Many Carnivore Recipes



I just found this site “” that has many carnivore “recipes” and I thought I should share it here. There are no dairy/no spice option buttons as well for those who need to watch out for those things.

Edit: more carnivore recipes: “” and a carnivore meal plan: “


Thank you. I bookmarked the site. It will be so helpful for me since I’m just starting out on Carnivore. :slight_smile:


Good bacon and eggs to you! :wink:

I added another link with more carnivore recipes, there are 3 pages.


Oh wow!! and I’m still drooling, I mean checking out that first link, lol. I’ll bookmark your other links also. Thank you! So nice to meat you, heh. (I guess that’s okay to say in a carnivore forum, lol)

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Oh, goody!


Thanks for sharing this. I just started carnivore today. I love to cook and I’ve been worried that food would be boring on carnivore. I made the hamburger Mac and cheese from the Minimalist Eating site and it was delicious and very filling. Thanks again!


Burgers do get kinda old after a while.

(Elizabeth ) #8

I fry up pork chops I put chicken wings in the air fryer I steam shrimp I roast duck, I make brisket and pork belly in the oven, also ribs. There’s nothing boring about this way of eating at all :slight_smile:


It looks so good! It’s one of the most viewed recipes on there. I bet it would be good with some crushed pork rinds on top, then shredded cheese, then broiled. It would be like crispy breadcrumbs and melty cheese :slight_smile:


I think I’ll try this with your pork rind suggestion.
For some reason since going back to carnivore I eat a whole lot less pork rinds so I have bags of them just sitting around.

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This really isn’t a recipe, but my husband and I have found that skirt steak is the best cut of meat out there, at least what we’ve found. It is so tender and juicy, with a delicious beef flavor. We just love skirt steak, pan fried with just salt and pepper. Sometimes I’ll put a dollup of bacon fat or drizzle MCT oil on top, although it doesn’t really need it.

(Elizabeth ) #12

skirt is my number one favorite but I find the inside skirt (the red one) is too tough and chewy for me, and the outside skirt, that’s more purple, is almost $15 a pound when I find it. :roll_eyes:

(Marianne) #13

Wow; we get it at BJs, which is like Costco. I think it is $7.99/lb., maybe even less.

(Elizabeth ) #14

I have a BJ’s membership and I found it once, but when I asked the butcher the next time he said that he could order it but it would be $11 a pound. It is super yummy and I really miss having it :slight_smile:


I think the minimalist eating site is gone.
I just followed my bookmark to it this morning and it’s not there anymore.

I really enjoyed her recipes but had been wondering why there hadn’t been any blog updates for a few months.


Oh no :confused:


skirt steak…oh my one of my favs. melt in my mouth

I never find meat and seafood boring. Being one of those monster true meat eaters I just love it to no end. So that helps me a ton knowing I can do a big old plate of country spare ribs, all that nice juicy crispy fat.

I find when I buy the fattiest bacon packs, the fattiest meat cuts I get the eye from some…like my mom only buys the lean bacon packs, I wouldn’t touch those for nothing. I like the bacon packages that show a lot of white delish fat and fry that up and indulge and I am thru the roof happy as a clam :slight_smile:


I found another site with lots of carnivore recipes, a whole 15 pages.


Thank you, Halo, I’ve bookmarked that one too. :+1:


Just added some of the recipes from that site that stood out to me to this list, if you or anyone else wanted to check it out: Carnivore Recipe Thread