March 2023 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Here we go, another month, another thread.

FEB. 2023 IF/EF Chat Thread (All welcome)

New month, renewed determination for a new life… :slight_smile: So I go back to carnivore with a small eating window again, hopefully. Thing fell apart in the last days (no regret but not ideal) especially when it came to my eating window, why I do that sometimes when I am a natural IFer IDK… Let’s blame my inner rebel, I am probably right if I do that.

I definitely never want to eat before 3pm (unless I get hungry or something, of course. I will need a little push on weekends) but it’s the bare minimum, skipping lunch would be better.
We will see :slight_smile:

(Michael) #3

I am also doing OMAD this month again. Will probably run blood tests in 4 weeks or so to check everything out. OMAD is a lot easier than ADF for me psychologically at least. Also trying a higher fat content with protein under 2.5 g/kg, which is easy for most but hard for me it seems. So far seems ok, I think.

(Pete A) #4

I’m not changing anything much. Happy with my progress, feeling strong…

Stayin ON with activity and watching and enjoying what I eat.

Not much to think about. My eating windows are good, eating 930am 130pm and 6.

(Robin) #5

Go, Pete! Maintenance/Auto pilot is the best!

(Jane) #6

Thanks for starting the March thread!

I started a 40-ish hour fast after lunch yesterday. My hubby and I try to do this every other week to give our bodies time to recover and not be stressed by too much fasting.


(Jane) #7

Broke today at lunch for a 45-hr fast.

Was harder than usual and I felt “thready” this morning. At lunch my throat was so sore I could hardly swallow. Been spraying it with stuff to numb it. No fever but feel cruddy so taking tomorrow off to rest.

(Robin) #8

Darn it! Get better, Janie!

(Bob M) #9

That sucks about not feeling great. Hopefully, whatever power keto provides will help there.

Well, started a 36 hour fast, and would’ve completed it except that my oldest did not have dance class. That means that instead of picking her up at 7:45 pm and driving home, I went home to a family eating dinner. That’s a tough one. Decided to eat. Was not really that hungry until I decided to eat. Then ate a ton. Ugh. Eating most times causes me to be hungry.

Anyway, slept really well. Didn’t get up once to go to the bathroom, which for me is stunning.

Next week, I’m aiming for a 36 hour fast on Thursday, as dance should be started again. It’s way easier to fast if I can stay at work until 7pm, go pick someone up, get home at 8pm, and then only have time for normal home stuff (dishes, prep for the next day, etc.), then going to bed.


Yeah I have this with family (even it just one other person) eating at mealtimes… Quite tempting. My only chance if physically not being able to eat at that time. Or some great determination.

Well my last days didn’t go well IF wise, I do proper carnivore though. But things seem to be okay now, I had a pretty decent sized meal with some bites a bit earlier and a bit later so I have a small eating window with perfect macros. I just should stay put until tomorrow.

Don’t even think about longer fasts but I never will give up the idea. I just need to establish some long term IF with a tiny eating window first.

(Bob M) #11

I would like to do a 4.5 day fast again, so I may have to tough it out. Or maybe I just work a ridiculous amount, but that’s not fair to my wife, as there’s a lot of dinner and after dinner stuff (including walking the dog) to do.

(KCKO, KCFO) #12

Hope you get better soon. Salt water always helps my sore throats.

(Megan) #13

I stopped weekly fasting a little while ago so Im getting back into it. Last week I ended at 42 hours and hoping to get to 65 this week. Currently Im only at almost 18 hours. Started tracking even on weekends and easily get to 16 hours, about half the time hit 18 hours. Not too bad. Will have to go back to the office full time so I think I will be able to easily get 22 hour fasts in week days.

Happy for the comradery!

(KCKO, KCFO) #14

Tried to put this link into the 2ketodudes thread but it wouldn’t let me. So here is the link to the new podcast released this weekend.


I am on day 2 of a 7 day fast. I have done 5 days successfully in the past.


I am really looking forward to listening, I have missed the Dudes.


Okay, day 3 of 7. I feel really good, I can tell something is going on, but I don’t necessarily identify the sensation as “hunger.” If it’s just a sensation, I observe it and it dissipates. (This is a trick from body scan meditation).

(Bob M) #18

Thanks, I’ll listen to it tomorrow.


Day 4 of 7. Going great. The scale says I am down 9 lbs. in 4 days. I do have leg cramps at night, but I can deal with that with supplements.

(Central Florida Bob ) #20

I haven’t joined in the discussion this month because after my hiatal (stomach) hernia repair surgery, I’ve been on doctor’s orders to eat almost continuously. “A few bites every few hours.” Which, of course, meant no fasting. This morning I had my six weeks’ followup and was discharged. Judging by the PA’s expression she probably doesn’t get many people saying, “Oh, great! I can fast again!”

After eating two meals a day since about 2015, switching to small meals all day was a stretch that my body adapted to and wants now. I’ll probably do a few days going back to TMAD and then do a 40 hour fast, like I had been doing since last summer by some time next week.