APRIL 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Better late than never.

March 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)
(Laurie) #2

Hi all. I’m plodding along with my 18/6 daily intermittent fasting (two meals a day). Seems to suit me just fine. I expect to keep doing it through April.

Best wishes to everyone.


Thanks, @collaroygal. … Actually, I haven’t been partaking much with any EF Fasting much lately, just the normal daily OMAD or TMAD, but always with at least 18 hrs. between Dinner and lunch the next day. … But funny enough, I just started a Fast last night, so I’m just over 25 hrs. here presently. Not sure how long I will go, but since I haven’t done any EF’s in 2021, I think I will just play it by ear and see how things go. But would be nice to put 72 - 120 hrs. in since I usually do 3 or 4 120 hr. Fast each year.

(Trudy) #4

I haven’t done any EF this year either but just hit 32 hours and plan on doing 48 hours x 2 this week. Stretching my fasting muscle. Usually I’m either OMAD or TMAD…it would be a good 6 months since I’ve tried to do greater than 24 hours.


Presently just over 38 hrs. … Bit tired, but that was from all the work I did in my basement over the weekend, not to mention waking up at 3:30am this morning, and not being able to go back to sleep.

Happy Fasting Folks:+1:


The usual though because I do carnivore as strictly as I comfortable can now, my days are more similar.
There are the odd non-IF days with 5-6 meals but I normally do 2MAD in a 2-5 hour window. My energy intake is similar, whatever I do (and I mean the 5-6 meals day too) despite many important factors changing day to day. I like this perk of carnivore.
But IF is still important as it’s more convenient, helps with not getting bored of my food, helps with meeting my hunger occasionally, autophagy sounds cool too and many more.
And it’s not like I could NOT do IF if I wanted, without some force and suffering I mean :slight_smile:
But I still have special days. The 11 hour happened due to some serious lack of sleep, it’s the only case when I feel compelled to eat breakfast as it does good to me and I function in a way where a big eating window hardly can be avoided in this case. No problem, it’s very rare.

I except cute TMAD days with the occasional OMAD in April. It’s unlikely I will have another non-IF day as I don’t plan to eat a lot of carbs and I rarely mess up my sleeping THAT much.
I plan a more successful than usual Zornfast, the bar is pretty low. OMAD days will be easy even on carnivore. I haven’t done a longer fast since ages and never skipped a day on carnivore. We will see.

Even without skipping a day in April, it would be nice to do a longer than 24 hour fast. I never do that either nowadays as I always get hungry or really tempted or something other valid reason to break my fast. But as carnivore changes my satiation and hunger, I suspect a longer fast has a big chance.

I wish you all a nice and successful IF/EF month! :slight_smile:


I have been doing some OMAD, some TMADs. I need to attempt something a bit longer. I keep bouncing. I can’t track down why. I thought I had found the cause, but eliminating it didn’t stop the bouncing.

I am going to go for 36 hrs. with black coffee and broth if I have to, to get there. My fasting mojo is not working great lately. I hate it when that happens. I love the freedom of not planning and cooking when I can do extended fasting.

Glad to see people jumping in the thread.



Actually decided to break just over 47 hrs. … I actually forgot that I had 4 Clusters of Dungeness Crab left from the other night, and they dry out in the fridge after a few days. But I’ll be back on it real soon.

Happy Fasting Folks… :+1:

(Jane) #9

I started a 36-hr fast after dinner last night, so 14 hrs in. Not that I count this as really fasting yet since I rarely eat breakfast. Although I miss my cream and stevia in my morning coffee


(Jane) #10

24 hrs in and so busy with online meetings today and writing up a report I hardly noticed it. Some mild hunger around my normal dinner time but it will pass.

Will break tomorrow.



Carnivore helps and make IF harder at the same time… I get satiated very easily (and that makes my eating window more or less big) but I am very fine with a borderline hunger at late night. I typically eat a bit less than my energy need on carnivore so no wonder my body is a tad wary and give some not real hunger urges to eat more - but on carnivore, I can say nope. In the past and not on carnivore I practically always ate when had any urges (temptation, hunger, “stomach hunger”, need for fuel, family lunch and whatever else I had) but now I have the type of not-quite-hunger and the attitude combo that I just don’t eat without a good enough reason. I learned late meals are bad for me, yeah but my eating never was that smart and logical. I gained some needed control.
18/6 for yesterday, it’s not so bad on carnivore. 4 meals, my eating window was a bit early.

(Jane) #12

Broke my fast this morning - no issues and was an easy fast (not all are).

(KCKO, KCFO) #13

16 hrs. which is very normal for me, but I have Zora set for going up to 72 hrs. I will just ride it out and see what happens.


Thinking to start another one after dinner tonight myself. Maybe just skipping Friday and do something Saturday at Lunch or Dinner. I usually don’t Fast on weekends, but stranger things have happened.

(KCKO, KCFO) #15

39 hrs. in so far.

We have an abandoned motorcycle blocking our driveway this morning, it has expired plates as well and is facing the wrong direction on our one way street. So I haven’t even thought about food so far this AM.



Yep, I’m just passed 21 hrs. presently myself, and it sounds like the Wife and Son are also skipping dinner/meals today. So will probably go till sometime tomorrow, depending on what I have going on.

(KCKO, KCFO) #17

I ate at 42 hrs. I’ll have dinner as well, call this a refeed day, and jump back into another one of those. It seems to be best with the stress, weather and my allergies. Odd, when I went keto I had no issues with them for 3 yrs. then last year they were terrible, and they are bad, but not as bad, again this year. The meds make me hungry, so I ate.

Had a bit of a drama this AM, abandoned bike blocking our driveway. We took a pic of the plates, called the police and gave them the info. A couple of hours later, they showed up with the owner of the bike. He had been trying to get it back in working order and had left it outside overnight. He also had the battery out of it. So we think someone tried to steal it realized it wasn’t going to be rideable as is and they just dumped it on our street. He was happy to get it back and has now removed it from our place.

(Jane) #18

Glad it had a happy ending!


Presently at 35 hrs. but like the rest of this week, I’m up way too early? … I’m up at 5am on weekdays, but would like to sleep until at least 7am on weekends. But as it has happened 3 or 4 times this week, I woke early and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I’ve been up since 2:45am this morning, and though I laid in bed til 3:30am, it wasn’t happening. - Probably eat something later today sometime.

Glad you got the Bike thing taken care of @collaroygal. Sucks to have anything stolen from ya. … And speaking of Bikes, I need to get mine washed up with the weather finally getting warmer.


That’s good the bike problem got resolved :slight_smile:

Meanwhile I barely do IF but now I stop my strictest carnivore anyway and focus on my ideal not too early TMAD with proper sized meals. Some days I have it, some days I need 5 meals to eat borderline enough and get hungry early the next day… I had enough of that. I can’t do it right when I am very limited, it seems. But I had to try.
So I still try to balance my diet and my IF to find my sweet spot. And Zornfast is coming!