Mad meat Mayday....this is what we keto today

(Peter) #41

I would love to make sausages and I’ve got a hunch I’d be richly rewarded … only problem is the Meat grinder, they look very expensive for a decent one, and i bet a cheap one wouldn’t hack it.

(KM) #42

How do you make eggs with no egg snot (uncooked egg white) but such runny looking yolks? I love them that way but wind up cooking the yolks to death by the time the whites are done.

(J) #43

Butter the pan, then low and slow on the temperature. [quote=“kib1, post:42, topic:118782, full:true”]
How do you make eggs with no egg snot (uncooked egg white) but such runny looking yolks? I love them that way but wind up cooking the yolks to death by the time the whites are done.

(Jane) #44

I bought a meat grinder and sausage stuffer attachment from my Kitchen Aid mixer for $36 nearly 2 years ago. Works great.


Looks and and I am sure tastes delicious. Just so you know, flax seeds in the shell pass through our system unaltered. Best to grind them to get the benefit.


Just back from Spain (various places on Costa Blanca).

I must admit I probably am not in keto lol, despite my efforts.
I got plenty of lovely seafood though…sometimes in paella though :confused:

But I feel fine and am ready to jump back up on the keto horse again.

Made a minced beef chilli tonight, without any kidney beans (not supposed to have them anyway), red & white onion, red peppers, chopped tomatoes and the flavouring to my taste.
Served up with tomato, garlic and herb cauliflower rice.

(Shannon) #47

I went to Spain in October, and also found it difficult to remain keto. But, I was able to do some fasting while there, and didn’t struggle too badly with cravings in the morning, despite eating all those carbs for dinner. My spouse did not like that I didn’t want to eat until like 1p or later though, always had to find her a little bakery or something to get a snack.

Those pictures look delicious.

(Jane) #48

Pork tenderloin cooked in my smoker. Tender, juicy, wonderful flavor! Looked better sliced but didn’t get a pic before it was all gone LOL

Low-ish carb turnip au gratin with my garden turnips, bacon, onion, cheese, butter and cream. Very rich!

(Peter) #49

Cor that gratin does look and sound excellent. Think I might borrow that. An excuse for some blue cheese perhaps… 6-8g of carbs per 100g is not too bad.

(Peter) #50

Hey Jane thanks for sharing your recipe. Mine was delicious. Be doing that again for sure. My Turnips were £2:50 per keg! expensive … but worth it.


Just for the sake of replication, lol. My recent affliction with pickles and cheddar cheese.
Wow, the flavours…you must try simultaneously!


(Peter) #52

My mouth is actually watering looking at that plate … could see olives on there too


Olives stuffed with anchovies are on the way, with the mixed Belfast pickle…and perhaps some Spanish sun dried tomatoes. :thinking:


Ingredients for tonight…lazy, but nice keto (and some of it half price would you believe lol):
These were frozen yesterday when bought, but defrosted in fridge whilst at work. Premium beef:

Just need something with, bulk it out, & some (no sugar added…lazy!) sauce.
Some fresh veg, onion, peppers, mushrooms…and let’s throw in some red hot pickled chilli peppers as I’m coming down with them.

(Peter) #55

Cor … firm favourite of mine. Edwards pickles too. Ever have Sauerkraut coop?


Of course!

I’m a pickle freak. It can’t be good dentally, but I keep it going.
You will recognise this as my place from the bench…



You know Edwards pickles?

(Peter) #58

Yes, I’ve got Irish neighbours … we share food ideas and I’m slowly, just very slowly, converting them lol


Are you from Aberdeen originally?

(Peter) #60

Thats right. Aberdeen, Shropshire now London