May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise


You know what Fangs would say here; carnivores don’t deliberately restrict. If you’re hungry, eat. If you’re full, stop.

I know you’re more of a ‘carnivore day’ person who mixes in fasting and the occasional taste of other things, instead of on-plan-carnivore week in week out. But maybe this is affecting your progress?

Carnivore often feels close to keto, but my experience is that it’s a very different plan with different rules and different results. If you’re looking to change things up, maybe doing a set period on rigid carnivore with no deviation would help? 90 days is usually the recommendation.


Right on! Carnivores eat what they enjoy, do their own research about eating what they wanna eat and enjoy, to satisfy their own requirements and info they need on what they want to eat! Do this and one never has to worry about their food ever! Good post!

wow being off those meds are gonna make you find a whole new you!!
med changes and new adventures coming at you on your appetite flips…of course you know you will be fine cause you said it yourself, you eat as you feel ya need thru this change and if you feel great, no appetite, don’t want food, don’t eat :slight_smile: You are super nourished at this point! I hope all changes go smooth for ya tho!! You have a great attitude and good knowledge for sure for your carnivore lifestyle!

---------------as carnivores we do our own thing. We never criticize other carnivores food choices of their preference on how to eat that meat/seafood fish or fowl :slight_smile: We support what they want and we don’t put them on the spot. Now raw can be a big issue with some seafood and fowl of course and more, which is why the carnivore community says everyone does their own research on what they want to eat and all is cool. Raw is widely accepted in zc.

zc went well for me yesterday UNTIL…dunt donnn daaaa
hubby called and said he wanted bbq from a new place. He said ya want ribs and I wasn’t hungry cause I was done eating for the day but I said ribs? yes please!!! WOOF! they had a spicy hot rub on them. WOW. hit the mouth in pockets of blistering rub and some bites were ok. I shut it down fast. I ate 1 rib saying hmmmm…second rib it was worse so I said NO way cause I felt my tummy starting to burn already. Won’t be ordering those again and hubby said rub was too hot also so he said, well we tried this new joint, ain’t for us :slight_smile: oh well…kid said not too spicy hot and she will finish them off I am sure, I know I am not going after any more of those! and yes I had to take a tums about 1/2 later, ugh.

keeping today very simple. Defrosting NY strip and I have chicken breasts for later.

got a rainy icky misty day happening. still waiting on real hot weather to open my pool…come on friggin’ summer, get here and stay! not sure what I am doing, kinda think I got one of those boring days going down LOL but of course housework chores are around to do, well, nah, not in the mood! This might be a day of movies on tv and chillaxin’ and wasting the day away. we shall see.

(Judy Thompson) #203

Wow, lots of reading today. I’m running from one errand/task to the next, exhausted at night, hoping to get enough done here before leaving again for Texas this coming week.
Yesterday before shopping I popped a beef tenderloin into the sous vide bath, we ate about 3 when I got home. I had a couple small slices but there was FAT and it was fantastic!

Then lastnight my daughter came by to celebrate Mother’s Day. We went for a pedicure, I was sorely overdue! And then to a Korean hot pot restaurant called Gom Shabu. Her bf joined us there and it was a very new adventure for me!
Each place setting includes a pot of broth set into the table with stove controls underneath, so you turn it off and on, hotter and cooler, from your chair. The broth had a slightly vegetable taste so I know it wasn’t pure carnivore. Then you order a flavor broth to add and I got beef pho, seemed the safest choice. They got noodles and all the stuff you’d expect to have in Korean soup but there were also lots of meats. We had brisket, prime rib, pork shoulder, lamb, and then scallops, tripe, octopus, shrimp, squid. They must have a fantastic slicer as everything was sliced SO thin. Also little bowls of eggs you cracked into your broth to poach them. There was a bar to go to, to make your sauce for dipping.
When the food in the pot was done we scooped it out with a wire scoop and put it on a plate, used chopsticks to dip it in the sauces we had made.
I did add a few mushrooms as we discussed them a few days ago here and I wondered how they would feel. I don’t think they’re for me but they were interesting.
I know I’ll end up going back there again sometime as my daughter loves it so much!
I had a little tummy ache lastnight, no surprise. Next time no shrooms, everything else was pretty clean I think. The broth probably had veggies cooked in it but when the food is done you don’t eat the broth so it’s minimal. Hubby didn’t go but said it sounded like a lot of trouble to go to for a plate of noodles :joy:


I don’t care what carnivores do if it’s about my eating. I am not a carnivore but what really matters that I am an individual. Tons of diet tips are so insanely impossible and stupid to me… And it’s true for most proper diet tips. Diet as how one eats like for anymals, I have very little to do with fat-loss diets as I can’t follow any, only mine in the past when all I had to do to eat <80g net carbs. Good old days…
I experienced that it’s very important for me to eat dinner OMAD on most days. So I will do my best to do it. Those days are so great… If I eat earlier, that sucks, most of the time. I don’t lose fat either way, of course, it’s me but I feel LOADS better when I am not hungry all day. And if I am a bit hungry, I prefer my cutie-pie not so annoying well-fasted hunger over the horrible after-meal, during-meal hunger any time. It’s just NOT HEDONISTIC to torture myself with hunger and overeating on non-OMAD days. I don’t have a nice, smooth option, just a slightly hard and a “super hard and sucky, horrible, anything but that, maybe I shouldn’t eat for a week, that would be easier” one.

I hate annoying hunger. I can’t handle it.

I am not that type. I am impossible to do either. I am serious, I may try and fail.
And I dislike being full, why would I want that? Okay, you mean satiated, nope, nope, I can’t and it would be a horrible idea. Sometimes I should stop before I reach satiation, sometimes I must eat beyond as I can’t not to. I know myself and I am a hedonist, I want and need to do the most enjoyable option so I do my best to do that.
I am so good at it now, I managed to win over a sudden compulsion last night.

Sometimes it’s inevitable to eat early though like today when I was already hungry and motivated to eat since hours when I sit down to eat before noon.
No photos, I was hungry :smiley:

But here is the first plate from yesterday! Cute start for my first meal of 3 but it did not much for my satiation, I needed my proper meat afterwards. The pork chop dish did the trick (but obviously easier after this plate).

The yellow thing is fried failed sponge cake. It wasn’t bad.

Everything is affecting my progress but it doesn’t matter, I CAN’T stick to carnivore. I do try and fail. It’s not an option. But no, I didn’t notice it matters, I didn’t do OMAD on carnivore either, it messed up my fasting even more. And OMAD is more important for me than carnivore. But I am greedy and want both. At least most of the time and almost.
But I basically eat whatever I fancy and lately I try to control my eating time to avoid suffering… I can’t do anything else…

But I strayed a bit so I go back to a stricter style again. I had very special circumstances I resisted heroically but not completely. I seriously doubt it hinders me any, though. Never noticed it. BUT I never did longer term OMAD before. OMAD helps with everything I may have difficulties with on carnivore(-ish).
So I plan to do some carnivore-ish OMAD (the -ish part being super modest as it originally was and only when there is a super good reason for it, it’s for temporally, I can do it)… And then I relax my ways a tiny bit and compare the two. I need to relax my ways when I get bored of my food anyway but I can’t seem to get bored of meat again. But maybe I would on pure (in my world… I guess I still would use a little spice and mustard) carni… I need to figure it out!

90 days? Maybe 7. With my -ish parts. And I need my maximal determination for it. This is May, I have the best chances now apart from a January following carby holidays (and I never will have that again, probably). So I will try again and try hard.
I know people just decide on rules and stick to it, I can’t. It would be so easier, I wouldn’t need to lowkey struggle for many years but I can only do what my individual self is able to.

So! I had my lunch :slight_smile: Scrambled eggs and bacon covered pork chop. Wasn’t in the mood for liver but I ate a decent amount yesterday. I probably will be hungry in no time but I don’t know, my current hypothesis is that pork chop satiates me quite well. It’s way too lean so I need my eggs but I had them. But it was a small lunch (as it should around noon) so I will need another meal in 1-3 hours, this is almost sure. And that should be my last one.

Tomorrow is zoo day, we go by car in the end… It would be 7 hours to travel without it and the zoo is 90km from the house… I need to pack a lot of food (for both of us), walking around animals probably would make me hungry… Because of the walking and the time passing, not because the animals may be tasty :smiley: I don’t think of animals like that, at least not often… When I meet the pig farm pigs, I still see them as the lovely playful darlings they are. But they are tasty as well, that’s true.

Considering I can’t cook tomorrow, my meat started to seem super tiny so some smoked pork chuck is defrosting right now.
And I really buy some more pork in Monday and a few days later we visit the usual hypermarket for a bigger amount of meat… I have beef, turkey and rabbit in the freezer but no pork at the moment and that is unacceptable. I eat way more now than before. A pound starts to be a necessity instead of a challenge and I don’t skip days.
I am curious about the prices now, I doubt the meat prices changed as they just went up not so long ago, the price cap got a continuation too…
The other items are more interesting. I hope butter prices are happy with their impressive height for a while now… I actually would love to see a sale.
And one supermarket chain (one of our favs) gives points and I want dinosaur plushies for them… We still need to pay but just a little. I can’t store much more objects in the house but I have a huge bed for many more plushies.

I admit we found mushrooms and ate them… Nice but mostly because it’s fun to find them, I really don’t need them. Oh well, we found them and that has a charm. I don’t touch the forest mushroom in cans even when I cook them for Alvaro occasionally… I loved forest mushroom in the past and it’s still nice hunting for them and figure out the species or at least the edibility, making photos but the mushrooms themselves… They have almost no calories and I have good food anyway so it’s a waste on me. But the first findings when I am borderline bored with my scrambled eggs alone, yes please. It doesn’t harm me and now I done it. Next time Alvaro can eat them.
These things happened gradually and pretty quickly after I met carnivore. I just don’t eat many stuff I liked before as I don’t see the point. I lost interest.
I always think I am oh so love onions and tomatoes still and they are so good with eggs and meat (that’s often true) but in the end I almost never eat them and when I do, I may or may not notice/enjoy it. Maybe the tomato but not the onion. I had a tiny leftover fried onions and tasted it. It’s sweet, almost like a jam…!
I think I will keep reducing the amount in stews (if I make them. it’s usually Alvaro) and they already have, like, 1/10th of what some people uses :smiley: IS onion is needed for Hungarian stews? It’s a very basic ingredient but maybe I can get away with only paprika…
Tomato puree is my “if I get bored of meat” item so the frequency is already pitiful, I don’t even try to eat it more rare, it’s insignificant at this point.

So I need to focus on various things creeping in without me noticing fully consciously…

BUT I still feel I am improving so I am not very unpleased. And NO food boredom lately, it’s so great! And I can eat proper sized meals! (Proper for me, my timing and my needs, goals…)

@JJFiddle: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Baby octopus… I only ate octopus once (or the other times were minimal and I don’t remember, probably) but it was so, so good… And it looks great… I would be just as smiling having one, I am just less pretty :smiley:
I try to live through you vicariously now… And I should try to find my way into a similar place (and my birthday steakhouse idea is still there)!


I am genuinely a bit baffled, because this is the carnivore thread - and it’s specifically about the carnivore way of eating.

I am 100% behind you doing whatever works for you - but a few times you’ve talked about stalls (both fat loss and muscle growth), so I raised the suggestion because in my experience, I found that being dedicated to carnivore made progress in both of those areas easier.

I just hate reading that other people are not finding the success they are seeking; I’ve been there, and it’s miserable.


Really enjoyed seeing the pictures of this and reading your description - it sounds like a really novel experience!

@Fangs - that is a huge pain about the spice on the ribs. Don’t blame you for having a lazy day; sometimes a chillax is much needed! For once, we have a day of blazing sun here (well, it’s all relative) - so I am definitely heading outside to make the most of it because I think it’s due to be miserable for the rest of the week!


WOWAZ that was a wonderful post from ya with great pics to boot and you look so happy waiting to get that fork of carnivore into your mouth :slight_smile: Looking great JJ!! I appreciate you sharing all that and I enjoyed reading it!!!

Hey, you heading back to TX permanently now, like to live full time? You done wtih VA or renting home or selling it or? Kinda lost in your transition but wondering what your next move is all about. I hope that is ok to share :slight_smile:

I wanna be at that table, I wanna be eating that food and I love the little octopus! My daughter loves them but when she seems them ‘not hacked’ and in full little form it freaks her out but for me I say, eat the bugger, he is meant for just that and it irks her HAHA

Kids and their phones. Omg at any restaurant that pic of your daughters boyfriend on the phone is just my daughter too…they can’t put the damn things down…ugh…new culture for sure, one I am not a part of HAHA Saw him in the background after checking out the food table and thought, oh my, that is my daughter, face in phone…bleck :wink:

Really enjoyed your post JJ!!!


yea weather is a weirdo for me. I ‘function my day’ around weather IN a way and unless forced thru life, I follow the weather patterns. Cold I shut down, hot I move and enjoy and function fab, gray days are sleepy days and more. I follow the damn pollen count too with seasonal allergies, and darn if that ain’t one thing the carnivore eating hasn’t give me…SO MANY SAY they improved ‘seasonal allergies’ but I think it was not that effecting them, alot of people mistake this when it comes to seasonal issues and high pollen count vs. just sick on ick foods that clear easily on carnivore? yea I kinda swing that way on that thinking…I think it is a bunch of auto immune issues that come into play thru crap food on head clogs, sinus clogs, headaches and more, cause I tell ya I react ‘fast’ to pollen for sure and I know the symptoms that hit fast but to be ‘cured’ from carnivore from it to me sounds suspect cause I think they are curing issues they put ‘under allergies’ whcih is right to foods but not seasonal allergies ya know. OK off on a tangent here HAHA

but you enjoy that fab sunny wonderful day. Nothing like outside and movement and just loving the weather til ya get socked in with more miserable weather to come :wink:

(Daisy) #209

One of the best advice I got when I first did carnivore (thank you @Fangs) is that there’s :100: difference between 95% carnivore and :100: carnivore. I never believed it, as you don’t, but it’s completely true!


And I even was accurate enough to include things you just cut off… I don’t care what carnivores do IF IT’S ABOUT MY EATING. Especially when I tested and figured out what I should do. I care about my individual self and circumstances. I am no carnivore and probably never will be though I am not completely sure anymore, I probably will be very very close eventually. That’s the trend this far. I still lose interest in more and more non-carnivore items I loved before. I would allow them - but I just don’t want them and missing them seems no problem.

It’s quite possible pure carnivore would help me to lose fat quicker (probably still not only just doing carnivore, I need multiple “tricks” and I work on them, actually. hey, I work on my carnivore since I first tried it!) but I. CAN’T. DO. IT.
Maybe if I would be shot to death if I ate off, I could do it. Possible. But not this way, out of my own free will. And maybe it’s not a problem. I can’t tell as I am me and my core personality would need to change/die to be that controlled and nope, not that.

Oh but I totally expect to get success eventually, it just takes a lot of time for me. It’s fine, I am used to it.
Good thing fat-loss isn’t my top priority. I want it and of course I mention it, the whole low-carb started with my desire to lose fat (and I did it for a while)… But just doing this on/off carnivore-ish thing is WAY better than what I had before. More enjoyable, I pretty much lost my compulsions and some of my addictions, I had no negative effects (except food boredom and tiny meals sometimes but I didn’t feel worse, in the contrary though I felt good enough that the changes are little. but important, I can appreciate them). I am pretty sure eating meat makes my nutrition even better than it was before.
I see I am improving, maybe slowly and sometimes I go backwards for a while if we average everything but it’s way better than the stagnation I had before. I did on/off keto, I couldn’t stick to it and ate way too much carbs on keto anyway but couldn’t go even lower, I had to half-live on sweets to keep my carbs that low… It wasn’t bad, per se but wasn’t good. I am glad I found a promising and already better new woe. Or default woe I keep straying away from but less and less… I have very good days. And never have really bad ones, from my viewpoint.
So I am fine, some areas are frustrating but the trend is good, I get better just super slowly…

If I got more energy, I would be super happy. But I think I already got some okay-ish, not so low level but then I had to change my life a bit, bring some excitement and good changes into it and they tire me out… It will get better.
(And then summer hits and I will be a zombie. Hopefully the AC and my momentum will help.)

I am a forever optimist. But I really see improvement. And June isn’t here yet, I can squeeze in some super strict days until then. And I do what I can afterwards as well.


I read the entirety of your post - more than once. I really do understand that you don’t care about carnivore within the context of what you’re eating.

The bit I’m struggling with is that I see this carnivore thread as a community for people who are eating carnivore to help each other out - to talk to each other about the carnivore way of eating, to offer advice and suggestions to others, to help anyone who is trying to eat carnivore, or to encourage people who are lurking the thread and thinking about eating carnivore.

But sometimes your posts in the carnivore thread make me feel really sad - where you talk about not quite meeting your fitness goals or having fat loss stalls or temptations or being hungry. I don’t want to leave those posts ignored or unanswered, but when people do answer, it almost feels that any advice or anecdotes that match with the carnivore lifestyle is unwelcome.

It’s just difficult to know what to say or how to help, I suppose.

On reflection, maybe that’s the answer - maybe offering help isn’t any use to you if you’ve already felt like you’ve tried everything. I just feel bad when I see something you say not being responded to if I’d have responded to someone else in the same circumstances.

(Karen) #212

@JJFiddle wow what a restaurant! Not sure I would want so much stuff sitting on the table in front of me and fussing about, thats why I love the Brazilian restaurant so much. Everything that was put in front of me was pure carnivore and I could see exactly what the meat was. And I thought the exact same thing as @Fangs … b/f would have had a slap on the wrist if I had been there hahaha oh and you look adorable love the hairstyle, you look so youthful x

I was up early this morning after wakeful night. Everytime I went back to sleep it was straight into crazy wierd dreams so by this morning I didn’t really feel like I had slept much at all.

Up and 100 flights of stair ran and then to a pair workout with my daughter at CrossFit.

She did really well considering she went out on the town with the girls last night :crazy_face:

Came home and pottered in the garden for a while, dead heading and putting more bits and pieces out. Looking so pretty now.

Ate some lamb chops for brunch

Ate them all :blush:

Afternoon was spent taking Raymond to the nature reserve, well I brought him over to my house, parked up and we walked to the reserve and had a brew in the cafe over looking the lake. It was so warm and very close today then walked back to mine and I took him home again. Then decided to head over to Derby to Morrisons superstore and pick up some more plants :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Oh BTW the hospital changed Raymond’s meds, took him off Ramiprill (which incidently i am on) saying the side affects are coughing and he has hardly coughed since he came home on Tuesday! He is perky as! Wouldn’t think he was at deaths door last week. He had a negative LFT on Saturday so is out and about again! Who knows we may be dancing again very soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Dinner was a side plate of 4 rashers of bacon while the home spiced chicken wings were in the oven. Then about an hour or so later I had 2 scrambly duck eggs which were sooo nice :slightly_smiling_face:

Early night tonight. Rain on its way tonight and is forecast to be here for the next week. Oh well I won’t have to water the pots this week lol… every cloud and all that :smiley:

Oh nearly forgot @Fangs my neighbours gnome is lonesome gnomore

(Judy Thompson) #213

All of y’all are mistaking my daughter for me! Very kind of you :heart:
Yeah there was a lot of inedible food on that table for me but they shoved the meaty stuff over to me. An awkward restaurant but they wanted to show me their fave place. Both of them are always in their phones, yeah, that’s awkward too;)

@Fangs we’ve decided not to sell yet, as there is quite a bit of work here and my teaching all originates here even though most of it is now online. The pop-rock string Quintet String Attack is hubby’s creation as he has arranged most of the 250 tunes we play (I did one.) the musicians here are of the highest caliber. We love playing with them. In Texas, nobody we play with can even read music although they’re fun to play with. But there’s so much to love there. So for now we’re bilocating - guess we’ll settle down someday, when we’re older :wink:

Today I cut a couple more pieces of tenderloin and fried a piece of salmon filet. I caught the same weird odor from the salmon that I get from lactose since covid. I ate maybe ⅔ of the salmon and then it hit my gut and I suddenly realized, a block away walking the puppy, that it hadn’t agreed with me. So I think I’m out of the salmon game. Good to pay attention to signals - this also happened a couple months ago, the last time I tried salmon.

Tonight I had more tenderloin and 2 eggs cooked in a little ghee. Nice and satisfied now and ready for bed.


So glad he’s on the mend! And blimey, you don’t think of these things being a side effect caused by a med - glad someone spotted that.

Love that you rehomed the gnomes!

Oh yikes. I’m glad you caught the sign. I remember when I developed an avocado allergy - there was the odd sign that something was wrong with a touch of guacamole earlier on, but the quantity wasn’t enough to make me associate what was happening until I actually ate an avocado (and regretted it :joy:).

I’ve been trying to go outdoors first thing in the morning; it’s meant to help to set your circadian rhythm so you sleep at the right times at night. It was lovely yesterday, but I could barely get outside today for the rain. I hope yesterday wasn’t our ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ British summer. :joy:



I too am baffled sometimes, the world can be like that, but that’s cool and hunky-dory. I reckon @shinita likes the chat with the people here. I enjoy some input from Hungary. Especially the different foods, food accessibility, and pork specialities. I’d love to try some Töpörtyű or dig into a Felvágott. Imagine getting to try some Mangalica pork or Mangalica pork products. I see they have them in Yorkshire (UK). In some places (USA) they are called “Wooly Pigs”. In Washington state they feed them on acorns. The marketing brand says, “Acorn fed Mangalista”. It required a double-take. I think the tastiest pig breed in our area are free-range Berkshires.

And Hungary is the home of the medical therapy Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet with Dr Szofia Clemens in Budapest. For when some of us (looks in mirror) finally realise how sick we actually are.

That’s what I read when I enjoy a Shinita post.

It reminds me of this Norman Rockwell painting. (Sold for $46m in 2013).

A few days wintry (rain) weather followed an Indian Ocean cold front into the neighbourhood. I went on an off-road adventure in my car yesterday, bounced off a kangaroo, there are a lot of them around the area I live, and ended up in a ditch. Grey kangaroo, grey rainy day, wet road. Dug my bogged car out of the mud and was able to drive it home. All the plastic front end is ripped off. Looks like I got second prize at the demolition derby. Bit sore today. :laughing: but I’ve been living with joint and muscle pain for 9 months (you are probably sick of hearing about it). I’ll eat a therapeutic steak. On hold with the various people that need to know. Fastest way to register a car crash claim was online. Now have the task of insurance assessors, hire cars, repairs. Might be time to get an EV, or resurrect the 1956 sedan. I feel remarkably unfazed and calm about working through all that on top of full-time work. Must be the calm carnivore WOE.

Mrs. Bear went and picked ‘winter olives’ (the black ones) to brine. I made a digital painting of olives being washed in rainwater. People sometimes call olives ‘meaty’. These are cherry sized Spanish olives that would have been left unharvested in a near-by winery, where they also farm sheep… hmmm that reminds me, I have lamb shanks in the freezer.


Oh yeah, for sure - the more the merrier; I love learning from other people and I’ve had such a good experience with carnivore, I just want the same for others. I feel really sad sometimes seeing that others are struggling. I listen to heaps of podcasts and do tonnes of research, and I just wish we could come up with some ideas to help.

Kangaroos are a menace when it comes to modern machinery. I was on a train once that hit a kangaroo. I remember going to the Ford factory and they had a crash test dummy of a kangaroo, which was an experience that felt quintessentially Australian.

Really sorry that you’re sore from it - I hope you can sort the technical stuff quickly - but glad you’ve been calm through it. I think carnivore is great for that.

(Vic) #217

Hi all,

I can’t seem to get into my account anymore, so I made a new one.

Still eating 2 pounds of meat or fish a day and I’m healthier that I have ever been.

Hope you’re all doing well :+1:



I was only thinking about you last week - great to see you back, Vic, and great to hear you’re thriving.


wow on the bouncing off a kangaroos FB! Sorry the car got jacked but happy you are ok. Hope all is ok for ya very soon and that soreness goes away fast!!

I loved what you wrote above. A true carnivore can talk ALL about an olive and interesting things associated with it and THEN they bring the whole conversation back to meat…olives to lamb shanks!!! That is how the carnivore brain works, chat up info about foods and boom, last sentence got ya thinking meat :slight_smile: Love it!

lonesome gnonsome no more :wink:
if you come out and those 3 become 6 overnight somehow, you run ok? :crazy_face::scream_cat:

I am happy to hear Raymond is doing so much better! Alot of weirdo med stuff can go down for all of us and it can get darn scary but happy he is in a good situation now.

Ohhhhh, I was so on the fence IF that was you cause I kept thinking, didn’t JJ say she was a bit older like me? but I couldn’t place your age and I thought well if that is JJ she looks darn younger and I might have her age confused with someone else but I just assumed you posted of you and not your DD…too funny!! Your DD is sweet!!!

Bi-locate. I like that.

I clicked on your String Attack. Is that you and hubby in on that quintet, cause it was very interesting reading about it?

When I hit the video…OMG your first song playing was Vive La Vida from Cold Play and I gotta tell ya JJ that is one of my top fav songs of all times and I heard that tune and loved it…great video! Very good musicians!

that salmon sounds like it is coming after you :slight_smile:

HELLO VIC!!! Glad to see ya pop in…I was wondering if you were doing ok. Figured you were doing alot of work maybe out of country and just were slammed.

Super happy to hear you are doing so well and feeling carnivore healthy to the max!!! I did miss you fine pics you shared!

Hope ya hang around a bit and chat up some but thanks for saying hi, it is great to know you are doing fine and are ok!!

I hope your summers aren’t THAT short for ya HAHA
it is funny cause when I watch British tv shows, like at the beach or something, one is swimming in a wet suit say and then others come and they are wearing heavy coats and I always think, HOW COLD is that water and if those guys are wearing big coats and it is windy and ‘seems’ so cold out how is that other person swimming and alive HAHA I don’t know why that came to mind when I read your post :slight_smile: Probably because I am such a super high heat lover that when I see swimmers and down coats on people I think, oh no, not gonna be me in that water.
OK wild talk about nothing from me here LOL

for me with my farming we were out of the house at 5am and basically to sleep when the sun goes down kinda life. Since we stopped that I find I am up still very early like I always did but I find I don’t ‘shut off’ like I did at night…I assume it is all the NO farm work I am not doing anymore ya know. I ain’t using up the body in good form and I go to bed with too much energy still. With summer coming I will ramp up activity and that I think is how I roll…being big active in my day shuts me down at night, being a lazy semi-retired bum like I am now and in cold winter donig mostly nothing, I am off a bit but I still put it to energy supply in my body. I gotta use it more I think :slight_smile: with summer now, I will. Interesting what ya wrote about that rythym and I agree on it.

-------------------fast post
we got nice weather today and I am gonna be outside enjoying it!

have to handle landscape stuff around here. everything getting out of control down around my barns and fencelines and everything growing at warp speed. have to trim up stuff and ‘pretty-fy’ my farm area now.

today will be simple again.

Got 3 very nice thicker pork chops for meal 1 and I have some burger for second meal when wanted. I will pull a few nice steaks for defrosting for tomorrow. I am trying to watch to not defrost too much at one time :slight_smile: I can get caught like that and never like it when I do cause I think, yea family is gonna want a steak and then they order out or whatever and then the steaks sit and of course I ‘try’ to make sure I eat them all before they go bad etc. cause I ain’t losing no steaks for no good reason but I hate playing that too much meat in the fridge to be used game anymore LOL Ahhhhh, just me rambling on…

May is going well for me. Enjoying calm zc. In good form.

Gonna drag out my kayak and wash it and spruce it up. get out the pressure washer and just shine it up a bit and get it ready for use.

nothing much more, all good in zc land!


fast post…hubby said ya wanna uncover the pool today and I SAID YES, lets go for it…wee…start of my summer really now if I tackle the pool.

off I go…hooray