March 2024 IF/EX fasting chat



Probably just a tiiiiny bit due to the height. But the gender may matter, at least for the average specimens. Obviously Mom was stronger than many young couch potato men. I met some who had to walk like 1km and they were whining all the way… But the average man with the same activity level and type is significantly stronger than the average woman, that’s how things are. And it’s even more different for the mere average man as they actually go for muscles more often.
But yes, bigger body, more muscles, it means something but I suspect it’s a smaller factor. My SO is taller and a male and not much stronger than me as he may be active but it strengthen his legs (they look impressive :slight_smile: and it’s hard to find pants/trousers that fit :frowning: ). His lifting weights are about the same as mine but he rarely lift, he would leave me behind in no time, surely…

Why did I go to that direction now IDK… By the way, I need to do my workout, I skipped it this week and that’s not good. I even got sunshine!

Oh THAT is a bigger difference indeed! I thought about lifting something and putting to elsewhere but not too high as that is what I normally do. You are right, lifting something up higher relative to your body is very different! It’s even worse if you need to lift something even higher.
My SO had to lift an old computer monitor to shoulder level at least, it was 33lbs and he could do it but it was visibly hard on him. But again, his arms are pretty weak. I mean, almost like mine (I don’t have a fragile body and I even lift but yeah, not strong at all). So just weak for a healthy younger person, plenty of people are weaker. I don’t get “beginner” level when I put in my lifting weights, I am higher now :D.
But they write a woman should be able to lift her own weight easily and stuff (after some training and obviously it’s not for the elderly)… And I am soooooooo far from that… I can’t do a pull-up either… Or a push-up.

I still can’t fast so I don’t write much about that. I did try harder now, it’s sunshine and it is good for my spirit! :slight_smile: Yesterday I had TMAD…ish, not good enough. I want at least 21/3 (or whatever my body wants from me at the moment, I am a bit flexible there), that should be easy for me so why don’t I do it? That’s my immediate goal for now.

It would work for me but there is only one of me and I am not there… I eat super weak coffees… It’s good, it’s cheaper and my caffeine intake isn’t huge even if I drink many coffees… I try to quit but well, it goes slowly and sometimes I take some steps back too. Coffee is the reason I don’t fast properly. I bought a new, wonderful one though, it’s nice even black! But I very rarely drink coffee in the morning now. Baby steps, I should appreciate I improved any.

I don’t know what Keurig is but it seems you did the right thing. I LOVE solving annoying problems with a bold move. Feels good.

I don’t know coffee machines at all, I just pour hot water on my coffee :smiley: I used to use instant coffee for decades, now I mostly use a normal one but still just the hot water method. I bought a great filter (I never had one with so tiny holes as my tea didn’t require it… coffee do) and now I happily (and messily) make my lovely coffee for a smaller price. The only instant coffee I really like is somewhat expensive. For me, at least. I still used it galore in the past but if it’s not necessary, I rather buy food with the difference of the money.

(Jane) #22

Nothing weak about a thin layer of coffee that has been baking on a burner! It’s like sludge. Ick.

My coffee maker doesn’t have a burner like your typical office coffee maker. It has a vacuum carafe that keeps the coffee hot a long time w/o turning it into acid.


Oh my, I wrote EAT coffee? Well mine usually have calories… :wink:
I understand, I thought about a little amount of coffee, I can make a big weak coffee of it. But I missed the baking part, sorry. That’s… How can anyone do that? Being super absent-minded?
I thought it was just the problem where one leaves a minuscule amount of something, not useful for anything. That’s not a nice thing either.

(Jane) #24

Lazy and expecting someone else to put in the effort.

I am so thankful I can do my job remotely and not have to sit in an office anymore.

We had “thermostat wars” where the thin skinned ladies who never left the building were cold all the time. I am an engineer and spent half my time in the plant climbing ladders and stairs at 95 F and 90% humidity. Come in soaking wet and wanting air conditioning.

One weekend I was out there and got a ladder and removed the vent cover off the HVAC in the ladies office who was suffering the most and blocked it in. Problem solved. Come winter I removed it, although winters in Houston rarely see cold temps. But 50 F is cold to them and they bundle up LOL.

I think of Allie as I write this and hope she doesn’t hold it against me. But at least I looked for a solution to make everyone comfortable!

(KM) #25

THANK YOU! Ahem. That is a giant pet peeve of mine. Leave just enough to be a mess for someone else to clean up, but claim you were somehow being “polite” not to take it all. Really?


Oh my I had nightmares when we had it where I rented a room. The people being cold were at home all the time and they were 2 persons so I couldn’t win… It was AWFUL. I hadn’t even enough money for a big bill! I can’t handle hot temperature, only cold one to some extent but there are so many ways to battle the latter, I myself generate heat…

90% humidity is horrible even with the right temperature…

Couldn’t the others wear clothes? It makes perfect sense to me and it helps somewhat.

I am SO thankful my SO prefers about the same temperature as I (we can heat locally too but that wouldn’t be enough), it would be very unpleasant to me to live in a too hot house (some people want super high temp and even if they compromise, it easily could be way too hot for me). Alvaro’s Mom has little control, her apartman is always too hot in winter, I would suffer there especially that I get a bit sick in mixed hot and cold air (too much heating with always open windows).

It is cold to almost any humans… To various degree. I need clothes at that temp too, even outside. Oh but some people wear winter coats there :smiley: Quite many, actually so it’s only odd when they wear it at 20 Celsius, I think my SO saw that in China :smiley:
Hungarian winters aren’t cold enough for me to wear a coat, I am always in movement outside and we rarely have a deep frost. But I see most people wearing one all winter. I get it, people differ. The odd thing to me is that fasting makes many people colder. I never have such an effect. But I am always well-fed with plenty of extra fat and it seems to be enough. Being tired or miserable easily makes me cold but not eating for some days? Never.

Tomorrow is Monday again, I do my best to fast properly already. I mean, still IF but with some longer, clean fasting window. I am already practicing drinking water only…

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Yeah, when we visit my 90-yo Dad he keeps his house at 78-80 F (26-27 C) in the winter and it is stifling and we start to feel bad and have to go for a walk to get some fresh air. If only he would open a window. He even had sweaters on his small dogs at that temp!

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Back to the topic LOL.

We are doing a rare three meals a day today, trying to work down our egg supply. Our 7 hens are popping out pretty blue eggs at quite the clip. I boiled a dozen yesterday and made egg salad for lunch today.

We usually eat an IF schedule of 18:6, eating lunch at 11 am and dinner around 5 pm.



That’s where I am simply DYING in summer, after weeks of super hot weather when my tolerance is the absolute highest. 23C is suffering to me in winter. I can’t get used to it.
I heard about people who need 25C but even higher?!

What. But it means that if the doggies go for a walk in some normal summer temp, not the hot one, they almost always wear one too…? Oh my. Even small animals with short hair shouldn’t be that sensitive (they probably aren’t…). I would expect that from naked cats and dogs, maybe but I don’t know their needs just that they really can get cold easily, no wonder.

I go back to my strictest tomorrow so hopefully I will talk about fasting (or rather eating as that is the part where I find things to say. I do love the fasting part but that is mostly just things going well and lack of things, eating is what I need to focus on to ensure a nice long clean fasting window) :wink:

I don’t have any idea about my timing goal lately, of course I wait until lunchtime, that’s 3pm but then…? I just eat dinner whenever I feel like, it’s a bit triggering when my SO eats but he often goes to eat dinner at 5pm even if he finished lunch at 4pm, it’s a bit too close to my liking!
But today is still Sunday and he ate lunch at 10:30… His workdays and weekends are quite different but whatever floats his boat. I almost always get hungry around 3pm.
So I dropped my OMAD plans for a while, it’s not realistic on carnivore anyway. 2MAD it is but I will wait for proper hunger if I can.

Another idea that I only drink when I am properly thirsty. And my default and most common drink will be water. I think about it since some time already… I might have mentioned it lately as I already focus on water now. Still, useful to reinforce the thought, I can forget things and my morning zombie mode is especially bad…