April - What did you Keto Today?

(Jane) #1

Starting a new thread for April…

I made pickeled eggs last night and will let them soak in the fridge until Saturday and then I will try them. The recipe recommended making your own pickling spice and I happened to have eveything on hand, so I did. I lieft out the cloves in the pickling spice per the recipe.

March - What Did you Keto Today?
(Doug) #2


I should make pickled eggs… I usually just use some leftover pickle juice from gherkins (mmmm. but last time I drank it all too early) or sometimes beetroot juice with lots of vinegar (a bit too sweet but I do it for the color :smiley: those eggs are spectacular and 1 hour is enough for a strong color)… But I can make my own, I did it once…

I made roasts today. Farm pork shoulder, supermarket fresh ham:

I will eat it tomorrow, sometimes it happens that I don’t need it when it gets ready… Good thing I love my roasts cold too. Or warmed up.

(KM) #4

And so Pretty!!


That was my first thought too but I thought maybe it’s boring than sometimes I come and say “pretty!” here :smiley: But I often think so looking at food :wink:

(KM) #6

To be honest I look at people’s presentations and think they need parsley. Some green garnish, lol. All that brown and yellow! And I realize that’s ridiculous, anything green you’re putting on your plate in carnivore you probably shouldn’t be. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah, I don’t put green onto my plate on carnivore :slight_smile: I just don’t need it. I only put food there. Yes, it’s usually brown and egg. But as for my photos, they aren’t even pretty at all most of the time. I just show what I eat. Or rather, what I plan to eat. I still can’t make a tray and a photo and actually consume what is on it… I skip this, I add 5 other things…
I had a time when I put together my actual meal again the next day and shot that. But it’s tiresome especially when I very much don’t want to eat that again (and I need to have that stuff to begin with).

I go for SIMPLE now (keep forgetting or keep getting desires not to do it), that will help.

Very rarely I do include colors using plants. My SO can eat those. And often me too, if it’s, like, half a tiny red raddish or 1g onion leaf (my spring onions in pots often have super thin leaves)… But those doesn’t help so much with looks.
And parsley is for soups in my childhood (my SO keep forgetting adding it to soups, he probably doesn’t even understand why would he need it. as for me, I typically make my soups using water, meaty bones and salt), I don’t put it on a plate…

I can bring sorrel leaves though :slight_smile: They are still small but growing!
And we go to collect wild garlic soon as well.

And I agree. While carnivore food photos often look very tempting and perfect for me (I LOVE reddish browns and yellow colors in general, not just when it’s food. actually, food is where I accept anything, even the pink hues I dislike. they suit food), pretty dishes with lots of colorful plants are on another level aesthetically. I wouldn’t necessarily want to eat them but they are pretty and exciting to look it. I mean, more stimulating than the zillionth steak or chicken wing. Not like I EVER get bored of the latters.

(Jane) #8

Pork belly burnt ends. Phase 1 smoke for 2 hours. Phase 2 toss in BBQ sauce, dot with butter, wrap in foil and smoke another hour. That is the stage now.

Then I will uncover the foil and smoke another 20 minutes. They should be melt-in-your-mouth tender!


I still don’t understand why people started to call these beauties “burnt ends”… Maybe they wanted to keep others from eating them but why would care about the name? :smiley:

They look so, so good, @Janie!
Even if I would skip the butter and BBQ sauce, they already look perfect in the first pic! :wink:
Do you have proper BBQ sauce there? I never was interested in those things but last time they were on sale and I checked them and they were so, so sugary…
Okay, surely normal ones exist somewhere… I just don’t need it for my good meat. I use spices on my chicken as it is better that way.

(Jane) #10

Yes, we can buy sugar-free BBQ here.

Final product and super tender

(Sammy J Shuford) #11

Two days ago, pork loin, Garlic, olive oil.

(Sammy J Shuford) #12

First attempt at FatHead Pizza dough, working through recipies to find a keeper

(Robin) #13

Looks perfect.
Better than any old pizza.

(Doug) #14

Robin, co-signed! That looks darn good. :sunglasses::+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Keep at it, Sammy. :clap:

(Jane) #15

New york strip steak and grilled asparagus.

Weeded and mulched our asparagus bed yesterday and can’t wait until I can start harvesting my own!

(J) #16

Steak n’ Eggs

(Robin) #17

Oooh, that’s a pretty sight.

(Robin) #18

Lovely technique and nothing beats steak and eggs

(Jane) #19

Reuben soup.

It has cream cheese, beef broth, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, onion and called for corned beef but couldn’t find any so subbed pastrami.

Was different and tasty!

(Robin) #20

What a great idea!