Marble-ous Meat Munching May! - ZC Carnivore 31-day Challenge - 2023


@Fangs: But if someone is that sensitive, they just need to have enough food on them all the time. Or whatever is good for them, it’s their case, not the ones I wrote about. I am NOT like that, never was, I always could fast, well at least until carnivore, now it’s worse, at least by my own will… Of course I still wouldn’t eat if I only had a little food on me as it would make everything WAY worse. But I make sure I always can eat. Why to suffer if I can avoid it?
Obviously, we all should know what is best for our own individual case. Small meals are the WORST I can do under most circumstances (the exception is where I am kept prisoner for months and only get small meals or something similar, not very realistic cases).
I think it’s very understandable I don’t want to suffer and I know myself very well to say that eating little would be a very stupid idea from my part! So I am perfectly right as I never said everyone should avoid it, of course not. But we who gets way worse with little food, we shouldn’t eat little food, it’s quite obvious. I am a hedonist so I make sure I don’t get even serious discomfort so I pack or plan accordingly.
You do you and I do me (as I am a hedonist, I CAN’T even eat little if it causes suffering and no good, bad deal). There is NO general truth here, just like usually it doesn’t exist when it’s about food. We humans are just too different.

@SecondBreakfast: I always like to hear about your animals (except when they get eaten by a weasel or something, of course). Yay for baby chicks and turkeys! I barely ever saw baby turkeys as very few people kept them…
Challenges are nice, I am curious what this strict no sugar eating will do to your husband! I soo respect him…

My appetite is back, stronger than ever… Protein is around 200g, fat is somewhere way higher… :flushed:
Oh well, I was hungry. I had 500g very fatty pork and it was just the beginning and even later I was hungry. It happens. I may blame it a bit on my non-carni things (still very low carb from plants but still, who knows how they can interfere) but I started with a pretty big heavily meat based carni meal and it wasn’t enough… So it’s just such a day I suppose.
Dairy was highish today,. egg low but I had a few extra yolks… My egg white collection starts to get out of hand so I ate some whites too (still not many eggs for today)…

(Karen) #82

Up early stair running as per then coffee in the garden with my books. Off to CrossFit even though it was death by thrusters and i hate thrusters. Started with Box squats and went heavier than i have done post covid … 82.5kg and felt i could have done more still. Was pleased with that and was definitely feeling strong this morning. Dropped the weight to 15kg for all the thrusters and still wanted to :nauseated_face: during the first 21! :rofl:

No time to stop and chat today had to come home pump up the car tyres, get bathes and hair wahed and off to get petrol and Raymond for the tea dance at Lichfield. Lovely afternoon, danced my poor tootsies off, felt pooped and then home to relax.

Cooked 2 beef burgers … Heck steak and butter … sounded great but they were so bland i covered them in salt and black pepper and still had to add some lard. Unfortunately i have another pack in the freezer as part of the reduced stuff i picked up in Tescos yesterday. Ate some cheese to change the bland after taste and then had some of the cooked beef slices from Aldi. Off to bed now feeling pretty meh from NOT super delish food choices today. :expressionless:

@Fangs here are the other 3 smaller maples … i had there ones completely covered with bubble wrap through the cold spells.

(Judy Thompson) #83

OK well, here comes another weekend. Last weekend was the longest hours we’ve played in at least 30 or 40 years, I swear! 15 hours all together for the weekend. This is not sit-down chamber music, we walk from table to table, everything is by memory, and we’re talking too. Bass is physically stressful and hubby has a brilliant mind for chord structure and rhythm - he makes me sound good. I’m usually the one at the tables, thinking of the next tune, taking requests, playing lots of fast notes, and 5 hours of this is a lot of work. We have 3 new tunes this weekend - Under the Boardwalk, Dock of the Bay, and Heard it through the Grapevine. We discovered people really like Motown so we’re adding these. Last month it was Devil Went Down to Georgia, Eleanor Rigby, Beauty and the Beast, and just recently Harvest Moon. Hubby writes them out on the computer and chords them and we memorize and practice them, and sometimes I teach them to my students! Anyway, we’re really doing a lot with this entertainment medium and at least this weekend we’re down to our regular 10 hours of performance.

Today is my 16 month anniversary of ZC! Most of you were here when I started so I know you remember. Sailing along now, and doing great with it.

This week I added a pork roast to my menu of brisket for our main meal. We both tend to eat a little morning food (I have my hard boiled egg and coffee with HWC at 10), the main meal at noon and a snack at night. I like liverwurst and cheese most nights, but coming home late from these gigs I usually fix eggs and sausage or bacon for both of us.
My pics are down because I tend to eat before I think Hey!! Take a pic!! Plus, many days in a row are the same.
Anyway, that, and church music for Sunday, is what’s coming up in the next couple days.
Happy ZC weekend all!

(Judy Thompson) #84

@kib1 I tried avocado mayo when it first came out and I was keto. Very bitter stuff. I used grapeseed oil in my mayo, and the lightest form of it that I could find. Was quite tasty. But avo? No. Not for me even though at the time I was eating a LOT of avocados!


Fun day cleaning out the compost toilet. If you ever wanted to find an appetite suppressor that chore is it. But it’s only compost, so, no worries.

For 4 days, each morning I had a sore throat and thought a cold was coming on. But after 3 coffees at work it seemed to go away. I have been having 9 to 10 hour sleeps at night. Those ones where you climb in bed before 9pm, blink, and it’s 7 am.

NoFUN bacon and 3 eggs breakfast cooked with some butter and grated 20g Jarlsberg on top. Steak for dinner tonight. I’m going to have a bone broth now.

I bought a new chainsaw. Mrs Bear found it and disappeared into the woods. We are a few weeks away from winter but it’s a log fire each night.


@Shinita, but remember also the context of the original post. We are talking about a situation where one is caught and can’t eat during a long busy day. We are speaking of a more rare type day when we get caught with no good zc options for us and are out of our element kidna. We also are not chatting about every day meal content too. So if one is busy and moving and newer on carnivore then most times eating something will always trump over fasting.

@Karen18, nice pots, those trees do look healthy. Hey, what is that stick thingy ya got in the pots? Does that show temperature or is it a water guage thing? You will have a jungle garden soon back there :wink:

@JJFiddle, wow you and hubby are workin’ it hard but having fun!
Your songs, Dock of the Bay and more listed, you had me instantly singing inside my head!! I would think those would be great add for everyone, icon songs right!

HAPPY HAPPY CARNIVORSARY!! I know you have thrived on this lifstyle, more power to you!!

@FrankoBear, hope you get totally better soon. Your winter is coming at you while my summer is finally arriving! Mrs. B highjacked the chainsaw, love it :partying_face:

-----SO for me still eating low mode. Just don’t want anything and again, don’t worry on it. I eat every meal as I need and don’t think twice on that level.

yesterday was big chicken breast. yum or yuk…lol…but it was all I wanted. Second meal was about 1/2 lb burger and I ate a third of it and dumped the rest. You know when you eat that ‘last bite’ and have no desire for another, yea that hit and it surprised me. I mean I can normally take down a 1/2 lb burger in a nano second, lol, but I hit the ‘not another forkful’ and just stopped eating.

today I got 4 thin cut pork chops to start my day.
second meal, eh, who cares, be it chicken or burger…if I want it I will eat it :slight_smile:

ZC on strong!!

(Karen) #87

@Fangs hahaha it’s a solar light :rofl: and that jungle is never coming back … gone for good most definitely!

@FrankoBear i would give anything to drop off at 9 and sleep thtough till 7 or 8 in the morning :astonished: i am so envious… i go up at 7.30 sometimes… totally knackered … drop off for 40 mins and wham wide awake for next few hours…duh … so not fair!

@JJFiddle Judy that sounds like one busy old weekend, bless you girl, you and your hubby must get exhausted. I can remember my 13 hour shifts on my feet without a break sometimes arggggh but you must have to really concentrate on remembering what music you’re playing especially if its new stiff you have just learnt ! Plus you must get quite hungry with the smell of food around you all the time. My head used to get quite off focus when i was hungry although since eating this way i don’t notice it to the same extent. Perhaps we don’t lose focus on a meat diet perhaps carb eating causes it?

(Karen) #88

I was struggling getting to sleep last night and ended up downstairs watching mind numbing TV for half n hour and had some tuna mayo then managed to drop off. It still wasn’t a great night and i was up at 6.40am stair running, reading my book with coffee in garden though it was a bit chilly this morning and then dropped my car into local garage to get a noisy rattle underneath diagnosed. Turned out to be the anti roll bar ball joint link … £70 later… anyway it is done now and w9nt annoy me any more.

Walked to CrossFit and did a pairs workout with lovely sweet Gavin… he is more than half my age but twice my height lol … sweet as … we split the workout half n half and finished i really good time.

Walked back to garage to collect the car, dashed round to Tesco to get cash out of ATM to pay and then home. Just sat down with a brew and had got a steak out of fridge and had it unwrapped and resting before cooking it and Raymond phoned to say he had had a bad turn and could i come and get him from Stapleford. Ended up having to get him straight to A&E … it’s a good job we have the NHS! Back in resus with chest pains. He has just called me and is still having them so they are doing more tests.

I came home when he got settled in resus and was getting constant care.

Cooked that steak and it was very gristly again but the bit that wasn’t actually tasted quite nice. Maybe ate just over half. Also had some tuna mayo and some cheddar and the last of the cooked slice beef. There are chicken thighs in fridge if i get more hungry but it is now 7pm so not sure i will jave them tonight. It is lovely and bright outside … i was quite surprised at what time it was!


Yes, it was clear. And in this very situation some of us never should eat a small meal. Fasting is better in every case for me (maybe barred some extreme ones but it’s hard to imagine such a one, honestly, it just never happens to me). I understand it’s not for others and even I am against fasting when hungry IF there is a better option, I said that in the very beginning. Eating a little food (and even non-satiating one like cheese and salami in my case) is a horrible option for people like me. It’s quite simple, each to their own! I ALWAYS have this, no matter my woe and the novelty of it. I can’t handle tiny meals ever (or if I can, I need several in a few hours so if I am away from home without the right amount of proper food for a while, I should fast - or jump the carbs, that may be the better option over fasting but eating a little? never is. of course, the best is being prepared and that’s what I like to do, being a hedonist. but I WON’T choose an inferior option that brings me unnecessary suffering. you can’t expect that from a hedonist, really).
Believe me I know myself very well. It’s my truth and it hardly will change ever as it never did. Whatever, I wrote everything about this already.

Our monthly big shopping is over, it’s horrible, I had such a headache all day, the weather doesn’t help… We have rainy days and it may or may not affect me, it probably does to some extent, usually not seriously but this extreme information overload at shopping, crowds, artificial lights… Ouch.

I HAVE a new… IDK the term, the colorful flat thingie below my tray! That. It bothered me that it’s very much not keto let alone carnivore :smiley: And it was an old thing anyway. I didn’t find an amazing ones but I bought the best I could find, it has coffee on it. Maybe triggering (food hardly can trigger me, the mere picture of it at least but my coffee problem is another thing entirely) but I get reminded of coffee zillion times anyway, I should be able to handle that.
We barely bought proper meat but we did buy a little (a tiny slab of pork chuck, it’s so expensive but it’s the best cut… a little deer meat and a whole chicken to grill!), LOTS of sausages and some dairy (like 3 liters of milk, well cream is expensive, not like I didn’t buy some of that too and one of my fav brands was on sale… and Alvaro gladly use a lot of it and it’s for multiple weeks)…
I need to buy the cheap leanish (but nicely fatty here and there) pork locally… As I forgot it in the LIDL again and the ones in the other supermarkets were too lean. Or absent, these things get sold out quickly in the city on Saturday. We never go early.

I bought some other processed meat items, they are so very helpful and I run out of them several days ago. I won’t use them unnecessarily but it’s good to have them at hand. And I have cottage cheese, the wonderful dessert option.


LOL! I just finished shoveling all the accumulated poop out of the turkey pen. Started on the chicken coop.
Fasting until tomorrow bc there is NOTHING that sounds the least bit appetizing.

Talk about dirty jobs. Mike Rowe should pay both of us a visit! :joy:


Time to make some notes. I enjoyed a physical day of chores around the property, pushing wheelbarrows, digging, planted a gifted avocado tree, bucket carries, rearranged straw bales, lots of walking. It was in cool autumn air with sunshine and cloud in patches. I drank three large mugs of salty beef bone broth over the day and into the evening.

I reckon the eating on plan and the good outdoors activity led me into an oxalate dump. These are the things that I felt:

  1. Pain in the joints, wrists, ankles, knees and the back of my heels. Sharp, needling or prickling pain. I experienced it before as immune-mediated joint pain. I had general muscle soreness, that nice ache after doing physical activity mixed in.
  2. Hand cramp. The ‘claw’, in my left hand, but this time my little finger base joint area wanted to get involved. The hand cramp was what made me pay attention.
  3. Brain fog and confusion/ agitation. I couldn’t concentrate on reading nor watching TV.
  4. Itchy skin. A prickling sensation all over like I had fleas or mites. All these sensations are sharp, nipping, stabs.
  5. Sore teeth. it’s different to ‘tooth ache’. Over laid with sharp needle point pain/ itchiness in my teeth toward the cutting edges. Itchy teeth, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, cripes.
  6. Tinnitus has gone up in pitch an volume.
  7. Occasional cough due to that same needling feeling like a tickle in the throat.
  8. Crusty, sandy eyes.
  9. More frequent urination

It’s quite the stack but is in the annoying level, rather than debilitating. I’m noting it down in detail as a reminder to keep noting these things down, rather than sympathy seeking.

So I went to bed at about 9pm after considering the symptoms thoughtfully for about an hour. I woke at 2:30, 4:30, for a few minutes each time, and 8:00am. The first two with irregular heart beat and minor chaos. So I took magnesium doses. Then at 8 am with the symptoms listed but normal heartbeat.

Here are the good news parts. It means I’m more aware of body signals and signs. It means I can respond early with preventative treatment against the heart symptoms. I didn’t have to deal with an atrial fibrillation AF episode, as I started salt and supplements early. Symptoms still developed but my heart didn’t flip out for hours and wipe me out for a day. I’ll maintain the supplementing today as the oxalate dumping discomfort persists. I’ll think on trying to collect samples, like eye crusts, and have a look under our home microscope for oxalate crystals.

The rib eye steak was delicious. It’s the first one for this year cooked over the wood fire, rather than using electric heat. There is something, I reckon, more delicious about meat cooked on a wood fire. It’s actually on a stove with a wood fire box. I put a cast iron oven on top and cook in that. The reason being that the rib eye is too thick cut to cook in a pan, it needs juicy enclosure. Big steak and a small slice of fried sheep’s milk halloumi. While cooking we snacked on sliced air-dried beef (biltong) and local goat feta cheese. Even Mrs. Bear had steak for dinner. It was a teeny tiny thing cooked in a frypan.


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the Mommas out there!!!

Hoping you all get some nice carnivore meals!!! Hubby is grilling steaks, fish, and chicken for the Mother’s Day buffet. =) Cannot wait!!!

Took a long, hot sauna yesterday evening. Great detox from the all the sh!t shoveling. Felt pretty darn good, and decided to eat a burger patty yesterday evening.

HUbby is doing great on his 14 day challenge. He’s in a deep state of ketosis, and can feel the difference inside. Hopefully, he continues long after 14 days!

Cheers to all!!!


Well, the rooster did not get the memo that yesterday was a “Be nice to Mom” day, and decided to attack me while I was out gathering eggs. The booger pecked a piece of skin off my leg (How’s that for turning the tables???!!!) and left a bruise, along with a trail of blood. There WILL be a chicken dinner on the menu coming soon. Still can’t believe he did that!

Hubby makes a wonderful cook. Ended up with a large, luscious ribeye, a thin chicken breast, and hunk of Ling Cod for dinner yesterday. Grilled and buttered. That was around 1230 yesterday. Not the least bit hungry today. Today is supposed be in the 80’s, so going to hang the laundry out, do a little sunbathing, and work in the garden. Hubby plowed the garden over and over, so I am not going to rototill. Its all in nice straight rows, and broken up nicely.

As for work, things go a little crazy. The boss is on vacation. One manager is out on disability. Our receiving person is out on vacation. Leaving 4 of us in leadership to cover all the shifts. Not a problem, right? Except when one of them is supposed to show up for work, and doesn’t. They don’t answer their phone or texts. They have a history of serious injury and illness. So, we’re all a bunch of Moms - naturally, we are worried. (And, mom or not, who wouldn’t be a little concerned?) So, the MOD called the police to do a welfare check on the guy. Finds him sitting at home, watching TV perfectly fine. He told the officer, “Yeah, I got a new job. Oh…here’s the store keys…I don’t need these anymore.” This person is like, 25-26 years old. In what world is that an acceptable thing to do ??? And, as a manager??
Needless to say, my 10 hr week is suddenly 40. So, there’s that.

Anywhoo…time to get to it! Have a good one!


@Karen18, a solar light! I know them but when I see one I just never think solar light :slight_smile: Cool. Do you have strings of fairy lights our in your garden also?

@SecondBreakfast, so great your hubby is feeling fine on his no sugar journey! Hey this is just a great way for someone to change their eating and attitude about foods and better health! More power to him!

@Shinita, sorry you had such a rotten shopping trip! Hope that headache disappeared fast for you.

@FrankoBear, it is amazing to me how acute and on point you are about your symptoms starting to kick in and how you handle them!! I remember the ER visits and the worry/concern and more and now you are truly ‘handling’ your symptoms and life health to this level! Rock on best you can!! I hope Mrs. Bear enjoyed that teeny tiny thingy steak :sunny:

Oxalate dumping. I know it can easily go on for years and dump whenever it wants in our journey of cleansing and healing but do you think this all can be related in that you are SO loaded to this point. See I never had alot of the above ever and only rarely kinda later in the zc game, so when I read all this happening to you I can’t place me in this experience.

but I do remember, early on when I ‘cheated and ate sugar’ crap when transitioning into zc, when I had to detox again, omg, I got that tooth pain. It is wild right? It is just the strangest symptom I found to hit and not have a clue what is going down kinda but with a tad of time it disappears quite fast, well it left fast for me at least :slight_smile: One doesn’t have a toothache in any way but the teeth are so sensitive in some areas, no gum issues and more but it feels like something is SO off in those darn teeth…very strange issue to face for alot of us. I hope tho you get thru all the issues in fine form :slight_smile:

---------------------SO FOR me eating in low mode is still on.
day before was less than a lb. of pork from those skinny pork chops.
then only a tin of sardines for second meal. I wanted nothing but something ya know…when I eat a tin of sardines it is like a brain signal that eating is done for the day. I have no idea how sardines took this role in my carnivore life LOL

I can say since I don’t weigh anymore and haven’t in a long time now I do feel the clothes a bit looser so I will always take that…even if it is just bloaty/inflammation gone and leaner/meaner body thru my eating I will take it HA

yesterday food was a small NY Strip steak, maybe like 8-10 oz.
second meal was a few strips of London Broil off grill that was for family dinner. I am not a fan of London Broil cause of taste of it in general but I can eat some…then I had a few shrimp that hubby made for family too. Little food in all with this meal. Which again was fine, I had 0 food interest and this bit of broil grilled meat and shrimp fit good into the day.

I am getting that ZC alert now. I am undereating for way too many days. Usually around 3rd day hunger comes back big but right now I am into like day 4-5? with no hunger and no food desire/focus or wants of any kind.

I feel this is ‘me’ totally nourished and body functioning very well and I just don’t require the food ya know and if that is the case with no draw to food then I just don’t eat. ZC simple as that but I last night I got starved, literally starved around 10 wanting to eat down the kitchen. Of course so late I was not cooking anything, lol, so I ate 2 small beef sticks. Yup all I needed.

Woke up this morn thinking, ok since I ‘starved’ last night :wink: I would be food focused to eat well today but nope. Got 0 interest in eating. OK…but today I KNOW I need to eat higher amts. If not I can become very unstable in the brain game of going on low food too long.

So my day today is eat like 4-6 scrambled eggs and at least 1/2 lb of bacon first meal, maybe whole lb…second meal another smaller NY Strip steak combined with boiling up more shrimp for side to it.
That’s my plan, will see how it rolls :sunny:

busy busy, this to do and that to do…

(Karen) #95

@Fangs must be quite difficult to judge whether this is your body telling you (after more days of lesser food) or whether your tum has shrunk with smaller amounts ? I am still eating large amounts … by my standards … but i do use up quite a bit of fuel throughout the days with all my exercising. Anyway i guess you will find your happy medium very soon, you’re pretty tuned in to what your body needs. And no i havent any fairy lights hanging … i think i maybe should have taken all the lights inside through the colder months as they are not all working like through last summer! All a learning curve :slightly_smiling_face: not stressing over it.

@FrankoBear you do go through a lot sweetie … all those symptoms sound annoying and frustrating. I got bitten all round my ankle the other night and the bed sheets were irritating it like crazy and my socks … have to wear them for my workouts and stair running … and of course the warmer and sweatier my skin gets the more i feel it starting to itch :confounded: that’s plenty irritation for me but to have it all over that would be driving me insane! I do hope you get to the other side of it very soon. :hugs:

Well Raymond is still in the Hospital and being cared for on a ward now. At least he stayed at QMC which is closer to drive to than the City Hospital where he usually gets transferred to. I went to visit him last night and will be popping in to see him again this evening. He is pretty poorly and still having on going chest pains and this time instead of writing it off as muscle spasms or Angina they have told him it is definitely cardiac. His troponin levels were increased which may indicate a heart attack. He is in the best place and as it is a teaching hospital so he gets quite a few trainee doctors visiting as well as the fully qualified doctors and consultants.

Food last couple of days

The cheese omelette was my brunch today which was tasty… the cheese melted on top is gouda and i had grated cheddar inside.
The plate of curly stuff were Jolly Hog Dogs sliced in half before cooking and they were so nice and there were crispy crunchy bits over them. Couldn’t go back to cooking them whole!

Exercise … usual stair running, press ups n delts. Went for a walk n talk around the nature reserve yesterday morning with my daughter. Nice catching up with her. CrossFit this morning looked like not a lot but i just knew it was going to be a stinky one and it was.! I decided to walk there in the sunshine but when i checked my watch i noticed the time was disappearing fast so ended up running there which was definitely not planned … i walked home lol

Also ate some pork ribs that i started in the slow cooker saturday late, switched it off and restarted sunday and then forgot to turn the heat to low when i went off to visit Raymond but the pork fell of the bones when i ate them later about 7.30pm.


Staying on plan. It’s easier to do at home.

Bacon and eggs at 1pm. lamb chops for dinner. Got a lot of work done during the afternoon. Job work, not fun homestead work.

Nice sunny autumn morning for a walk on the local beach with Billie the Labrador and Mrs. Bear. Big surf makes great air.

(Doug) #97

Excellent picture! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Peter) #98

It is an excellent picture … but I cant work it out! …Painting or filtered?


Hi Peter, I take my iPhone4 on the beach. It’s a photo that is digitally painted and filtered. I liked the mix of light and dark on the wave due to cloud shadow.
This morning there is a heavy dew and no wind. I can hear the swell on the coast about 5km to the west from my sunny front door porch. It sounds like a cannonade. Getting sun on my skin with a hot black coffee from the stove top with a dollop of cream.

Chiaroscuro. Light and dark. We live in a beautiful place. There is a summer adieu, dew sparkling on the outdoor cushions. Time to pack away. Slow down. While the discordant other’s rush continues. A time of rest. A tourism zone now on the edge of winter. We tell the big city it is raining. Follow the sun. Fair weather spends. Birds sing and chatter later in the morning. The darkness drinks the light. A stack of books, the hugging chair, with the lamplight just right. Just write. The sunshine, rarer now, gets under our eaves, filling us with internal light, and still, in bursts, gratefully accepted to bathe our skin warm. Karlup, home fire. Busy are the jobs of winter. Collecting dead wood while planting the forest anew. The flocks depart. Firewood is our precious gift in the dark. Stored air and sunshine from the forest. Healing warmth held within our trees. Holds Kaarla, dancing light. Our precious trees. We can continue to live, if we are careful with our selves, unselfish. The cool morning air easily carries the perfume of bacon. Slow fried. A hot beverage warming hands through the earthen mug drifts with a lazy face warming fragrant steam. The kangaroos and small wrens are fluffy squeezed tight together when the wind turns cold south. Ugg boots are momentarily acceptable in suddenly spacious town streets (breathe) herded outside studio entries, only until the winter rains fully set in. Pyjamas hugged on early and peeled off late. Easy to move around. The cat demands a day fire. The ever shedding dog leans heavy on a leg. The spider webs drift empty at the edges of the dusty windows. Bright coloured flames return useful elemental charcoal and ashes for the garden. There, we find them, and ourselves within them, those days thought past. Long lost perfect days. Ourselves lost in thought, but found as part of the beach or forest. In the ocean alone. Aglow with sunlight, cooled by clotted cloud cover, electrified by the salty water, breathing deep the mineral rich air the drumming surf makes. The heartbeat of Wardan. At the edge of Makuru, a season of contrasts. Edges of new life and graceful death. Ours for a time to notice. Chiaroscuro.

Kaarla - is the local indigenous language word for fire
Kaarlup or Karlup - is the local indigenous language worf for place of fire, or a home fire, a hearth.
Wardan - is the local indigenous language word for the Ocean Spirit.
Makuru - is a season in the local indigenous calendar of six seasons - akin to our lat autumn.
Chiaroscuro - means light and dark in art, from the Italian term (clear and dark, literally)


Mrs Bear tells me that coffee and tea are oxalate containing compounds. Uh-oh. @VirginiaEdie