Mad meat Mayday....this is what we keto today


A wee bit early, I know.

KETO meals here.


The obligatory ‘sweet’ above, is just raspberries a few blueberries, the best cream you could imagine, sprinkiled with chia and flax seeds.

Sirloin steak with mushroom straganoff. (sic).


Lambs’ liver and stir fried mushrooms and veg. With sauce.

Eat. Be healthy. Carly.

(Robin) #4

Every bit of that looks almost as good as the dawg.

(Marianne) #5

Those are beautiful meals - and I love your dog! Is he/she a dobie mix?


Doberdor…half chocolate brown/tan doberman and half chocolate brown labrador.

She’s as strong as an ox, as fast as a whippet…and as hungry as a, well, labrador.


Tonights’s effort:

Pan fried (olive oil) wild salmon darnes, with stir fried onion, red pepper and green beans (with soy sauce/worcestershire sauce etc.), finished off with a little Hollondaise sauce.


And another gratuitous pic of Carly, sleeping off a walk whilst guarding her bone and new toy elephant

(Jane) #9

We can use your thread for May! :smile:


Extra thick pork chop cooked on the grill and asparagus from our garden, tossed in olive oil and spices and roasted in the oven.

(Doug) #10

Just a good old T-bone.


More salmon darnes and stir fry tonight.
Yes…you guessed it…got a few packs at half price and froze them.
Not like me is it?!

Stir fry was red onion, brocolli, red pepper and mushrooms…bit of mayo.


Also had some raspberries, blueberries, soured cream with a sprinkling of Chia seeds and Pumpkin seeds.


Fried pork chops with English mustard, along with sauted par boiled buttery cabbage and smoked bacon lardons.


Pan fried Cypriot halloumi, with nothing else, for brunch. Squeeky.


Another brunch; protein low carb wrap with pork sausages, mayo and pickles.

Lamb steaks and mushroom stroganoff (I love mushrooms, even better as stroganoff).

(Jane) #16

Chicken tikka masala with riced cauliflower and onion, mushrooms, asparagus, Parmesan cheese, butter, cream and homemade pesto

Grew the basil in my indoor hydroponic and made pesto from it. Froze the leftover in a small silicon muffin tin, then vacuum sealed for later.


Absolute genius!

Looks delicious.


Simple brunch; pork sausages and scrambled eggs.

Chinese pork chop, stir fried sugar snap with mushrooms & onions.

Beef stir fry.


I haven’t cooked tonight yet (too lazy on a Friday after work. That’s me on leave now- going to Spain on monday, yay!), but whenever I do it will more than likely include lamb’s lver and some or all of the following ingredients:


Went for some, not all of the ingredients, and not all of 1 ingredient as well…too much, even if Carly was to help out! Going back to my old style here…
Stir fry in the pan (blanched asparagus, red onion, yellow pepper & button mushrooms):

Stir fry finished, with home made sauce, seasoning and spices added:

Lamb’s liver in. No more than 3 minutes each side on 2/3rd heat:

Done on 1 side:

Serve up, with or without mayonnaise. Keto Yum: