Marble-ous Meat Munching May! - ZC Carnivore 31-day Challenge - 2023


I haven’t fully read back yet, later.

I have a book where the artist uses chiaroscuro, it’s so cool…

It was always so mysterious to me but it seems it happens to some people? And some has a tiny capacity to begin with! So odd, our stomach is supposed to hold at least 1 liters of food…
2-4 liters for some people. I am a 2 liter one myself. It doesn’t change (well it probably could stretch further if I ate so but it doesn’t get smaller), it’s my capacity, eating way way smaller meals doesn’t affect it. It’s another matter how easily I get satiated (and it mostly depends on the macros but not only that) but the fullness of my stomach only comes after about 2 liters. It doesn’t really matter, my food is dense :slight_smile: Thankfully I am no volume eater, I can get pretty full with a little (volume wise only!) food. Just not my stomach, it’s another sense of fullness…
Not being able to eat a decent volume would be horribly troublesome. Small meals are horribly inconvenient, at least in my life where they easily trigger hunger every hour in my whole eating window (and my satiation isn’t so great even afterwards so midnight eating has too good chances).

We have a very rainy week. We are close to the area where 1-2 months worth of rain fell in a single day… And that was just one day in the middle of a very rainy period…
I pretty much had enough of it, my garden is swampy here and there, Alvaro went to work on foot yesterday (as cycling is impossible in the forest mud and he needs exercise) and it was bad at the problematic part with the muddy slope…
Yesterday was lovely, no rain and even a few mins of sunshine, I took a walk but it followed multiple rainy days. Like, rain all the time so I can’t even take my usual walks. (I am not desperate enough to go in the rain, yet).
Maybe the weekend will be fine, no one knows yet.
After all these days I had to turn on the heating again.

I only ate half of the fried pork as I really wanted to avoid overeating and I planned (and ate)
2 grill sausages (they were good! a cheese and a chili one). There was a bit more egg, with cheese (as I made cheesy fluff for Alvaro again and ate 2). And coffee, triggered by my worse than usual headache. Even Alvaro had headache yesterday and it’s super rare, maybe the weather. I know they sometimes affect me but very little and rarely, thankfully. But not getting sunshine for several days, that’s already not good for me.
I don’t take the no coffee particularly seriously now, I focus on OMAD and try to focus on proper, satiating food to avoid overeating. So low cheese, not too many eggs (= I basically avoid it and only the inevitable few finds their way into my life. I don’t make scrambled eggs or boiled ones or anything), very meat based.
I heroically try to consume the big amount of chicken liver fried in fish oil (never again :smiley: Alvaro is a dear and offered his help but I told him it’s NOT good, I will handle it). A little at a time but now I made pâté from it, only fat was added this far so it’s still not good but I told Alvaro to bring me the fattiest little green ham slab he can find. The fattier pieces will become a lovely food and some lean part goes into the pâté. I have proper store-bought pâté too (normally my handmade stuff is the proper one but I didn’t master pâté-making yet and I like the store ones), it has twice as much pork than liver (well yeah pork liver may help, I will use that in the future, I pretty much had enough of chicken liver for a loooooooong time. it’s just everywhere while pork liver isn’t)…
I am fine with a little not so great food occasionally, I don’t expect joy from my food all the time, at least not from all of it :wink: I eat plenty of good stuff, my meat is nice. I just need to play with the liver as it’s not just not good, it’s bad. So good mixing things help.

About 110g protein for my OMAD yesterday and a bit more fat, I can’t possibly have much idea about it. But I think it was a good day eating wise. I still feel very full from it but no wonder, it’s not even 11am the next day.

(Karen) #102

I roasted a shoulder of pork yesterday and had some yesterday and some for brunch today. Cant remember what elsed i ate… oh yes i cooked up some chicken sausages and ate a few and left some that i have finished off cold after some of the pork today.

I ate most of the crackling … some didn’t crisp up as well as usual but i probably ate a good 3/4 of the entire crackling.

The pork was/is very tender (not finished it yet) also ate some sharp cheddar.

Went to visit Raymond yesterday evening and when i left the hospital there was a huge double rainbow which was too big to fit in the frame of my phone camera!

Up early this morning stair runs done, coffee and books in the garden, ran to CrossFit again, about a mile and quarter, did wod and walked back home.

Had brunch of pork and some cheddar and finished off the chicken chipolatas.

Just relax8ng for a while now and thn off o my daughters house to pick up some email printouts she has done for me. I do hate reading long emails on my phone… just messes with my head!

Not sure yet what i will eat later. I have a steak and some beef meatballs defrosted in the fridge, so i have a choice … not always a good thing lol! :wink:

(Edith) #103

Looking at the spreadsheet from the Trying Low Oxalates group, black coffee is considered low oxalate. Herbal teas tend to be very low or low oxalate, but black tea is high to very high oxalate. I think you’re okay with your coffee as long as you’re not adding chocolate to it (which is high oxalate, btw.)


worked the extra early shift, unloaded a med. sized warehouse truck. Good solid workout- no breaks for 6 hours. Only had had a cup of coffee with HWC before I left. Sipped a second partial cup on the drive in.
Got home, sliced a grilled chicken breast up, and dipped each and every slice into some soft butter. Thinking I took in a good 2-3 TBS of butter. Then ran some errands, and ate a tin of mackerel in olive oil.
Gotta say…feeling pretty chipper for such an early morning! Going to change into my gardening jeans, and go play in the dirt some more! Have a lovely day all!!!


Starving the cat (not giving her proper breakfast only…) finally bore fruit and Ginger ate its worm medicine, yay! The oldest ones were surprisingly cooperative today so only Pie is left but she is totally hopeless. She is super choosy even when the food is nice, no way she touches the food with medicine…

Meanwhile I am very interested in food. I am not hungry yet, I don’t need food… But it is a nice thought… So it’s possible I will have lunch (and still try to do 22/2, it means I stop eating at 5pm, it’s late enough for me to handle the rest of the day after a decent sized meal…). I do try to wait for hunger but I never was good with that. So now I have some baby mental hunger…? Or not even that. I don’t want to eat, more like… I wish to want to eat? The joy from food is tempting but I don’t feel desire towards food itself. I am not fully satiated anymore though so all will be well, hopefully.

I made an improved version of strudel. No idea how known that layered pastry is elsewhere but it’s a huge thing here, there are tiny shops selling only this thing. Few people make it as it’s difficult. But it’s basically filling with some crispy thin stuff around it and the taste of the latter is basically nothing, insignificant, being CRISPY and holfding the stuff together is its role. Therefore it’s very very easy to make it low-carb (as long as the filling is that), eggs should work just fine. I met a paleo strudel recipe ages ago and always wanted to make it and never did. But today it happened. That recipe only used egg white and it makes sense, that stuff is crispy :wink: I will try it with pancake though, it doesn’t hurt if the outside is tasty even if not needed. And yolks help with flexibility, it was tricky using whites. And as it gets fried and baked too, crispiness should happen even that way… Maybe with more egg whites than yolks?
I can’t live without these experiments… I miss them if days passed and I didn’t do any.
I looked up savory fillings. Most of our strudels are sweet but we have a savory quark one (almost always with dill but I have found some fancier stuff with bacon and goat cheese :D) and a cabbage one too. But these can’t happen so I have searched for me. And it turned out using cheese is a thing somewhere. I never saw such a thing, Grandma never made that type, shops never sell that either… But sounded good enough for me. Albeit a tad lacking and I have grill sausages… :slight_smile: I tested the grill function of my microwave again (never was particularly successful before but maybe it was my impatience) and it turned out already fried egg whites get crispy and a tad burnt way too quickly… Still good for me, probably.

I made sponge cakes too (with a few light quiche, I mean, only 10g cheese and 10g sour cream per egg) as the pâté needs something with it. Today probably won’t be particularly meaty in the end but at least I don’t need to cook later. Today’s baking (I baked for Alvaro too) was enough.

Okay so I think that’s it for today, I even tracked! :smiley: With all the extra egg whites I managed 77g protein… It’s a very unusual day.

I tried to collect everything for my photo this time… (But I ate more sour cream later :))

I felt satiation way too early but such things are temporal so I kept eating until I truly got satiated but not much wondering was needed, I just got some very comfortable state and automatic stop sign again. I left the big meat piece and half of the pâté. The weirdest thing is the non-strudel, it’s super hard but at least I played with it for a while :smiley: Egg white can be very strong and hard and chewy when baked… And very tasteless so yep, I will change the recipe,
it was the plan already. But it was very much edible due to the sausage/cheese filling :slight_smile:
I planned to eat 1-2 hours later but I napped and woke up with no need or desire for food so I just drank black coffees for dinner at 6.

At 10pm I started to lose my satiation and 8 hours after my meal I truly lost it. Fortunately I got no hunger or appetite but I do snacked on a tiny bit of butter… I feel odd when I am not properly satiated. Had some more coffees too.

Guesstimation says 77g protein, way more fat but no idea how much, not overly much for sure but more than usual, I had some lean protein sources today and needed added fat. Anyway, butter is lovely and we have some, all expired, we should eat it some time :smiley:
About 0.4 pound of meat, yeah, it’s an odd day. Tomorrow I will focus on meat. Alvaro brought me a tiny pork slab and I have found mystery meat in my freezer. It’s unusual. Sometimes I label my boxes but I usually remember what I had, it’s a tiny freezer, I put some cooked meat inside, I get it out soon. I am good with short term memory and food has special importance. But now I just don’t know.

It’s raining as usual. It did it all day with too short breaks. My activity dropped, I even forgot my workout today… The house was very, very dark even at noon. Forecast says Friday probably will be better, until then, rain.

There is a red cheddar sale in the local supermarkets… More expensive than Alvaro’s Gouda, of course but not too bad and we haven’t eaten any since AGES.
We have our cheese variety. Especially me, Alvaro is very happy with his Gouda all the time. Tasty cheese but I still get bored of it eventually. He is good at liking things to the point that eating them very nearly every day of the year is fine (and even needed. he has these dependencies though he can replace Gouda with some other cheese I suppose). I only have that with egg, pork and sour cream (the latter can be replaced by some similar dairy items). And lately cheese too. But I had breaks before. And it’s not always the same kind.

I read everything and looked at all photos and now I miss meat and would like more butter :smiley: Oh well, tomorrow will come soon (even though I won’t touch food in the first 7-8 hours after waking but I don’t need it. sleep makes me all satiated again).

I plan to do that tomorrow (if it rains all day, I won’t), still have some seeds to sow (not new ones, just whatever I already did elsewhere but I need to test other, probably less good areas in my garden, my tiny veggie patch is well, tiny and Alvaro even brought seeds from a coworker) but for me, it will be mud.


Thanks Edith! :slightly_smiling_face: :coffee:


HI Carnivores

quickie post…got busy busy again.
I retire early thinking time would be mine, darn if that is not the case alot of days HA

@Karen18, sending prayers and good vibes to Raymond!!

-------------SO Still eating very low.
yesterday was 6 chicken wings
2 beef sticks

I absolutely have no draw to food. going on for alot of days now. Thought for sure I would be dumping out of this mode and into wanting decent meal size but I guess not yet.

Have to hit grocery store along with other errands I have to do early this morning so I will check out meat and seafood and see if anything jumps out at me. One thing I love tho is the literal almost no cooking in my life :slight_smile:

not sure on food today, determined after shopping I guess!! Rock on everyone!!


@Fangs: Ugh, I couldn’t stand that well. I usually am fine for 2-3 lower-cal days (not like it happens nowadays. I had it in the beginning only) but then I would worry if I didn’t get hungry again. But I always do. And I have tricks anyway, all kinds of fatty fancy meat products are at my disposal when in need. But we are different and it’s not like you eat nothing, maybe your body knows what it is doing…? After all these times, I would thing it does…

I cooked soup in the morning :slight_smile: 3 chicken frames minus skin (lots of skin :smiley: they will be wonderful when I will have done with them) and the well, tail part? It’s “bishop bite” in Hungarian and it’s allegedly oh so noble and wonderful. Yeah, sure. I give it to the cats. I wouldn’t eat it.
I used 2 smoked rib bones (pork, of course) and some pork as well as chicken alone just isn’t good enough. My poor small 4 liter pot was totally full :smiley: I got some rich, fatty soup (I will have a little schmalz then. I run out of lard a few days ago) :slight_smile:

NO RAIN. I even saw a very little soft sunshine for a while! Sowed some vegs for Alvaro and weeded a bit. It’s perfect time to get out stubborn weeds which break when the soil isn’t this very soaked.

But my new flower is still closed, I will make a photo when it will be pretty and open again.

12:25 now, I am still satiated, had a few creamy coffees though. 12ml is SO MUCH! And I have 238ml more, oh my. I probably will need to make ice cream, it’s just too much for us two to eat in a few days. But my freezer has no space so the ice cream is problematic too. Hopefully it changes in a few days… And lovely super cheap big chicken thighs will come and I can’t store them there either but between the chicken-pork soup and the chicken curry in the weekend I am not sure when we will want chicken again. Though it surely lasts for quite a few days after roasted… And I buy it on Saturday anyway… Chicken thighs are nice :slight_smile: I really lost my chicken aversion, life is like that, we have phases.

I am looking forward to focus on meat today :slight_smile: I finish my meatless inferior pâté with some sponge cakes too. I start with that, hungry me can eat it, it has protein and other nutrients! And it’s not like I suffer much.
I got mixed results from the cats (they got fried liver, not the pâté. I have SO MUCH. I fried 1kg liver, after all and I still have half of it), Caroline “Cloud” Aida thinks it’s one the best things ever while Ginger couldn’t recognize it as food. The others ate it but not with the enthusiasm of Caroline.

I sooo love my OMAD days now. Last week got worse and worse, I had even less self control as usual, I wanted sweets and stuff… And it totally stopped. I don’t even need my cottage cheese for dessert, I am fine with some eggy coffee or a bite of sour cream, really. I ate normal food and I am content with it. I hope it stays for a very very long time.
I eat little, not too little but nicely little, it’s chill, it’s easy, I eat whatever I want, whenever I want so I don’t even have the tiny barely or not noticeable burden I have normally, that wears me down eventually even though I rarely feel it until I “break”. Not this time. I am FREE. Even in my nice carni times when it’s chill and I am enjoying myself, I almost never have it this good.

But if I keep eating this little, I will miss some kind of meats. I don’t miss eggs or dairy so maybe I really should focus on meat so I get the pork and chicken and maybe fish I like to have. I have this mental need. I probably couldn’t handle a longer fast due to it (but it’s a moot point as my body wants food every day so it gets it).
And I have this food preparing/thinking/reading/experimenting need too, it’s very noticeable these days in the middle of my fasting window too. Good thing I cook and bake for Alvaro. And for me in advance. Maybe I will lose this frequent need to cook one day. It would be a bit more convenient.

My only problem point now (eating/drinking wise) is coffee but I don’t worry about it right now. It’s fine. I can’t do everything right and coffee is mostly harmless. I dislike I started to drink it before noon but well, I had a headache and slept unwell and had a tiny leftover coffee (but I made a new one later, it’s hard to stop, it’s easier not to start)…

My relationship with water is wonderful though. I find it mildly boring normally and want to have other, more interesting drinks (well I have coffee now…) but I really enjoy it these days.


I feel ya on that! I couldn’t stand it or understand it when my eating pattern started to kick in like this either. It is disturbing to go from eating well and hefty to ‘not wanting anything’ but it seems a few years now I follow seasons more. Now that hotter temps are here for me I eat less. Body says ya don’t need it. I listen to the body but the mind says, OMG I am eating like nothing literally but I have to then say, OMG I feel so damn good and don’t want anything, don’t care I don’t want it so I let the body show me the way.

the minute the body says eat more I will do just that :wink: I never fear this now anymore, eating lower ever but I did in the beginning years of zc cause it was all about ‘eat about 2 lbs per day’ which is fine for total nutritents/vits/fat recommendations to get it all into our body as we need but me being SO long on zc, I shifted to a new me. A new me that does my personal eating better.

go with my zc flow, which took me years on plan to achieve by the way :), is all that is important to me.

second, eat what the body says to eat. all ya need, or don’t need at all times, I do this I thrive!

I tell ya, wild ride for all of us :slight_smile:

(Doug) #110

So true. I need to go back to work, to rest.


This artwork is called “Rock Bottom” :rofl:

Chicken frames, the cheapest meat source BY FAR, after I removed the bigger, easy to get meat pieces :smiley: (And the pig bones as well :)) And the broth.
Alvaro already pitied me when I got off the nice meat pieces :smiley: That was joy compared to eating this :smiley: Sorry, I just can’t stop finding this hilarious for some reason. I need to get some joy from the whole thing :smiley:
But now we have a lot of chicken for the curry and I am done with chicken frames for some weeks… Normally I only put 1-2 into my soup but now

  1. I needed freezer space. It’s still very full as I have things to put in (soup this time. very handy to have a little there)
  2. Alvaro finally makes curry, it was ages ago as he needs a big amount of vegs for it, only a few kinds work and they are expensive in winter and early spring. But the time has come. And more meat makes the curry better.

It was tiresome work. I barely ate anything else, oh except the pâté, of course, I had to get rid of that thing before I could jump this higher level food :rofl:

Dirt cheap or not, I wouldn’t buy this if I didn’t get such a nice soup from it (when I add smoked pig bones and pork)… Even so, I don’t do this often… Maybe when I can handle giving the part in the photo to the cats (I was close already, only took off little bits and the lungs)… It’s not an expensive cat food, chicken frame. Actually, all cat food is significantly more expensive… I still don’t want to bother with it very often. I make soup when I start to miss soup.

I started to fry the skin (I had to leave the house but I will finish it soon), I even poured the fatty top of the soup on it and now I have lots of schmalz.

So I had a small lunch at 15:40 (I was hungry since 1pm but nothing serious, not even during walking, it’s odd, exercise tends to make my hunger way worse), probably will have an early dinner. Pâté with 3 sponge cakes, soup with chicken (I still have my little pork pieces. the bigger, leaner ones for the pâté were mostly eaten by Alvaro but he needed them more and I offered), a bite of pork roast (I wasn’t hungry anymore) and sour cream and a very creamy coffee for dessert.

And rock bottom, miserable looking bones or not, it was still way, way better food for me than so many things people eat… It is chicken, very much edible, not bad. Not a big joy to eat and work to get the meat from the bones (I only do it as playing with bones entertain me to some extent. 3 chicken frames at once when hungry are a bit much…) but it could be way worse.


Eats today:
Coffee w HWC
1 hard boiled egg, sliced in half with salt and half a TB of butter on each piece.
salted water for a little electrolyte boost.

Not hungry at all. But, if I should get the hungries at work this afternoon- there is a tin of mackerel waiting for me!

No veg. No nothing. Just meaty meat, meat, meat. Life is busy. Make good choices!

(triin) #113

Been a while, but I’m still here, carnivoring :slight_smile:
Read through the posts and oh so much fun to learn about other experiences and lives. And there was really good discussion about my “fast versus eat” question, thanks for that. I ended up bringing some “snacks” and it was fine. I realise the time will come when I really will understand and read my body and know what it wants and needs. Well, this time has not come yet and I mostly have no idea :smiley: I just eat what I know is animal and hope for the best…
I have noticed a change in my appetite, though. Or maybe not appetite as such, rather satiation signal. I has finally arrived, so to say. All my life, I have not understood what it s since I could always eat some more or some more of something else. Even when I started keto and carnivore, the signal was not there. It was said eat util satiation. I couldn’t do that, if I did that, I ended up eating too much and feeling sick afterwards. I always had to control my portions myself. And that has changed somewhere now, weirdly. I did just notice being full alike not being able to take one more single bite. And this is so new for me. Kinda “what do you mean you don’t eat all you food you have planned” feeling :smiley: I think it’s good, right?

Love all your garden-talk. I don’t have a garden, rather some forest-and-meadow. I kinda do want to keep it natural, but from other side I would like to play with dirt as well. Especially at spring. Oh, decisions, decisions…


Oh yeah :slight_smile: I never got that until carnivore (without some massive overeating, at least but even I rarely did that. another 1000 kcal? no problem, I was that type on carbs. I mean it. I did eat until satiation as I can’t handle not satiation but it took a ton of fat and enough protein). It’s nice when I have it but if I don’t do OMAD, it doesn’t always happen. It’s easier with lots of proper meat though. And worst with too late meals, too many meals, using not so satiating items (too many eggs drunk, too much dairy, processed meats probably can mess things up too). But 1 kg pork chuck roast? Unless I get bored, I get my stop sign eventually I suppose. Too rarely tested these things, I still chase variety and love my non-meat items.
Even so, satiation is way different close to carnivore for me, versus my original keto. The carbs interfere.

Sounds good, I only have tiny veggie patches myself (more and more full with flowers ;)). The rest is decorative and fruit garden with many trees and bushes and thorns and everything. it still needs work but if I don’t do anything, I just get bigger grass and some weeds (and the blackberry grows 3 meters and it’s thorny everywhere), it’s not so very much time sensitive. But the needy little vegs, they need water and other things. Little work (as I never sow really problematic ones) but every day when there is no rain.

Back to 150+ g protein and fat, apparently… At least for today. But after 2 low-cal day it’s no wonder.
It was so very hard to get satiated. I thought my meat will be enough (had a little leftover roast and another bowl of soup with pork in it this time… so much better) but nope, it wasn’t. I ate sausage too when cottage cheese didn’t help and now waiting for satiation but I am not actually hungry anymore.
It’s way better on OMAD but I just get satiated too early sometimes.
Over a pound of meat but I wished for more. I had boiled lean pork but I didn’t want that. But I don’t have the grill sausages to eat up when I already had my protein… I opened the dry sausage packet too but kept my cheese consumption almost zero. I am choosier when it’s my second meal. Or because it was dinner. Maybe I shouldn’t eat after 6-7. Evenings are odd. The later I eat, the more problems I have. Maybe not if I can eat good meat until I had enough. It’s still not easy for me.

But tomorrow will have meaty pâté and lots of lovely fried pork so I see no problems.

While I wrote, satiation arrived.


It is wonderful! It shows your body is becoming nutritionally sound and healed and more balanced. A healthy true body will give you true signals on what food intake it actually requires, just listen and eat accordingly and ya got it made in the shade!! Such a relief isn’t it to be off the crazy food roller coaster we had to deal with! Good post!!

@Shinita, you had me cracking up on your picture name…rock bottom :slight_smile: too funny.

-----------SO FOR me I feel appetite starting to kick back up.

yesterday was 8 oz. NY Strip steak
1/2 lb. cheeseburger patty…could barely just finish this.
but then around 10pm got hungry, 4 slices salami
and around midnight I was starving :wink: and ate 4 beef sticks.

ok…today is a giant rack of ribs going into oven mid. morning and I feel like I am gonna jump on a fair amt of them to woof down. I feel like ‘I want certain meats’ again and these ribs are calling my name!

be interesting to see how much I do eat today.
feeling fine, feeling lean mean zc machine :sunny:


No rain! Well, a slight drizzle, good enough. I only went for a tiny walk but will do a bigger one later! I NEED my exercise… And fresh air. Stupid rain.
I played in the dirt again, just a bit. I couldn’t find a cute hand hoe but Alvaro’s Mom (who is magical, she finds almost anythings and often for an unbelievably low price, IDK how she does it) did and bought me one. I use it happily now. I can’t avoid dirtying my hands but it’s to a less extent that way :smiley: So I sowed more seeds and realized that worms ate my tiny colorful radishes :frowning: Sigh. At least the 2 biggest ones, I get out all the “big” (above 1cm) ones later. Alvaro will eat them all in one bite, probably.
And for some reason, the cherry disease (it’s absolutely everywhere around here, no matter what people do) haven’t affected the tiny cherries on the hilltop. There are 3 trees there, 2 has insanely bitter fruit, the third is sweet. And they are all pea sized and looks the same :slight_smile:
I so love looking at plants progressing. And I lost that with my cherry and sour cherry trees this year :frowning: Unfair.
At least I have flowers :slight_smile: It’s medlar flowering season now but some decorative bushes are at it too.
I saw and picked some wild cornflowers and a poppy! Is it that time of the year already? Or the poppy was super early…? I don’t know but I was glad to see it. I like the times when we travel and see zillion poppies next to the road… As red and green are complementary colors in substractive color mixing, they almost glowing (I can’t find a better word here but if you saw very red flowers on green, you know what it is)…

I still have big coffee addiction problems. And I don’t even particularly enjoy the stuff, I just think I will before I drink it and nope, I never learn… It’s better with cream though.

I have proper meaty pâté now, much better but not nearly as good as the store-bought wonderfulness I so love and Alvaro so doesn’t :D. But this fried liver is way worse than normal and anyway, the store-bought nice stuff uses pork liver and I will do that in the future as well. I WILL figure out how to make very very nice and smooth pâté one day, hopefully soon.

It’s not even noon but I am looking forward to eating some nice fried pork… It was too long ago. Not hungry yet but not so very satiated either.

I need sunshine to function properly. I handled these rainy times surprisingly well (I usually have problems after 2-3 days without sunshine) but now it was really enough. I want my sunshine… 1-2 more cloudy days, weather forecast says (one for the people in the east. I live in the west of the country). I can survive until then.

Oh and I remembered what the mystery meat is. Pork tongue! I lost interest in it and too much time passed. It is sliced at this point so the shape didn’t help. But anyway, it’s amazing how much freezing changes the looks of meat, I can’t even tell chicken meat and chicken skin apart in that state. This time the visible texture of tongue and my distant memories helped in the end.


Interesting in that it is one thing you are holding onto even tho you eat for total enjoyment in life and this seems to be your one hold you can’t seem to let loose even tho you state it ain’t that great? It is fine, just see where ya land and if you decide eventually you don’t ‘need it or don’t really truly like’ it enough to hold onto it then ya got a win win here. But if you need it and do fine on it still, then maybe try to enjoy it? But if you kinda don’t really like it? lol…

we all have something that is hard to let go of and that is just normal for all of us out there!

Like for me when I started zc long ago, I used sugar free ketchup on my burger a bit. Key was I HATE ketchup literally. I hate the taste, I hate the smell, never would use it on anything BUT a burger with cheese. So when I went ZC I bought low sugar ketchup to use and 'enjoyed it thru a mind game? maybe somehow and enjoyed that taste I held onto…but in the end never like ketchup anyway and then I just progressed pretty fast to dumping it cause I never truly liked it but on one food only…I went naked burgers with cheese and never looked back.

but somehow I could not give that up. ketchup on a burger with cheese? why, no clue but in the end I did so your coffee for you might be my path on stupid ketchup on a food, lol…who knows. You will figure it out for sure!


Yeah coffee is special. My quite serious peanut addiction? My need for sweets at every meal? Easily disappeared on carnivore right away, every time.
But coffee is different, apparently. Whenever I have mental energy to focus on that as I don’t have overeating problems, I do try to behave around coffee… It is a long term mission.

I am done for the day, hopefully. I ate early for some reason (let’s blame my early coffee and cooking various things. the weather was bad outside and my early zombie time - when I am pretty useless - was spent on cooking), sponge cakes with meaty pâté and creamy coffees.

Then I had a lunch before 4pm, that was great, fried pork and chicken scratchings :smiley: Well, fried chicken skin but it was fatty, thicker pieces than the usual fried skin and had a tiny meat as well… It resembled scratchings. Yum. And creamy coffees, of course. And I had this and that at some point but very little (little sour cream, 2 thin slices of dry sausage, a bite of cheese, some broth).

I am still not so good at simplicity. I need some proper amount of pork for that. And no leftovers to use up.

So, TMAD with a 3.5 hour eating window, guesstimation says 111g protein (tricky being this low when stopping eating this early but I am optimistic as usual) and a bit more fat. When I tentatively tracked before lunch, I saw that the average fattiness of my food is very high so eased on the chicken skin but didn’t need it anyway, I jumped my lovely fried pork. It’s leanish but the fattier part of the slab and there was some chicken fat in the pan and it worked well.

No photo as I ate before I could have thought about it. And I ate nothing particularly interesting though I find well fried pork beautiful every time :slight_smile: I don’t think I ever can get bored of it unless I try to live almost exclusively on it.

I had my walk… In the rain… Not heavy rain but my hair got wet… At least the rain triggers mushrooms. Nothing interesting, just the usual wild champignons but they are pretty and big and young! And mostly healthy. So Alvaro don’t need to think much about his dinner. Even I still feel the deliciousness, I just don’t want them (beyond a little taste but when we find them every week, I don’t eat a bite every time). There are some of my old favs I don’t even taste okay anymore. Interesting how people can change.

I don’t need it, well it depends how we look at it, it’s a mental thing but not mentally healthy IMO. It’s stupid so must go. The regular coffee drinking, I mean, no problem with enjoying some coffee with cream here and there. Not as rarely as Alvaro, he drinks about 4 coffees per year :smiley:
And it costs money (too much if I drink 10 cups every day. I never count but it’s easy to do. I can drink 5 just in the morning easily. I don’t get satisfaction (I often do but lately not) so I drink another and another and another). It takes time. Effort. Makes a mess now that I use normal coffee… No, it’s not right. I know I should quit since ages, there is no doubt about it. It’s just not SUPER important so I only focus on it when I don’t need to focus on something more important as well.
The morning coffee is a huge problem so I should at least wait until 2 or 3 or 4pm… Sometimes it happens. Lately I have leftovers and I see them first thing in the morning. Today I consumed it all :slight_smile: The creamier they were, the better I liked them. So my teeny tiny cup of cream with coffee flavor was the best. Consuming the bad of cream won’t be that hard now, after all. Cream is lovely. And I should quit that too as it’s too fatty and too easy to drink… And it helps nothing with satiation or almost nothing. But sometimes it’s fine. Like, once a month (one box so multiple days).

Of course some items are harder to quit but basically everything was so easy (even if not completely getting rid of it. I am fine with tiny or rare for many things) while coffee was super hard. Too big difference, so odd. And coffee doesn’t affect me. It’s just the stupid coffee taste. That my current coffee doesn’t even have properly. I won’t buy that again. Not bad, per se but not as good as I expect when I drink a coffee.

I only used it on pizza (and other cheesy bread things) :smiley: And I barely ever ate pizza…
So low-carb effectively got rid of it. But then, on carnivore I brought back somewhat similar (but way more dense, spicy and less sweet) condiments. For cheese only… Cheese is tasty but I STILL like it with paprika/tomato condiments. More than 99% of the time I eat cheese without them but sometimes it’s a lovely combo. But they use sugar so I really try to avoid them (and don’t want to buy it again when it runs out). So it’s usually for Alvaro in pizza sauce and the purgatory part of the eggs in purgatory.

Coffee feels different as it’s a drink. I can drink it in my fasting window :frowning: If I just need to avoid something in my small eating window, that’s easier. Anyway, I can eat so many things. Drinking is different. And I am not even bored of water now! Still.
Stupid coffee…


wow, yes you are a fan of coffee, 5 in the morning? you sure got a hankering for it :slight_smile: well, you will do what you need to do regarding your coffee intake as you just keep moving forward.

-------SO Yesterday was alot more food. I got hungry! Weee…alot of way low eating days and body flipped and said feed me.

omgosh the ribs were to die for and I enjoyed them but not enough truly. I could have eaten way more of that rack but it was a family meal so I had to pull back and actually let hubby and kiddo have some LOL, ugh, but after my ribs, I had to cook 6 chicken wings fast. Ate those down real quick too…that leveled me out since the pork was just not enough meat. I ate salami slices around 7 at night then I got starved at friggin’ 10 at night again…I fried up 1/2 lb. of bacon. Yum but yikes. This morning my gut feels off a bit. Too late to eat and too high sodium intake but I will come around.

today I got a steak and pork chops available when wanted.

Not sure if bigger eating day or lower, cause those fatty ribs and bacon sure set me in good form for hunger but right now with the darn bacon at night kinda made me wake up just off. Oh well…we shall see what I eat today :slight_smile:


I try to have shorter comments about my eating… I rather write a bit about bird webcams :smiley: I heard about them before but kept forgetting but a few days ago I finally looked around. I only saw stork webcams this far but now there is a small bunch of Hungarian ones for various birds. I barely catched the 12 great tit chicks, they left the nest already… But still can follow the western jackdaws, the common kestrels and more.
Poor storks, more than a week of rain is bad for them. The mother protects the chicks (they resemble mud dumplings now, poor things), they are still very young but it’s never easy to be a baby stork, 2 already died from the original 5. They eat earthworms :smiley: Well, there is no lack of them so food isn’t a problem. But everyone had enough of rain.

So, the short thing about my yesterday evening. I got hungry (stopping early and below 120-130g protein? not even eating everything at once previously? it was expected) and ate up all my leftover fried pork and chicken skin… And still was hungry :frowning: I really, really had enough of my bottomless pit state when I eat after 6. I need to stop that.
Almost 170g protein, it’s not so bad in my world.

Today I have no idea what I will eat, well partially I have, I still have sponge cake and pâté. I lack my usual leanish pork. I go shopping today but it’s not that easy. I can’t just buy any (of the usual few) cuts of pork on any day locally… Tuesday is the pork day and they run out eventually. Friday is the start of weekend sales though, I will buy 4 huge chicken thighs again. I can’t store more now and it’s enough for weeks anyway. The sales are predictable, they have chicken thigh for various prices (this is the lowest imaginable, only for people with their card and I have that), almost all the time… Chuck sometimes (not now but I have enough)… The rest is less interesting to me. 3 different meats every weekend, one is chicken thigh (maybe sometimes wing? but usually thigh), one is pork and IDK what the third is used to be… Oh, duck now! That’s rare. The pork is very cheap pork hock now but I can’t imagine what to do such a thing, we only use it smoked, we have a nice piece in the fridge :slight_smile:

But if I don’t get my leanish pork (green ham), I just get out some fried fish from the freezer (I eat so much fat I try to focus on leaner stuff) or a little bit of fatty pork roast, I have sausages and everything, even made egg desserts (the jelly fluff and ice cream as I ended up with extra yolks, they used up the leftover cream just fine). So no reason for me to go hungry. Some are leaner, some are fatty but I walk and do my workouts, I can use the energy.

And when I use up my little leftovers, I really go for SIMPLE now. Like, 3-4 items per day not counting fats. It seems so easy when I think about it…

It still got too long. But we have good weather :smiley: No rain, light :smiley: Not exactly sunshine but close :wink: After several days of almost always totally cloudy days, I can appreciate the huge difference…

Alvaro warned me to leave early as the super muddy slope will slow me down… Ouch. I so don’t desire it but I do want shopping and walking in the forest is mostly nice.

12:24 now, I drank a half coffee… I won’t come back until past 3pm so no early meal!