March - What Did you Keto Today?

(Doug) #21

Ribeye and Jalapeño peppers.

(Cheryl) #22

Aiming for a 42 hour fast but seemingly hungry now after all those pics. Mmmmmmm meat. Great ideas for tomorrow :wink:

(Jane) #23

Mesquite smoked sirloin pork roast. Very tender and juicy.

(Jane) #24

Welcome back! I have missed your food, dog and garden pics. Hope all is well with you and yours.

(J) #25

Steak n’ Eggs, and I also smoked some beef & cheese stuffed bacon-wrapped jalapenos


@jh5899: Everything looks good! :+1:

Today I make pork chuck with a tiny skin on it, first in my life (not counting a whole piglet I bought once, that skin was the best ever) hence the small amount, it’s experimental :slight_smile: I hope it will be pretty and I can make a half-decent shot of it…


Thanks, Jane. … I took some time off for one reason, but ended up feeling like I did a ‘Rip Van Winkle’. Only I was awake, and the daydream/nightmare, didn’t want to end. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Things just kept happening.

But we’re all doing ok, thanks. Hope you and yours are doing well.



My lunch. I challenge you not to get envious.:grin:Pork shoulder joint with crackling. Always makes me feel like a queen.

(Robin) #29

You win. I am envious!

(Jane) #30

Eggs cooked in cream, bacon and a small salad.

Second batch of eggs turned out better as I didn’t cook as long. Will cut back a bit on the cream next time. Was good!

(Robin) #31

Thanks for the follow up and pics. I wonder if this would work in a little ramekin… in the oven or an or fryer? I bet so!

(Jane) #32

I don’t see why not!


@never2late: Nice but I had fried pork, even better for me :smiley: Though I can’t surely tell from far away. Last time I tried to make pork with crackling, it didn’t end up that well. It was nice but not as nice as my usual pork. I wonder what was the problem, probably both the meat and my non-existent skills at making skin crunchy. In the end (using my trusted pan) it was crunchy but hard. So the cats got half of it.

And I had rabbit stew as well :stuck_out_tongue: No need for me to be envious.
And in a few days I will get meat from the very good local pig farm! :heart_eyes:
Sadly they run out of pork chuck in no time but I got some other cuts. It’s good I have multiple favs though chuck is the best.

@Janie: How lovely colors…!!!

My photo isn’t as nice, as usual, I don’t mind, I can photo flowers better (but I should level up) and that’s what matters to me!

The beginning of my lunch (the thing in the metal bowl is egg pudding with goat milk, clove and vanilla):

I also had rabbit, more coffees with egg and milk, 3 pancakes and half a tin of sardines as well. And a bit of sausage. Stayed borderline hungry (actually, part of me said it’s barely satiated, part of me said it’s starving but I didn’t believe that), 170g protein, 100g fat, should be enough. For today but definitely for lunch! Seriously now…


Shinita, now I’m the envious one, I would love to eat rabbit stew. That looks by the way like a fab OMAD meal. I’d surely have a go at it🙂


Rabbit is nice but mild. I prefer deer or pork for stew BUT rabbit is variety and we can get home-raised young rabbits multiple times a year… :slight_smile: So we use the chance. It’s half as expensive as the cheapest beef. It’s less substantial too, similar to (some tasty) chicken…
It has many tiny bones and it makes the cats quite happy :wink: I like to play with bones sometimes myself. My SO goes for the hind legs, I find them boring, I rather eat the bony parts :slight_smile: We are a good match at rabbit eating. He loves the lean breast I dislike too!

(Jane) #36

No pics but I love to plan what I will eat when I break my fast. Only the smell of food triggers my hunger.

I get stuck in a rut making the same things over and over but when I am fasting I go back over my recipe folder on my laptop, looking for something I haven’t made in a while - or ever.

I made some green salsa out of roasting fresh tomatillos and some of my pickled garden peppers from last year. Turned out really good so I think I will use my instant pot and make some shredded chicken thighs and use low-carb wraps to make sour cream, green chili chicken enchiladas tomorrow for dinner. Better put Monterrey Jack cheese on my shopping list LOL.

It is still soup weather here (right at freezing this morning) so going to try a recipe I have for instant pot Rueben soup using the soup function. Never made it before but it has cream cheese, corned beef, sauerkraut and swiss cheese so I don’t know how you can go wrong with that combo!


Oh. I think every weather is great for soup but I am a Hungarian, we ate soup each and every year as it’s traditional… Nowadays I don’t do that because it’s work but I miss soup easily and quickly after I run out. Last time I started to miss it the next day but it wasn’t serious yet.
My last soup was bone broth mixed with rabbit stew jelly :wink: It was great! It wasn’t good without the rabbit stuff despite one of the bones had much meat on it. But not enough, apparently.

I have problems with imagine cheese in soup as I never ate such things but looking at the ingredients, yep, it sounds tasty :wink:

And I still don’t know what cream cheese is… One day I buy some but it’s something expensive I think. I rather buy mascarpone, that’s expensive too but not nearly that much (and it is used for different things I suppose)… I think we only have Philadelphia as cream cheese, at least I didn’t see anything else.

By the way, IDK what is with mascarpone prices, I have read and heard multiple times from people at other countries that it is something oh so expensive. It is not here. More expensive than whipping cream but it’s way more fattier and luxurious too… It’s significantly less expensive than any butter (and while that’s even fattier, it’s just a fancy fat, I can use way cheaper fats most of the time).
While Philadelphia is one of the most expensive dairy items, around the price of fancier butters.

(Of course one can buy expensive mascarpone, everything can be bought for a high price, after all but it’s normally not so expensive and quite good, I don’t want a better kind.)

(Jane) #38

I am always amazed too at the difference in prices between countries. I learned to make my own Halloumi cheese because it was $8 for 8 oz - crazy!!!

Yes, Philadelphia cream cheese is the common variety but we can get generic brands a bit cheaper. Philly is $3/8 oz and generic is $2/8 oz.

I don’t know if I did the conversion right (using Google) but 226 g (8 oz) of the generic would be 696 Hungarian Forint.


When I looked it up before (maybe there are very different prices elsewhere but probably not), that was waaaaay more than that. Mascarpone is way cheaper, still expensive and I only have a few recipes for it so I rarely buy it. But it must happen a few times a year :slight_smile: I only make desserts with it.

Our dairy prices doubled last year and even the war didn’t explain it so there was some riot and now the prices went down a little, at least for butter and cheese. Just slightly. Mascarpone kept its about 50% higher price but 50% is adorable, lots of our very basic food items doubled their price.
And we thought we are used to the high inflation of our country :smiley: It was on another level after a war broke out in our neighbourhood. It’s a tad better now but if the food prices would keep raising, the poorest people would start to starve… Doubled prices for too many staples are no fun when the majority of your income (and not by a little) goes to food already and there is not much room to cut the costs.

No photo and it’s not a pretty dish anyway but I fried chicken liver today. A decent amount, 1000g. Why to work with less? It fits my pan nicely. There was a gallbladder but I noticed it and it was intact so all is well. I fried it in chicken fat and lard. That will be my SO’s lunch tomorrow. I never could eat just liver for a meal but my meals are even bigger than his and I don’t eat a bunch of carbs with it and a dessert afterwards… Well yes I eat dessert(s) afterwards but they are tiny and sometimes just a creamy coffee :slight_smile:

(Jane) #40

Sorry to hear that and makes me sad.

Food prices are up here also, but not as much as you have experienced. Pork is still one of the cheapest meats so I buy a large pork butt/shoulder and grind it up for sausage. I can get a ton of meals out of one pork butt! Eggs are way up so thankful for my hens.