March 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Susan) #21

I ended my fast today at 50 hours. Just because.

Good luck with your fast Susan.

(Jane) #22

Like Bob mentioned it is the density that makes the difference. If you filled a 6” cube with fat and another 6” cube with muscle, the box of muscle will weigh more.

Or put another way - a box of a lb of fat would be larger than a box of a lb of muscle, even though they weigh the same.

(Not a cow) #23

Good going Susan, are you still going strong this morning and are continuing ?

Today is my off day, off from fasting that is. I will go 40 hours till 11am and end it. For my ADF that makes 104 hours this week of fasting, and 144 hrs last week, which is equivalent to 10 days plus. I can’t believe I did that, and that I’m planning on repeating this week.

(Not a cow) #24

Great going Susan, I like to end my fast for that exact same reason, haha. I told myself that I would never go longer than 48 hours, and that it’s long enough, after trying a 72 hr fast once. Didn’t end happily, haha, enough said.

(Not a cow) #25

Start of a new week of fasting today, Monday Wednesday and Friday are fasting days (36 hr), and for this week the weekend will be full eat days, so a 4:3 routine. On my eat days I tend to eat the same thing, that is 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 pork patties for breakfast, and for dinner 8oz ribeye, 2 cheese burger patties, 1/2 lb chicken wings w sour cream, and a salad with romaine, bacon, oz of cheese, oil and acv as dressing. Pretty clean and about 3,000 kcal. Result for first two weeks on ADF , down 10.4 lbs. I thought I had already lost my water weight back in January, as I have been 6 weeks strict before hand but only lost 4 lbs. I think I’ll keep this up, can’t wait to see results for next two weeks.


After some usual chaos with midnight eating, I said enough and now I chill (if I try too hard, it never ends well. not like I feel I ever try hard but something in me is too sensitive, it seems. I still restrict myself and that part doesn’t like that) BUT make sure I will stick to IF every day. It’s my natural way, how hard can it be? Not at all, I don’t know what the problem was with me, some years ago I didn’t have this problem.
So now I do TMAD, my eating window is 3-5 hours long and I eat whatever and as much as I want (it’s a complicated thing, I don’t expect it will be bad, I am a hedonist so I choose a woe that feels good), no tracking either. Sometimes being relaxed is the way to success, paired up with some determination, I have good habits as well… A decade on low-carb had a big effect on me, I am hopeful.

Did I say before that I gained fat lately and now I really focus on slimming down? And the size of my eating window is key. Well, one of multiple keys but maybe the most important one. I can’t even mess up the other things very much too often but I can eat in a big window every day. So its responsibility is high. Of course the different factors influence each other but a small eating window has the chance to work on every woe I am willing and able to do. My fasted state is special, one of my best tools against overeating.

So from now on (well, since yesterday. it was IF 19/5, typical TMAD. Saturday was worse but due to extremely rare early eating - 2 eggs in the morning as usual in such cases, fine with me - , not the feared late one, yay. that never should come back and I will be fine), I expect to have a small eating window every day and I hope in many OMAD and maybe some fasting days as well. My next Zornfast better be very successful! :smiley: And due to fasting when it’s late, I won’t be nearly as prone to go off keto. Maybe I am like a gremlin but 11pm already works, midnight isn’t needed and water has no effect, thankfully, only food. And I don’t get destructive if we don’t count the harm I do to my own body (bad, bad hedonist! stupid compulsions).

I don’t want to be this critical to me in the near future, it must be done but I dislike seeing I was a bad hedonist. It’s the ultimate fail… I am watching an anime about the workings of the body too and it makes me to want to love my faithful hardworking parts even more. Sometimes we can’t love ourselves as a whole much enough (bad hedonist again…). But I don’t want to convert this into a psychiatrist session.

I am sorry, I have way too much thoughts now but I go into the right direction and I finally feel I can do it for long.

Good luck for this month too, everyone! I see @ctviggen makes 36 hour fasts now, congrats! It’s still far from me :frowning: Once I ate too much and thought maybe I can skip a day as I didn’t really need fuel and it’s nicer to rest a bit… Nope.
But I wish to do it on next Zornfast!


It’s odd. I got so determined or something that I lost my interest in eating. What.
I do OMAD easily now, it comes naturally. I still get some kind of urge to eat every day so still no EF.

(KCKO, KCFO) #28

Finally, the April chat thread is up. Please post over there.