Carnivore Recipe Thread



Some carnivore (and near carnivore) recipes which you can modify to your liking and dietary needs.

Bread Loaf (dairy free):
Mayonnaise with bacon grease (baconnaise):
Chicken florentine:
Mayonnaise with butter:
Chicken croquettes with cream cheese sauce:
Stuffing/dressing (uses onion and celery):
Swedish meatballs with gravy:
Fish chowder:
Coffee flavored mousse:
Cheese sauce:
Taco shells:
Chicken tenders:
Hamburger helper "mac and cheese:
Baked bacon wrapped eggs:
Scotch eggs:
Cheeseburger quiche:
Ranch dressing:
Meatloaf cupcakes:
White castle hamburger pie:
Bacon chicken with bacon crust:
Alfredo sauce:
Hollandaise sauce:
Blue cheese sauce:
Liver pate:
Blue cheese dressing:
Cordon bleu:
Tuna salad:
Turkey cheese roll-ups:
Grilled cheese sandwich:
Mug cake (replace cocoa with coffee powder)
Crock pot lard:
Snow ice cream:
Ice cream:
Homemade butter:
Shepard’s pie:
Dairy free gravy:
Chicken pot pie:
Vanilla Pudding:
Alfredo Pizza:
Chicken skin nachos (how did I not think of this?)
Snack mix:
Meat waffles:

Ground beef help
Many Carnivore Recipes

Have you ever made the cheesecake recipe? I am pretty excited to see a recipe for one that is sweetener free :blush:

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Curious and confused. How is cheesecake carnivore? Or ice cream? :roll_eyes:

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No, I haven’t made it before. I think it would be a savoury dessert because there is no sweetener, but if you were carnivore for a while it might taste a little sweet. I don’t know if this one would be any sweeter, but the orange might lend a nice flavour.

Well, the cheesecake recipe is all animal products, excluding the vanilla (which could be considered a “spice” or omitted) and you could omit the sweetener in the ice cream recipes. Of course they wouldn’t be very sweet like the real thing, but they might lend a good alternative for some.


I made the first recipe, the bread loaf, and these are the results: It is dense as expected, but I probably could have been more careful with the egg whites when folding. The crust is a bit crunchy, which I like, and the pork rind taste is prominent. The brand of pork rinds I used was salted and the bread was a bit too salty despite not adding salt, but I also topped it with salted butter. I made it with ground pork, but next time I think I would use turkey or chicken because the pork rinds are already porky enough. Overall, I think oopsie bread tastes more like regular white bread, but this isn’t a bad option for those who like a hearty and dense bread.


I can’t add to the original post anymore, so…
Carnivore “fries”: