March 2022 Monthly Group Fast (March 16-19)


Getting near the time to start the monthly fasting.

All are welcome for support and friendship here. You do you, whatever fasting routine you want to use is fine by us.


Mar 2022 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

Wow, looks like I am the only one this month. Well, I need it so I will do it.

Going to do black coffee this round and see if that makes any difference. I usually have some cream and do occasionally add cinnamon and a bit of vanilla extract. I’ll be breaking Friday night for hubby’s birthday dinner.

Hoping others will join in.


I did it, I just wasn’t online (my internet addiction got stronger again and I took the wifi card from my computer. I still had tablets though but I don’t use YT and forum there and that helps).

I just did my usual OMAD, it was successful but of course as I had no dietary rules at all and OMAD with carbs is super easy for me. I didn’t track and I don’t notice if I am in ketosis so IDK if it was keto, I was surely way over 20g net carbs though but surely not much beyond my ketosis carb limit.
I had no proper meat (special circumstances) so I took a break from carnivore-ish. And I rarely do it so wonderfully that I stay very low.

Of course my OMAD fell apart before the monthly fast as usual so it was good to grab it again :slight_smile: It turned out I can pull off a lunch OMAD easily if some carbs are involved and I stuff myself at mealtimes (I had some elongated OMAD so not my usual 30-60min but a bit longer. big meal with a tiny break and some more bites, basically). It’s not ideal for me (too much sweets are involved as what else would I eat after my eggs? I am like that, I had to half live on sweets on vegetarian keto, it was nice back then but it gets old) but helped with OMAD and it feels nice for a little while occasionally for multiple reasons :slight_smile: And I consider OMAD the most important part of my dietary rules now. My low-carb takes care of itself, I inevitably stay low-ish even if I am particularly wild (with very, very few exceptions). But I will be stricter soon. I just need to get proper food or just get more determined but that’s effort and I don’t want to make efforts eating wise.

Next time I want to include no-coffee fasts (water and tee. I drink little and weak and plain tea so that’s almost nothing), it’s a long, long war… My zillion coffees keep coming back even when I don’t get much joy from them.


Happy to hear your experience. I am not sure I could go without internet that long.

I had to break for my husband’s birthday meal. I did two fasts each a bit over 44 hrs. So plenty of fasting occurred.

I do a lot of OMAD, I also do a lot of 2MAD. Rarely have a 3rd meal.

Thanks for joining in.


I wasn’t fully without internet but I actually can do zillion things without internet and it was only a week or something? And I have a serious addiction, it’s not fun. And when internet meets food… It’s good this is a nice forum and being here is way more useful than on some other place I was before with my food things. I learn and hear about new things all the time! And we talk about so many things here, weather and garden is totally a part of my carnivore thread comments :wink: We can talk A LOT about food but other topics come too and it’s great.

You did so well! I still can’t imagine skipping a whole day but maybe some time in 2022? I try to stick to OMAD, at least on workdays, I try on weekends but those are usually trickier. I wish to go a bit beyond OMAD on the monthly fasts, not just doing OMAD again after messing it up!