Marble-ous Meat Munching May! - ZC Carnivore 31-day Challenge - 2023

(Karen) #41

Hi all, up early after a not so great, wakeful night. It is strange how sometimes after a bad night we actually feel not too bad… sometimes of course, in fact mostly we feel crap. Got the stair runs done with a couple of minutes under my usual time and thought …:thinking: okay. So after reading with a nice strong black coffee in the garden, before the rain was due lol it was off to CrossFit to a pairs workout. My daughter has been having more IVF treatment so didn’t book on the class and so when I saw one of the guys who quite often joins us in our team i asked if he wanted to pair up … he is such a sweet quiet guy and probably didn’t dare say no :rofl::rofl::rofl: no really he seemed happy to pair with me even though he is really tall and i am such a shortass.:wink: i can hold my own hahaha. It was a ‘you go, i go’ so not competing against each other. It was a great workout and i felt really good. Each wod was 11 mins full on as many rounds and reps as possible.

Popped into The Company Shop on my way home and bumped into my daughter Sian which was nice. I got 5 rump steaks, 2 packets of german smoked ham, a block of mature cheddar, 2 small packets of cooked chicken slices and 2 large packets of peri chicken wings = £19.55 :grinning:

Just relaxing and watching the Kings Coronation. Put the TV on just in time to watch him get crowned and Queen Consort get crowned. Time that well … i thought it would be mid afternoon, i hadn’t checked first lol.

So what to eat … :thinking: think my eggs might need to be eaten up so a cheese omelette me thinks.

So i had the cheese omelette with some added sausages cooked in the left over steak fat and it was flippin lush

had some more sausage shortly after plus some cheese and just eaten a rump… there was quite a bit of gristle and inedible fat but there was still plenty good beef which was rather delish.
Sat and watched the parades … wow amazing organisation to set 4000 troops, bandsmen and cavalry off at the same time all playing the music in sync wow wow wow. Glad i tuned in on time. The crowds were amazing and security must have been so difficult but they were awesome with no incidents. A proud British moment … :uk::uk::uk:


Let’s see, broke the 36 hour fast with turkey bacon cooked in butter, then scrambled the eggs in the lovely drippings. Used the last of the ketosis pee sticks, and found I was in between moderate and high state of ketosis. YAY!
Watching my eats carefully. Decided I would eventually try a Dr. Boz recommendation - sardines in oil. Never eaten a sardine that I can recall. Bought mackeral in oil too. There is a higher fat content in the mackeral - which is appealing to me. So, I’ll try that this week.

During the fasting time, I started getting muscle cramps in the feetsies…Oh the destruction that one broken bone has caused in my feet! UGH. They are so incredibly sensitive now!

Not sure what i’ll be munching today…but it will be higher fat than protein. Maybe some butter to start off with…

(Judy Thompson) #43

@FrankoBear I’m reading that Anthony Chaffee is speaking in Perth. Wondering if you’re going to see him.

Here is some food -

Ate the white chicken meat raw with mayo, crisped the brisket on the frying pan.

This was a “meat lovers omelet” at a restaurant in town. Seems like they just chopped up all the leftover meat and re-overcooked it. I won’t be ordering that again. If we go there again I’ll just get a plain cheese omelet.

Ringing in on the olive oil issue -
When I quit veggies almost 16 months ago, I threw out all vegetable oils and have never looked back. But there’s one thing I do use and that’s commercial mayo. I had actually been making my own mayo on keto for a few years after reading a post on KF! But on Carni, began trying to make mayo with bacon grease and ghee and duck fat. Then somebody in this thread said “if I want mayo I just eat mayo.” so I said duh, ok, and haven’t made any mayo since. Which means I’m consuming soy oil, one of the worst oils for any diet, on a fairly regular basis.
However I must always remind myself that this lifestyle at least for me, is a process. If I make it a pedantic quasi religion like I have all my past diets, I won’t last on it, and to have it last my lifetime is what I’m after here. So I feel like if you want to try using the olive oil and see how it goes, it certainly will not kill you (at least right away lol :joy:) and you may find yourself dropping it eventually anyway.

So over the weekend we finished off the half brisket and whole chicken. I’ll thaw the other half of the brisket and another bag of chicken thighs and there is a pork butt that’s first in line for the sous vide for this week. So, I’m set for the week with beef and pork. Love my big freezer!

The weekend’s gigs were long. Friday the 5 hour run of 3 restaurants, Saturday EIGHT hours, 3-11 because we played Derby Day at the winery, then went on to do 2 restaurants. This morning, we played a delightful 2 hour brunch party at a vineyard. The wind was pretty stiff out there and it was an exhilarating day for an outdoor party.
I tried their shrimp, it was in sour cream and had a little dill. Then we went to the brewery for lunch and I had a piece of knackwurst. Later, OH my tummy :persevere:
That stuff raced through my body so fast, and I felt like I hadn’t eaten in days - I’m used to high nutrient, unsullied food, so broke out the liverwurst and patched up that problem in just a few bites!

(triin) #44

Nothing changed, I still love my meats. Starting, I kinda worried, what if I grow bored eating all the same stuff. So far it’s fine. I’m not saying I don’t have occasional “wants”, but not as much and as strongly as I would have thought. I have two kids at home I cook for, so I have all kinds of food available. But really, I still like meat most.
Have others noticed that they are growing hungry faster when eating fish compared to meat? Looks like that’s something I have to consider better.

(Karen) #45

Yes fish doesn’t cut ot for me either so i aways have some meat put handy for cooking either with the fish or to have it straight after. Generally speakin i need beef for satiation if i use eggs they have to be large and i often use 3 of them. Chicken/turkey isn’t usually enough either. It is because when ZC-ing we need fatty meat to satiate and chicken n turkey is way too lean. I would like to day i only choose fatty meats but i ca’t resist the reduced section :wink:

Talking Olive oil … i only use it in frying pan when i am uding butter o fry my meat in as it stops it burning and going brown.

(Karen) #46

So yesterday i did my stair runs and usual routine of coffee in garden with books then went to glam up for the Coronation Tea Dance in the afternoon over near Birmingham. It was a lovely but long afternoon on quite a hard floor… the air con wasn’t working and the room became very warm. I had a union jack wig on and so it wasn’t long before i was a sweaty mess :laughing::cold_sweat: (Photo taken at the end of the afternoon! ) I obviously had to keep it on till i got home as my hair was just stuck to my head lol. We danced just about all afternoon and both Raymond and I felt very weary on the way home. I had taken a packet of cooked chicken slices to eat on way home as there were just plated sandwiches and little cakes for everyone… if i had brought 2 packets with me i would have eaten 2 packets cos i was famished! So as soon as i got home i cooked up a steak, ate a bit of cheddar cheese amd finished the packet of ham that i had a few slices of prior to the dance and another packet of cooked chicken slices. That was all about 6.30pm!

I was in bed early!

This morning up about 7.30 stair running thn tried to sit outside to read and have my coffee but it started spitting so i came indoors. Rain was forcast today … we are at the point where it is rain-cold-hot-cold-sunny very hot, like yesterday and back to cool and rain today!

Went off to CrossFit for a teams workout. It was a great workout too and today some of the peeps from the resilience classes joined in. It was lovely to have them there giving it a go with all the youngsters such a diverse age range today … i am usually the eldest there!

Returned home and after a 2nd black coffee cooked up a sirloin steak and 4 sausages and a small piece of cheddar cheese. Relaxing for the rest of the day!

I have a few bits in the fridge so will make my mind up about dinner later this afternoon. X

Oh btw … my daughter has started the ivf process once again and had another egg planted today. She had better amount and standard of eggs and has some for freezing this time round. So we need lots of prayer for Sian again. He may be getting fed up listening to my daily prayers for her lol … only joking! :pray::pray::pray:


I started to write this comment on Saturday, it’s time to send it… :upside_down_face:

I ate 4 times yesterday and even my very inaccurately tracked macros are quite bad… I think I might have overdone dairy yesterday… :flushed: 1000 kcal from it alone… And it’s not actually satiating but definitely nice…
I don’t know if I ever ate cream cheese (if mascarpone doesn’t count. it is very different but they are both cream cheeses, actually) but I read about it on non-Hungarian keto forums since some years and I have found it several weeks ago and now I tasted it. Oh it’s good :smiley: Like cottage cheese, the other exotic item I have tried lately, love at first taste! :smiley: Not dangerously addictive, just a nice thing to have when I don’t have a better idea in the end of a meal. I saw many recipes with cream cheese and couldn’t make them until now…

So, yesterday (maybe I never will track some days in this week and it’s fine but I did it for yesterday) guesstimation says 176g protein and 192g fat. Of course I overdid both. And at this point it’s really no consolation that my carbs stayed low, of course they did. But it’s quite fine as long as I don’t get hungry too early today too. And manage not to inhale a ton of cheese. 188g for yesterday not countring the little cream cheese. I am NOT used to this! I used to use cheese in moderation… But I had a new cheese and Masdaam (one of my big favs) too… And too many meals… I never consider eating a lot of dairy or processed stuff good, they should be just accents. Or cheese should go into a dish but I just ate it alone with abandon.
Oh well. I have a cheesy phase :cheese:. But today I have lots of lovely roast so hopefully my focus will be on meat.

I still drink coffee but I had little sleep and while coffee doesn’t have a physical effect on me, it’s still nice… And I still have cream. I finish it today. Coffee and cream are just a too good combo :slight_smile:
I feel my about zero self-control regarding food and drink is even worse this week… But at least this way I don’t feel being restrained at all. Not like I ever really feel that but usually it wears me down even if I don’t really feel it and like my food. But now I am completely free, truly eating whatever I want and not just almost. This is nice, not having temptations.

I don’t want to blur all the rest of the next paragraph and it’s not so much about food but about my fruits and those are kind of food so I warn everyone. But it’s a heartache and my life.

In June and July I will have a way smaller temptation that expected. My fruit garden will have a very poor year :cry: Everyone around here has the same problems regarding certain trees (maybe not the orchard where there are maybe 10000 trees). A disease is here since some years but it is horrible now. Our such trees never yield much (and the fruit is perfect for everything a fruit can do) but zero (or almost), that hits us hard. I don’t even want to eat the fruits (of course I always taste all kind I have but it’s minuscule and not needed but mine and there and lovely) but it’s my pride and joy :frowning: And Alvaro heavily depends on them. If it’s a single year, he can just eat all the canned fruit we have from the last years (2019-2022, IDK if we have something older), at least he finally can finish them (we have so much) but if the problems stay afterwards, it would be costly. I am not sure he can eat less fruit (and he already buys a lot as we don’t have enough for his oatmeals, not just any kind can go there, far from it. raw works best). His desserts are extremely vital for him, it’s already super worrying if we run out of cocoa powder for a few days! IDK why he can’t just eat more of his main dish but well, I kind of need my desserts too… (Though I could live without them for some days or use different kinds. he is less flexible. though I put yolks into almost everything… but it’s just eggs, I can be very dependent on eggs, no problem. he is dependent on so many items…)

Oh well. I have flowers. Most fruit flowers were blooming too though the disease does kill some before that.
Tulip season is almost over, I only have a few left. It turned out I have a crimson one, I didn’t know it! :smiley: And my “black” ones are still beautiful.

And now I am here on Monday. I stopped tracking so little idea about how much I ate but normal I guess? Not little as my eating window is too big but not overly much… It’s chill and meaty and everything. I have pork and rabbit stew now. I keep the latter at the minimum, it’s not as exotic as it was years ago and Alvaro appreciates it more. I am perfectly happy with my cheaper pork. But of course I eat the very bony parts of the rabbit. That’s enough (normally I eat the small front legs too).

I really don’t limit myself at all now… I eat whatever, whenever. Okay, it’s basically the same all the time but normally I do try. Now I don’t. I just love my carni food, nothing can compare.
I hope my eating window and coffee problem resolve themselves soon. Coffee is the part where I totally fail now. But I have these phases. Main thing I keep trying sometimes :wink:

The weather is very nice now. We had rain, we had/have sunshine… The weeds (including the grass, it’s a wild thing too and not always cute) go crazy but my tiny veggie patch is progressing too. It’s full with flowers again, cornflowers are recognizable at this point, the morning glories started to came out and there are all the others liking that place. The cats are fine and it’s still tick season, even Alvaro found 2 in himself yesterday.


This usage was new to me! :smiley: I like to make my English knowledge deeper :slight_smile:
Pretty food indeed.

I can relate. Tastier too and probably not just because of the fat content. I love mackerel and prefer herring over sardines and sprats (but it’s still not nearly as desirable. I wasn’t very happy with the herring I ate last week. partially due to the stupid sauce on it, I really need to make my own! even if I can only use hake fish for that). Smoked whole mackerel is a celebration/holiday food for us, quite amazing, a little goes a long way as it’s so very flavorful…

I snaked on a little butter today. Rarely do but I have my moments… And when it’s before noon, I try to avoid eating proper meat. But I still ate a single sponge cake muffin with a generous amount of butter after my only butter and salt bite.

To each to their own. If I want to eat mayo but doesn’t want to eat plant oil, I will make mayo with lard, it’s so very simple…
But I hate commercial mayo anyway, never ate those :slight_smile: Even the friends and relatives who fed me mayo made their own, it’s so normal to make our own here I suppose…
I am not into mayo anyway, I only eat it once in a few years so it’s different for me BUT if I have problems with an ingredient, I won’t eat the stuff and I don’t care who thinks what about it (it’s a sad exception when I simple CAN’T make the stuff myself. I never managed to make a proper mustard for my purposes. mine is fine to mixed with a ton of other stuff but on top of my eggs? I need something smooth and lovely and I can’t do that. another, not carnivore example is pickles, I can’t make them, not like I ever bothered so I kept buying the stuff, even after I made carnivore-ish my default woe. I barely ever ate it but it was nice sometimes. but of course, eventually I couldn’t handle the tiny sugar in it. this will be the year that I will make it myself, of course mostly for Alvaro, I lost the occasional urge/need in the last years. but as I probably will taste it sometimes, I rather taste a sugar free one. and I am used to canning stuff, it’s very simple and it’s not like I will do much fruit canning in 2023… it will be a horrible year like that. I am still sad. my trees look so bad with dried, rotting stuff everywhere).
I really have no problem with a little non-carnivore, not ideal ingredient but I still am quite stubborn and prefer to use only good stuff if possible. And my mayo is extremely easy to make.
Now, about 13 years into low-carb, I finally arrived to the point where I won’t buy sugary condiments. I barely ever used them, my mustard has no sugar since many years (as I easily buy a sugar free and nice one) but even the occasional small amount should go. I can make my own, it’s not that hard.

That’s regarding sugar. Sweetener is problematic as my good mustard has erythritol and I can’t make mustard - but I barely ever eat mustard nowadays and I am fine enough with it for now.
I have no problem with soy so I keep my soy sauce. I don’t need it for my meat and I only used it for an egg dish with rice so the amount per year is negligible :smiley: Alvaro wanted it for his meatballs. They were a bit meh indeed but just because the cut wasn’t fatty enough. My not overly lean meat never needed soy sauce. It’s vital for my seitan and a few rice dishes only (and pasta but that is in the ancient past of mine), hence the negligible amount when I am close to carnivore.

And I wrote a few times I use coconut oil when I don’t have lard for 1-2 days or when I make pancakes and I am not sure they are for me and they will be savory. But my already tiny added fat intake is almost completely animal fat as they work wonderfully. I like I don’t need to compromise…

Now that I think about it, I don’t know what kind of oil is in commercial mayo. I never bought the stuff.
Okay, I looked it up. No surprise, it was my guess following the used oils in this country. Sunflower and rapeseed oil. What else? Those are bad.
I have no idea about soy oil but I doubt I ever ate the stuff in more than negligible amounts in my life. It’s not a commonly used oil here. Or maybe in certain items, I don’t know.

I get bored eating the same stuff very quickly. But I have variety on carnivore and it helps (until I get my stupid desires towards other things, it always happen but usually not out of the blue, I mean I am fine with my carni food now just something happens. sometimes I want to make new non-carni recipes, sometimes my SO makes some rare lovely dish I haven’t get desensitized to yet… or my garden enters a fruit season). I am pretty good with a few cuts of pork, eggs and some dairy, I can eat them nearly or truly every day but add a little organ every week, sometimes rabbit, sometimes turkey, sometimes some fancier cured meat and I get all the variety I need for a long while. Lately I had cottage cheese and cream cheese, they are new in my life and how lovely! So I have my variety just fine. I couldn’t live on roasts and eggs, no matter how I love them and how much I depend on them. They are a huge part of my diet but I need other things as well.

It’s my personal flaw but I can’t even depend on my basic items for ONE proper sized meal. I need variety even then… But my body and taste buds are fine with various animal food items so I am lucky.

I never tried to get satiated by fish only but it feels it’s not nearly as substantial as some red meat. I tried fowl, it definitely don’t work alone. 1kg chicken thigh? Lovely but I stay hungry… And that’s a lot of food, plenty of protein, plenty of fat. The macros should work. But chicken just doesn’t.
I suppose fish is the same (as it feels so, not substantial…) but I don’t remember ever eating enough fatty fish to give me proper macros to get satiated. Maybe some fish is better than others…? Maybe it depends on other factors…? I surely could get satiated with some salmon for dinner AFTER a very nice and proper sized pork and eggs lunch… As that is easy. But if it’s my first meal and I am hungry, that probably takes more than fish. And I don’t even like fish enough to give it a chance (but some kind sometimes could work).
Satiation is very individual, some people says they have this problem with pork while it is wonderfully satiating, satisfying and feels nice in my case.
As far as I know, fish and fowl are often less substantial for us and ruminant meat tends to be quite food satiation wise.
But there must be exceptions.

Oh and even if I could get satiated by fish, I wouldn’t feel right without my “proper” meat. Fish can be lovely, tender, mild, easy to eat but I probably would miss something afterwards.
Maybe one day I will find some lovely fatty fish on a day when I fancy fish and can do an experiment…

I find chicken quite fatty. My usual pork is WAY leaner. Of course I eat chicken with skin (but there is plenty of fat anyway, at least on some chicken) and avoid the horrid breast :wink: So fat has nothing to do with it, chicken just can’t satiate me alone.

Huge luck to your daughter, @Karen18!!!

I had lunch again, mostly pork and a little rabbit, barely any eggs and a slice of Maasdaam cheese.
I ate my share of rabbit liver too. Hmmm… Either I changed or this rabbit is different. The last one was very meh, almost tasteless but this one had a definite liver taste. Not too strong though. So I liked it enough. And the pork is quite good :slight_smile: I ate the nice fatty outside before so I fried it in a pan a bit as usual. That’s for the green ham, the pork chuck roast was perfect as it was. I eat it in moderation as it’s more expensive and I am quite happy with the leaner stuff as long as I get a little chuck as well. Both are very nice but only the lean cut wouldn’t be so good. Hence pairing it with something fattier sometimes, at least when it comes to the really lean parts.


Gorgeous day here! FINALLY! WE’ve had so much rain and freak snow storms, the river has flooded over continually for over a month. The road to the farm is a mess. But, things are drying up now, so wonderful!
Took the doggies out for some play time, and they didn’t come back nearly as muddy as last week. Woke up not terribly hungry, but still nibbled on some fatty beef chuck. I had forgotten how it feels to not be bloated- each day I’m pure carnivore, less and less bloat. And, no fiber needed - the “plumbing” seems to work perfectly on carnivore.

I cancelled the pop up shop that was tentatively scheduled for Saturday. Hubby is out of town AGAIN, I’m working 2 longer than planned shifts (someone called out sick AGAIN), and my eldest daughter needs a designated driver to bring her home from the wisdom tooth removal appt on Friday. Not to mention the inability to order and receive my packaging and ingredients in time for the pop up. So, its fine. The following week i’ll be working close to 30 hours (as opposed to 10hrs) due to a few on the mgmt team taking vacations. (My vacay is in June - so - they will be covering those shifts.)

If the weather stays nice enough during my days off - I might wade into the garden and start raking out all the stems and vines from last fall. Gotta get that going soon!

Feeling perfectly satiated, so I"m not going to worry one bit about eating during my shift. Just gonna take a bottle of Vitamin water ZERO or Fresca. (I know - not carnivore. But, tasty and refreshing no less.)


Lovely, lovely picture! You all look so festive and joyfull! Love it!!!

(Karen) #51

Lush is a shortened word for luscious

(Karen) #52

Food today

Plus cheese. Definitely not done anything bar some codewords since getting home from CrossFit. I know when my body needs to rest up and I don’t argue with it :rofl::rofl:


Little bit offline with work. Noting that I have not been a 100% on plan due to stress eating and social events. Dirty carnivore. On plan with base eating but with side trails. Stress and social, two of the big punches thrown at staying on plan. Then my heart told me off. I seem to hit this hurdle 2 weeks in to each monthly challenge. Interesting to note that it happens when I get out of the city (back in the ZC saddle) and back to the country homestead, fresh air, sunshine, and on plan.

Bacon and egg breakfasts, NoFUN (No Food Until Noon). Lamb or beef dinners with a small, playing card slice of halloumi sheep’s milk cheese. If I need a work-at-home snack I eat a thin slice of air dried raw beef (biltong).

We have some very rare wildlife here. Hippy Alert! These birds are large black cockatoos. They were predicted to go extinct this decade due to forest clearing for land development, timber harvesting, and mining. Unfortunately our part of the world has the natural resources in the sandy soil for making the technology for a green future. So, the miners are here. Clearing the forests and scarring the landscape. These two birds are a young, courting breeding pair. On my home block. Unfortunately their likelihood of finding a 200 year old tree with a nesting hollow is very slim. I’m working with some local activists to install man-made breeding hollows in younger trees in the hope the birds will use them to breed future generations.


Yes I see your pattern. You are allowing it. Now is the time to correct it! You see it, now deal with it, lol. I had to deal with these issues also. I get it all what you are saying but key to it all, deal with it. Don’t just say you know the issue, act on that issue. You can definitely break this cycle for sure, more carnivore power to you!!!

@Karen18, sending best great vibes and prayers to Sian!
I just love love love your Company Shop!
Girl, did you burn that omelet? pretty dark to me or do you love your eggs cooked very hard like that? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I noticed any darker longer cooked eggs to me don’t fit the bill, I like eggs more runny and loose now which I never thought I would, lol.

@JJFiddle, it mighta been me saying eat the mayo LOL See the mayo is a product of several ingredients. If one wants it, like a heavy condiment on their meat for taste etc. then that means if one does well on it, go for it. For me I kept reg. store mayo also cause I liked it. Ate it way way more early on carnivore, mostly dumped it now cause I just don’t ‘need’ it anymore. But for me see that mayo is more of a big deal condiment added to our food plate, so for me reason I say dump frying in olive oil is it adds 0, squat, nothing to your meat cooking when one can easily dump this seed oil and just use butter or bacon grease or nature cooking with nothing for our meats vs. bothering to even use a teaspoon of oil to fry. I always see carnivore as will this teaspoon of ‘whatever condiment or use of a product’ does for me personally is the entire weight of using that product. A teaspoon of olive oil frying up a steak ain’t gonna wreck most any carnivore but did it add any value at all? Mostly never. But if one uses a tablespoon of mayo on their meat and enjoy that combo taste etc? then yes it ADDED value to our food plate. That is how I kinda truly focus on what to dump and what to keep if I do well on something small.

Great post JJ!!

Fish is not a dense meat protein. Will never satisfy and ‘hold your body’ like a dense ruminant meat. Most carnivores don’t do well on even only chicken in their day :slight_smile: So key being red meat is mostly key for all of us or ‘the white’ meat, pork. After that the value of holding for satiation lower on your choice like seafood, fish or other fowl. Fish to me is a ‘side dish’ on a meal. Think surf and turf :slight_smile: YUM.

-------------Goodness, being busy and stepped away to get crap done in life and the posts just rock on…love this thread definitely!!

Eating is lowering. One day was 3 salami slices, 2 hunks cheddar and 1/2 lb. pork roast slices.
next day was 10 strips bacon and 1/2 lb. cheeseburger patty I could almost not finish.

I am not defrosting as much meat now. I had to force a steak I defrosted on hubby to eat cause I did not want any part of it and did not wanna lose it ever to the garbage. So watching how I defrost now and make sure I don’t waste meat. When I am ‘in this zc zone’ I have to watch my meat waste. Yea, meat waste cause I have no desire to eat it LOL This is a good thing. I walked these steps many times, I know me and ‘do me’ on carnivore.

I have 0 draw to eating or any specific food. I know this is ALL cause I dropped ALL rubs, spices and extra icky bites from my days now. I feel way more alive. Not a doubt. And who would think just dropping the little extra crap from my day would make me feel whole and alive again on a different great zc level? I would think it would!! I know it does for me. Cleaner eating I go the more value ZC can provide to me on all aspects of my life. My guts feel fabulous! My body feels clean. I again got that more empty leaner body feeling I had before, so moral of the story, dumping that tiny bit of spice and other crap we hold onto sometimes pays off it spades for many of us. I am 6 yrs into zc. I walk a fine line of what works great for me and what tiny bit can destroy me fast. I know where I should be and I am doing just that. Super clean carnivore!

Got so much to handle for maintenance on my property. Bleck!! I want full retirement and tiny home on the beach! My 3 barns need maintenance, my pastures fences and tree growth needs handling, my older home needs stuff handled now and more and I feel caught ya know. So much to do, so little time to even care about doing it HAHA

Today defrosting a ribeye steak. I have no desire to eat this steak any time soon. So not worrying on when I eat it. Leaving it up to whenever in my day and when I truly wanna eat, it will be that steak or I am not bothering eating at all. Time to go with my personal zc flow and not look back.

Rock on everyone. For me my ‘eating clean carnivore’ for May is going along fabulous!!
Giving me exactly what I wanted!

(Judy Thompson) #55

@Fangs fantastic read just now! Beautiful description of the difference in dropping spices and rubs!
I too feel like rubs, spices and restaurant food are a bad side trip. I sous vided this brisket in the original store package to reduce mess and who has a baggie that big anyway? Then rub a little smoked salt into it as I sear the slices.
My poor brother in Tucson had been struggling with keto for a couple years. He has every malady the civilized world can throw at him, diabetes and its neuropathy, little cancers being removed, failing kidneys and even a mini stroke this past weekend, probably from dehydration. Now his a1c has dropped and the doc tells him he’s no longer diabetic so he gets out of the hospital Saturday, goes to a church potluck Sunday and eats 4 desserts, LOL :joy:
He is one for big rubs and spices and I’d have to agree with you @Fangs, they aggravate digestion and create false hunger and cravings. AND body odor! Very nice to be free of that!

Would you use expensive olive oil to fry meat? EVOO has a pretty low smoke point. I’d expect she uses it more as a post cook flavor. But if it was me I’d just feed it to hubby. :rofl:

Pretty sunrise today after a stormy night.

(Robin) #56

Creating breeding hollows! What a great idea. I hadn’t thought about old growth being the creator of those hollows. We are in the city, but on the river… with many old trees. Our hollows are occupied by raccoons and sometimes possums.
Here’s a mama in our front yard.

(Karen) #57

No it wasn’t burnt … i decided to cook in steak fat and a bit of lard instead of the usual olive oil and butter and it made it a lot darker. The inside was very soft with the cheese n all. Got to say it was really tasty and thinking i ought to cook them that way in future! :grinning:

Strange how it is either hunger or struggling to eat … i think i am eating so much at the mo because i am exercising so much more again and need the fuel. When i was in hospital following the Stroke, i had that ‘just not hungry feeling’ my daughter kept on at me about needing to eat and i had to keep telling her … Hey I’m spending all day in bed, I’m not using up any energy to need refuelling. If you recall she brought in cooked meats and cold deli stuff … and so much of it!!!


@robintemplin: Oh what a lovely photo :smiley: I like good animal portraits :slight_smile:

@JJFiddle: I like clouds too… :smiley: When we moved here, I used to make so many cloud photos - normal white-ish ones but they looked so pretty irl! never on my photos :frowning:
But colorful clouds and tree silhouettes, awwww.

It looked perfect to me, I thought, wow, not I am the only one liking their eggs brown :wink: Though I usually keep them yellow nowadays but when I was a kid, it was always very well fried :wink:
It’s just taste :slight_smile: And the really dark pieces must be meat :slight_smile:
Mom and I were incompatible regarding how well our egg dishes should be fried. I called her food “raw” while she called mine “burnt” :wink:

I am not familiar with steak and people’s attitude to eating it not fresh but it must play a role… As my pork is easy, I fry/roast it and I have probably several days to eat (and I have the freezer, it’s not so good with lean pork roasts though. fried fatty pork is amazing defrosted too)… So whenever I change my mind, it’s no big deal. I use Alvaro too but it’s more like feeding him the lean pork I almost never want to eat :smiley: I can do it with sauce but why bother when he gladly eats it up?

I bought a Gazania/African daisy! A bit orange-ish red, it’s beautiful! :smiley: I will make a shot but there was little light and its petals already were curled up (how cute) when the thought crossed my mind.

Today I ate in a very tiny window except some bites around noon. Not sit down and eat a meal, I had some follow-up food but pretty close. After my few bites (I easily get satiated with a tiny meal when it’s extremely early yet like noon, at least nowadays… but I always had smaller meals eating earlier) I was fine until after 3pm when I suddenly got hungry (as suddenly and urgently as before fat adaptation sometimes but it isn’t nearly as bad, strong, sharp anymore, fortunately)… I didn’t feel hungry for much but I never could tell that, actually so I easily managed an OMAD sized meal. My very inaccurate (I didn’t even try much) guesstimation says 160g protein and maybe 140g fat so I should be fine until tomorrow.

Inheritance stuff is so crazy… I didn’t need to cross the country, that’s convenient but we can’t just pay the fee with a bank card, it must be paid in CASH. Did you hear about such a thing? WHY? Money - money. I never had anything like that… And we actually had lots of cash but not quite as much… So I need to walk 10km again soon… It’s a lovely walk. I could cycle but I strongly prefer walking… Cycling means a problematic uphill back and I dislike that. I need to stop 2 times. 1 if I am good. While I can walk around the pretty pond, in a forest and on a hill… That’s lovely.

Food. I had the 2 small front legs (70g meat per piece, IDK in raw weight) of the young rabbit and one kidney too. Yep, this lil bunny is tastier than the previous ones… Its organs have proper flavor, they are usual very mild.
I finished my pork roast too and had a sausage as the meat wasn’t enough.
I had cheese and a few eggs as well, mostly as egg pudding with cream.
And some creamy coffees.

Tomorrow I fry some farm pig heart, I managed to buy 70/30 pork today (good as it’s not just fatty - I almost run out of lard again and I prefer fattier pork now after eating so much leaner meat… even though the last slab was lovely - but big - for the local supermarkets, I mean - too as it has no price cap, it’s cheap to begin with… so I had 2kg), I fry some of that too. I plan to focus on meat but we have various lovely cheeses and they are so very easy to eat… :upside_down_face:

I am good at keeping my egg consumption low now.


Alvaro barely ate at the hospital too… He even got used to eating little but he came home and was cold all the time… So he realized he needs to eat more, as much as before :slight_smile: Poor thing, he had to SIT DOWN and rest after a little walk for a while! But it didn’t last very long. By the way, the insurance thing regarding his accident in 2022 still nowhere near the end…

I have read several comments on a “hospital food” group on FB once. Hungarian hospitals are famous about having very very little and very much not fancy food but many people pointed out that a patient usually don’t even want much and fancy food when in hospital anyway.

Exercise does nothing to my body’s energy want. Alvaro is the same. So we better exercise to avoid overeating… He even gains then, I don’t. Will I ever will weigh NOT 75kg I wonder…

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Up early this morning stair running then sat out in some sunshine for coffee while reading my books. Then off to CrossFit for a very sweaty workout… felt quite warm and humid in the Box this morning.

Took Raymond to the local cafe and forgot to take a pic of my meal but it was just the usual cheese and bacon omelette (not a dark one @Fangs lol) plus 2 sausages on the side, it was very nice and just what the doctor ordered today … i was very hungry after 2 sweaty workouts.

I have since come home and had chick wings which were delish (from Company Shop @Fangs lol)

you can see there is extra fat/juices as i used the same baking parchment i cooked the thighs on, with added lard, yesterday !

@Fangs Sian had one egg replanted yesterday and this morning there were more eggs that met the grade to be frozen 20230509_180858

What a difference from last time when she only had 3 eggs and only 1 that could be replanted with the other 2 not good enough for freezing! I am now praying for her womb to accept the egg and be strong enough to grow :pray:

I am at CrossFit again in the morning so i may have to eat a steak before bed. I would have eaten a steak earlier but the wings had been defrosted and sitting in fridge waiting to be used… they had gone past their use by date by a couple of days but they were perfectly edible … didn’t want to risk leaving another day though :thinking: