Marble-ous Meat Munching May! - ZC Carnivore 31-day Challenge - 2023

(triin) #61

I have a full day today (and two more such days this week), where I have to rely on “cafeteria food”. I have no idea what they offer. I think I might probably rather fast, but we’ll see.
There’s no cooler to keep packed food, so I will not pack anything. I have actually never thought about such situations, but there will definitely be more. Fasting is better than just packing some cheese and salami, right?


It depends. If I get hungry, I need to eat so fasting is a very bad idea then.
I always bring my own food when there is a serious chance I get hungry, there won’t be proper food in the right amount (my SO’s Mom used to think a single big chicken leg - about 400g meat in raw weight - is enough for me. well, nope) and I am not willing to eat whatever I can… It’s a smaller stray at Alvaro’s meat-lover Mom (especially since she stopped baking so much. she is amazing at both cooking and baking, not like I particularly need it now. no fancy cooking can make a better food than some lovely roasted pork chuck. I do love variety but it’s not needed when I leave my home for a little while) but sometimes the food just isn’t good or enough for me. Sometimes she gets creative, considers fried chicken (I mean, merely frying in oil, no breading, just some bad oil but I can survive that) boring and put carbs into it. (While frying pork or turkey would be a nicer option if you ask me.)
But I got carried away a bit. So, I bring my food. I did it for a motorbike ride too, ages ago. It was multiple days and we hadn’t much room for food but there were supermarkets anyway so I only brought a little emergency food. I did vegetarian keto back then but the main thing is I like to be prepared. There are options even on carnivore. Even perishable stuff is fine for the very beginning. It’s trickier to pack for the 5th day but if I travel for so long, I go shopping anyway :slight_smile:

Even if you are sure fasting wouldn’t be a real problem, bringing something may be a good idea. Or it may be not. In my tiny family, I am the “OMG I need to avoid hunger at almost all cost”, I like to be safe… Well, in my case it’s avoiding eating carbs if there are no better options. I DON’T DO hunger.
So I bring food and if I don’t need it, I just don’t use it.
While my SO is the strong one who starves himself without a problem but if he has emergency food, he eats it without a need. So he fears that happening. It’s so interesting, to me it’s WAY easier not to eat when I am not hungry but have something not extremely tempting while he sticks to his own rules to keep his figure, no matter how bad is his hunger but can’t resist some nuts he already brought with him when travelling (his number one travel food. he has no emergency food as he can’t handle anything like that, apparently).

If it’s below a day, I pack eggs, meat and cheese. The meat is roast and dry sausage, typically. Boiled eggs last for a while but I actually prefer my sponge cakes, they last longer and they are my bread anyway. Some cheeses and the sausage is a bit salty for me at this point so some unsalted (though naturally salty) eggs help.

I never needed to pack for a longer time. I am unsure how long roasts last, surely a bit longer in a cooling bag lined with ice… But if there are days, I go shopping anyway, not like it’s good enough. I can’t live on processed meat and dairy alone, not even for a day. Well theoretically. If I must.

(Karen) #63

Up early this morning, about 6.40am and did stair runs then in garden to read in the sunshine and have my coffee. Off to the 9.30 CrossFit session which was good and home for brunch about midday. Brunch was 2 lamb chops which were really nice, i have 2 left for later plus i have and still am eating some sliced cooked beef. I picked 2 x 400g packs at Aldi yesterday… beef trimmings but they are actually large slices and very tender and tasty. Only £2.49 per pack. I started one pack last night and digging in to same pack today.

All the green arrows! This is last weeks fitbit report and i am a happy bunny.

Doing not a lot for the rest of the day. Probably a rump steak for later, i have 2 in the fridge :grinning:


Sorry I didn’t mean it that way. I made that sound confusing. I meant that I defrosted a steak for me and since hubby eats it all, he is a carby dude, I do make him eat alot of steak for my convenience. So when I had a steak that needed to be used or lose it, I said you eat my steak tonight…he said I don’t want steak, been eating too many, I want spaghetti or something like that I said nope, I do not want that steak, YOU are eating it before I have to throw it :slight_smile: So I forced another unwanted steak on him LOL

Glad you enjoyed your rabbit and pig heart, girl you are eating some good carnivore meats!!

@Karen18, ohh ok I get ya on that. Gave your eggs that dark look from the steak fat cooking etc. Yea I love the simplicity of just eat when hungry and don’t when ya don’t. Since I am longer on plan, and I feel you are too now that we don’t ‘struggle’ to eat more on some days, like you said, we just don’t need the food, which to me shows great health improvement on our total nutrition and how our bodies are doing so well. Hey, even if not eating, we never have to worry, cause a hunger meal time will come and we woof down the meats anyway!

@JJFiddle, sorry for your bro struggling with the med changes he has to tackle. But to get out and hit up 4 desserts? hmmm, do we carnivores need to all come over there? carnivore intervention time HA I hope it becomes easier for him.

Good post!!

NO. eating is better. See our food intake is what heals the body point blank. So eating is a better option at all times. Yes take your salami and cheese! It means you got something down ya anyway and can hold ya til ya get home to eat up some real food! Fasting on carnivore is never the best answer, especially for newbies on plan. There are times we have no food around or can’t take any in a cooler, for me I carried like 10 slim jims or other beef sticks in my purse :slight_smile: saved me many times, lol.

Plus one of the easier things is eat big before ya go anywhere! Eat a good solid meal before ya leave the house, that way you kinda don’t need to worry about not having food later, at least ya got something down ya but again, salami and cheese, yea I would be taking it.

----------------more great meat pics on the thread!!

yesterday for me was 2 filet mignon steaks.

I had a 6 oz at 11am.
I had 3 slices salami around 2. Boredom eat on this one, lol.
Then around 4 I ate another 6 oz filet.

That is low intake still but I had 0 desire for any more food than that.

I got to eat a ribeye steak this is now hanging out in the fridge…ahhh, poor me. Will eat that ribeye and see how the eating day goes. Again I feel I need or don’t desire anything. Food is not a focus at all. Still loving that perk of zc!

Since the pool covered got ripped to shreds I am forced to start up the pool cleanup early so with nice weather today I will start to tackle that issue. Outside working, in the sun, yea, my type of day. Still waiting for the nice high heat summer days, seem to be getting nicer now and I think that BBrr chill is behind us.

ZC Strong all!


Few symptoms of a head cold today. Felt hungry at lunch so had a double beef burger with bacon and cheese from a food truck and ate the meat and cheese from it. Usually I fast on work days. Tonight I ate a 3 egg ham and cheese omelette cooked in butter. Early to bed. Slept 10 hours last night, then long day at work. Now I’m ready for another sleep. I’m interested to see what these mild cold symptoms do, had a zinc supplement with tonight’s meal.


Hey all. Not even 11:30am here, and its been a day! First job of the morning was to wrangle both doggies into the car and take them to the vet for their well-doggie check up and shots for the kennel. I had to take one into the office at a time, bc there is NO WAY I was gonna try to deal with both of them around other doggies. SOOO glad I did that. Miss Doodles flew right off her collar to sniff another doggy. Not cool. I had to carry her into the exam room. And carried her out too. She had an ear infection, which was almost expected- as she’s been tugging at them little by little. So, good time for the appt. Took her to the car, and brought out Sisu. I have a full body police-type harness on her for control. 83 pounds of pure strength and will requires that sort of thing. (Vet complimented the idea.)
Had to take Sisu out the back door of the vet’s as there were TWO other German Sheps in the waiting area. Can you even imagine the mayhem?! It was bad enough with two! And while they were both older Sheps, and taller- they weighed 25 & 30 pounds less than Sisu. Very glad there is a back door!!! So, once we got into the car and paid over $400 (UGH), it was decided that I needed a treat. So, we hit the drive through coffee shop for an Americano with HWC and an extra shot. Got home, and spent an hour removing dog hair from the seats of the car. (Forgot that car does not have seat covers.) Oh what fun.
Quite hungry after all that, so I did it. Opened the tin of Mackerel in olive oil. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Never tried it before, but I’m thinking that will be the new go-to treat when I don’t feel like cooking.

Next job is to find and smack down the hornet that found its way into the house. Ewwww!

Spent yesterday evening cleaning up the old grape vines, and chopping down some of the massive blackberry stalks out back. Must go find hand clippers to deal with the little stuff that’s wrapped around the trellis and fence. So tangly and messy. Then, need to start raking the crud and vines out of the garden, and plow that bad boy. Can’t wait! The sun is shining and its over 70F here - so time to get at it!

Have a wonderful and blessed carnivory day!


Just like the pork “scraps” I buy :slight_smile: Not very small, lovely, tender pieces! I fried them today, not as much as I usually do but it was so, so good… :blush:

I haven’t eaten ruminant since quite long, we will see if we find something on Saturday on our next city shopping…

This is individual too. Eating a little is always worse than fasting for both Alvaro and I. I need a decent sized meal most of the time. So if I bring food, I bring a lot :wink: A little only when I know I will be able to eat something where I go and only need some extra.
I never can be as hungry well-fasted as after a too small meal…
But if someone doesn’t have this, yep, some substantial smallish meal should work. It works even for me sometimes… I never know when it does and when doesn’t.

It may or may not work but yes, it has chances. Anything above 1600 kcal probably would have a good chance for me (but only dinner works for that, very very rarely a late lunch). Even if I would get hungry again, a tiny meal would do the trick. I would need to put my proper meat and eggs into the big meal but not everyone has a need for them every day. I do.
So we should just know ourselves and plan, pack, arrange and eat accordingly.
Sometimes fasting is the best idea but I agree, when we get hungry, we should eat, even if we need to choose fasting, it’s not the ideal option, just the smallest evil if we failed to do things right…
As I typically leave the house in the morning when I go farther, I don’t have the option of eating before at all.

I have chill days. I still eat a few bites around noon and I had a little leftover coffee too (and cheese still seems tempting but a little was enough) but my first proper meal is lunch and I get satiated easily with my proper meat :slight_smile: Sooo nice to have properly fatty, tender pork now.
I don’t do exactly carnivore though, I should go stricter before I go all crazy (and anyway, that was the plan originally, doing it properly if possible)… It’s so odd, I do like my carni food but things just happen. Though they tend to happen when I don’t have any proper meat ready to eat at the moment… :thinking: But I won’t have that unfortunate situation in the next days, I am roasting a “big” amount of meat and still have fried pork and lots of heart. (And liver and fish and sausage in the freezer if I really need something else.)

(Karen) #68

This rump for dinner was okay… slightly tough but overall not complaining.

Also ate a small tin of tuna with a bit of mayo and finished off the beef trimmings and a small amount of cheddar. Well satiated … definitely need all this fuel to get me through the following morning sweaty workouts!

(Karen) #69

Up just prior to 7.30am alarm this morning. Stair runs done, meds, BP and into the garden with books and black coffee. Plants are coming back nicely, just weeded them and disturbed the soil and it is nice to see my acer with all the leaves back and flourishing well. I only bubblewrapped the stem of this one in the pic. The rhododendrums are blooming … this one bloomed before the other one (not photo’d) last year and has done so again this year although the other one has buds that are beginning to open.

went to CrossFit and oh Blimey O’Reilly a gassy hard wod today. started on the row and ended on the bike :nauseated_face::cold_sweat:

Stayed to chat with another coffee then home to eat a cheese omelette … done in the steak fat again @fangs. It was nice but i think i like it better with sausages in it aswell as the cheese these days… you know how we get hooked on things every now and again.

Not sure what the rest of the day has in store as yet but i have plenty meat in the fridge for later :grinning:


@SecondBreakfast, girl your post is action packed for sure…enjoyed reading it all, lol. You are one busy person definitely!! Ya hit 70, that is great, beats snowing right? :wink:

@Karen18, I was just gonna ask about your garden and how it was coming along and ya gave an update, nice. Great food pic, that meat juice makes the pic!!

wonderful pics. I love that Meercat statue ya got in that pic.
Is that purple tree a Japanese Maple?

I sure get how we get hooked on things and if your meaty omlette is making ya happy you eat it up, til that day ya say, nah LOL

@Shinita, I get some physically ‘feel’ that a small meat is not better than eating something but when out and about, on the road or in an issue where you can’t get your meal, on zc it is advisable to always eat something vs. nothing. Especially when new. It takes ‘very little’ for us carnivores to do very well on small food intake when we do need it, in fact, our bodies can demand this so an option for zc when you can’t be on your best schedule is eat if you need it at all times when ya can in these types of situations. :slight_smile:

-------------IN SUPER low eating mode still. 0 food focus.
yesterday I did not get to that ribeye but today I must use it.

yesterday was 6 very big chicken wings.
a can of tuna and mayo for second meal.

yea…right…is that the most pathetic zc eating day? Well it suited me perfectly. Not a fan of the chicken wings plain. Since I dumped all spice etc. they were SO bland but I enjoyed eating all that nice skin from the wings tho. I shoulda cooked that ribeye second meal cause I was hungry, but had no desire to eat it. Thought long and hard, can of tuna and mayo…omgosh it went down hard, LOL, but it was enough easily.

My entire insides feel so wonderful and feels so off all inflammation ya know. Got that stellar inside body feeling of goodness that is screaming ZC! to the max!

Today is eat that steak first. Must eat, will not lose it ever to the landfill :wink:, so will be first meal. Second, hmm, no idea. Don’t care :slight_smile: Wonderful place to be in my eating days now. Life is good.

ZC rock on all!!


Not for us who just get way hungrier and unsatisfied with too small meals. Alvaro (yeah he does HCHF but it’s our type, no matter the woe) never would eat a little as fasting feels WAY better for him, same with me. Well it depends but it’s usually true for me. I just don’t know if a small meal would do any good but usually it’s the worst I can do.
I understand this is odd as the body gets some nutrients but I can’t handle feeling starved. I am just hungry when well-fasted and it may go away later, much better.

But if I have a little food, I definitely can pull it off with a bigger chance using good carni items (especially meat) than anything else :slight_smile: Alvaro has it with other items but it’s almost irrelevant for him, he needs a big amount of calories, macros aren’t that important. A bit yes but not very much.

We tested it enough times. When hungry (and it’s our first or maybe second meal), we never ever ever ever should eat a small meal. If we don’t have 1000-1500 kcal, we rather fast or else we will have deep, painful regrets and starvation feeling galore, almost surely. I can do less in the morning but then I need to eat very frequently all day, not good even at home.
So it’s just how we are and we accepted this and act accordingly.

I tried to have a smallish meal so many times… It couldn’t happen.

But what is totally insane for me and it happens ALL THE TIME in novels, fanfics, movies… Maybe I mentioned it before…? That a hungry person eats an apple. It’s about the absolute worst Alvaro or I could do. It tends to make us ravenous even if we were perfectly satiated before (but not because our last meal was super close). Or it was for me in the past, I changed much and I don’t test it anyway.
But apparently it works for some people. It’s amazing how very different we are.

Today goes… okay-ish this far. I mean, I only had some coffees with a little egg milk. Not good, not tragic :smiley:
So I FINALLY go back to not really eating until lunchtime. I can’t even think about skipping lunch nowadays but that’s… fine? Not ideal or more like it’s hit and miss, may work, may not… A single big meal works way better but I am not always ready for that. I am curious if I get easy satiation like yesterday… I really loved my meat but I still couldn’t eat much of it for lunch, it happens.

Yeah chicken alone may be a tad bland (it doesn’t bother me, still tender food with a little flavor - but I always have something better too ;)) BUT… I hear so odd things in videos… Roasted pork being bland without spices. But it’s not! It’s perfect! I don’t use any spice on my roasted pork because no way it could make it even better :smiley: Well if the cut is properly fatty and I like it.
But tastes differ, obviously. And it’s not bad when I eat my pork with the tandoori masala jellied thingie in the oven pan after I roasted it together with some huge chicken legs and I put spice on those… :wink: It’s still not needed but nice when my pork is lean. Fatty roasted pork chuck, as I often state, is perfection to me, only a little salt, I don’t desire anything else with it.


Coffee and HWC so far today.

Finished the grape vines yesterday, chopped down some of the blackberry stalks that were interrwined. Ugh. The thorns on blackberry plants are a force to be reckoned with. That was brutal. But, got the job done. Raked all the old vines, a few dead tree branches, the blackberry stalks into piles and carried them to the burn pile. The west end of the yard looks much better.
East side happens today. Weather report says 81F today. Gonna whip out a tank top (or swimsuit) and begin work after a quick trip to the store. Need me some more tinned mackerel. =)

So get this…hubby saw a video from Dr. Berg - I think it was something to do with a 14 day no-sugar challenge. He watched the video and decided he was going to do it! He says, “So, ya wanna do the 14 day no-sugar challenge with me?” I’m like, “Sure!” … but thinking to myself…I’m already no sugar (or carbs for that matter). Still, wanting to be supportive and eager - if it helps him. So, that was a new thing. Very happy to encourage him onto a new way of life.

Ugly little occurrence two nights ago…think a weasel got into the chicken coop. Lost a hen and a gob of eggs. So, had to modify the coop and tighten things up a bit. All were present and accounted for this morning.
Eats yesterday were coffee w HWC, mackerel, beef chuck roast (2 hunks), little square of Feta cheese, and a plain beef brat.
Today, it might be the day to do some eggs and bacon w cheese in a chaffle. (I use eggs, cheese, xanthan gum and no almond flour) Not sure why that sounds so appealing, but, its on the menu.

Have a great day all!!!

(Karen) #73

@Fangs the meercats were my mums, she just lo ed them and had quite a few … i never was much into them until she passed over the rainbow and then when the garden was overhauled and i started rooting through the shed i came across them all and they just looked sweet in the garden and remind me of my lovely mum :hugs: the tree is more a maroony colour than purple but yes thats the bigger of the 4 i picked up last year. I have another the same colour, much smaller and 2 more, one green and one orange. I will take a pic of the others tomorrow morning if its sunny. It is great that your inflamtion has eased so much. I am going off spice but you’re right, without spice chicken is so bland. I have just cooked 4 thighs with cajun spice. They were really tasty … not sure whether the skins would have tasted better without the spice … i think the best thing will be to go back to spicing them as i bag n freeze them, i reckon they will taste better done that way round… it’s how i used to do it…
Think i just became very lazy!

Update on food… i have had a bit of cheddar that I picked up in Tescos and also bought a number of reduced meats, sausages etc not cheap like The Company shop but still reduced! Chucked most of it in the freezer. I do like a fully stocked freezer :grinning:
Cooked last 2 lamb chops from 4 pack I opened yesterday and then ate the chicken thighs x 4


Yes. I bought some lovely leather gloves to be saved from the ones that just subtly gaze me (and still stab me painfully). Of course, NOTHING except some thick metal or something can save me from a direct attack of a blackberry but it won’t happen often… But no matter what I do, it always hurt me when I get close. Hopefully the gloves help, I haven’t tested them yet. I try to use them against grass but I just can’t feel anything in them or grab really well so I just weed without. And my hand is covered by cuts… Plants are aggressive.

:slight_smile: What does it entail? No added sugar only? That’s easy, Alvaro does it very nearly every day :slight_smile:
Oh it doesn’t matter if we already do it, once I joined a No Booze November. I had an automatic No Booze October already and didn’t plan to consume any in November but that just makes things easier, not a problem. And support is nice.
Added sugar is the thing that is very obviously not good for anyone so I am all for people go for it. I can understand a tiny bit as having zero tolerance cuts off very many things and some may be very useful while bringing 1g sugar per day, week or month, I have such items (and I finally want to get rid of those and I will). But for 2 weeks, truly no added sugar is doable for most making up their minds.

My condolences for the hen and eggs :frowning:

My lunch, kind of. I ate more sponge cakes (well they are all cheesy and some are light quiche, I mean, less sour cream as usual so it’s not as wet. I like it) and couldn’t finish my meats.
Pork heart, chicken liver, fatty pork on the plate.

Isn’t my quiche muffin pretty? :smiley:

I ate the rest for dinner and some more food (like milky coffees, mmmm. I try to quit coffee tomorrow…) , yep, I still get easy satiation. That’s nice. Do I want to track? I have most numbers (I used cheese liberally again but most went into my quiche). Nope, I don’t.


My understanding is no sugar (no fruit, pop,honey, etc.) and no bread, pasta, carby crap. He can have some veggies- but not carrots, beets, tatoes, - sugary, carby stuff.

So breakfast for him was two hard boiled eggs.
Lunch was a sausage and cheese omlette
Dinner - not sure yet.

I bought some bubbly water- which I know he likes, plus iced tea is always good.


Wow, that’s waaaaaay tougher than my original keto was!
It’s about as strict as my strictest carnivore-ish times and I hardly do them for 2 whole weeks!
Good luck to it, I stick to my tiny sugars :slight_smile:
I already dropped my carrots for good but only when I dropped (almost) all vegs as it was a very important one, all my soups contained it. Apart some juicy veg slices it makes no sense to me to stay away from carrots while eating the others… I have it similar with fruits, it makes no sense to me to limit it to “berries”…

I am much better with limiting my carbs and doing whatever I want with my allowance. I do cut out whole food groups but I was fine with that, it was my own and very right choice. I wasn’t fine to choose one item over the other in the same groups just because others think I should do that. I choose the one I need more or the one that gives me less carbs. Banana over most other fruits, carrot and peas over cauliflower… And I just couldn’t care less about sugars on carnivore (of course I am careful with my extra items and their sugar content on my normal, near carnivore woe). I still don’t go very far often because I have other reasons to be careful with the more sugary carnivore items. They just aren’t the ones satiating me and I already tend to overeat, I don’t need some extra “help” with that. But I didn’t experience their sugar content would do anything bad to me. Animal sugar seems special.

(KM) #77

In the US there are a few brands of mayo that use 100% avocado oil, and no seed oils. I consider avocado oil to be okay, as avocados are a naturally oily food, there isn’t industrial processing involved. Primal Kitchen, Sir Kensington, and Chosen Foods. there is also Betterbody. I prefer the taste of Betterbody, truly can’t tell it from regular mayonnaise, but it has EDTA in it.


I am more referencing the need for actual food intake when new on zc for electrolyte issues. Very fast a new zc person can flip and upset the electrolyte balances so it is advisable to not intentionally fast thru any long situations in one’s day because even if a small amt of food, it can keep one’s electrolytes etc. more balanced. Like for me, when in my first year zc, I could start to go very long without eating, but I could ‘go down fast’ without food in a snap of a finger. I got hit with alot of times this happened to me when adapting. I remember one time very stamped in my mind cause I felt so bad, so fast…taking a long car trip and skipped eating breakfast cause I wasn’t hungry when the family wanted to stop and eat, so I didn’t eat. About 2 hrs after that while driving I got very dizzy and shaky and foggy in the car. Bad feeling that hit very fast. I said to hubby I wanna eat and need to eat right now and he and my kid are like, well we ate a bit ago, can ya hold off longer and we will all stop for food again and I said nope. Take next exit off this highway and get me thru a drive thru for a fast food burger before I end up in the emergency room, lol. Got my double naked burger patties and I was instantly fine. So this is the type of situation where having even just salami and cheese on hand could help a person very much thru zc adaption and transition. It is never all about the hunger.

@SecondBreakfast, sorry on that weasel. We had some skunks and coons hit up thru our fencing and put out traps around perimeter and got a few. Then we just decided to dig the fencing down about a foot into the dirt around the fencing we had to just handle the issues of them wiggling under even a tight fence. Believe me it is hard darn it to protect our food while they want it as their food too :slight_smile:

WOW that is a tough no sugar challenge. Usually ‘sugar free’ challenges are just fluffy…as in no cookies and known refined sugary crap and dump it, that one your hubby is on is basically carnivore, lol, love it.

@Karen18, oh that was your mom’s statue. Cool you can look at it and get back some good memories :wink: I always found to ‘pot’ trees tough to handle. As in we do take very long trips away and watering and more always became an issue for me on container/pot planting.

Yea, chicken right…great filler to eat but without some good ol’ spice it is so dramatically boring it is crazy, lol.

SO…for me, yesterday I finally did eat that ribeye. omgosh I almost consigned it to the garbage bin cause I did not want it at all. But I fried it up and one bite, I woofed down that whole ribeye in a flash :wink:

second meal, plain chicken breast. Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, without spice on it it is the most boring piece of meat I had in ages :partying_face::100::crazy_face: But I ate it and called it a zc day!

still on low food intake. 0 interest.

today is something pork. yum. have to hit grocery for others in the house, kiddo is yelling there is NO food in the house for her to eat, lol…so if lucky I can hit some pork mark down or good sale. Will see what there is, if not, come home and grab some chops out for defrost to eat later. Yup, sounds like a zc plan to me :star_struck:

Feeling good, just cruising along.


Two nights now, and no weasel attacks. YAY! Yesterday, the girls (minus that one hen) gave me 13 eggs. Thrilled about that. A second baby turkey hatched in the incubator yesterday. So, 10 baby chickies and two baby turkies now.

Hooked the disc up to the tractor yesterday evening, and hubby beautified my garden in about 15 minutes. =) I spent part of the day raking in there, and hauling the big rocks out. Seems like each winter, the coldness forces the ground to burp up more and more rocks. I found about 5 pounds of tatoes still in tact, too. Must have missed a couple mounds when I was harvesting them last fall.

So, today, taking our oldest daughter (24) on a two hour excursion to have her wisdom teeth removed. She typically doesn’t handle this stuff very well. After we get back here, she decided to spend the night with us, so she won’t be alone if she feels yucky. I’ve purchased some frozen dairy free things for her to nibble on, and made a couple items as well. Plus she will get scrambled eggs and mashies. The kid has some weird dairy issue, not just lactose intolerance - she actually ends up with throat infections (and is the last thing she’ll need after dealing with the wisdom teeth.)

Hubby made it through two days, and is on day 3 now. Yesterday, he had two hardboiled eggs for brekkie, a sausage and cheese omlette for lunch, and a massive salad with bacon, HB eggs, shredded cheese, onion and bleu cheese dressing. The only thing that I think really sets this challenge apart from carnivoe WOE is the fact that he can have veggies. His salad mix was just lettuce and cabbage- no carrots. And, he can eat peanuts. That saved him from wanting his beloved chips yesterday. He still wants them, but did okay with peanuts.
He was so intrigued with the video Dr. Berg made, that he sent the link to his whole management team and encouraged them to try it out. One manager wrote back to everyone that she mostly eats that way now, and listed all the health improvements she’s experienced. Maybe this will actch on? Who knows? I am just geeked that he found something to challenge him in such a way that it brings him around closer to my WOE.

So for today, thinking Imma just gonna fast for a bit, and then eat sometime after I get back home with the kiddo. Really not hungry at all.

Have a blessed day, all!

(KM) #80

If you’re using a flexible fencing and have hard soil I’ve found it a time saver to do what I call the “L” method. Dig an 18" line just below the surface (that is, take up a strip of sod about 18" wide outside the fence line). bend the fence outward so it’s an L shape running along the ground, and then cover it up again. Critters try to dig down at the fence line and run into the horizontal fence buried under the sod.