March 2024 IF/EX fasting chat



Time for a new thread.

Hope everyone is doing well.

IX/EF Fast Feb 24
(Robin) #2

It’s funny, I still associate the word FASTING with long periods of denying myself. As I eat when I’m hungry, I forget that my OMAD is a form of fasting.

(KM) #3

Me too. I think for me, “fasting” is always going to be days of nothing but water and salt. But since i do that occasionally, thanks for starting up the March thread!


I hear you. I think of 2MAD or OMAD as normal eating for me. I do both of those regularly.

(Jane) #5

Thanks for the March fasting thread. I spent this week resting up from my 2-week project in Houston of 12-hr shifts, the last 3 on nights.

Next week I plan to do a 3-day fast so I will be posting my progress here.


I have carnivore-ish (I mean, I have a minuscule amount of non-carni items, >99% of my food is carnivore) 2MAD-ish days now - almost 2MAD but with some bites outside. It would have a 2.5-3 hour eating window without that but I just eat whatever, whenever I want without any tiny effort or resistance at the moment. I don’t need skipping lunch but once it happened, my first normal sized meal was at 5pm… I still needed a second main meal, I just can’t eat big enough carni meals right now. So 2MAD or something close for the near future I guess.

(Central Florida Bob ) #7

For at least a year, I’ve been telling myself to try doing something other than my weekly, 40 hour fast (from about 8PM on Wednesday to lunch time on Friday) but I’ve never quite figured out what to do. Since the start of the year, I’ve just skipped it twice and had my regular TMAD ketovore day. I’m considering a PSMF but haven’t tried it. To really know, I think I should do that for a full month.

My issue is some pretty nasty bowel effects that I get surrounding that day of fasting. I won’t get into details but it’s pretty explosive - typically Thursday through Saturday but sometimes Sunday.

(Sapient Fanny) #8

Hi all. Started a fast last night. I’m on hour 24. Having occasional cravings. Physical hunger has been so far satisfied with water. I keep salt packets in an empty Altoids tin in my purse.
Anyone else doing EF right now? This is my second time doing a fast. Looking for a fasting buddy.

(Jane) #9

Joining you after lunch for a 48-hr fast (not 3 days as I originally planned).

Wishing you the best @Sapientfanny with your fast. For me, it got easier the more I fasted. I try not to overdo it, though - usually try to get one in a month.

(Sapient Fanny) #10

I’m 42 hours in and I’m fantasizing about a broccoli salad - lol. I was going to try to fast until lunch tomorrow but I don’t know if I’m going to make it.

(Jane) #11

You are doing great for your second fast! Don’t push yourself too hard - live to fast another day.

You will find your triggers. I can browse recipes and look at food all day long, but if I SMELL food cooking then my hunger amps up and harder to manage.

(Jane) #12

Coming up on 24 hours soon and has been an easy fast (so far). I never have figured out why some are harder than others, but it is what it is.


I chalk it up to “we aren’t robots” :smiley:

You others do well, I don’t even talk about myself. My IF is messy. (Okay, I talk a little.) I have a nice TMAD base - with extra bites outside. IDK why I can’t get rid of them but I will try harder now that the rainy/gloomy days are over and I feel more alive again… I NEED my sunshine, you know.

(Jane) #14

48 hrs in and was an easy fast. Going to break with an early dinner.

Reading the other thread about losing muscle mass during fasting…… it hasn’t been my personal experience but I don’t fast more than 3 days and usually two. Plus I am a 65-yo woman living in the country and as long as I can still lift a 40-lb bag of feed I am happy with my muscle tone. At 5’ 2” I can’t say I don’t struggle a bit but I can still do it.

There are no gyms around here but weeding 11 large flower beds and a 2000 ft2 vegetable garden is a workout! My husband weeds also as it is more than one person can keep up with, but in the summer it is 2 hours every day. By the time everything is weeded you have to start over with the first bed :smile:


I am a bit paranoid about my protein intake and muscles (I mean, when I don’t eat my usual high protein due to fasting. if I eat just 1000 kcal, I eat enough protein for sure, I can’t avoid that) but I wouldn’t worry about 2-3 day fasts (that I still can’t do but maybe one day…). I wouldn’t want to do longer ones specifically because of my muscles. Maybe super rarely for some good reason, I can understand that (I would need to turn off my protein paranoia there… once I stopped a fat fast after 1.5 days, it went well but I started to worry about my muscles :smiley: it was a tiny bit unnecessary I suppose) but I don’t think I would need it.

Does height much to do with it? Mom (5’2" if I remember well. I have problems with numbers sometimes) seemingly easily lifted 110lbs sacks at 65-70… I couldn’t do it and I was 40 years younger but well, age has little to do with it too, at least when one isn’t old yet… (I am still not nearly strong enough. Sigh. And of course, lifting something because we can and have to doesn’t mean moving 40lbs here and there can’t be troublesome. I have found some not huge soil bags heavy lately and soil isn’t even that dense, I can lift way more but I had to move it to places. It even get lighter during that but it still wasn’t a graceful, easy movement…)

Yes, it is. I have a tiny veggie patch and it gives me more work I like sometimes. I love my garden but I don’t consider a lot of garden work a necessarily nice time. It depends what work and how much. I like it in teeny-tiny doses.
Oh yep, weeding. Once I was determined and tried to weed the strawberry patch. I failed. IDK how so many stubborn weeds can fit into every square meters and that patch isn’t so small. Looks small but isn’t. I usually just try to take out the tall ones and whatever kind bothers me the most at the moment… But the strawberries are happy, maybe even happier if they are others to keep the soil moist for longer… And they ventured deep into the grassy part anyway… Grass is a formidable enemy. I am rooting for the hawkweed against the grass in my garden :slight_smile: But grasses win :frowning:

I have this with lawnmoving. Not an easy task here despite the small area and as I said, I like gardenwork in small doses… I had a year when I was happy the grass died in the hot weather… But I really don’t like grass. I don’t even like daisies when they attack my tiny veggie patch (that has much flower in it every year but it’s kind of fine…). They are super pretty in the grass though, I always envied people who had plenty of daisies in/on(?) their lawn that and now I have it too.

(Robin) #16

You are an inspiration… seriously.

(Jane) #17

Good for your Mom!

It may not have anything to do with height, but I was thinking about how much easier a taller man could lift a 40-lb bag of feed even if not particularly muscular.

I know when I worked in an office that everyone would wait for someone else to change the 5-gal water jug. I usually ended up doing it and I can tell you lifting 40 lbs to chest height as opposed to waist height (for a average height man) to get the jug on the cooler was a struggle and that was 15 years ago!

(Jane) #18

I know this is off topic but this thread is quiet.

My hubby had been bugging me to get a Keurig for my office and I was resisting.

Every morning we had a meeting in the admin building at 8:30 am. I went to the break room to grab a cup of coffee and someone had left a thin enough layer to not bake to the pot but not even a fourth a cup of coffee.

I sighed. And went to the cooler to fill up the carafe to make another pot and the water jug was empty. Grrrrrr…… so I hefted a new bottle onto it, made coffee and couldn’t wait for it to finish brewing so I went to my meeting.

When I entered the break room after my meeting and found the thin layer of coffee in the pot……. If I was a cartoon there would have been steam coming out of my ears LOL.

I went straight to my office and ordered a Keurig from Amazon. After that, I didn’t care about the admin coffee or their water cooler!!

(Robin) #19

Oh, how I don’t miss working!

Good call on the new machine. I wouldn’t want one at home, but in an office like that? For sure!

(KM) #20

We had one at home and used reusable baskets (which you wouldn’t want in the office) rather than pods, so using it was inexpensive and no garbage, just compost. Actually a lot easier clean up than our current French press, and faster. I’m surprised, I kinda miss the thing.