FEB. 2023 IF/EF Chat Thread (All welcome)


I avoid that by stopping and putting the kitchen in order, takes a few mins. then I see if I really want anything else. Sometimes I do, mostly I don’t.

(Doug) #6

Day 3 of a 5 day fast. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day but my wife said we could celebrate on Friday. We bought a house, and I’m renovating it. So far so good, one of the easiest fasts ever. I did wake up at 3:49 a.m. this morning - this is something I’ve noticed before, that I may not sleep as long when fasting.

(Bob M) #7

That does happen with the sleeping. When it happens to me, I’m oddly not that tired. I’ve concluded that it’s hormones doing – something?

(Jane) #8

Started a 45-48 hr fast today after lunch with my husband. I started doing this a while back and find it easier to start midday instead of when I wake up. I am only a little hungry when I go to bed and then don’t get hungry until lunch the next day and by that time it’s been 24 hours so the hunger is really mild.

Then I get another “wave” around 5 pm which is when we eat dinner and after that I am good to make it to bedtime. I try to make it to lunch the second day to get in a full 48 hours and by the second day I have no hunger at all when I wake up. Depends on if hubby cooks something and that triggers my hunger. He has gotten better at waiting to break his fast at lunch with me, but doesn’t always make it.


(Bob M) #9

That’s an interesting way to do it.


A few minutes isn’t enough, I need hours very often.
And I can’t wait when I am hungry and not well-fasted.

Oh well, this situation is rare. I do have delayed satiation sometimes but feeling too full? Not my style (without really massive overeating or much carbs).

Today I had TMAD, 4 hour eating window and I even felt when to stop, it’s so nice now! I even had a big deficit (in my world, at least), well I actually want a small one but that’s for average and my body surely knows what it does. (I don’t know my energy need, how would I - or my calorie intake - but I think I can take an educated guess regarding both.)

I try to have lots of OMAD days and maybe, maybe I can do a smallish EF at some point? My hope never dies!

(Jane) #11

We kind of fell into it. We used to do 36-hr fasts and start after dinner, fast all the next day and then break on the second morning. My husband would get up early and HAD to eat something, but he finally decided it was psychological, not real hunger.

He bowls on Tuesdays so he always eats lunch somewhere near the bowling alley. He got home around 3:00 pm one time when we decided to fast after dinner and suggested we skip dinner and start our fast from lunch. I was happy with that because it gave me an extra 6 hours of fasting. We liked it so kept doing it. For a while he was still eating when he got up but the last 2 times he made it to lunch on the second day so a 48-hr fast.

We were going to fast this Tuesday then realized it was Valentine’s Day so we delayed a day and started today.

(Bob M) #12

Yeah, you can’t fast on Valentine’s Day! :wink:

I ended up having an “impromptu” 36 hour fast yesterday. I had planned on OMAD, so I had no food at work for lunch. I then ended up working so late that I left at 7pm. I went to pick up my daughter from dance at 7:45 pm, got home after 8pm, just powered through until I went to bed just after 9pm.

I did a full body weight workout this morning, starting about 5:45 am, but had to cut about 10-15 minutes of exercises, as I was running late. Friday mornings, I now take my daughter to band practice, which means I need to leave early. I set my alarm, but didn’t get started early enough for the workout. I’ll have to rectify that next week.

I wasn’t cold, although it was not cold outside here. I also had a great sleep – sometimes my hormones can go wild, and I’ll get up early. That didn’t happen this time.


Hello friends. Time to get serious again. 36 hr IF, today and planning for Friday. Will keep you posted.

(Robin) #14

What a nice face to see pop up in our forum today!
Welcome back!


Thanks, nice to be here. Eating 2 meals today, 36 hour fast beginning tonight!


36 hour fast today. Peace.

(Bob M) #17

Just finished my about 36 hour fast. Had a body weight workout at about 32 hours, 1 hour 20 minutes. Felt great, hit some new personal bests on a few exercises (one leg exercises such as pistol squats, pull ups, one arm pushups with the other arm on a ball, a few more).

Was not cold at all until I went outside late with the puppy. Wore a T-shirt and long sleeve shirt to bed. We’ve been keeping it 61F in the upstairs. A bit chilly.

Oddly, I work out in shorts and T-shirt, in an unheated basement, so it’s 60F or about there. Still had to mop sweat off my brow. Just goes to show what exercise does, because when I work in the basement on my computer and am just sitting there, I get so cold I have to put on a jacket and sometimes I’m still cold enough after working down there that I’m cold for hours.


I am all over the place but I do IF, it’s something… :neutral_face:
I lost count but maybe 5MAD today…? It’s pretty rare, I usually have 1-3 meals a day. But today I got hungry again and again and again and… Maybe my body wanted its high protein? As I focused on fat today… It sometimes works and keep my protein “low”, sometimes doesn’t. Maybe it never does with many meals but things happened this way today.

I aim to make my eating window smaller as basically always except when it’s already 1-3 hours and my macros are great… But my macros are pretty good now (at least considering my activity :smiley: I walk, I take my workouts seriously, I get stronger. yay!), I don’t eat at night… It’s an improvement! :wink:

(Bob M) #19

Well, that sounds great about the strength. As for eating windows, I’m going to try to move my eating away from sleeping. It can be really tough, though, because sometimes I get home at 6:30pm/18:30 and then have to leave at 7pm/19:00 to take my daughter to dance class. If I stay out, I get home again at 8:30+. Even if I’m eating 2MAD, it’s tough to get all my calories in 10 minutes before I leave.

I also have a comment about fasting. I’ve thought about doing a PSMF (low calorie, higher protein), but every time I try that, I get too hungry. And then I’m going to bed hungry. That’s tough for me. Meanwhile, if I fast the whole day, I’m not hungry at night. It’s odd to think that if you’re fasting, you’re not hungry at night…(though I do get hungry during the day, but salt under the tongue seems to solve that).

(Kevin Ruther) #20

Doing EF’s for the past 6 months or so. 1-7 days with most EF’s being 1-2 days. I keep meaning to switch directly into keto afterward, but always mess up the landing. Anyone have a good protocol for coming off a water only extended fast to keto?

For example, ended a 4 day fast today with breakfast foods (including carbs), snack foods (including carbs) and a coffee with cream. Knew to avoid overly fatty foods, eggs and nuts from Fung’s books. However, didn’t have much on hand, hence the carbs. Awaiting the impending bathroom trip. Was secretly hoping the carbs would slow everything down this time around, but now realize I better get some electrolytes in me to prevent any cramping that could occur in the next half day or so.


But why? It’s starving…
I can’t understand its popularity…

Not really. It feels normal to me (because I experienced it :D) THOUGH I actually get hungry when I fast too (and then I eat)… But it’s nothing compared to eating a little and then STOP. It’s a way higher level hunger for me. But if someone isn’t like that, it’s still not good to have a way too big deficit (if it’s possible for the one in question, of course)…
And anyway, FAT! My precious fat! But no, it’s the calories for me, first of all.

(Bob M) #22

@Egg For 36 hour fasts, I usually just have a normal meal. For longer fasts of say 4.5 days, I started to do something like have some stock, wait a while, have an egg, wait a while, have a smaller meal. (Not sure why Fung doesn’t recommend eggs - 1 hard boiled egg is barely any calories, yet gets your system primed for eating larger meals.)

I used to eat a normal meal after fasting that long, but that seemed to cause some digestive issues. I can’t say this won’t, but it seemed the issues were lessened with a “soft landing” of smaller amounts of food to start.

As to transitioning to low carb, I can’t help you there, as I always transition back.

@Shinita Some people like PSMF better, and I think it’s easier than fasting for many. Here’s a description of a study where they looked at people who did 2 years of PSMF:

Some people here have success on it, too. I just happen to find it difficult.

(Kevin Ruther) #23

@ctviggen I’ll try stock first next time I EF. I think it wasn’t a hard no on eggs from Fung. They just mentioned that they observed some people having problems with eating eggs as the first thing coming off an EF.

(KCKO, KCFO) #24

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