May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise

(Karen) #301

I used to be able to sleep standing up but lifes little episodes changed all that. My mum used to wake me up with a brew which she would put beside my bed and when I screamed at her for not waking me she would send me back up to see the cold tea sitting there. I was so sure she just crept in, left it and crept out, mind you I had the same problems waking my daughter in the mornings and she could still sleep for England if she got the chance!!!

(Daisy) #302

Ah that conversation was about the suet

(Daisy) #303

I went to a farmers market yesterday that I don’t get to often. I found Akaushi (wagyu) beef for a reasonable price! Not only that, but when I asked her what it tasted like (I was already going to buy the hoagie meat and a roast), she gave me a pack of the ground beef for free to try!! This settled my decision that I wanted to try Emily Penton’s method of eating, with everything raw (I’ve really never been one to eat raw ground beef). I tried it all this morning and it was so good!!! I definitely can’t afford to eat this every day but it may be become a couple time a week thing.
image image

(Judy Thompson) #304

@Ketodaisy wow I love ground beef, especially REAL grassfed farmers burger, now that I know the difference. This week I’ll order from my farmer - you convinced me!
@Karen18 your ground turkey looks yummy. You mentioned spices. What do you use?
After that pork today I fried 2 eggs in ghee 2 hours later. Then tonight we went out, tradition as he is starting his 3 day trek to tx in the morning.
No pic of the eggs, upon which I grated sharp cheddar. Tonight I had a bacon cheeseburger and sprang for an ale. First in several months and not too bad. Although everything tastes completely different now.


Normally I would say (maybe just in my head) it’s way too little time for me… But I did something similar with my rabbit liver yesterday. That stuff really don’t need much time! But it was a single liver anyway, maybe that matters. When I will fry 1kg chicken liver in a few days, that surely will need a lot of time. Not as much as in the oven (what was that, 90 minutes? :D) but more than the tiny rabbit liver. We buy young, smallish rabbits.

I can’;t imagine how people can function without it. I can be a total zombie with it too. Well last night was bad, windy rainy weather made sounds and I woke up, then I had some crazy dream, I had a task over my head for the morning… But normally I sleep throught the night. I don’t say I sleep well as I always was tired zombie in the morning, at least now I am not much more tired than before bed. This is new, I fall into bed dead tired even way before midnight (I still read a bit). I was used to being wide awake at 2-3am… But since I made the miracle I had been failing for decades and wake up early every day, it changed. I don’t complain though the dead tiredness is a bit sudden sometimes and I had other plans… Now I start to learn to schedule them earlier.
So many waking up, it must be horrible. People seem to handle 1-2 quite fine (I would sooo hate it unless I could go to back to sleep quickly. I usually can’t, that was my old skill) but many? Too little deep sleep, probably though I have no idea how much we need…
You make me so curious about my pattern! One day I plan to figure it out.

Such a pristine yard… I have old things and a mess. Grasses and flowers still grow like crazy. I mow the lawn very diligently this year (and do lots of weeding by hand as I have plants everywhere, I can’t just mow the lawn and that’s it) but I couldn’t do it all yet.
And my terrace… The cats got turkey and rabbit bones lately and it is sooo dirty… I didn’t clean it up as they get them frequently now and I had better things to do, it’s just an area where we don’t step. But I will soon (we still have rabbit) and no more little bones for a while… No problem, they will have mouse and vole organs on the doormat then. And lizard pieces everywhere… The linden tree is in business again so the whole terrace will be littered with a ton of plant matter until December or something… But we regularly meet pine leaves in the house too. These things are unavoidable.

But I bought a new flower, I will make a photo when this rainy weather passes. Just a tiny one, I planted it instead of the just died pansy. The florist said it’s normal, pansies just can’t handle this hot weather. But one still looks great, 2 are dying. We do our absolute best for them, can’t do more. Maybe the location could have been shadier but most flowers really need much sunlight. I have some lovely ones being okay with shadow, I sow them every year, they are fully edible, leaves and petals, a bit spicy but it makes little sense to eat them so we don’t do it. Oh pansies are in salad mixes too. Never ate any. Even I have limits, I keep normal flowers for beauty only :slight_smile:

I don’t normally like chicken for multiple reasons but I would try that! Never had smoked chicken, not even heard about it…

That’s it? Mom was GREAT at waking me up. ME. At 6am or earlier. This is absolutely impossible normally, Mom and the police after Alvaro’s accident oh and very very angry barking dogs, they could do it and no one else. Super loud alarm clock couldn’t cut it.
Mom just took away my BLANKET! I wasn’t happy but I almost never was late from school.
I tasked Alvaro so many times to wake me up SOMEHOW even gave him permission to use water :smiley: He rarely was successful, he is horrible to force things on people even for their own good :smiley: Sleepy me (who had no idea about real me wanting, needing to get up at a sane hour) totally fought him and that was too much for him. So we just gave it up. But now I am fine, somehow. Even soft alarm clocks work now. Loud, annoying ones didn’t, I just got nightmares about a super annoying alarm clock that won’t shut up even when I take out the batteries and smash it into pieces… (And first I had to find it in my dream world, it wasn’t easy.) Oh my childhood when I just sleepwalked to it and turned it off and kept sleeping peacefully… After some time I ignored it all though. But I can’t do that nowadays.

Most people wake up when someone silently enters the room though, it seems. When I attended maths camps, that was how the girls got woken up. Even I am sensitive to that. It worked in the camps and whenever I sleep downstairs where there are no doors except the bathroom door, I wake up when Alvaro comes down. But my room is way too hot in the hottest weeks of the year. But it’s 5am then and I can immediately go back to sleep, usually.

I try to bring some food photos already… Even though there will be so much repetition… Sponge cake muffins for life :smiley: I eat about 5 every day. As I don’t want to make 12 every day… So I hold back.

(Vic) #306

Yes, sorry about that, i dit read about your stroke and supported you here, it was before my social media break.
You did your duty, hope you can retire soon and start the next chapter, having as much fun as possible.
I also try to keep fit, a bit inspired by you and a few others.

(Vic) #307

Got some oysters at low tide.

Not the best time of year but still very good.


3 nights in a row for baked beef short ribs. 2MAD now it’s Saturday, after two days OMAD.

Been sore in my joints and a needle jab site in my left shoulder has flared. I had changed campus cafes. The new place has no cream (I suspect a vego agenda because they had every sort of nut and grain juice). I had milk in my coffee for the first time in years. Guts were OK, but felt instantly inflamed.


Ohhh that wheelbarrow planter is gonna be so cute (make sure you put some drainage slits in that plastic tho) and also your garden is slapped full, girl is there any room for you in there for a nice full lounge chair and side table to have a brew and relax in that jungle you are creating…keep some space for you! :sunny:

but it is such a change and I appreciate your sharing that with me as you worked on it, I find your transitions wonderful and the pics just so fun to check out! great garden job K

So…on sleep…do you have an inkling of why you are wonky right now. Kinda like most people can deduce what is going down in their life with work stress, or this or that, or med changes or ? Is anything being narrowed down for ya? just wondering.

so glad you are back. I kept picturing you gallavanting around the globe with work projects and your team and wonderful chefs you weed out that fix you great carnivore meals! :slight_smile:

could it be that needle jab getting ya and not that little bit of milk? just curious on it, cause if you try a tiny bit of milk later when ya feel wonderful, then it might give ya a better know if you can handle a tiny splash of milk. Most carnivores can handle a little but obviously we take milk out of our lives due to its higher sugar content and find we don’t really ‘need’ it in our lives. just a thought.
Sorry you got inflamed, hope all comes around better for ya!!

-------------simple day
family wants a mess of chicken wings and I will eat wings too.
I will just cook mine to hit my first meal time and they can have their wings at their dinner timetable. yup we rarely eat the same or even bother to try anymore. which is fine, suits us all :sunny:

after wings I will just gauge it all on what I want next. I got 3 nice thinner pork chops defrosted so I am set.

after my delish steak and shrimp all I wanted was a can of tuna and a tiny bit of regular ol’ mayo to wet it down. Then I had 6 slices salami.
done deal for the day

ZC on strong thru May everyone, seems we all are doing just that!!

(Linda ) #310

As per normal when eating chicken I eat more so I ended up eating all my chicken last night so i took out some country style pork ribs (pork shoulder)for first meal cooked enough for a couple days have steak for later

Cooked this weighed in at just over 11 ounces aprox 315g …I ate it all but now I’m over full…but as usual with American meat most of the fat has been “hand trimmed”

(Vic) #311

I just got back from Latvia. A city called Vestspils.
It like time stood still there, I’m back in the old soviet union kinda vibe.
No restorants with decent meat, so I ate raw meat from the supermarket for weeks.

Fine by me, after all food is nourishment, not entrainment.

But now back home and enjoying all sorts of meat fish cooked and raw.
Tomorrow BbQ with friends and dozens differend kinds of meat and fish.

(Karen) #312

@Fangs my wakeful nights have been going on for years. I get a fairly good night once every so often but certainly no where near enough. Yeah, my autistic son never slept for 7 years so my nights were rudely interrupted several times a night and of course when Sian came along just over 2 years after Ben, she got up every 4 hours, quite normal if one is not getting up on the hour every hour with child #1! Then as they started to get into a better sleep pattern I went through separation and divorce with hubby #2 and would force myself to stay awake until he went to sleep as I wasn’t sure I would wake up in the morning! Then menopaus comes along geez … just let me sleep! :exploding_head:

So off to bed shortly ready for another day at work Today went by quite quickly surprisingly enough as there was no work left out for me to get on with so I had to make it up as I went along and do my best to navigate around a system I don’t usually have anything to do with! Left home at 5.30am and got back home at 2.30pm and straight out into the garden.

Brunch at 1130am cooked chicken slices reheated with butter. Tinned tuna with mayo when I got home and dinner rump/sirloin, idk which as it was the end bits from bagging up for freezer, probably sirloin thinking about it :thinking::thinking: and 2 pork chops which was very tasty.

Got that fountain sorted, just changed the nozzle and it works so much better and I can hear it now too which was the whole idea, always nice to hear the sound of water. I could easily fit in a lounger @Fangs, its the fact that I can’t sit still as I constantly think I will just do this, I will just do that :smiley:20220521_201930

(Karen) #313

Aren’t they just … a bit like marmite :rofl:

(Karen) #314

Sorry had to post this talking about my sleep pattern and wee trips throughout the night :rofl:

(Daisy) #315

I feel that deeply :joy:

Huge omad today. Worked up in a 120 degree attack this morning in full PPE laying insulation and flooring. Came down, got a shower, and made the meat that was going to go bad in my fridge. Denver steak and beef bites with kerrygold. Of course had my bone broth jello first, and this most amazing, delicious raw bone marrow. It came from a wagyu roast and was the creamiest, most buttery and delicious marrow I’ve ever had. So amazing!

(Judy Thompson) #316

@Karen18 yup every night! Bathroom is downstairs, bed on the other end of the upstairs from the stairs, never want to make that long wakeful trip! But if I get leg cramps, it’s wonderful to stretch them out by walking and then going downstairs.
@carnivoor2 You’re proving it’s possible to eat this woe under any circumstances - raw meat from the market for weeks! Glad you’re on home turf now and getting good stuff you can prepare yourself.
Lastnight we went to bed around 11 after a movie, and I was up at 2 in the hot hot upstairs, fan not helping much, but I was first up so I got the couch. Still, I read and studied nutrition til 4 am. Now reading Judy Cho’s Carnivore Cure, lots of meaty info in there!

Short walk with the puppy, hubby scrambling to get ready to drive to TX. He left around 9 and I taught a guitar lesson at 10. So nice and quiet, no tv, ac turned down a little (shh don’t tell).
Fixed a lb of grassfed burger from the store - ick, grocery store hamburger is like, rotten or something. Going to order from the farmer this week. I ate about 2/3 of it, put it away and finished it with 2 eggs at 5:00.
Meanwhile, started heating sous vide water for the tenderloin I bought yesterday, then heard 2 big bangs outside and the power went out. My next door neighbor’s didn’t, so she wanted me to use her electric to finish my roast… but I knew I had food, so I ended up waiting. It was off for about 3 1/2 hours but I was good. Hottest day of the year so I put on a cooler skirt and read and took a nap, then the power suddenly came back on! The truck was in front of our house, wires had been misplaced when my neighbor’s tree was cut down in October, so now that’s repaired! So I restarted the tenderloin, seared and bagged and will likely start eating it tomorrow. The 2 eggs and burger made a nice meal :slight_smile:

… Tenderloin is out! Beautiful tender thing, sous vided at 131 which is rare. Good as is and also researing the slices.


Odd day… Alvaro started to eat at 11am… And I ended up eating some. And then more… 1 hour later a bit more as it wasn’t enough… And then I was satiated until 9pm. I don’t handle lack of satiation (not quite hunger) well nowadays so I ate… And some time later I had my leftover rabbit as well.
Not the foggiest idea about my macros, it’s a bit uncomfortable feeling… I still don’t want to track and on some days it’s impossible anyway but I will try to use my “one pound of meat and a few eggs” base again (I mean, I start my meal like that and add whatever else I feel a good idea to get satiated), it seems to work well.
But I need to go back to my good timing, this feels not okay at all. I probably will feel too full and heavy tomorrow morning due to night eating but I had no other option. And it’s not too bad just not ideal. And I want to do things as right as possible.
I am quite pleased with my food, no problem there (except it’s tempting enough that I eat even without any need or hunger). Just the timing but it will be fixed, if not tomorrow, on Monday when Alvaro won’t come home until 3pm so it’s highly unlike I will eat before that time.

The rabbit was nice but I had enough for a while… I should eat pork again. I don’t even really fancy turkey anymore and I quite like it and it’s very cheap (I got drumsticks for half price too :wink: ).
Did I say the rabbit liver was meh? I don’t think so as I ate it today, just tasted a tiny bit last evening and it had no apple flavor this time. It was pretty meh. Nice texture, very easily edible but not something particularly delicious this time.

@Ketodaisy: It’s nice to read you enjoyed your marrow :smiley: It reminds me when I had piglet lard and it was the softest, loveliest lard ever and I already found great differences between various lards…

(Judy Thompson) #318

@carnivoor2 went into Google Street view and visited Ventspils. Cool old European city right on the Baltic Sea, just wonderful. Do they have a lot of fish? Do you speak the language? Can you smell the sea in the town?

(Vic) #319

They do have a type of “Soused Herring”. Very similar in taste to the popular dutch soused herring but a lot cheaper.
In a way its young fatty raw herring.

It may not be typical Latvian? I used to eat a lot of this is Lithuania as well.

There is not a lot of fish here, compared to other harbour city’s around the world anyway. It is more of a fatty meat country.


I merely wondered my fatty pork but as I barely ate anything else, I tracked my lunch. I ate early, around 2pm and it seems it was 1600 kcal. I am not satiated yet but had enough meat (it tastes just as great as before, I tried, I just don’t want more meat). My pound (+50g as it’s fatty and will lose some fat) of meat wasn’t finished just almost but I ate a piece or turkey from the curry. I cut the meat into mostly bigger pieces as Alvaro requested and simply took a big one with some fatty curry on it, without vegetable pieces (but some of those became a mush anyway). The meat was nice and tender but my pork was tastier (and fattier, the two has a correlation but it’s not only that, I find good lean pork quite tasty too. turkey is tasty but pork is another level if I choose one of my favorite cuts) and I definitely disliked the herby taste. And it wasn’t even herb, just curry powder and parsley (Alvaro’s Mom gave us some. the root, I mean. I have leaves, they just pop up in various parts of the garden. IDK if it became a mush but the flavor is absolutely everywhere and it’s strong. I never use parsley root as it’s usually expensive and I never considered it important. and that’s for my vegetarian times. it seems I like it even less than ever now). And it’s not like I have problems with herbs, I use them in eggs/meat in purgatory and pizza, pretty useless otherwise… Alvaro never put any into his soups, only I did that.
But as I already wrote, I wasn’t a huge curry fan anyway. I will eat another turkey piece and that’s it. I have raw pork left.

I had a boiled egg (we boiled 20, we tend to do that after cooking outside. we plan egg stew in some days) and a sponge cake and egg milk (only yolks but 2, I don’t bother with a single one anymore). I still had 2 coffees but I didn’t particularly like them. I will stop drinking it again.
It was a simple day this far.
My very vague guesstimation (I use pork shoulder for the 70/30 meat as I don’t know the fattiness but it must be high. not the 70/30 - not like THAT would be accurate - as it loses a significant amount of fat but not very much) is 1600 kcal and yay, wonderfully low protein, barely above 100g (probably). This fatty meat is useful. Tasty. Cheap ($3.7/kg, no sale*). Available even when the others are sold out. People dislike it, it seems. Yeah, it has very fatty pieces and it’s in various sized pieces, not a nice proper slab. But it works well for my fried or minced meat. I can’t make a nice roast from it, I use other cuts for that purpose.

The turkey filet for the curry was $2.44/kg but on a super special -50% sale. I have drumsticks for $1.4/kg :smiley: I never ever had that before, it’s an almost impossibly low price. But 50% off did the trick. But those are very lucky findings. Not like the drumsticks for $2.8 (normal price) wouldn’t be good, of course but I go for the cheaper wings as I like those even better. The taste is good in either case though. I am very, very glad we have cheap turkey that tastes waaaaay better than the cheap chicken. The potentially cheap chicken. It seems its price went up spectacularly… The hypermarket went crazy and they sold some (drumsticks, the best part if you ask me. if the chicken manages to have some flavor) below 1/kg (!) but even they don't do that normally, it's NOT a 2022 price for it... (Chicken frame still have its price cap, it's .5/kg or less, out of this world but very unpopular except amount the extremely poor. The meat is meat though, I would buy it if I liked chicken.)

I just felt like calculating but I won’t do it for a long while I suppose. Prices only are really informative when we consider the circumstances anyway. Not every small family’s monthly income covers 10kg nice ribeye as I realized it maybe a week ago. That made an impact on me.