Mar 2022 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Bob M) #23

Looks like I won’t be here for a while. I’ve started 2 days lower back/abs+ jogging, 1 day longer jogging, 2 days body weight workouts. I’m freaking STARVING by 10 am, even on the days I don’t exercise. I’ve even eaten breakfast a few times, which I haven’t done in years.

At some point, I should be back. We’re on a list to get a puppy, should be here at the end of May (right before my wife is off from school for the summer). I will probably drop some of the jogging, and then maybe I can fast. Or maybe I’ll get used to this workout schedule after a while, enough to allow me to fast? Not sure.

(Robin) #24

Get after it, Bob! :clap:t2:


Yesterday went kinda okay, not OMAD but TMAD with 2 dinners, the second one was 300 kcal, the first about 1600… :smiley: I accept this for now. I mean, for yesterday! But… I doubt my tiny 1200 kcal dinner will be enough today. But I physically can’t eat another bite and I do carnivore so not a big volume… Except I ate soup but surely below a liter! If this happens again, I will wonder if one’s stomach capacity can get smaller, I never noticed that to be true for me when I started to eat low volume meals… Anyway, I feel satiated, not just full. I never felt full just because my stomach was filled as my body recognizes and measures energy (how when absorption will happen hours later?! my body is weird).
No, it’s surely the carnivore easy satiation kicking in. Or 6pm was too late for me to eat properly. I ate at that time just because I experienced enough times that waiting more isn’t good. I wasn’t hungry. Now I think I should get ready for skipping my dinner. I can’t do it when I have some nice food made if I know myself…
Though I don’t want to mess up my potential little fresh OMAD. Baby steps. First established OMAD (kind of. a little bite later or using 2 whole hours is good enough for me. the occasional TMAD too)… I really wanna do that already and it seems to go okay. No problem, I can mess it up a bit later. But maybe not. I am more serious now. I think.

Sorry for the braindump. I think hard about it now, I really, really want to make it work but it must happen naturally. I don’t just get food fancy at night anymore or if I do, it’s weak and breaks on my determination. Last night I only ate again because I wasn’t nicely satiated and that’s very annoying. But I could think and choose my food well, protein rich, not too fatty… I did well in the light of my circumstances.

(Jane) #26

Broke at 44 hours mid-morning with bacon and eggs and no issues. Was an easy fast, which is nice. But I stayed busy and when I wasn’t working in front of my computer I went out to my greenhouse and sowed some lettuce seeds to transplant into the garden once we get past our last frost date in April.

Makes me happy to dig in the dirt, plant seeds and talk to my plant babies (yes, I am one of those LOL). I am going to have to move my snapdragons to larger pots this weekend - too early to set them outside yet. My hubby said “that means they are doing well!” Yep. Can’t say the same for my petunias and pansies - very poor germination rate.

(Robin) #27

Petunias are always tricky.
I think they are petulant and quick to pout over the tiniest change in light or temp or
what shape the clouds are that day.

They’re cute but high maintenance.
(Lol… that’s just begging for a punch line, isn’t it?)


Replying to myself. As noted by others, eating approx 12:12 was generally the norm during the 40-60s when I was a child, adolescent and young adult. And, also yes, no one called it ‘intermittent fasting’. It was just the way most people ate. Obesity, diabetes and other metabolic diseases were rare - or at least not the epidemic they are now. This, even though carb consumption was fairly high. Then again, so were saturated fat and meat consumption - a meal was not a meal without meat and a baked potato was not a potato without a big scoop of butter on top.

So it seems to me that if you avoid the worst of the current ‘standard diet’ by eating low carb, no seed oils and giving your metabolism a 12-hour rest each day, one could achieve much the same results. If one already has metabolic damage then maybe longer times of non-eating would be justified. But eventually, 12:12 would be maintenance mode. I think.

(KCKO, KCFO) #29

Almost time to start the Monthly group fast. Come join in.


Realizing that this month, my planned fasts have been challenged if not completely interrupted by rounds of emotional eating. The positive is that I’m still sticking to my Keto. However, I almost feel a little disappointed in myself that I again turn to food when the stresses hit.

Oh well, I guess that it is true that the first step is admitting and recognizing the problem.

(Jane) #31

Yes. Hang in there and tomorrow is another day to start over fresh. Don’t beat yourself up over what you did yesterday.

Borrowing from the NFL…… a QB has to have short memory and forget about his mistakes on the last play and focus on the new set of downs (new day).


Thanks for the words of encouragement.

(Bob M) #33

That’s impressive you could stop at 300 cals. I can’t do that. Tried to eat PSMF, which is basically low cal, high protein. Couldn’t do it.


It’s my Water Fast Wednesday again. It’s pretty telling that this is the day I look forward to every week.

(KCKO, KCFO) #35

Oh I like the sound of that. I will have to give that a try. I’m trying to cut back a bit on coffee. This would help me I think. Thanks for the idea.

(Jane) #36

My husband has a colonoscopy scheduled for Friday, so tomorrow he has to fast/do the clean out prep.

I will be fasting with him and break on Friday with him after his procedure is done.

(Robin) #37

Ya might as well join him on the table and get your own!


Oh I was here ages ago… I read back.

My petunias are plain (but some are striped and that’s fun but not those fancy frilly ones) but they just grow wild like dandelions in my garden :smiley: I don’t even think I water them specifically. They are just there, being sturdy.

Definitely not for me. 12 hour is a super huge eating window, it surely works for some (some people have TMAD with a 13 hour eating window), you know yourself best, it easily may be perfect for you but I probably would overeat even with 6 hours. And I probably would lose fat below 30 minutes, no matter my woe… But with a great one, 3 hour might be safe. Longer is just too much longer term.
I never was even remotely slim (so maybe only 20lbs extra fat) so I don’t know what maintaining that would require…

I don’t know what was the norm when I was a child but if I had had my way, I would have had a 8 hour eating window (quite big but I had a bigger one due to semi-forced breakfasts)…
Now I have my way, of course, I am an adult but I am awake for way longer. It’s best if I wait with my first meal…

My SO, on the other hand, is slim. He has a 12-13 hour eating window, a HCHF diet that suits him well and it’s up to his activity if he gains fat or not, he must stand some hunger either way.
I inevitably massively overate on HCHF… Except on OMAD.
I am pretty sure that was the reason my anchestors were healthy and fit (surely they weren’t all slim but not obese or particularly unhealthy). We have good genes but they were very active and that matters a lot. Even my active cats can pull off eating a ton and being slim :wink: They started to get thick when winter came and they decided they just want to sleep and eat inside all the time (probably both part had a factor, eating and moving less. I quickly stopped the tendency, my cats won’t get fat).

Had to read back as it sounded so not me :smiley:
Oh I see. Second meal after a big first one. That’s different. And being close to carnivore does strange things to me. Give me carbs and I eat 2000 kcal twice a day, at least sometimes, even I can’t do that longer term. It feels I can eat forever, I just don’t get a proper stop sign. I am not hungry after a while, my body recognizes calories eventually, even a significant part is carbs but I still easily can eat. Too easily.
But a bigger first meal is totally my thing. No wonder my second meal is way smaller :slight_smile:

I can’t do PSMF either, it’s totally insane to me. I need 1600 kcal at least, high-protein and high-fat. I tested it many times, I just can’t go below, only for occasional single days but even that is rare.

Hi guys, after some too relaxed times (still very modest compared to my wild past even after I went low-carb but had my spectacular off days…) I am back. Carnivore(-ish) OMAD (if I can eat big enough meals, I never know with carnivore and OMAD tends to diminish my meals and I need a break after a while, that’s fine) and no coffee, that’s the plan, we will see! I do my best to skip lunch, that should be good enough as I can’t eat before 4-5 pm then (I still can mess up IF as it’s still early but I usually can eat well after that time so 2 meals should be enough in the worst case. well, 3? but in a not too big eating window? but OMAD would be the best). Actually, I think I shouldn’t eat before 5pm and after 8pm without a very good reason but I am me so…

I am serious about a mostly carni April and May so I plan this to be longer term.

I wonder if I can pull off a whole day without coffee… Skipping lunch and doing carnivore sounds super easy and very natural compared to that and I don’t have cream (I actually have but it has a super long shelf life and it’s for emergencies. and I just finished the previous one) and don’t find coffee nice without it anymore. Still. It’s a very stubborn opponent, seems mostly harmless too… It may be but I am better without it. Usually. I am not against coffee as an occasional treat.

(Jane) #39

Not a chance LOL.


Things went well. Carnivore-ish day with a single elongated meal between 17:10 and 18:35. Nice. I had a very proper meal, it should sustain me for a day :slight_smile:

(KCKO, KCFO) #41

I did a Water Wednesday fast this week. It went very well and I liked the results. I may do these often now.

Thanks @Midnightmoon for mentioning this type of fast.


You are welcome.