Many Carnivore Recipes



I bookmarked it myself but I still wait for the time when I will need complicated recipes :smiley: I just fry whatever I have, optionally add aged cheese and/or some condiment on top and it’s perfect.
And I cook for my SO because he needs to eat too so I have my cooking fun. I actually have a nice recipe but I doubt many carnivores eat dishes using lots of (whipped) egg whites (of course, I add some fat and fatty cheese, no way I eat anything low-fat and bland! Some fatty meat is fine too, of course but I love my aged Gouda/smoked cheese combo)… I have to do something with the whites, some of my food requires more yolks. But it adds a nice variety.


@Shinita Gouda/smoked cheese combo, YUM!! :+1:

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I love skirt steak but only outside skirt and I’m not willing to pay $15 a pound :sob:


yea E I so hear ya. Some prices on certain cuts make one wanna scream. If it weren’t for good sales… lol

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Winn-Dixie has introduced a new level of choice meat It’s the top 30% of choice grade and boneless rib eyes are $8 a pound right now. I’ve got about 20 in the freezer and seriously thinking about going back before Tuesday and picking up a huge roast for Christmas dinner :slight_smile:


wow…that is a good situation for a store meat dept.

I like Winn Dixie :slight_smile: Most of ours have closed around here over the years tho.

funny thing is 20 ribeyes sounds excessive in the freezer to many people, us carnivores, that is a small amt HAHA

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I figure a pound of ribeye and a pound and a half of ground beef or pork a day at the sale price that’s $10 a day to eat gourmet carnivore


I think I am gonna experiment with some cheese sauces etc. on the side. For like a side dip. I don’t require much, like I love my alfredo sauce I make but now I think I might want another type of side sauce, like a cheddar. Gonna do some experimenting a bit. Most times my experimenting comes out bad HAHA but there are so many carnivore ways to do things. I might try a few.


How many carnivores here eat cheese? I LOVE the stuff but being on the Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet (PKD) I can’t have any at this time. I’m just curious how many of you are eating cheese?


I’m just flirting/playing with carnivore at this point but I wouldn’t do even that without cheese. I was so impressed with myself after 4 no-dairy carnivore days (the meat helped a lot, I was very satiated almost all the time so it wasn’t hard but I still missed my cheese sometimes and I barely eat cheese normally. But that little matters a lot).
I like to keep my lactose super low in average but my tasty and useful harder cheeses feel just fine, never experienced a problem so I don’t see any point in avoiding them.


@Shinita I agree about cheese. That’s the only thing I miss right now but the strict PKD version of carnivore doesn’t allow it.

Without cheese, where do carnivores get vitamin K2?


no problem on k2… Vitamin K2 (menaquinone) is found in animal foods
meat has it all :slight_smile:
Animal Foods with Vitamin K2. Chicken, beef, pork, goose and duck , offer MK-4, a type of menaquinone, while beef liver also supplies MK-7, another type of K2. Menaquinones appear in trout, herring and eel, and to a lesser extent in salmon and shrimp. Among dairy foods, fresh milk, cream, yogurt and butter are good sources of different types of K2.

I eat cheese. Not a lot tho. I use it on a cheeseburger. Some times eat a few chunks of cheddar if wanted. Make alfredo sauce with parm cheese. Melt some shred cheddar on bacon when in the mood.

I do well on cheese. It never bothers me so I do keep it in.


wonderful recipes to add, appreciate the link to Carnivore and ZC recipes!

Edited to say when ya click the ‘carnivore crust’ or bread etc you find NO ingredient list in portion sizes BUT IF YOU GO FURTHER down the page and hit ‘print recipe’ it will then show you the portion sizes to make the crusts, or breads or whatever…kinda not user friendly in a way when ya first see it but the ‘portions of 1 cup or 5 oz etc’ is there if you hit the print recipe to the meal you are checking out.

ok just a PSA on that one LOL nice site tho!!


so simple to get so many nutrients added to a meal…add a few eggs every now to a meal and then and reap the benefits!


Oh, and I found another working link to the minimalisteating website, as well.


I didn’t realize she had a recipe for tallow lotion on there. I’ve made and used something of the sort before, and I highly recommend tallow for dry skin.
I usually just use pure tallow straight-up that I keep at room temperature so it’s softer, because I don’t really care if I smell a little like tallow, but by all means, if you’re not into that kind of thing, add some essential oils for the scent.