May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise


They soon wash away. We, the survivors, prefer caves or treehouses.


WELL DARN if I don’t love the amendment you jacked it up with and I just think that is so cool…you live in some land I sure don’t know but even the first pic, the real one…wow, you had a big storm at ya there!!

you are too darn fun and I love your 3s…3 for me and none for you…3 of that for me and none for anyone else…ok works for me HAHA

ahhhh big surfer dude like FB handles those bad boys as he sees fit, so far so great right FB :slight_smile:

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@FrankoBear incredible pics! They’re now all trapped in my phone. Beautiful colors and love that big critter in the storm :joy:

Amazing morning here. Hubby was going to the dump so I emptied 4½ big cabinets of keto supplies in the basement kitchen. Nuts, seeds, sweeteners, spices, herbs, tons of unsweetened chocolate… Gone gone gone!! This woe is so simple and comfy, great to never ever have to go back.

We’ve changed the travel plan. Now we’re staying in VA through June to renovate the kitchen and properly clean and refurbish the downstairs for dd, take multiple dump runs and consider carefully what goes on to tx. Well still keep the upstairs for our future va trips, but it’s so important to me to finish what we started here before handing it over to dd.
Hubby goes with a truckload on Saturday to return in about 10 days and I’ll just keep on marching. It will be fun not to cook plants for the next 10 days!

Just had meal 1, a few slices of tenderloin. Now to my Toastmasters meeting.

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@Ketodaisy sausages, with you on that one, made the same mistake on Sunday and I know what they will do to me and that they won’t sustain me! Argggh!

@carnivoor2 good on you Vic, who needs that crap from your family, nothing worse than people getting all in your face over what you eat, it’s so intrusive!

@FrankoBear loving your pics again, we are forecast a thunderstorm this evening. Its just started raining but can’t hear any thunder as yet. I love a good thunder and lightning storm, could get mesmerised for hours.

Another wakeful night, perhaps its that full moon we’ve had past few days! Everytime i went to the loo I was thinking hmmm its not moved across that sky much, it was so bright and shining in my bathroom through the charcoal etched (blurred) windows. Never need to put lights on through the night! I managed to slip back off to sleep each time but its a pain!

No stair runs, no CrossFit this morning, after yesterday I didn’t think I would be up for it… mind you I had a look at what they did and I would have so enjoyed it! Hey ho I spent all day in the garden instead. Pottered about with a brew in hand and then about 11ish had 2 scrambly duck eggs in butter.

Then set to work with the plants I picked up on Saturday. Had to go buy a bit more soil … again … and then got them all into pots, put everything away, turned around and realised there were 4 more plants on the slates waiting to get put into pots :roll_eyes: so back to shed to get soil out again and got them sorted. I had to raid the land at the back for the stones to go in the bottom of the pots so todays has been spent bent over and lugging heavy stuff so I got my exercise! When I checked my watch it was nearly 6pm. So I have added some fuchsias, sweet peas, trailing ivy’s, petunias, basil and lobelias today. At the end of all that I got myself a pot of tea and sat outside with a couple of crossword puzzles, ate a couple of chunks of cheese and took in what I have achieved today.

Time was moving on so I came inside and ate a sirloin steak. Really seared on outside and raw in middle. Very nice. I was ready for it.

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bone broth jello, suet, eggs fried in bacon grease, an overcooked sirloin, and wagyu burger bars. As often happens, I got a work call while my food was cooking and the sirloin got too done. I understand why people who eat medium cooked steak need to add so much salt. The flavor of the meat is just completely gone on really anything cooked more than rare. I did have to add salt to this. So to me, that really does settle the salt debate for me. Salt is only needed on over cooked meat :joy:
image image image image


I barely can comprehend words, it was a tiring day again but only a tad administration tomorrow… And hopefully visiting a cute tiny waterfall not so far away. We do that annually. We don’t have proper waterfalls and it’s so sad but I appreciate our tiny ones :smiley:

We did a little shopping today, the usual hypermarket had some nice -50% sale… I bought turkey and I just forgot what else… And a little bit of pork thigh for its normal, pretty low price (the village has better prices but it may or may not be sold out. and I love that cut now). But my freezer is extremely well stocked now.
I bought bacon, I did a note as I am curious how many weeks it will last :slight_smile: It’s 400g so pretty much, we need 3-4 times to eat it all so maybe 2 months? But it’s possible we will eat it up quicker. It’s normally for bacon covered leaner pork but today Alvaro ate it with his sunny side ups and I will eat it with my scrambled eggs tomorrow.
Alvaro decided on the rabbit dish and that needs sour cream so we bought another 800g.
That’s nice :slight_smile: 1600g sour cream and 330g greek yogurt. No problem there.
Today still was a fail for various reasons so I try to go back my no coffee carni OMAD (or something close to that. I mean the OMAD, the other two are non-negotiable) tomorrow.
My stress level should go down a bit now if I am careful.

Looking at supermarket papers about sales is so surreal… A very modest salary (still better than a tiny pension I think though I don’t know how those changed lately) can buy someone a tiny fancy sirloin steak a day and nothing else. And one needs to buy other things, not just food… Okay, obviously such a person eat chicken or very maybe pork, not beef (especially if that money isn’t even for one person) but still. A nice steak is something quite luxurious. By the way Alvaro is totally on board now, he likes the idea of tryout out steak for my birthday :smiley: We will see. At some point we just get curious enough that it seems to worth it. But I prefer my pork and I am pleased with my food options.

If we visit a steakhouse, we must decide on how to get the stuff. But I think we should use the two options below well done and we will see :smiley: So medium and medium-well.
But we have little idea about anything, actually… I do know that not every meat should get fried/grilled/whatever the hell out of it. Just most of them. I rarely can go wrong with adding more time when in doubt… It’s especially right for pork. But frying typically lowers the needed time spectacularly. Roasting is the crazy thing where everything needs 2 hours or almost nowadays (I remember using only 1 hour on pork slices but now they need more). I didn’t try beef ages ago, though, I know frying was surprisingly short. We usually use beef for stews on open fire and that takes a long time.

I can’t talk about beef but pork fried to a nice dark brown color has an amazing taste. Due to the serious frying :slight_smile: I love the flavors happening due to it, it was the same with vegs in my past, I loved to fry them super well, until they became more or less brown (frying very well AND lots of fat, that’s a great combo for me).

But I met some exceptions and I am open to not well-done steaks, I just doubt I could go too rare. We will test the safer looking waters first.
(But I am curious about steak tartare one day. I ate some very nice raw meat in my life, they all were fish though. I can’t even really enjoy non-raw salmon anymore. Didn’t try raw salmon lately but it’s probably still great.)


absolutely agree flavor of raw, blue rare, very rare is key and most of us eat that way cause flavor is so important and such a huge hit to us cause we can easily tell the difference in a nano second :slight_smile:

my family gets so annoyed when my food isn’t exactly how I require it cooked but too bad, THEY DON’T GET IT one bit cause their taste buds are dead and destroyed and eating all kinds of things vs. me being one 1 food, animal only, and how it is prepared is one of the biggest keys to ‘do I have a fab meal I coo over or one that is blah, so so and disappoints!’

I used to be shy in sending back meat and don’t say things about how hubby cooks my meat on the grill and more but not anymore!! Once here, we NEED our food just as we want it for biggest impact to us!

Could not agree more!!

Salt, well I am a weirdo salt person so for me I am finding now, finally, I am requiring less salt for sure but still love it on all my meats. I think you are fortunate you aren’t on the salt crazy train like me :slight_smile: but hey I am slowly walking your way!

I am a waterfall fan too! we have kinda good sized ones here around my area but nothing super impressive unless I drive more into the mountains…but they are such a wonder and I even love our smaller ones. Hope your visit is a fun one!!

------------So simple day again. May is a very simple month for me!

Tbone steak and chicken.

All great in my zc land! Just chillin’ thru it and enjoying my eating and everyday life on plan :slight_smile:


The tiny river was, well, tiny. We had some rain lately but after a pretty dry winter and it shows. I remember that waterfall being so pretty but now… Alvaro keeps saying he can make a bigger waterfall with our garden hose… But the forest was nice and the tiny water still had a lovely voice :slight_smile: And we walked, we needed it.

We finally eat the turkey (past time for Alvaro, very near future for me), yesterday we ate at Alvaro’s Mom (ham, pork chuck and non-carnivore things, well I bought pâté too and ate most of it… I couldn’t resist the nice tasting food and my extremely bad mental state didn’t help. I didn’t feel sooo great afterwards but I couldn’t care. my card - it’s some spiritual whatever deck, a gift. nice art - is Greater Bilby today aka Dark Night of the Soul. spot on. I was in a very dark place in the last several years but I could imitate something else and even feel it to some extent! now it’s over. I should get serious and climb out of it. good thing I am a stubborn, illogically optimistic, sometimes determined one). Though we ate at home too, I got super hungry at night when I couldn’t sleep… I ate all the liver and pâté I had, among others, sponge cakes with buttery spread and whatever I could think about. But at least I left my turkey and pork (the leaner half of 70/30 pieces) so I will have a fine OMAD meal a bit later. And then Alvaro makes a rabbit dish. And then turkey again but with very much vegs so I probably will go back to my pork and I plan to fry chicken liver again, it was nicer last time. I shouldn’t eat it every week and then it’s not so boring. Hunger may help too. I kinda like chicken liver, I just get bored of it too easily. So I dropped the frequency and it worked. The same happened with cheese. I never ate much but when I almost completely stopped for some weeks, the next cheesy days were very enjoyable. So it’s a good option when I very temporarily get bored of my usual food. I still need my usual food as I still can’t eat very much cheese but I need less and it solves my problem.

I use comfort+anti-headache (I never give it up) coffee today but I stick to carnivore and not eating to early so it’s a win from me now. And I don’t track, I can’t afford that chore and it doesn’t help anything. I tentatively try to follow the amount of the meat I eat but that’s it.
And I only drink coffee in the afternoon, I never even think about drinking it early now. Or without some good enough reason. Definitely an improvement.
Water is nice. I can drink it cold, warm, with bubbles… Sometimes I drink tea but that’s more boring than water so it’s rare.

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No photo but my only meal was rather good! Turkey, pork, half a sausage and lots of quark with sour cream as dessert. Probably because the quark was “lactose-free”, it was quite sweet. To me, not to a normal person I suppose. So it was sweet enough for a dessert for me. It was wonderfully sour too. And so creamy! Oh I had 5 sponge cake muffins with the Hungarian spiced buttery spread too. It is a bit too fatty in the amount I use it… I will experiment with making my own spread.

Alvaro made a very delicious rabbit dish and ate some. It is his meatiest day since ages for sure. He says it’s fine as he doesn’t eat meat for breakfast (nevermind he sometimes wants a vegetarian week or something. he isn’t anywhere close to that phase right now)… He ate a whole turkey drumstick for lunch and 2 decent pieces of rabbit for dinner. It’s impressive from him.

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@carnivoor2 has that little piece at 1 o’clock got a little smiley face on it? :slightly_smiling_face:


The meat looks good.

I don’t eat suet or lard (yet!).
Tell me, do you eat suet cold and hard, or do you melt it, or warm it, spice it up at least?

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My knee was hurting through the night. It was after sitting nearly 13 hours at those computers at work on Tuesday. If I sit with my legs cooked to one side I always end up with a dodgy knee, i should remember and keep them straight in front of me in good alignment. With that and the crappy sleep I cancelled CF at 5.30am and thought I would do myself a favour and rest up another day. No humping soil about today but enjoyed sitting and watching the birds on the feeders and then went over to see Raymond who took a bad turn while 8 was there and got taken back into hospital in an ambulance. We have learned that if I take him he has to go through triage first but when the ambulance take him he goes straight in the A&E or Resus. He hasn’t called me as yet to update me but I am sure he will before too long.

I had remaining small chunk of cheddar, the last 2 remaining duck eggs scrambled for brunch followed by bacon, felt a bit hungry this morning but waited till after 11am to eat.
Dinner was a rump steak followed an hour later by chicken wings which ended up back in oven as they weren’t cooked enough… funny how some days we are hungrier than others but I am guessing I am just tired from my current broken sleep pattern and that always makes me want to eat.

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@Shinita Has no one had rain? Texas is still dry and now has record heat. I’m staying in VA for the next 40 days or so but hubby is going back just for this week with a load of furniture and boxes. Sorry about your favorite waterfall drying out a little - hopefully the next year will be better.

Grocery day today and mostly what looked great was beef, and I got some lamb shoulder and eggs but no pork, chicken or fish. A rotisserie chicken for lunch today but with hubby on the road, the world’s my oyster… Err, ribeye. Tenderloin. Ribeyes. Grass fed burger. This will be a great week.

So just 1 hard boiled egg this morning to tide me over and then I gave him both the breasts and took everything else, chewed those bones and ate the dark meat, back meat, and wings.
I love how the taste of meat changes when it’s time to stop eating. Just 1 thigh left on my plate and it’s time. Just like magic.
And no pics. I was hungry!

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Yesterday I smoked chicken thighs and finished them off in anova oven I had lamb hock first meal and chicken thighs 2nd but yesterday I was hungry so ended up eating more chicken thighs and even more chicken thighs.

Today I started with 2 chicken thighs and 2nd meal was lamb hock

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I prefer it cold or frozen actually. I like it either cold/frozen or super crispy, absolutely nothing in between. And because it’s so hard to get it crispy, it’s just easier to eat it cold/frozen.

Today’s food was flanken ribs, eggs and suet. It didn’t keep me full for long, I had bacon, eggs and liver later.
image image image image image


See, I could probably eat that and enjoy it, without worrying about raw meat pathogens. Sort of.

But the raw meat pathogens do exist. Lets not overlook that…

(Daisy) #279

That’s why you make sure it’s well sourced. I get mine from a trusted farmer/butcher.

(Vic) #280

I was hungry, so they were all smiling at me :grin:

Desks that are suitable for sitting or stand up work at the push of a button are not that expensive anymore… Ask for one at work.

I hope Raymond gets better fast.