Marble-ous Meat Munching May! - ZC Carnivore 31-day Challenge - 2023


There are those that eat beef, salt, and drink mineral water. That’s usually to fix health things.
There are those that will eat fatty pork, organ meats, and drink bone broth. That also can help fix health things. Then there are those that love to mix meat and seafood, surf and turf! Crab legs wave to them from the deep ocean, mussels grow on the shoreline, like muscles grow on the person. It’s another way. Some like to get a ketone buzz and mental stability with a higher fat ratio. Others find that their needs are increased protein. A tweak here and there and we feel great. Egg and bacon breakfasts. 2MAD, OMAD, accidental fasting. Some like to ease the cheese, where as others eat it for the ferment and the Vitamin K2. There are no buts on butter, except for lactose concerns. Some like lard for cooking, others tallow, how about some ghee? Watch that skin rash clear up. Grow a lion’s mane of hair. Sharpen those strong claws and teeth. It’s all here in this month’s challenge.

TripleAAnimaliciousApril Carnivore

I love the idea that in a restaurant somewhere that a plate that serves chicken and egg together would be called “Who came first” on the menu.

Listening to Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, I think I need to ease the cream in the coffee, and watch out for too much added butter. 2MAD continues. Eggs and salmon this morning. Usually eggs and bacon. Then I like to eat a ruminant like a cow or a sheep for dinner. Sheep’s milk cheese goes well with me.

Last night was my niece’s 18th birthday party. She had been out until 7am the previous night dancing at night clubs. Social dancing. With her girlfriends she tells me. So, she had to sleep all day until about 4pm to get ready for family dinner. Wild child. Now considered an adult in our country. Allowed to vote and make mistakes like the rest of us. First mistake was going to an up-market Mexican cuisine restaurant. I dodged and dived around the corn chips, tortillas, dips, beans, rice, and they had 12-hour cooked beef ribs falling off the bone and baked pork hocks. The meat seemed to gather around me. It was nice. But as @Fangs will warn when eating out at a restaurant, it is the spices that will get ya! And they did at 2 am. I sat up and did a huge burp in bed. It shook the rafters. Then the heartburn. But by 11 am breakfast it had all subsided. It actually settled pretty fast in the night.


Hmmm, all beef, let’s see now.

Tallow around the kidneys at the top. There are some glandular bits at about 6pm, let’s call them testicle slices. Maybe they are sweetbreads? The meaty brown bits at about 3pm to 4pm might be cow stomach. But I’m going to say they are lungs. I know you like to chew on a bit of lung. I can’t see brains. The red stuff at 9pm looks like fillet. But I’ll call it sliced spleen. Then there is something livery looking at about 10pm on the plate. They are not snails. Yeah, it would be some pate cubes.

(Michael) #4

@Fangs was closer. All the top stuff is cow brains, the stuff on the right is tongue. White/pink in bottom is indeed thymus and on the left is heart. Just those 4 types. Surprisingly hard to identify from a photo unless you are very experienced.

Thanks for playing Mr Bear :grinning:


Weeee…what I win? Maybe I didn’t actually win? HA …Yea tongue. darn didn’t think of it but it being thicker like that I can see it now. Brains, don’t remember you eating them on past meal pics? but with you Naghite, I sure know you would eat them in a split second, strong carnivore ways!

@FrankoBear, yea spices can nail one longer we are on plan. Our stomachs/guts become SO clean, so newborn, so think would you give a newborn any spicy foods or mix of herbs that could contain more hot in it, no we would not :slight_smile: dangerous actually to give the youngest kid eating such spicy type rubs and more so I am sure thinking of me as a ‘zc newborn’ life reset…where I thrive, when I want more crap like spicy taste changes I pay dearly. Big burp, yup had that too :slight_smile: but I have to hit up Tums cause I can’t stand the burn in the stomach anymore, I go right for relief. I have 0 issues on simple clean zc, a step off and I am hitting up damn over the counter crap for relief, well duh, for me it shows me tons again finally! LOL

Great opening post! Marbling…I couldn’t remember the name post ya wanted but it suits our zc thread well!!

I will meat munch thru May easily :slight_smile:

@Karen18, loved your pic of you and Raymond dancing from a decade ago…times flies doesn’t it :slight_smile: Haoy you and him are doing so well to continue, no matter how you get it done, with your dancing and fun times. You with your illness that struck and him dealing but in the end, ya get in your dance steps tho!!

@JJFiddle, love Mimsy is the distraction toy at church services :slight_smile: bet she enjoys it! alot of wiggling tails on that outing I am sure!

----------------------SO Marble-ous Meat Munching May for me personally.

Stop the rubs, spices etc. I find I am ‘wanting taste changes’ more and more and hitting up different spices ‘a tad’ and finding my guts are not liking it so my MMMMay is ALL about clean zc food intake. I dropped like ALL of it but finding me ‘wanting’ it back, this can not happen, simple as that!

I got caught last night. I needed chlorine for pool and around dinner time I said I was running to the store to buy and family jumped on me, lets eat out. OMG! We ended up at a steakhouse joint where I got plain ribs, with the rub and while milder, I only ate 1./2 the rack cause there was a ‘rub taste’ that just caught my palate ya know where I thought, hmm, icky in a way to me but acceptable. Brought rest home. Later that night I got tummy issues a bit and thought, damn. My ‘scheduled Tbone steak’ at home would not have given me ANY issues but the damn rack of ribs ordered out did. I see the writing on the wall.

I am NOW tired of feeling a bit ‘more icky’ vs. feeling my zc stellar self which also means I am eliminating my 1 bite rule which has snowballed a tad to 2-3-4 bites of crap I am making for the family meals.

Yea, REIN IT IN TIME for me.

MMMMay is for me total clean zc and what I wanna eat, vs. being forced to eat out and now it is time, if eating out to say I will order maybe a shrimp appetizer as my meal and watch them eat like I used to do in the older zc days. This isn’t an issue for any of us, but it is up to me to do it, control me and keep me where I truly desire to be!! Yup, that time is coming back!!

Hubby will eat my leftover ribs :slight_smile: so covered there but today is start day with some bacon and eggs. Simple. Then later is that near pound of Tbone steak that ‘was scheduled’ to be eaten yesterday! OK simple easy zc covered for me on day 1 of MMMMay!!

(triin) #6

Hi there!
I’m new it carnivore, although not in keto (and have been lurking in the forum for over a year I think). Good reading :slight_smile: Now I “went” carnivore-ish myself about two months ago - I still drink coffee, with cream, I use some spices and I do use some greens like bear onion very randomly for making “herb butter” mostly while it’s season (about to end anyway).
I think I’m starting to feel fine, finally. Nothing too serious really initially, but weak and “flu-like” as expected. I have had quite serious anemia (recovering from a surgery to fix it), so I really haven’t felt too well for last few years. So I can’t really be sure, but I do wanna think I’m starting to feel better :smiley:
Will keep reading and posting hopefully. You may already guess that English is not my first language, so anything weird I say probably comes from that. Or maybe I’m just weird as is :wink:

(Michael) #7

Welcome. You are joining a great group.



your bit of coffee and cream and spices and a tad of green onion randomly and rare to make herbed butter you enjoy ‘should not be a huge issue’ for most since these are condiments and not over abused. This puts you in relaxed carnivore which tons of us can handle.

Now key being, if you want full on carnivore and benefits you dump that stuff, but many can come into carnivore doing fine of that little bit also. This is personal to your body point blank and your path on zc.

Surgery to fix anemia issues? wow not sure what that would entail but I hope you are doing ok thru all your med issues!!

Your path won’t ever be another’s path. You were ‘kinda keto? and then kinda carnivore?’ I would say you easily got at least another month or so to find you and get thru your adaption/detox time/healing issues and more your individual body will have to work out.

could be longer. Thing is most of us walked this path. There is no 1 answer. you are you and do you on carnivore. simple as that.

also know thru issues be sure to ‘take care of you’ in that super fatigued or ? take a nap to fix. relax and refresh at all times but never skimp on your zc food intake. EAT all you need at all times. THE MEAT is the key to heal, change, getting thru adaption and future benefits to come so I think you are in an ok situation, just take care of you as you need and eat well as you want.

Happy to have ya on board on the thread!

(Karen) #9

@triin hi and welcome and look forward to reading your future posts … don’t worry about your English … i am English but have two big thumbs and always hitting the wrong letters on this phone… i continually read o er and esit my typos :laughing:

Oh blimey nearly halfway through the year! Yes @Fangs time just disappears… supposed to mean we’re having fun … :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

I keep thinking i will just try eating beef and then look in my fridge/freezer and see chicken pork fish and lots of it Ha! I can’t pass a bargain and thats what happens the fridge and freezer finds itself home to everything that doesn’t sustain me as much as beef can :roll_eyes:

Up not quite so early … about 8.15 … stair running. I had not booked CrossFit for today because originally it was logged as a normal monday wod however when i checked on the app this afternoon it had changed and was actually a team workout which i would have booked on. I should have checked with the coaches… my bad.

I went to meet my ex colleague for a walk n talk at midday and we did just under 6 miles with her doggo. Lulu is a springer spaniel and i think i mentioned before she does atleast 3 times the distance running back and forth! So a lovely couple of hours chatting and walking at a very good pace. I love to catch up and i think i did most of the talking and had we more miles to walk i would have carried on talking :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Got back and took Raymond to the doggo cafe on the canal for a cuppa. I picked up a packet of cooked sliced chicken from lidl as i needed to eat … so brunch came late at 3.30! When i got home i had some cheese and cooked a sirloin steak which wasn’t that good. Followed it with 2 beef burgers that tasted better :slightly_smiling_face:

A few of last years pots have started flourishing … the bee bombs have flowered again. Its nice to see what is re growing… there are a few pots that will need to be replenished but i need to leave a while longer to see whats coming back.

(Judy Thompson) #10

@Karen18 ahh so pretty! I love seeing pics of your patio. So you didn’t Crossfit today but walked 6 miles with a hyperactive dog? I’d say that evens it out lol!

Welcome @triin! Lurking for a year??! Lord, that’s some serious lurking! Very happy to finally see you active on our thread. Looking forward to hearing your adventures.

Another brisket day today, a chicken is in the sous vide to add to the brisket plate tomorrow. Tonight, the 4 oz liverwurst with the 2 oz of smoked cheddar. Getting to be a habit! But I sleep like a baby on it and that’s what matters :sleeping:


Oxytocin… can we bring it in to the ketogenic carnivore way of life?

Is Zero Carb Carnivore dogmatism as toxic to our health as junk food?

I enjoyed this podcast episode with the author of “Fast like a Girl”. Especially, I think, for women who started well on ZC Carnivore but then come across obstacles.

I wonder if the cyclical combination of fasting and ZC Carnivore eating might prove to be a road map to follow? Then eating lower and higher carb carnivore foods on a moon cycle? Eating more chewy, cartilaginous, or connective meats once weekly or so…

Throwing some thoughts into the group.



I got hungry early and couldn’t even wait until we came back from out excursion (we visited the highest gazebo nearby, in the wildlife forest. it was great weather but windy up there. many people and quite a few handsome dogs! :smiley: Alvaro met an old classmate who has 3… erm, forgot the breed but the head was wrinkly like a pug’s, the tails is similar too…), put the meat into the oven and let it take its sweeeet time. 1.5 hours. Small pieces of quite lean meat and 2 huge chicken legs with some back part (it has some spine piece and half a pelvis).

So I “only” ate 5 eggs, a tin of cod liver (it’s allegedly quite calorie rich :smiley: but it was a few simple bytes and didn’t feel 60% fat in weight… but some items are tricky), a piece of pork tongue and some Greek yogurt. And Alvaro give me some of his chicken (only one was crispy at that point and I wanted mine to be more tender and more roasted). So I am not actually hungry anymore but it will be nice to have my dinner later.

I had dinner and my second dinner too. I blame the low amount of pork but I tracked and it seems I was a bit below my minimum protein so no wonder. And as actually could be expected, I ate up my whole leftover chicken :frowning: Cold from the oven pan :slight_smile: Except the skin as I will fry it into a perfect crunchiness today.

It’s another day now. I miss… Not exactly coffee but something that isn’t water or tea. I don’t know why I desire variety regarding my drinks! But I kind of do… Oh well, I drank warm water. And made some interesting tea. But tea never give me the desired full variety, no matter how many kinds I have (not many in the last decade). But coffee wouldn’t help either, the one I have currently (except the tiny lovely and somewhat expensive leftover that is needed for Alvaro’s chocolate. sometimes I feel more flexible in my diet than him. he has some items he just can’t live without, not even for a few days. we have so many items we absolutely mustn’t run out because of him. I only absolutely need eggs and some meat but I could skip meat for some days, it wouldn’t be ideal and I would need something else instead but still, I wouldn’t be as miserable and lost than him without several little things. and I am the hedonist and he is the one who can stand hunger for several hours even when doing physical work).

@triin: Welcome! Oh you do pretty well then, that’s almost pure carnivore! I am only better in my most dedicated times. Like this week I hope. I have my tea but I won’t give up that. I quit coffee again and it’s not hard but still, a little strain on me. These things can wear me down eventually.
If you will have enough time to read my comments sometimes, Alvaro is my SO. I got bored of writing “my SO” every time here, in my fav thread series. This is a lovely nest, we talk about many different things, we know a lot about each other and sometimes about each other’s friends and pets… :smiley: This is a good place. I had almost no experience with carnivore threads elsewhere but I have read about them a bit here and well, people are people, elitists, judgemental, I don’t want to search for more words now… This forum is already a higher level but this thread specifically is really lovely, even I don’t get attacked and I don’t even do carnivore. Just try to stay very close and sometimes I even try to do it right for a while. Well, pure. Proper carnivore (but the most relaxed version. and tea), I mean. Normally I have tiny extras, still great and I would be happy to stick to it for very long but I am not there yet. But as I noticed, as long as I am close to carnivore most of the time, I feel fine. So that is where I have real motivation. But motivation alone doesn’t help much, I actually like my carni food and train myself out of my really not good habits. Carnivore immediately helped with some but certain things take a longer time and coffee is a super stubborn one. Good thing I am that too. This week is supposed to be a no coffee pure carnivore (and tea) one.

Apropos this week. I didn’t write about my goals yet.
I do my best this month, it’s my last chance for a slightly longer carnivore period until 2024, after all (unless I get very determined in November).
It includes coffee.
And I planned a stricter first week but I probably won’t push myself too much. I planned a “no processed meat” (processed meat is not fresh/frozen meat to me), it sounded easy but then Alvaro opened the smoked ham package and it is lovely and useful sometimes so I just keep these things to the minimum. It won’t be difficult at this point, my sausage phase is over and I can skip smoked things for a little while. When there is not an opened package at home. Alvaro went against my plans, it happens. He almost never opens any processed meat but now he needed it for his dish.

Ugly tablet photo (I was lazy to go upstairs for the CF card for the camera):

The food wasn’t pretty either but I haven’t brought a food pic since some time…
It’s way too lean pork mince, sponge cake/with cheese/quiche and a microwaved egg.

I wonder what one can do with super lean pork mince. It wasn’t particularly good. I can eat some of it hungrily and I did but it wasn’t exactly good and I had to stop after maybe 150g? I just couldn’t bring myself to eat more and I used spices, sour cream and the jellied fatty stuff from the oven pan (fortunately chicken thigh is very fatty so it released lots of fat).
The rest of the mince will become meatballs, that probably will work better. I still feel it would be nicer using fattier meat (or skin too but I don’t always have skin to use).
Oh and not in the photo but I had some lovely crunchy chicken skin too :slight_smile: That was great but little.

No tracking yet but it’s impossible anyway as I had chicken. The skin messes up things and I doubt the data I have is good, it would mean a thigh has a too high percentage of skin… I still get some information about my protein intake, not like it’s much as I tend to eat my minimal amount on carnivore. Though maybe more when I have chicken. Or… New hypothesis: just like I regularly have higher-cal days, I regularly have higher-protein days as well. I can’t keep it at 130g all the time, after all, it’s very little. Even if theoretically should be enough for a short female with somewhat activity and tiny muscles. I probably don’t desire protein so much because I need it all. Sometimes I am hungry, sometimes I want more meat for some reason… But I can keep it at a decent level when I don’t make some big mistake like eating without reason or eating too early (if I don’t eat too late, I won’t get hungry so early the next day so that’s totally my fault too).

And I got a headache and it wore me down so… I managed ONE no-coffee day. Sigh. Oh well, I will start another coffee-less period tomorrow! I didn’t drink any before noon, at least.
But I really enjoyed my eggy, buttery coffees.


@Karen18: Everything is beautiful in your photos :smiley:

@JJFiddle: Fatty meat, I am envious!!! (Maybe I will get out of my super fatty pork shoulder from the freezer…)

And sleeping is super important so it’s good you have a method for it :slight_smile:

I had some exhausted days and yesterday evening I was so tired I went to bed EARLY. I mean it, it wasn’t even midnight! It happens like 1-2 times a year. And woke up before 6 but well rested. Still not very energetic but it’s more like mental, not physical. It’s a chill day.
And I won the weekly round on the drawing site so we don’t have ads when playing in a room I created for the next 3 months :D… That’s nice. It’s a silly drawing game with friends but we have very dark lives and it helps. Even if I hate seeing how I can’t draw using the very limited tools and time. But it’s not about that, actually. It’s fun and ideally, wittiness. It cheers us all up.

(Karen) #14

Yummy looking brisket again :heart:

(Karen) #15

Beautiful forest… we drove throught the Derbyshire Dales to Buxton today to a tea dance … 1.5 hours each way :hushed: and the dance wasn’t worth it but the scenery was… although Raymond missed most of it on the way there as he fell asleep :joy: i woke him briefly as we passed through Ashbourne which is a pretty market town and was covered with Union Jack buntings for King Charles coronation this coming weekend. Very patriotic. I was unfortunately u able to take any pics as i was driving :confounded:


The trees are mostly green now (not all but even walnuts started to have tiny leaves and they are pretty late at that. not as late as black locusts or alianthus, all 3 are everywhere around here), wild chestnuts started to bloom (one of my favs, huuuge trees with zillion big flower clusters or IDK what the right term is)… So it’s time for us to realize our plan: travelling with a little train in the mountains! It goes in very, very pretty places, we were waiting for proper foliage to go!!!

I started my tiny runs. I plan to go up to the hilltop (500m from my house so it’s very, very close but considering I can’t run such distances and especially not uphill, it’s a start!) and I have some longer ideas… After about 15km it will get trickier but Alvaro will find something, he needs half marathon distances and more now.

Of course I run in forests and similar places :slight_smile: Well the hilltop has few trees as the path goes between fields but there are trees in the wildlife park (I can’t enter it from there, sadly but it’s there)… But the other places has lots of trees. I can’t run properly everywhere but it’s fine for me now, I do need walking periods at this point.

May is one of my fav months. The weather is nice, the trees are green, I can enjoy my fruit trees without any temptation to eat anything from them :smiley: I have so many tiny fruits now, they are lovely. And of course, flowers. My quince tree and bush (well, the young one resembles a bush, not a tree) has its prettiest time now! And I still have tulips but it’s more like lilac and lily of the valley season currently.

I had dinner at some point, I almost finished my simple, lean mince with a generous usage of Greek yogurt. Nice stuff despite being so low-fat (10% is much for yogurt but I always avoided yogurt and 12% sour cream, the latter being even worse actually. proper sour cream is nice and rich enough for me). I like days when my food manages to satiate me well so I just need to focus on food during my moderately quick meals and my mind is off from it otherwise. Okay, I cooked too but that was mere minutes a few times, Alvaro had his food and mine is quick.
Oh I made my meatballs. Way too lean. Yeah, lean pork only works with skin. An egg and frying it in lard just isn’t enough. It’s very much edible but I miss fatty meat.

I got tempted to track multiple days in one, again. And it seems a better idea now. Separating my days is too much work and bother even with just a few items.

(Judy Thompson) #17

@Shinita yes, I can’t eat lean meat of any kind. White chicken meat is impossible without cutting it up and floating it in mayonnaise! So I get it about all your eggs, the yolks help immensely.
Your forest pic is beautiful from the gazebo high on the hilltop. Love the little peek of ocean on the top edge.

A home day with 2 online students today. The sous vide chicken leg quarter and the 3 slices of brisket hit the spot and I didn’t get a pic til it was pretty well destroyed!

We were on a hurry to eat by the time I talked to the 2 contacts for this week’s gigs so he said don’t bother with veggies and salad, just fix potatoes and meat. So he had chicken and brisket and NOTHING green, I was so proud of him.
Did I mention that the smell of iceberg lettuce has become horrendous? The chemicals in that lettuce are abhorrent. What a surprise :astonished:. It seems so innocent!
So. He may not get much more salad, lol.

Liverwurst tonight, with Old Croc extra sharp cheddar. I love that I can get this Aussie cheese here! Sharper cheese has next to no lactose. I still am affected by the garbage smell of lactose from the covid I had in summer 2021.

Tomorrow, Toastmasters followed by grocery shopping and lunch out, probably a hamburger patty with cheese and bacon.

(triin) #18

Well, yes, lurking for quite some time :roll_eyes:
When you get anemic, the first cure is to eat more read meat. And as you start googling, at some point you find “carnivore”. I have always liked meat and definitely there have been meat-only days before in my life, but to find out this is a “thing” took some time and thinking and reading before actually stepping into :slight_smile:
I actually don’t find it hard or too challenging. At least, since I haven’t forbidden me to have vegetables if I should feel I want. Right now I really don’t want. It may be different when summer hits and real fresh stuff becomes available. I live quite far north, so summer is short and sweet and I have all life been taught to “eat fresh while there is any”.

It’s nice to see other people are eating pork too. I don’t cook very well and I find beef is considerably more difficult to cook well for me. I do eat it, but not every day. Yesterday was just bacon, eggs, coffe and cream. Not to worry, it was a lot of bacon and eggs. I do eat twice a day most days and a lot at a time. And I’m not ready to let my coffee go. Maybe never ready for that. I really only have that one “bad” habit :smiley:

Ah, since someone wongered (I haven’t found out how to cite here yet) - the surgery “agains anemia” was just to remove all feminine bits, since there was some cell overgrow which caused massive blood flow every month. Too much details already :slight_smile: Anyway, it’s a tricky thing. You don’t grow it overnight so you don’t really notice how weak and tired you get. As my doctor said, body is amazing at adjusting. You became weaker, so you just start walking more slowly. Or you rest between stairs here and there. And then you just preserve energy in everything you do without even noticing. Now I have to slowly adjust back. I do notice I can walk faster again. Not able to climb all my stairs at once (third floor), but sometimes almost there. And my friend say I look so different with pink lips used to be really white 2 months ago). So yes, I’m slowly changing and eating meat is just a part of it. I really do like meat though, let’s see how long it lasts before I start asking for something “else”.

(Karen) #19

Oh it is good to hear you are seeing visible and feeling positive benefits from changing your eating plan. I only started eating this way gor health benefits… plus i love meat. I love that i have hardly any wastage these days and the small bin under the sink unit in my kitchen doesn’t require emptying every day. The big bin is collected bi-weekly but sometimes such as this week there was nothing to collect. The recycling bin also doesn’t always go to the front for collection every other week as that only gets full if my neighbour uses it as an overflow. (she has a family of 5 lol … there is just me in my household)

Yes just listen to what your body wants… thats the best way to eat on this plan … and as and when for frequency. Sounds like you are doing just fine x

(Karen) #20

Yesterday i was up about 8ish stair running then out in the garden with coffee and books and then in the bath to get ready for dancing over in Buxton in the Derbyshire Dales. It was a long distance to drive and only done because it was an afternoon dance. I am reluctant to drive too far in the evenings as distance driving will exhaust me still and coupled with a late night after lots of dancing is just really silly… i am out of it the next day. Never realised i would still get exhausted so quickly after all this time but it is what it is and i think hard before doing these days. Anyway the day was sunny and the scenery beautiful as ever in the Dales … roving hills for miles as far as the eye can see. The dance however was not worth the distance and very disappointing so we left after a couple of hours and enjoyed a different route back to Nottingham. Funny how the satnav takes you to and from on different routes!

I was a bit hank marving on the route back and getting dangerously low on fuel for the car too so a few prayers later hey ho out of nowhere a petrol station with a little store. I got Raymond a sandwich and had to settle for cheddar cheese as there was literally nothing else i could eat! I thought they wpuld have some cooked chick or ham but no! So i had to chomp on a block of cheese in a very unladylike manner :joy:

We had started out late morning so i hadn’t eaten and it was now 4pm. When i got home i cooked up the second of a pack of 2 sirloins and it was as tasteless as the first. I thought it would be the same so i had popped 6 chicken drumsticks in oven to eat afterwards.

I was exhausted by the time i went to bed but had a fairly reasonable sleep … by my standards lol. Up early before 7 and stair running before coffee and books in the garden then out to CrossFit. Great workout today and now sitting again in the garden … really must get on to weed the rest of my pots!

Tummy starting to grumble so i guess i need to refuel the old bod. I have a small steak in the fridge defrosting and some chicken thighs defrosting on the side and a packet of cooked chicken tikka slices defrosting and 2 more beef burgers already defrosted waiting to be cooked. Plenty to see me through the rest of the day :grinning: