Marble-ous Meat Munching May! - ZC Carnivore 31-day Challenge - 2023


@JJFiddle: That is the nearby pond :slight_smile:
And while yolks help, I realized VERY lean meat is borderline hopeless for me. I may fry it in lard and drown in sour cream, the little meat pieces themselves stay lean. I could eat it but I couldn’t do it very regularly. Next time I go for the fattiest slab, not the biggest one!
But this weekend pork chuck is on sale. Way more expensive than the lean stuff but way better as well. (Pork shoulder is the cheap stuff when on sale. I strongly prefer chuck with its perfect fattiness but pork shoulder is very much desired by me after all this lean pork.)
I really don’t want this lean pork for a long while. Fish is different due to the texture and I never try to use it as my primary meat for a meal.

I admit I never smell iceberg lettuce :smiley: I don’t even look at it. It was among the very very few leaves I occasionally ate before (tasteless but has CRUNCH) but after my first carnivore trials I tasted it again and it tasted like some bitter grass so it’s the same as normal green leaves for me now.
I feel rice smelling plastic quite often (Alvaro eats it all the time and the smell is stronger when it’s hot so I could notice it)… IDK why. Alvaro doesn’t feel anything bad with it. This is for cheap rice, Jasmine is still nice. And Alvaro’s raw vegs too. I am not particularly sensitive but certain items are still off putting.

Possible but who knows? I never want vegs - except 1-2 thin slices for my richer, fattier meat. But I can do without, that is what I do now. I never would buy those but Alvaro eats raw vegs every day so it’s in front of me. And it’s juicy and sometimes crunchy. I don’t care about the minimal taste. And it surely gives me about zero nutrient due to the very high water content and the minuscule amount. But it’s nice sometimes. My danger time is the more than 6 months long fruit season in my garden (and I love tropical fruits too). But I already ate little fruit before carnivore (all kinds I wanted though, keto allows them all as long as one can eat little enough and I could squeeze almost all of them into my 3g carbs limit. even if I ate 6 different kinds) and it significantly dropped since.
But I better finish this topic :smiley:

Wow. I can’t do that. I NEED some proper meat. Pork, usually but if I have ruminant meat, that works wonderfully too. All processed meats, fish and fowl is secondary. Organs too as I don’t eat much of them (except when I inhaled 400g chicken liver. I am not into that thing but it’s mildly pleasant when I am in the mood).
I tried to survive a day without some proper red meat, I thought, oh it should be easy, I have several eggs, various dairy, some meat products… Nope, I need my proper fresh red meat too. It’s quite odd… I eat lots of protein and fat, get satisfaction from my food, even eat some kind of meat… But something is missing. Even if I can pull off 1-2 days, a very meaty one will follow, inevitably.

I am glad you feel and look better now, @triin! I can’t imagine what it is like not even being to walk briskly, some general low energy is bad enough. I am sure not everyone can climb many stairs without problems. I need to raise my stamina, I get winded super quickly. Normal walks are fine but give me uphill or weights…
Let’s hope carnivore (and whatever I do) will help all of us here! Of course, diet is only one factor though very important. Sleep, exercise and many other things matter too.

We can use a 120 liter bag per week. I use 35 liter ones, not every month I think. Half of it is eggshells :smiley: But we basically don’t throw out food (it’s not zero, something rots a few times a year, even my canned things do very rarely), never did, we have cats (so the tiny bones goes into their stomach) and we compost the plant matter (sadly, the compost can’t handle our very numerous eggshells. a few here and there would be fine). And we throw out things selectively too, hoping it makes some difference sometimes.
We got a recycling bin but we can’t use it as the whole area has a single garbage dumpster for the normal garbage as the garbage truck doesn’t come up to the hill.

It’s 4:30pm now but I am not hungry yet. That’s promising. I think I will track today, the last 3 days in one.

We had rain but there will be sunny days and I continue mowing the lawn… It interferes with my workouts as it makes my arms sore the next day.


Smooth sailing into May! Worked a 5 hour shift yesterday. I planned to get home at 330pm, and pop the 2 chuck roasts into the oven for dinner at 630. The meat had been marinating in garlic and braggs Aminos for a day already. INSTEAD of those plans, I came home to find 9 baby chicks hatched in the incubator. Quite a surprise - thought I’d only put 6 eggs in there. (Then another one hatched this morning! ) Had to rush to set up a chicken nursery. Freeze dryer cycle had finished too, so ended up processing 48 servings of scrambled eggs and turkey bacon. Remembered it was an elections day, so went to vote with hubby and Gramps. (1st Tuesday in May is when the millages get voted on here.) Hooked up the trailer to pick up our new mattress and box spring, along with a new Kayak.
Just nibbled on a couple beef sticks, a chunk of swiss cheese, and a little plain chicken. Was not terribly hungry. Went to bed.

Seared the meat, then put in the dutch oven. Around 11:15 today, started getting tummy grumbles. Took the pot of meat out of the oven, and hacked off 1/2-3/4 pound chunk, sliced it up. Nice fatty chuck roast from last fall’s steer. Lopped some butter on it- and now the tummy has no grumblies. =)

Shift today is 5-930, so, that will keep me busy during the evening munchy hours. Whew!

I don’t know what the weather is like for y’all. But, lemme just say this part of Michigan has some of the WEIRDEST weather in the “spring”. Two or three weeks ago - we had a span of time with 70-80F weather. Saturday, it was cold and rainy. Sunday was cold and rainy. Sunday night, high winds and SNOW. Monday, schools were closed, as some places got 20 INCHES!!! Tuesday, the plows were out, and TUesday afternoon…Bright, Sunny, blue skies. IT IS CRAZY HERE. The Tulips and Irises don’t know what to do! LOL!

Welcome @triin ! You will LOVE this group. They are wonderful people, incredibly supportive, and just all around lovely!


2 hour eating window for today. I defrosted and ate all the pork shoulder roast I had, it was so lovely to eat fatty meat again! :smiley: It is super fatty so I cut off some fat, it will be great with the next lean pork.

So today I ate pork shoulder, meatballs, eggs and little dairy (finished my tiny leftover Greek yogurt and had some sour cream and some cheese). Oh and some smoked ham. It’s too smoky to me, oh well, it helped a bit.

I need to buy pork asap, told Alvaro to bring home the fattiest tiny slab of green ham he can find…
Chicken liver is defrosting but as I wrote before, I can’t make an okay day happen without proper meat. And my raw pork shoulder is so tiny, I won’t roast that alone.

(Michael) #24

Perhaps that is your problem, trying to cook. I eat a lot of my meat essentially raw. For 1.5 inch thick steaks I will cook the outside for a few min in a pan or oven, but other than the outer layer it is raw and cooking is very quick and easy. Tougher meats like shank do need some cooking ( I pressure cook those). Mostly raw meat :cut_of_meat:, yummy.

(Karen) #25

Todays food

Looks a lot but not a lot of anything really… using side plate and cereal bowl. Chicken, chicken, beefy burgers, anchovies and 3 large scrambly eggs in butter (of the french kind yum)
Weeded the pots after looking at the amount of rain forecast for next 2 weeks with fairly warm temp… weed growing weather :hushed:

I am on waitlist for a place at tomorrows CrossFit as i wrongfully thought i had booked on it :roll_eyes: duh! So it may be a last min thing and have a funeral to attend in the afternoon. A dancing friend… he had a long innings and passed his 100th birthday! So it will be a celebration rather than a mourning.

(Marion) #26

I am eating carnivore diet on doctor’s recommendation for some serious health issues…he asked me to drop olive oil too.

I have some organic new season olive oil sealed in a cask and I am finding it difficult not to use it!!!

Am eating some wild caught fish for variety…but my tastes are changing. Seared some fresh tuna today (in tallow) but I couldn’t eat it, it seemed really dry.

What do other carnivores think of olive oil…do you leave it out too?


dump it :slight_smile: truly not needed to cook anything. Also it adds nothing to your meat so recommendation is ditch or give away…not worth wondering on it ya now. No seed oil is needed to cook on this lifestyle, so dump and don’t look back :wink:

@Karen18, had me laughing gnawing on a block of cheese! Carnivore style, lol. You are moving and shakin’ and doing so well and it seems like much is balanced out better for ya! wonderful food pics from you as usual!!

I know that smell! Nasty for sure. I can smell that icky lettuce easily and wondered also just what and how bad crap they do to it to sell it. I feel ya on this one!!!

Your hubby, he is ‘walking’ so much more our way. Have you noticed if he has mentioned he is improving in any way or getting more energy or ?? Just curious. I so wish my hubby would even step a pinky toe into Keto or just lower the darn carbs :frowning: but he won’t. He tried before and gave up fast on any lc type eating, ugh. You are so lucky he walks more with you cause it makes life easier in a way, I gotta eat MY way then deal with hubby’s way, I wish we could get closer in terms of our eating lifestyle.

@triin, ohhh, ok now I kinda get that ‘anemia’ triggered with a med issue and one had to have surgery to correct. I couldn’t ‘place’ surgery for anemia but I understand on it all now, thanks.

ME TOO!!! Could not agree more :sunny:

@SecondBreakfast, love reading about the farm and hatchings. I so connect reading it since we closed the farm biz and done now with it all but every time I read your post I think back on the chicks and more we had farming, those are good memories, ALL the hard work involved, eh, I blocked that out now HAHA

Oh yea I am sure your area has to insane with weather flips fast. Our ‘so called Southern’ weather has changed up too but I am happy to say I am NOT dealing with possible snow issues thank heavens!!

---------------HEAVENS I miss a day on posts and the amt of new posts is wild. We carnivores can chat up a storm LOL Love the thread!!

My ‘clean zc’ eating is going well. ‘’‘feels’’’ very good on the body. you don’t think it but even rubs and other junk, even a little and ya dump it, WOW back to zc purity and feeling fine! Loving my clean eating change. Hey every now and then one has to do it, well for me it happens :slight_smile: so all going well.

NY Strip steaks and pork chops today.

In a bacon mood. Loved it, ate tons, dumped it, didn’t want it and didn’t need it but lately I got ‘bacon brain’ so I have to hit grocery for some stuff, I am bacon loading my freezer again! Oh Yea!!

(triin) #28

BlockquoteWow. I can’t do that. I NEED some proper meat. Pork, usually but if I have ruminant meat, that works wonderfully too. All processed meats, fish and fowl is secondary. Organs too as I don’t eat much of them (except when I inhaled 400g chicken liver. I am not into that thing but it’s mildly pleasant when I am in the mood).

I think I need a different word for my “bacon”. It’s called bacon here, but I think it’s different elesewhere. Really just thinly sliced fatty pork belly. Any ideas? It’s not processed any way really, just sliced raw meat. Picture for reference :smiley:

Today cooking chicken thighs for first meal and probably ground beef patties for second.
Need to buy cream for coffee today, so thinking about “maybe I don’t reaaly need it”. So far I haven’t convinced myself. I do use butter in coffee as well but just butter doesn’t feel right. Not just yet.


just pan fry crispy to your liking and eat it up.
I don’t bother ever with using an oven for any type of bacon or pork belly or more cause I don’t like how an oven does it. I feel you don’t get that same crispy I do want thru oven baking when I want thin slices of fatty stuff to be very crispy fast ya know. Oven tends to suck the fat out too fast out of the meat and is more usless to me. Stove top fry in pan gives me control on when to pull it out better I feel, for me LOL


Today is autophagy day - so I’ll be fasting until tomorrow. I like a good 36 -48 hour fast to get that process started. So, supplementing today with beef and chicken broth, plenty of salt…And maybe fix up Dr. Berry’s homemade electrolyte drink for an evening cocktail. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The beef, butter and eggs are all in the fridgilator for tomorrow.

I came home from work last night- no new chickies. But, hubby had gone ahead and put together our new bed YAY!!! For those of you in search of the best night’s sleep EVER… Restonics mattresses are insane! He got one of the best they offer, and it is SO much more firm- and taller…I almost need a step stool to climb up. (I’m 5’9") It’s one TALL bed. You can bounce and roll around on one side, and there is no jiggle or anything on the other.

Going to do some house cleaning today, and run another batch of somethin’ in the freeze dryer. Maybe some of that beef? Hmmm. And…got to start up more plants for the garden. Thinkin I’m going to do a roadside veggie/egg stand this summer.

(Judy Thompson) #31

@triin I used to get sliced pork belly like that as bacon from our farmer, not seasoned, and added some liquid smoke and sea salt to make it outrageously like bacon only even better.
I understand liquid smoke is actually condensed liquefied smoke! So okay for us. Nowadays if I could get that sliced pork belly I’d use smoked sea salt which I can buy here.


Not like I am a carnivore (super close to it now though :slight_smile: I am curious for how long) but…

Well I am poor and mentally unable to throw out food so I eat the tiny amount left after we eat some cheese or fish gifted to us… I survived a whole ton of sunflower oil in my life (my guesstimation. yep, 1000000g. wow it’s written “tonne” then? didn’t know, just looked up) and I totally doubt 30g olive oil a year will harm me. But it’s me. (And I almost worry about my poor SO who eats sunflower oil all the time despite never buying it pure since 13 years just because they put it into too many 2-ingredient things :frowning: ).

As I dislike the flavor of olive oil, I already hadn’t the habit to buy anything with it all my life.
The lard I make from cheap supermarket pork is WAY tastier :wink:

And of course, it’s not carnivore though that never stop me completely. I do use coconut oil sometimes (my rare dessert pancakes or when I run out of lard and butter isn’t a good option for some reason. though it’s insanely rare. I don’t run out of lard to begin with and butter usually works when I still do)… My added fat intake is already tiny but it’s lard and butter while Alvaro uses coconut oil and I cook for him using coconut oil or lard (he dislikes lard so it only happens when it’s meat, usually pork as he just can’t say no to lard then, what would be the point? :D).

But IDK why I write about what I do as health wise… I never thought about it. As I almost always completely avoided the stuff. It’s insignificant. It’s not bad enough for me to ban the tiny amount I have (I would give it to Alvaro if he could do anything with fishy olive oil. most of the cheesy olive oil goes to him when I reuse it putting camambert and chili into it though I taste it too. barely). I eat way worse stuff way more often, not like it’s an excuse… But my body can handle this much. I have huge trust in my body.
I could give the stuff to the cats and maybe I will do that in the future… It’s olive oil, not something precious or tasty I don’t give them because I want it… Actually, I think part of it goes to them already… It was so long ago I used olive oil though I planned to fry hake fish in the one I have now. 20g or something, it was a jar of tuna from Italy, very very well packed, lots of tuna, barely any olive oil! THAT’S how things should be done, not the stupid tinned fish here, that is like 120g fish, 80ml sunflower oil (maybe some other too but even the imported stuff here is focus on sunflower oil. it’s the number one and almost only cooking oil here since decades. that thing sadly stuck :frowning: low-fat and red meat avoidance never did. I have read old cookbooks… 1920s, after 1945 some time, even later… after the WW2 there came the so-called socialism and people were persuaded to swap lard/fowl fat to sunflower oil. even cookbooks were steeped in the propaganda that time, not just food related things. the very old cookbooks are more delightful, definitely not shy using tons of fatty red meat. of course, sugar was already there).
We have tinned fish in brine but it’s a very small percentage and very limited. I can’t buy mackerel in brine. IDK about salmon but that’s so insanely expensive, even more than just buying it frozen. And only saw it at one place. Small supermarkets have a few cheaper options and nothing in brine. But they have cod liver. Great but it has a ton of oil and it is problematic to use up. But it’s its own oil, allegedly. So I can fry my hake fish in it. Lard probably would be better…

Sorry, I am totally unable to answer quickly, I am worse than usual now.
So, olive oil is obviously not carnivore and we definitely don’t need it. I don’t judge anyone to throw it out but I can’t throw out food so I just do my best to avoid getting any.

I got hungry early (I only ate once yesterday… well twice but 22/2, it’s almost OMAD… it probably wasn’t low-cal at all as I had fatty pork too but I can imagine it wasn’t so much. still no tracking) and lunch was my 2nd meal. My first meal was tiny and happened after noon.
I can eat very little when I don’t like the lean meat I am eating… Especially when it’s early.
This far I only ate chicken liver fried in cod liver oil, it’s so weird :smiley: But my friend, sour cream made it a bit better. And eggs, of course. Tiny cheese too.

My no coffee plan goes horribly this week, today I had headache again.

This will be a very different thing but I just remembered something from a book. A very weird and wrong argument against egg.
It said that our beautiful body doesn’t need anything as smell as egg. Just try to put an egg outside, into the sun! It will be awful.
Yeah… Because vegs and fruits are so wonderfully fragrant when rotting… :smiley: Things like cauliflowers are especially famous about it :smiley: Even our beautiful body is smelly when rotting (even without that under some circumstances)…
It’s so insane to decide about what to eat based on how the stuff smell when rotting for a while :smiley: And all animal stuff smell badly then. But living on plants only, that is something many people desperately and honestly tried, researching and everything and totally failed (I watched such a video lately. IDK what exactly think but it’s irrelevant, I am glad if I KNOW some of the things I need for myself)…

Okay, it has some relation to bacon but it’s fatty raw meat, actually… Proper meat in my world! I still would need a lot of it to be my main meat :slight_smile: 500g is a cute amount when it comes to meat, not always enough but I can do way lower days like 250g and some more from processed meat products. I can’t do that amount with pork belly, not like I ever try. It’s too fatty for its price for me and not among my fav cuts. But bacon is worse as it’s salty and processed so I keep its amount really low.
“Bacon” is the cured salty stuff here. It’s not traditional so we actually call it “bacon”, with this word, it is among the super rare ones where the original spelling is kept despite our language can’t stand it for long. So it’s a new thing.
We call both the raw and the more or less traditional, not sliced cured things “szalonna”, it goes from full fat tissue to less than half, some has skin, some doesn’t… Bacon is one single type, always thinly sliced and always too darn salty :frowning: One can’t get it from a farmer’s market as it’s not traditional here. We can buy our normal cured slabs :slight_smile: Cured pork has a huge tradition here. That’s nice. Even if I must keep the amount low, it’s not my normal, slightly salted meat staple. My roast is about 0.3-0.4% salt in the end (0.2% when raw) and the cured stuff easily goes up to and beyond 7%… I have problems with things way above 1% though it depends on the item (and that what I eat with it). 10g bacon requires about one big egg I think. Hard to consume much of it that way… Bacon covered leaner pork works well… I just don’t really need bacon with my proper pork.

Oh! Alvaro brought me a >3 pound fresh ham slab with visible fat and 40 eggs today! Okay, the eggs are his too (mostly mine) but I probably will feed him the leanest part of the pork too. So my worrying almost complete lack of pork is over. The slab size is surprising considering 1 kg is the limit :smiley: But if they cut the pork into almost 1.5kg pieces, they must sell it :smiley:
So I am pleased with the amount, I fried a little and will roast the rest tomorrow. My dinner will be porky, finally. Not just chicken liver and eggs and little else. I need an enjoyable meaty meal and I probably will have it.

I got very crunchy chicken skins in the oven (after separated from the meat) but I think I always fried my bacon, quicker I think… And anyway, a few rashers with eggs, of course I use a pan. It’s quick and I see what I am doing, I can flip them and everything.

@SecondBreakfast: Good luck (even if I always found this wish not accurate) with your fast! I still can’t do an EF but maybe one day! It’s so odd to me that broth works for people, it’s the ultimate gateway food to me, immediately gives me appetite… I don’t bother with electrolytes for a short, up to 3 day fast but it’s very individual, of course :slight_smile: Many people need it even without an EF.
Congrats for your new bed! :smiley: I start to wonder if I need a bed… I don’t have one since decades. I have 2 very comfy mattresses though so my not-bed is pretty huge, I keep pillows, stuffed animals and books on the part where I am not :slight_smile: If I make a bed, it must be pretty low as the “ceiling” is very low there. It starts at… 45cm? Alvaro has problems to find cupboards there (we have very similar rooms, his is a tad bigger but it’s not noticeable. but I got the south-west window and I have a south-east roof one too while he has only the one. I like sunny rooms. and I dislike hot rooms so insulation AND making it dark in summer is vital).

Oh. Is it that easy? I LOVE bacon flavor, even artificial bacon flavor… I never could use my liquid smoke very well… Hmm… I wanted to buy pork belly once anyway, maybe I experiment…
I have smoked paprika too and the only way I ever could eat pure fat tissue was slowly boiled and covered with it (not with smoked one though as it’s not in our cuisine. it’s Spanish or something? probably other folks use it too. it’s not long ago that we can buy it here)… So that should go nicely with pork belly too. But as it has meat, it may be not needed.

I had dinner around 7pm. 3MAD, barely IF, 160g protein and less fat. It wasn’t easy to get satiated at dinner, I got bored of my pork in no time, it may be not super lean but for fried meat, I prefer chuck or shoulder, it should be fatty! So I opened a tin of herring too and had a sausage as well.

I don’t have my usual level of enjoyment from my food but I feel zero desire to go off or anything. Not like it would help. Some fatty meat would be better but it happens here and there this week too.

And guess what! FINALLY, I got a letter regarding my inheritance! My aunt died in September if I remember correctly (I am HORRIBLE with dates. I managed to learn 3 birthdays in my whole life, mine, my Mom’s that was almost the same and Alvaro’s as that is a national holiday) and I wondered when I should start not to worry as that’s not hedonistic but asking what happened. I am glad it didn’t go super quickly but now I am as ready to cross the country again as I can be.

(Marion) #33

Thanks Shinita.
I wouldn’t throw this oil away, it is unopened and is in a cask pack (like our casks of wine) so it won’t spoil.
I have 2 more on the way, I used to pre-order these, they are special.
Now I just need to decide to whom I will give them!!!

(Marion) #34

Got it, dump and don’t look back.
Thanks Fangs!!! :grinning:



one of those steaks later when wanted.
pork loin defrosting now so that is second meal.
done deal. Simple, clean, loveable ZC!!!

got tons to handle today, back later to chat up all you carnivores!!


Big walk, I have a nice amount of pork chuck now.
For some reason I keep having small, early meals. I already had 2 but barely had meat and I try to focus on it… But a small scrambled eggs with cheese just had to happen :slight_smile: I did eat meat just not very much. I try to eat up the leftovers first and they aren’t nearly as tempting as the chuck will be. (I never will use liver cod oil to cook anything but fish… it seemed so innocent and mild but when frying in it, it’s fishy. not bad, per se but not the best and if I use it for frying, it’s already an inferior leanish meat…)

I hope my dinner will be proper. I roast a lot of pork but probably won’t eat much from it today. Still have leftovers.


@Fangs and @KetoRocks1, olive oil is a fruit oil. It is zero carb (ZC).

(Karen) #38

I see i didn’t post yesterday… went to the funeral, he actually reached 101 and apparently went on a singles dance holiday when 97! What a champ!

Did my stair runs but no CrossFit …Food yesterday

i had the thighs before going to the funeral and the burgers when i returned home, they were delish. Plus ate some red leicester cheese.

This morning did the stair running, had coffee in the garden in between the rain showers and read books then to CrossFit for a good workout. 2nd sweat of the day … stair runs are always the first lol

Then home and bath to glam up for this afternoons tea dance at Lichfield. 3rd sweat of the day! I would post the little vid of me and the lady who runs the dance doing a lovely sequence waltz but i have tried posting vids before snd couldn’t upload it :roll_eyes: i’m not so clever duh!

I took some deli meat with me for return journey but bought some more as i was ravenous again… so brunch at 4.30pm whilst driving home, sliced cooked turkey …far too lean and a packet of sliced pepperoni. Then cooked a small sirloin steak which was tasty… as you know i do prefer the thinner smaller steaks… and also cooked some buffalo wings … hot hot hot! but very nice.

Now in bed …aaahhhh zzzz

(Judy Thompson) #39

Really funny comment Shinita, loved this one! :rofl:


and your point is here? it sure is not animal :partying_face::crazy_face:
of course some use it, I mean a tablespoon to fry up some chicken breast or ? is used by carnivores but in all honesty, why bother? It is not carnivore and while so tiny use in our lifestyle, it is something that is useless in a way because it can SO easily be replaced by a carnivore item. Of course we all know ZC is zero carb, meaning zero carb intake from NO plants. Any trace carbs from meat like shrimp or eggs is fine cause they are wrapped in protein goodness.
Hard pass, but if one uses it we can’t police what people do eat but we can recommend not to use it :slight_smile:

@Karen18, twinkle toes! Sweat away, it is good for the soul :sunny:
Sorry on your friend but that age is impressive!
I am the same that deli meat and snacky stuff like pepperoni don’t do anything for me anymore. Feed me real meat :wink:

-------------today I am doing another pork loin and burgers. Simple easy zc peasy
again, dumping rubs and keeping food very simple and fresh is actually making me feel stronger, I can’t put my finger on a right word but I feel alot of zc zen flowing thru me. I will take that :100: