Marble-ous Meat Munching May! - ZC Carnivore 31-day Challenge - 2023


Tonight I was eating roasted white chicken rolled up in sliced smoked salmon to make “cigars” and I experienced the ‘off’ switch. I had 4 and then no more. I like the hunger ‘off’ switch. To me, it’s a sign of a healing eating regulatory system.


Lovely lunch at 3. I managed to buy pork but I will fry it for dinner, now I just enjoyed eggs (so lovely after low-egg days! it’s like cheese, nice to take breaks. my breaks have 3-5 eggs as it’s me but it’s just some drink and sponge cake for stuff I don’t like to eat alone. I didn’t make proper egg dishes lately) and ate some meaty pâté with my sponge cakes. And creamy coffee, I had to try my new coffee I bought… And yes, it’s better than the previous and it actually reduces the amount I need due to greater satisfaction. It’s stronger (but not really bitter) so it’s fine even when light brown :smiley: I may drink the weakest coffee in the world now (but probably not. we humans are too numerous and some do totally crazy things).
We ate the tiny fried fish from the freezer too. I will make another batch next week and will have more space! Had a bite of ice cream too, too much sodium and Stroh80 (it has very little rum. but it’s too much for me)… I can’t do anything about the sodium, eggs have a lot of it. Oh well, it is still an easy to eat, calorie and nutrition dense emergency food/dessert. (It is a dessert but I can use it just for a bit extra food without desire for dessert, specifically.)

SUNSHINE today, for hours!!! Yay! My new flower is pretty and the biggest bud opened and it’s fiery red while the first is orange-y red :smiley: I will make a photo when it properly blooms and I get some sunlight in my veggie patch (as the flower is in it. if my morning glories come out - some are there but very tiny ones with 2 leaves - and I take out my poor, larva-bitten radishes, not long from now, it will be more like a flower patch… the decorative fancy sunflowers should sprout soon too).

I saw the common kestrel chicks eating :smiley: And one stork chick will die soon, most probably. 3 from 5… They were very tiny and there was rain all the time, too cold for poor things, even the mom above them can’t help that :frowning: But at least the strong chicks and the parents got sunshine and more warmth today.

It is sooo nice to get sunshine :slight_smile: I had a nice walk (there was mud but alternative path too, at the worst place. plants are useful, be it ice or mud. I had no big problems now - probably the sunshine today helped and there is light when I go there… - but poor Alvaro reached the point yesterday that he thought back fondly to walking on ice instead of slippery mud), some of our clothes are drying outside, less humidity inside… We use our dehumifier inside sometimes lately. Loud machine but effective, we still have over 60% relative humidity but over 70 is the real problem. And the grass dried too so if I can bring myself to it, I will mow the lawn, it got out of hand again… And I didn’t do it in some places this year yet but that is for the weekend. Except where my beloved hawkweeds are in bloom, I leave them in piece. I am rooting for them versus the uglier, messy grass that forces me to mow it sometimes. It’s not easy with this handheld stuff, I can’t do that for long. Hawkweeds are low, cute and their flower is lovely (that is when they aren’t so low) :slight_smile: I have daisies all over the place now but they are so many, I don’t keep all of them… Like years ago when my garden looked horrible but I liked the daisies… I am not into an overly orderly garden anyway but grass really don’t know how to be tidy… Let alone certain weeds. But some parts look okay without mowing, well, for a while. But outside of my property, oh that goes crazy in a single rainy late summer week. I need to work there many times more often than elsewhere. But it’s my fav place, it has a nice sunshine in the evening and many of my fav plants are there like the silver birches, the non-pines (I watched a video about it. they aren’t pines. it’s no problem in Hungarian as we don’t have words like “fir” or “spruce”, we use one word for all pinecaea)… I like to be there and I love sunsets.

I go out now. But it’s past 6pm and I still don’t feel hungry… No satiation but no hunger and I am a bit lost about what to do.

(Karen) #123

Too many post … i have been too busy :confounded:

Food over past couple of days

Plus some tuna mayo and some cooked chicken slices and some cheddar.

CrossFit workouts

(May have posted a couple of these already! 100 Stair runs every morning and running to CF walking back… but not yesterday nd today as i had to take car.

Yesterday went straight to breakfast with my ex colleagues and had the norm … 2 eggs 2 bacn 2 sausage and today had to go to the appt with local MP (Member of Parliament) he was lovely and is going to write a letter of support to the Prison.

I have been visiting Raymond every day at the hospital… what a nightmare it has been this time… i ended up having to see the Patient Advice & Liaison office. They are really powerful and my goodness did that do the trick! Too much to go into but it culminated in him crying on the phone to me … i really got the feeling he thought he was going to die in there! And he was’t being over dramatic … I had to do something drastic … he even got food poisoning :hushed: anyway today he has moved to a rehabilitation home and will stay there till he is well enough to go home. He sounded a lot better when i spoke to him. It was definitely cardiac this time, his Troponin levels were raised to 35 which is very high.

Oh dear these things are sent to try us aren’t they?

Had my hair appt yeaterday afternoon and decided to have quite a radical change seeing as i am going to be an official OAP next month lol it is quite on trend and when i have done it myself and got a bit of slap on i will take a pic and post it. :slightly_smiling_face::wink:


I don’t know if I should do something about eating a too late (after 6pm) dinner… Maybe not, today wasn’t bad… I barely was hungry but satiation wasn’t easy. Just the usual. I started on making my fried pork late but no problem, we both had grill sausages. But I had some fried pork in the end as my protein intake still wasn’t enough (so maybe that was the problem, not the moderately late hour). And ate some of my eggy desserts as well.
I bought a quite lean tiny green ham slab today (there was no fattier ones. the little fat pieces matter a lot to me!) but it’s still nice, I only used a tiny bit of chicken fat. Good, I consume a bit much fat to get my minimal protein. The whole little meat I could buy fit into my biggest pan very easily, right in the beginning… It wouldn’t be hard to eat it in one sitting. I am more like a 21 oz meat in one sitting person and it’s a bit more but not by much.
So tomorrow’s food will be nice.
I have my fried pork phase. That works with leaner meat too (but I need some added fat then). I prefer my roasts a tad fattier (or much fattier).

Next week I go for SIMPLE. I have leftovers for the weekend but I try to stay simple if possible. But next week will be another level! Lest I forget.


A fully sunny day!!! We enjoy it and spend a lot of time outside. Alvaro will cook the curry over open fire.

And look, they are 3 now! Finally they opened and I remembered to make a photo when the sun shone on them!

We got hungry early so had a lunch around noon (I started earlier, Alvaro was busy with making food, he has spent 1 hour on doing whatever with vegs and wasn’t happy when I commented on it :smiley: but it’s so much work and even he can’t get satiated with the result… at least the curry will have chicken in it but he fried… napa cabbage? never heard that, oh well. we call it “Chinese kale” It was dirt cheap and I am glad he can do something with it as I surely can’t, it’s a little nothing, basically. and he didn’t even use protein with i9t! just the light cabbage with white rice, it looked like such a super poor people’s food. or poor from the past when meat wasn’t among the cheapest options. I couldn’t eat cheaper if I didn’t use much meat. I mean, I couldn’t eat and get satiated… and there are nutrients as well).
So, the fridge is less full, yay! Alvaro used 2kg vegs from it. Not much vegs when eaten but a big volume. I am glad it’s gone. Thought the curry pot will enter the fridge but it’s fine as I finish my soup. I keep forgetting about its existence…

So, I had leftovers (pâté, eggy desserts), another egg, some fried pork, not much as it’s excepted around noon. And milky coffees as Alvaro needed the milk so we opened another box. And some extras and I will taste the curry too, it can’t be helped. But won’t eat much, it’s way more vegs than chicken and I have way better food. I am just curious and didn’t eat curry since ages.
I like not restricting myself now, it’s better longer term. But I have serious plans about doing it SIMPLE. (If I write it down enough times, maybe it will sink in and even my subconscious can’t escape.)
At least I manage to avoid eating sweeteners now and I don’t even feel particularly restricted. It wasn’t so trivial in the last months, sometimes it happened. And I really, really want to change my relationship with sweets. They are still too close to me (well, some of them. like my homemade keto things, they are good) but their power is still weakening. (It got a huge hit when I tried out carnivore, I lost my NEED for them. If you haven’t consumed sweets in the end of every meal for decades, or almost, on high-carb, low-carb and keto alike, you probably can’t imagine how great it was. It usually works as long as I don’t start to eat more than very little plant carbs again. One reason I love to stay very close to carnivore. I dislike being addicted or anything resembling it. Anyway, it’s not like sweets give me proper satisfaction most of the time. Maybe the most tasty egg based ones.)

I was especially exhibitionist here. It hints at how fed up I am and eager to change. I am chill after pretty good days so it’s not some recent upset.

And that’s about my early thought that it will be short. Oh well. I don’t think I will write much about it in the future. It’s a slightly shameful thing that hopefully will get better (and it’s already zillion times better than it was on keto).
I am quite fine with Alvaro eating sweet desserts 15-20 times a week. It works for him. He is a bit dependent on certain items due to it but it still works. But I am different.


Went to a drone light show tonight at a small bay down the coast from home. Got home after and ate a lamb chop with Barramundi. Surf and turf.



Hi all!
Just gonna come right out and say it. I MUST STOP EATING AFTER 7PM. Its been tremendously difficult this past week or so, since the dingleberry quit work- unannounced. I’ve worked 6/7 days this week- all but one of them were closing shifts, so, not getting home until 10-1030pm. Then what do I do? EAT. Just gotta knock it off.

There was a video that Dr. Boz did not so long ago about eating while its light out, and not eating while dark out. Had to do with one’s circadian rhythm. Well, lemme just say - my “rhythm” is off!
Yes, I had ground beef or eggs or chicken and butter. But, probably coulda done without it. Just really hard. So. The next step has got to be A) finding a new job ,or B) Just digging up a little more will power to not eat so doggone late.

Eats have been spot on. Nice, fresh, buttery scrambled eggs and bacon this morning. Coffee w HWC. Water.

Yesterday was ground beef cooked w butter and a bit of fresh mozzerella. Tuna, hardboiled egg, mayo and a teensy bit of red onion. Coffee. Water. a sip or two of Fresca.

Definitely need to employ the IF/EF more.

Going to do some freeze drying today.Experiments have been going well. Got some ground beef to go in next up. Already fed the turkeys, chickens, babies, and doggles. Oh, and the hoomans too. =) Went to the Amish store and picked up layer mash and organic turkey feed for the babies. Picked up doggle treats. And took care of laundry. Gonna head out to the garden for a bit, maybe try to watch the kiddo play softball this afternoon. Then got company coming over to the other house for dinner and fellowship in the evening. Feels like its about 80F outside, so, if the garden isn’t sopping wet from yesterday’s rain…we should be fine!

Hope you all are doing well. Looks like @Karen18 is absolutely KILLIN" IT with eats and exercise! DANG! You go, Girl!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You and me both but I rather say 6pm. (At least I stopped my midnight eating, that was bad.)
But what I SHOULD DO to avoid it: focus on protein :rage:
Almost no force can keep me from eating high protein every day so that’s not the problem, I always will eat enough (and more) but I keep ending up needing more than 2 meals, sometimes a ton of fat just to get my minimal protein. It wasn’t soooo bad this week, I am still pleased with it but only because I normally do worse. But today… I had maybe 100g protein after 2 meals!!! So I got hungry in 1 hour and it’s not fun… (I ate fried pork and finished my pâté, my little leftover cottage cheese I forgot before and even had an egg milk. 142g protein, guesstimation says. Good.)

So, from now on, I focus on protein especially leaner protein. Time to minimize dairy again (except quark and cottage cheese, so the low-fat high-protein ones. low-fat in my word though I don’t think 4% could be anything but very low-fat, it’s almost nothing. but it’s the fattier version of these, apparently).
AND… Start with meat and other good protein sources. But especially meat. I need to get my protein even if I have a “mood” for a lower-cal day.
Seriously now :frowning:

I even forgot to eat my soup with poached eggs, I barely had eggs all day… Or protein-rich dairy. And I rarely eat enough meat to pull it off without that. Especially if I don’t start with it.

So. Tiresome or not to focus A BIT on it (it should be easy. hey, it should be automatic! why it isn’t?), I will my best and try.

But I had lovely food today, no problem with that. Satiation came a bit easy but early hunger is like that. I can’t do anything about it, if I get really hungry at 11, I will eat early. And it’s not even a problem if I do things right afterwards and it’s occasional (it is) but when could I do everything right…?

Well that’s just super wrong. I wrote about it earlier. Not to eat for several weeks if we live up north? :smiley: And while that is pretty rare, even I have dark before 4pm and it is a very, very, very bad idea for me not to eat after 4pm for weeks. I couldn’t even do it or I would starve and mess up my sleep. Unless I could figure out how to stuff myself between 3pm and 4pm but no, I can’t always do that, I am not always at home during that time.
And how would it make sense to change this when seasons change? Eating wise my body and mind simply has zero need for change. I want the same food and the same timing all year long.

And it’s me, the afternoon eater (when I do things right). Some people has there OMAD super late as that is ideal for them. For some reason. It’s a bit odd but even I had times when I HAD TO eat after 10pm. Not best in an ideal world but it was the best I could do in that situation. I badly needed my peaceful home meal. And I got home after 10.

Alvaro said thermometer showed the same. And we cooked outside :smiley: It wasn’t cold.
I mentioned a few times already but this tiny garden produces an INSANE amount of woody matter to burn… We NEVER will be able to burn the wood from the rebuilding ~12 years ago and the big pieces from cutting out big trees will slowly become compost next to the terrace… We burned tiny things from bushes, fallen branches from our trees (the huge linden tree routinely drops them, the silver birches too but that doesn’t burn so great so that goes to the compost except the biggest ones), some blackberry, dry branches from various fruit trees…
So cooking is mostly putting things to the fire. It’s kinda fun. Less so when they sting me.

We decided we will cut out zillion barberries (we have 2 zillions so there will be plenty left) no matter how beautiful they are and how extremely resistant they are… They grow like crazy too and they go everywhere. But we will try plant raspberries in their place. Those are thorny too but to a less extent and they yield fruit while our trees are just pathetic sometimes like this year.
We will see if we succeed. And it will be probably year III in the big war against the Australian Bush (that has nothing to do with Australia, it’s just SUPER thorny. huge, painful thorns everywhere. it feels like it has a toxin sometimes, the area feels numb!). And not the last one. It doesn’t help that it’s not totally on our property and it’s a dense convoluted mess. Everything is connected with everything and huge thorns are good at grabbing other thorns.

It’s amazing what a small garden can do. We noticed a 3 meter high tree we had no idea we had it. It hid between a pear tree, a high rosebush and a golden chain tree, these 3 are very close, probably touching. We cut it out, oh wonderful so we have more wood to dry and burn…

But a garden is a must. I would be quite miserable without one.

But I had no energy/mood to go and mow the lawn. Tomorrow. We did other garden work today.

(Robin) #129

The urge to eat/chomp/snack/gorge at night never totally went away and it’s been three years.
I started by eating keto food when they hit. And the urge lessened greatly. Now I just remind myself of my problems sleeping (gert etc) and have a little talk with myself.

Good luck.
You got this!

(Karen) #130

Cooked a beef joint today and it was so chewy … it was 1 of 2 i bought at xmas time. I cooked it rare to time and heat stated on wrapping but oh dear not very good. Mind you it was from Tescos and i am not keen on the meat from there. I had to fry off the pieces i sliced off joint but it was still chewy. Arghhh!

I have also eaten some cheddar and teriaki chicken wings but forgot to take a pic. They were quite nice. May try a bit more of thr beef later… don’t want to waste it really. Oh and i finished the packet of chicken slice trimmings with a bit of mayo after i got home from CrossFit at midday.

Stair runs done and then after coffe and reading in garden, ran to CrossFit (1.2m) did a team workout with 3 others, 1 newbie and after a chat did a brisk walk home.

Visited Raymond this afternoon. He has been moved to the rehab hosp and appears to have go e from one bad place to another. Funny how the excellent reviews didn’t reflect the treatment Raymond was getting when he arrived. They are treating him like a geriatric! He is a very young 85yr old so it is frustrating for him. If i have to put another grievance in i won’t hesitate! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

@SecondBreakfast thank you… yes i have my mojo back most definitely. Feeling very fit, cardiovascular wise … be nice if my broken brain felt renewed and refreshed! I will have to be satisfied with 1 out of 2 :wink:

(Peter) #131

Some things benefit from being diced up and cooked for an hour in stock. Never fails :slight_smile:


@Karen18, sorry to hear about Raymond’s issues. He can’t seem to catch a good break can he on this one :slight_smile: I know you will be his advocate when needed! Lucky he has you on his side!

@SecondBreakfast, so your work hrs are now going that darn late? Remember it is ok to eat any time on zero carb, but it sounds more like the work schedule is truly knocking you off your ‘normal rhythm’ and that can sure be annoying to no end. Sorry you are getting nailed on this one. But just eat as you need to eat ya know even if it is later, I mean if your days are getting caught like this on a work schedule that can drive ya crazy, then it is what it is on your time of eating ya know. It does sound like you got a big decision about how to handle that work schedule stuff tho! Best of luck getting into a better work time for yourself.

@FrankoBear ------ I like the hunger ‘off’ switch. To me, it’s a sign of a healing eating regulatory system.------ME TOO!!! It is wonderful lifestyle our carnivore. Gives us so much!!

Loved your light drone show pic…looks like Bigfoot somehow all sparkly :slight_smile: Your surf and turf sounds amazing!

---------------yesterday was back to more normal eating. Can’t do lower eating/lower fat intake for too many days, the body won’t allow it so eventually back to normal which again, is fine by me. I just eat when I must eat and all works best.

Today got a honking big Tbone steak later. Not sure on second meal after that steak, probably gonna gear toward chicken maybe…we shall see.

All going very well on zc. Loving the easy peasy lifestyle. Rock on everyone!


Another wonderful sunny day, we took a long walk in the wildlife park and did some heroic garden work. My limbs are all scratched now, plants are vicious! :smiley:

TMAD, 4 hour eating window for today. I got too hungry early again but it was fine I guess :slight_smile:

I ate some eggs, some pork, some quark and this:

Only a bit above 2 hours in the oven but it was enough for crispy skin (I did everything else to reach that :)). Forgot the tandoori masala though, again.
This is a typical very full chicken leg with half a pelvis, it’s a thing here. 400g is a normal sized one (I get some smaller ones but I give those to Alvaro. he has a 370g one now and I have two 400g ones. sounds just right).

Alvaro’s food is still cooking, it’s lentils with smoked pork hock! :smiley: The meat (and fat and even the skin) is (are) lovely when all tender but his food can’t handle the whole hock so I have my own, a bit harder pieces. But I surely will eat some from the super tender stuff too, it’s always a treat.
He is pretty okay with meat now, for 2 meals a day (as the chicken is there too). I have rubbed on him.


I may have a tiny chicken problem. It’s so AWFUL for satiation. At least the way I do it, maybe I should start with it and add pork afterwards…? Maybe chicken is for OMAD only for me?

I ate the chicken leg, some eggs and pork and got hungry super soon. IDK if it was 30 minutes or more but I jumped the (allegedly super good) cooked smoked hock… Yum. It’s mostly for Alvaro so I tried to behave. I need to buy my own hock and cook it for myself. As Alvaro refuses to eat the adorable, wonderful, melting fat - and I love it, sure but I need some meat with it too. And the whole thing Alvaro cooks in pressure cooker is so tiny. The whole hock was 1.5 kg but there is bone, there is skin (we will eat it but in meatballs, later) and there is the raw stuff in the freezer… Alvaro was afraid the whole piece would make his dish too salty and apparently, probably not but he forgot not to salt the dish so it got just right with half the amount. So we have waaaaay too little meat+fat for my liking. I eat it all alone, not with a bunch of carby plants like Alvaro. So I will need my own. 1 kg fatty smoked pork hock? Nice for 2 meals (with willpower. but I simply don’t need this much for one meal). I really like to focus on proper, uncured mead but this thing is hard to resist. It would be occasional.

So, we managed to buy a GOOD pork hock this time :slight_smile: It’s not always the case. Sometimes the flavor is good but the meat is oddly rigid and never gets tender enough. Some companies put way too much water into it but I don’t buy that in the first place. But this one was dreamy.

168g protein, guesstimation says, less fat than that. It’s not even bad from a very chicken-y day. But I like to eat a whole chicken leg too…

What will happen on my planned grill chicken day I wonder… I give the breast to Alvaro, maybe a leg too but the rest is still pretty much. And not so satiating. I probably will make that day chicken and pork only.

But I am quite satiated now, finally. I would be so lost without my pork.

(Karen) #135

Up a bot later this mornong as no plans and no rush. Stair runs done amd put in the garden to read and drink my coffee. Looking around, the plants looked quite parched as we havent had rain for a few days so out came the hose pipe for the first time this year. I should really do a bit of watering again tonight. Amazi g how the plants show their appreciation of a drink by perking up almost immediately :grinning:

Had the last of the beef fried up… still chewy blah. Went round to my daughters house to get the 8nstructions for kitty sitting… she has 2 now, i think i have mentioned that before lol. We popped out to the shops, last minute stuff for Sians trip to Italy.

Came home amd cooked up a steak. Looks pretty charred but ot was quite nice and tender and medium rare inside.

(Robin) #136

Cooked perfectly … nice char with pink inside. YUMMO


Another sunny day. Radio talks about how wonderful, summer is here :frowning: I don’t want summer. It’s way too long anyway, I want my beautiful spring! We had some this year but the rainy days were troublesome, we just stopped heating for good… And we don’t have a long heating period due to insulation and not wanting a very warm house in winter, 18 Celsius is fine as the minimum (it was 17 before the A/C), 20 as maximum…
So hotter times arrived, I will go for my walks in the morning when it’s still bearable. I don’t know how I will run, I didn’t do it in winter or early spring when the weather was perfect for it because I just wish to be able to learn to run but I don’t exactly like it… How will it happen now? :smiley:

But I don’t wanna whine, I am pleased with the sunshine too much anyway :slight_smile: I can do garden work instead of sitting inside while the plants go totally crazy outside…

So, new week! It seems I got some special clarity last week, IDK why just now… I will fight hard (well, hard in my world…? so I actually put in a bit of effort…? and persuasion. I need this) to ensure I only eat between 3pm (but if possible, 4pm) and 6pm now. Evening eating just doesn’t work for me, I barely can get satiated especially that it’s usually not my first meal then. Not chill, not fun. I want perfect satiation all day with some tiny hunger followed by my meal.
Weekends are different, it’s fine, that’s my more relaxed time but for normal weekdays I want to do things stricter.

And I can’t understand how so much non-egg, non-meat stuff finds its way into my day, messing it up a bit but it should stop. It was the zillionth time I realized I need to eat some eggs and a bunch of pork FIRST. As they are needed anyway and if I fill me up with other things, I still will get hungry for them later and no, not the next day, this day even if it’s 1am (until I sleep, it’s the same day to me. and it’s the same eating window anyway).

A little focus, is it that impossible to expect from myself?

I have a good plan for today and hopefully it will go well. My food is good so why wouldn’t it? :slight_smile: I am merely torn about eating half or a whole chicken leg. My track record says I can’t eat just a half. But isn’t a whole too much from something that can’t satiate me? We will see. My plan is flexible. I eat my leftover pork roast, a few eggs, half a chicken leg and some wonderful cooked smoked pork hock. And then I decide if I want more hock or more chicken (both, of course but hock is WONDERFUL while chicken is yesterday’s news). Satiation can’t be far from that point and that’s good, I can’t eat chicken if I can’t eat anymore.
If I eat early (at 3pm) and get satiated too quickly, I just eat the rest an hour later. It must be a tiny eating window or else I won’t get the epic satiation with the inability to eat in the next 20+ hours and I need that when I have some leftover chicken. It’s not so good, it’s just tender and easy to eat. I wonder if eating chicken more often would result in not eating up it without any self-restraint…

It should work.


fast zc post.

got alot doing with getting daughter ready for graduation.
got other stuff around the farm that I have to handle before I lose control…weeds and more LOL, drives me batty with the upkeep on the land and barns etc.

Food going stellar. Not eating tons but eating more so that is always ok with carnivore. Eat what ya need at all times, don’t eat if ya don’t want it and let the lifestyle direct ya is the way I do it, works best for me that way.

today got another steak first…second, who knows. might be doing pork chops if wanted.

off to get life handled and try to catch up with chores!


I was hungry but my appetite went low after I ate a lot (chicken didn’t seem so fun today either), no problem, I have so many lovely items :smiley: Like pork belly. And chicken is easy to eat even with zero appetite.
And eggs to drink… Sometimes I totally enjoy my egg milks, other times not so. It works with extra yolk and some butter alike… Just a tad of vanilla and it’s perfect. I kept myself from making the third, 2 eggs to drink should be enough for lunch… Will track later, not like I can guess the fattiness of my pork well.
So, lunch OMAD. And no coffee day #2.

It’s nice to be on the shadowy terrace. My room started to overheat so I use my thick curtain, the kitchen is cool (and has flies. at least not mosquitoes yet).
I do my garden work in small bites due to the hot weather. And anyway, it’s better that way.


Unless eating the skin also, chicken doesn’t have a ton of fat- which is pretty essential for satiation. I love the crispy skin… But, the actual meat from the chicken doesn’t do it for me either. I tend to slice the chicken meat into bits, and, much like you’d dip a chip into a chip dip, I dip the chicken meat pieces into soft butter. HTH