March - What Did you Keto Today?

(Jane) #1

I am starting the “food porn” thread for March. I like the idea of a monthly thread so it doesn’t get too big with all the pictures.

Nothing to post today since I am fasting but will post my fajitas we are having for dinner tomorrow evening.


I do the usual and post the same into the carni thread and here…
A big part of my lunch, I wasn’t very hungry (actually, I wasn’t hungry today for a single minute, I ate when I felt the weakness that is part of my “need fuel” sign. sometimes it’s the only part of it but eventually I get other problems) - but I have no idea how much I ate, actually, my meat was fatty and impossible to track (I still will make a guess but the individual days will be less accurate):

The eggy fluffs are quiche muffins :slight_smile: I made some dishes with whipped eggs and my quiche got them too, it did good to it :wink:
Fried pork (I fried the fattiest pieces from a 30/70 package, I got much lard from it and I tried to eat the meatier pieces today), cheesy eggs, dry Mangalitsa sausage and a tiny bit of head cheese with extra tongue.

I had my fav carnivore dessert too, it’s a jellied fluff, mostly whipped egg white :wink: It contained milk and butter, just a bit to make it creamier and I put yolk into everything so that too. Maybe I will shot it tomorrow.

I enjoyed my food very much today.

(Jane) #3

Fajita meat made from shaved rib-eye. Walmart carries it and then we add our own spices.

Sorry - no pics of the fajita meat piled with grilled onions, cheese, sour cream and salsa. Ate it already!


Deviled eggs (there was another half but it was ugly and I ate it anyway… one egg refused to be peeled. it seems 20 minutes isn’t a long enough time for a hard-boiled egg in certain circumstances…), fried pork (fatty) and my beloved jellied fluff I can’t stop making!

I had a decent sized lunch even leaving half of the fluff. I usually take an effort not to eat it up right away… Today it was made with anise. The one I ate yesterday and the day before had vanilla and nutmeg (and a tiny lemon, not making it lemony at all, just making it balanced. I miss it if I don’t put it in).

(Jane) #5

Sous vide brisket section for 36 hrs @ 155F. Then smoked at 275F for 3 hrs. Tender, juicy, heaven!

(Jane) #6

I noticed that smoking it after sous vide for
36 hrs that there was no “stall”. Temps climbed in a linear fashion and only had to smoke for 3 hrs.

(Jane) #7

This was a very expensive $$$$ whole brisket I bought from my local butcher. When I gasped at the price he discounted a bit on the price.

I cut it into thirds and vacuum sealed them for
future BBQ. This is the last third. Finally perfected brisket!!!


Some of what I ate today. Plenty I didn’t photograph.

I had four pork chops and ended up eating the two last ones too which I had intended for tomorrow. Oh well. There’s plenty of meat in the fridge. Tomorrow chicken legs with broccoli and kale.

(Jane) #9

First time to try this recipe. Was good! Keto shredded chicken burrito bowl.

First layer is riced cauliflower with onion, poblano pepper and lime juice.

Next layer is shredded chicken in green chili sauce

Topped with tomato/avocado/lime juice salsa

Finished product

(Jane) #10

Broiled Parmesan tilapia. Pulled some zucchini I put up in the freezer last summer from my garden, sautéed with green onions and garlic. Added some Rao sauce and topped with Mozzarella cheese. Not bad.


A big part of my lunch:

I have hungry times, apparently. And this was good food. Pork ribs, leftover fancy pâté (it has other undisclosed organs and pork skin too, I love it), leftover sausage and deviled eggs in 3:1 ratio (white:yolk) to try to do something about the fattiness of my food (but I like way more whites than eggs in boiled and deviled eggs anyway). As I get bad macros with too fatty food as it’s inevitable overeating under almost all circumstances…
I had my usual jellied fluff too. Yum.
My dinner was similar just way smaller as it typically is.

For my second March week I try to go for simplicity! :smiley: My track record isn’t good though. But for the next 3 days I barely will have processed stuff, that should help :wink:


My lunch. A couple of pork chops with a dollop of KerryGold. I’ll probably eat the other two pork chops later today. My main dietary staple remains coffee with/and cream.

(Eve) #13

That looks very tasty :yum:!

(Jane) #14

Ribeye. Can’t beat it.

(Jane) #15

Butter chicken and roasted asparagus. Butter chicken sauce has a stick of butter and 1/2 cup cream, so very rich and yummy!


Last weekend, picked up some Lobster, while picking up 2 cases of Snow Crab, and 2 cases of Dungeness Crab. Damn, I’ve missed my Dungeness! - I ate some today, along with some Shrimp and a piece of Roast, but didn’t take any pics. Actually only have a pick of the Lobster from last weekend…

Actually picked up 4 in total. I ate 2, my Son had one and my Wife ate half of one… Ok, so I had 2.5 :wink: Who’s counting…

(Shannon) #17

Slow-cooked beef ribs last night. I do 4 hours covered in the oven at 275, brushed with olive oil, crushed garlic, salt, pepper, and a little ground cayenne. So delicious, and they literally fall off the bone. For those of you who know a little about Austin, I could go up against Franklin with these :laughing:!

(Robin) #18

I will take your word for it! Looks perfect.

(Bob M) #19

That’s why I always use sous vide followed by cooling down followed by smoking for brisket and pulled pork. So much easier to do.


I just realize I didn’t show this yet. Not today and not I made it but my SO’s Mom gave us 9 bowls of aspic! :smiley: Mine has mostly fatty skin, I prefer it with more meat but the meat mostly went to my SO who refuses to eat pork skin unless I mix it into meatballs. He considers this very much inedible:

Many Hungarians made this dish lately, there are even packages of pork skin and pork feet in supermarkets, or were, I think it’s the end of aspic season now.