Maintain on 72 hr fast plus OMAD for 4 days after?

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then i would need to make my diet high fat and protein since it would be optimal to resupply the body with fat stores. i have read that going below a certain amount of fat is unhealthy also. And protein is converted to glucose also. am I right?

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A3day fast with OMAD the remainder works fine IF you can eat enough during the other days. Most do not eat enough. The steak and butter gal YouTube channel has Raymond who has been eating this way for a while. You may want to check out their content. Putting carbs aside, make sure to eat a TON when eating and you could be fine.

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thanks so much.Does the steak and butter gal eat keto or high carb?

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She and Raymond are both carnivore. You can tell from their photos that muscle gain is not a concern without carbs on a carnivore diet.

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i will try carnivore again. I did it for a time but i was worried about becoming too skinny. I was doing carnivore on a budget. So I had beef liver with lots of eggs and ground beef as a staple. occasionally some chicken breast also. I also threw in Salmon and other fish for the Omega 3 content.


Only when needed, not just merely supplied. On the list of things to worry of think about, this process (gluconeogensis) falls into the category of “Let’s Not Think or Worry About That” when it comes to nutrition and health.

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Gluconeogenesis is so demand driven that it’s not even worth worrying about.

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You are mostly right, but forgive a couple of slight corrections. First, the ketogenic diet is high in fat, but is intended to be moderate in protein. The fat becomes the energy source that replaces the energy lost from not eating carbohydrate, so it is correct that you do not want to undereat fat. It takes much less fat to give you the same number of calories as a given amount of carbohydrate, so when we say “high-fat” we are talking about the percentage of calories. For example, if you eat an equal amount of protein and fat by weight, you’d be getting 31% protein and 69% fat as a percentage of calories. So it’s not necessarily as high in fat as you might be thinking. Also, 300 g of carbohydrate and 133 g of fat yield the same number of calories.

Furthermore, the speculation that excess protein intake gets turned into glucose has been shown to be erroneous. Protein does not normally supply energy to the body. Instead, its constituent amino acids are reassembled into new proteins. And yes, a small amount of the amino acids in the protein you eat will get turned into glucose, but the amount of glucose the body needs is very small, and the liver only makes as much as the body needs.

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OK I have changed my diet again based on the answers here. I am starting a new experiment and will start a new topic in about 2 months. I think it is good to inspire others also.

Now I am reinitiating the Carnivore diet and I aldready developed my shopping list last night. It is basically ground beef, beef liver, chicken breast, mackarel, salmon , heavy cream, raw milk, and ghee/butter. What do you think so far? Are we allowed sweetners on carnivore?

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by the way, you said IF I can eat enough. So my question to you is this, If I go back on a carnivore diet, How much would I need to eat, considering I would be on a budget. I was doing it with ground beef and fattier cuts when I could find them, beef liver, eggs, bacon, heavy cream, raw milk, cream cheese, chicken breast, whey protein isolate (post workout), water, sparkling water, salt, seafood (mackarel, prawns, salmon when possible). That was it and it came out cheaper than i thought.

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Strict carnivore is eating only from animal sources.

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understood… Should I add whey isolate to the carnivore diet?


Milk is very sugary so carnivores usually don’t consume it either… I do it sometimes, in tiny amounts but I do carnivore-ish on my best day, not full carnivore. Sweeteners are still out, I am not THAT relaxed and anyway, sweeteners have their problems. Nothing physical to me but still, we better lose the desire towards sweets. I still eat desserts, that’s my style but they aren’t particularly sweet just sweetish. It’s funny, I used to use erythritol on keto and now I sweeten with sugar (lactose in my dairy).

Why would you need whey isolate? One easily eats high-protein on carnivore from great sources, it is nutritious, one can live on meat alone without supplements (not anyone but many can so meat is something special nutrition wise).

(It’s always amazing to me what “on a budget” is for others in other countries. Most of your items are luxury items I can’t afford (or just once a month/year, a bit). I eat great food though so I can’t complain.)

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Why would you need to?

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I am gaining a great education on this site.

I was buying the whey protein in order to help build muscle quicker. So whey protein isolate will not help in any way?

(Bacon enough and time) #40

Will it help enough to justify the cost, is the question. One of the fundamental principles of eating ketogenically or carnivorously is that sticking to whole, real food does the body a lot more good than taking supplements does. After all, it’s processed food that got us where we are, and you can’t get more processed than most of the supplements on the market.

Eat meats rich in the branched-chain amino acids and exercise properly. Then you’ll put on muscle. There’s no way to avoid the hard work involved, so far as I know.

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muscle building,

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Just needed to hear and see that. Thanks

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I cannot say for you what is enough, but as a guesstimate I would think around 5000 calories in protein and fat. Do not worry so much about calories, but eat until you are truly satiated and would not really want to eat more. I find OMAD rough and prefer TMAD so I can eat until mostly full twice for the same effect without riding that line between totally satiated and mostly satiated.
While there is nothing wrong with whey isolate, you do not need more protein on carnivore, so it will not help. If anything you may want to supplement fat with you meat. Limit your liver intake to avoid vitamin A toxicity ( think average of around 4 oz per week total) and try adding in other organs that are cheap like heart and tongue.

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That is exactly what I am doing. I am doing 2Mad or tmad. Brunch and dinner. I even have a fat bomb shake. to maximize calories.