildly traumatized for decades.
(It never would have happened with pork or salmon I imagine. Maybe not even with beef though Mom made the most boring beef dish once or twice a year. Maybe not that, some proper dish with browning the meat and using the right fattiness… Not some bland soup. And I loved soups.)

I ate a bit more 2 hours after my lunch, I finished my pound of pork and ate some old leftover pork (never will dry it out in the oven again, this stuff is to fry and eat fresh! but it’s tasty pork so I can eat it slowly), tiny sourcream, some more sponge cakes… No tracking, probably around 2000 kcal. Or something. And I am very satiated since. I will do this (something similar, at least) again tomorrow but with one meal! That should work better but I won’t eat as early anyway.

And fruit season is (almost) here. Tomorrow I will pick our first strawberry, a mini one! Perfect keto fruit, I have a few plant, they have very delicious, tiny fruits and I am not even a strawberry gal. So temptation level is very low. It’s zero right now, I messed enough with my May, now I squeeze in some nice carni days. June is a mystery but I don’t plan adding fruit starting with the 1st at all. My favs are nowhere in sight anyway.

Finally I brought up the CF card… It’s even harder now when I forget as I am so very tired, especially my legs, since the zoo. Since a weak? Wow. My ankle was sprained 7 weeks ago, still not fully healed (but almost), I limped back from the very nice wildlife park walk. And both my legs (but especially my left) is so, so tired. But my weekend was very restful, I don’t have 2 really active braincells to get bored or feel stressed or anything. I don’t do much but it’s very relaxing. And I really wanna get more active tomorrow, I want to resume my workouts too.
Oh so my photo. Nothing special, just my fried meat. I wasn’t around much but at least it got a nice color and taste :smiley: Yum.

It’s hard with the right fattiness. I eat something fattier and a pound of meat (and that really isn’t enough for a proper lunch for me, it seems) is almost too much energy wise, even with only a few eggs and other things… But I can’t go too lean either - and added fat doesn’t work well… Yep, pork chuck is my perfect cut but now I have to do with this. We will see.
It’s not like I actually track or anything. I just guesstimate, still can be useful except it has very little effect on my food intake. Maybe when I want to decide if I eat more or stop at the points where I can do either.

But I don’t want to overthink it. I just do, being me. It’s so useless, I need to do OMAD and see what happens first.

@Ketodaisy: Salmon skin is so, so good :smiley: With little salmon fat on it… If I remember well, it was so long ago that the hypermarket sold those “scraps” (very good and often big pieces if you ask me) for very cheap… And I loved them better than the normal filet… The heads were too bony (nice cheek meat though, it seems cheek meat is great even for fish) but the meat with lots of skin, that was something I really enjoyed.
I don’t even see salmon with skin nowadays but I don’t often go near the fish counter, I like few fish and pork is worth it more for me. I don’t miss eating salmon. But now I got nostalgic…

(Linda ) #326

Turkey is not expensive but when you eat a whole one for Thanksgiving and many meals later no rush to eat more I’ve got a whole turkey in freezer I’ll get to it someday. But chicken is tasty enough when added to make meals go further and yep it’s way leaner than pork or the steaks I eat.
All my meat is grilled or roasted on a rack with no fat added so yep even the chicken releases fat that I don’t eat. And nothing sits in fat not because fat is bad but because that’s how I’ve always cooked it.

As for food has to be delicious nope that just an excuse that allows or makes one over eat …no desire to eat that way any more thats why i dont do carnivore deserts unless special occassions
. …because meat to me as food is always enjoyable unless is burnt/ dry or old I won’t eat meat that is aged it tastes rotten to me…spices can change things up but lately I’m mostly salting to taste I cut out all dairy except 2 tablespoons of cream in coffee because dairy too can make ppl over eat…

(Karen) #327

Anither early start and unto work at 10 to 6 this morning, getting earlier and earlier lol. Bit of a slower day today probably cos I felt so tired. Got home at 3.15pm and ate a ranch steak … far too lean for me, in fact no fat on it at all, had 2 fried eggs cooked in lard with it because it was so lean.

Sat outside after eating and then pottered around watering the plants and tying up some of the climbers
Watched the birds and the bees and eventually came back indoors about half 6 and put some chicken wings in the oven.

Followed that with 4 rashers of bacon.

Early night and already in bed 🥱🥱🥱

(Judy Thompson) #328

After yesterday’s excitement (hubby leaving for Texas, 3 hour power outage, dryer dying) today was a pretty lazy day. The puppy always gets me up by 7, so hot upstairs at night I’ll be on the couch for at least the next 10 nights that he’s away.
Took towels I washed yesterday to the laundromat to dry (while walking the puppy), a big bag of clothes and shoes to Goodwill. Watched 2 hours of country fiddle on you tube - stuff I’m working on playing in Texas.
About 10:30, a thick slice of tenderloin seared with 2 eggs and an iced coffee.
At 4, finished the sous vide lamb shoulder chop and seared it with 2 more eggs.
Tonight I’ll finish the day with a couple oz of cheese.:cheese:
And another one bites the dust :blush:


This is my go-to when I’ve struggled with meat not having enough fat.

I even found that I got to the point where I couldn’t face the white - all I wanted was the yolk. That’s when I was really convinced that my fat intake wasn’t right.

Annoying that everyone trims meat so much! Boooo etc.


you deserve a lazy day after that excitement, which I call CHAOS in a small way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Some days right? :slight_smile:

-----------------------fast post. got alot to handle. you know when things ya got happening are separate, til THEY ALL come at ya at one time, well that hit on some crap I gotta handle LOL PIA

today is steak and chicken wings again

seems like a great combo for me.

I love chicken fat. Back when I started ZC I would make a ton of thighs. I would then shred up my thighs and pour ALL that chicken fat over them and suck it up…filled me up! Only time I had issues is when I do skinless boneless chicken breasts, which I still super enjoy, but I use butter to sautee them and that doesn’t hold me. chicken fat, if I eat it all, easily holds me for longer but never as great as beef fat as many of us learned about ourselves cause beef fat is superior.

I just see June coming so fast at us know and being busy with stuff, I feel like I am gonna somehow miss the end of May HA


(Daisy) #331

@coopdawg saw this infographic and thought of you


before fire we all ate raw. some made it, some didn’t but ‘health and sanitary and cooling practices’ didn’t exist so I think we are ALL fine to eat raw if we use our ‘more evolved on meat protein’ brains :partying_face:
nothing wrong ever with raw if we use some smarts obviously…plus more get food sick on fast food cooked burgers every single day than just eating some raw good meat they handled themselves!
Keep the ‘raw is bad’ stuff in real context ya know. It is fine.


Beef (ribs), eggs, bacon, halloumi cheese, smoked salmon, rain water, coffee, cream and an early winter storm from Antarctica.


I prefer roast duck more than chicken or turkey.

(Linda ) #335

I need to look into it more but I just watched a podcast of Shawn baker and Dr Chaffee and on it they were talking about eating raw and Shawn said if your going to eat raw be very careful he said most he has seen go completely raw get very sick and mentioned amber ohearn whom he said taken her a year to recover and she still not right

(Linda ) #336

I have only eaten wild duck as a kid …in nz dad used to go duck shooting all I remember was very gamey…pulling feathers was fun as a kid lol… but we only ever had turkey in nz once for Christmas and I wasn’t impressed it was dry and nasty…chicken always eaten dad smoked it whole and it was awesome… but since living in america and turkey being on sale every Thanksgiving used to be 5 dollars a turkey now on sale its prob 15 dollars but for 20 lbs not to bad and I tend to roast it/ deep fry or brine and smoke it then make alot of alfredo turkey…

Todays food was: first meal flounder fillets in cheese wisp crumbs and the rest of the egg cooked in same pan…2nd meal will be lamb hock


what raw we talkin’ here?
raw chicken
raw seafood
raw dairy products

cause Amber not that I know of went off pork, chicken, or seafood as she wanted to eat so what is the context? what am I missing here when I read this? not sure :slight_smile:

I mean Amber is a basis of regular ol’ zc and even the internet says her basics: What does Amber O’Hearn eat? Amber says the staples of her diet are ground beef, beef steak, lamb, eggs, pork, fish, and chicken. She also eats dairy but very occasionally because of its impact on her weight.------------so she sucking down raw pork, uh, yea maybe an issue and more but I am losing the context of what ya remember hearing on that podcast and the frame it should be included against eating raw??

just questions LOL

(Linda ) #338

@Fangs They were going over what the extremes of carnivore: fasting/ sugar honey/ eating a raw diet now some are even drinking urine…

But Shawn said he tried two weeks of raw and it wasn’t something he enjoyed but the people he seen go completely raw in meat usually end up getting sick so he cautioned ppl to be really careful and mentioned amber
I’ll get the link…its a carnivore discussion with a difference


I heard it on another podcast as well - in discussion with Amber, where she talks about her struggles since having food poisoning.

If I remember which one it was, I’ll share it. Unfortunately, I’ve swapped my phone and Google Podcasts did not keep my history :neutral_face:


This reminds me I need to do more fried or poached eggs, they look great…I’ve been doing scrambled only for a while now. I need to vary the methods!

Although, when scrambling you can add other ingredients…but a good fried egg has its merits too…especially with runny yolk.