March - What Did you Keto Today?


Pork is something special. It barely went up and one kind (fresh ham, I like it though not nearly as much as chuck) has a price cap so it keeps its price. Beef doubled so it went from a rare treat to “no way” - but I still can buy deer here and then :wink:
Chicken legs on sale tripled. It’s still a cheap meat just not as insanely cheap as they were sometimes. Okay, that was very occasional even then but happened…
Chicken frame has a price cap so it’s just ridiculous :smiley: It costs basically nothing, cheaper than ANY cat food… But it’s not so great. I buy it sometimes, I have 4 hungry cats who appreciate it…

Eggs went up, yep (and then they got a price cap) but they are still so precious, totally worth the price. People buy all kinds of stupid things, overprocessed treats, cigarettes, bad quality booze, extremely overpriced sugary coffees, I couldn’t afford or justify THOSE! I still eat 7 eggs a day as always but I just can’t imagine not to. Eggs are needed in every dish, basically. From my viewpoint… :slight_smile: Even when I don’t want eggs and basically avoid egg dishes, they just add up.

Even grains are very expensive now, good thing I don’t eat them… Pasta went up more than 100%. Once cat food went up 100% in weeks. There was a time when we went to shopping, again after 2-3 weeks, saw many prices 30% up from last time and thought, oh, that’s expected, good thing it’s only that little… Those were dark times and my mental state suffered at each shopping.
I NEVER knew what is a good price for anything and I needed that to make decisions! So we assumed that 30% more than last time is a great price…
It’s good it stopped. And what the butter and cheese did, that was the first case in my life where prices actually went down. They don’t do that here. Just now, due to the very very aggressive rise before. So we buy cheese for only 50-80% more than a year ago. Wonderful.

The very expensive things (except beef) didn’t go up so much so now we have the interesting situation that the fancy-schmancy things often got close to the cheapest, on sale prices for items of similar type. Or even not similar like vegan not-cheese and not-meat to proper cheese and meat. Vegan weirdo items were always so very expensive compared to them but now they are close (well the few I actually looked at. I am a curious person and the supermarket papers are full with vegan stuff lately. people don’t really buy them but the shops want them to, something like that). I still can’t justify trying them as I am very aware they are bad in every way but one day my curiosity may win.
I saw an article about it and yep, the fancy, trendy, expensive diets (like vegan, keto, paleo… for some reason the article writers always imagine something very different than what I did. MY keto diet surely isn’t nearly as expensive, what do they think a ketoer eats? oh yep, almond flour, $30/kg or a bit less? I don’t follow it, never bought it expect once on sale and wasn’t impressed. and maybe they think that one keeps at 800g a week even when swap to erythritol? once I have read the average person use 800g sugar a week. I got shocked as I had waaaaaay less even with my sweets all the time!) got way closer to normal diets cost wise. While they costed 2-3 times as much before (due to the insane items one totally doesn’t need to use).

Booze didn’t go up much either. We think, I asked my SO who just came into the room. We drink very, very little (I am good at trying to pour a generous amount and end up with 14ml. and even he never drinks a whole bottle of beer. he could do it with a .33l one though). But as far as I saw, the prices are fine.

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Not pretty but tasty!

Low carb wraps (mine were half that size - street taco size)

One was filled with shredded chicken, cilantro, green onions, sour cream, Monterrey Jack cheese and homemade green chili sauce I made from roasting fresh tomatillos.

The other was filled with shredded cheese, green onions and red sauce I made from my garden tomatoes I put up in the freezer last summer.

eta: yes, there are a couple of bites gone out of the green chili one :laughing:

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Part of my lunch though I haven’t eaten all the fried pork shoulder (and I better won’t as I already tracked 155g protein or what. my fat intake is anyone’s guess, pork shoulder data is all over the place and I used some fattier part of the slab that already lost most of its visible fat last time…):

Chicken soup with egg (but the soup had so very many pig bones and some skin that it made a pretty good aspic but I melted it), fried pork shoulder (from the nearby pig farm! 520g in raw weight, sounded a decent amount but as I can’t stop eating other things, it’s too much), cheese whisps, fried chicken skin, smoked ham (0.1% carbs as a proper ham should be if you ask me. and it’s a mere supermarket thing) and a tiny cheesy egg (about half an egg? it was leftover).

I had my usual 100% egg sponge cakes buns, sour cream and milk too.

I barely was hungry but it doesn’t mean I can eat little. Even if I start eating when very satiated (but it’s mid-afternoon or later already), I almost never eat little.


My lunch today: grassfed ox liver and 4 of my pasture eggs from a local farm. The liver tasted better to me today, perhaps I did cook it a tad longer and it was that, I don’t know, but I found it worked very well with eggs, I think the liver taste is growing on me. It’s also a good thing to combine with the eggs, as eggs on their own don’t give me satiety.

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I started a new keto food thread for April :smiley:

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