Mad meat Mayday....this is what we keto today


i have been to Aberdeen, training.




(Jane) #63

Fajita’s on low carb street taco wraps. I only ate one with the wrap then ate the insides out if the other. Delish

(Robin) #64

Ach, looks so good!


Forgot to post last night’s meatball concoction (with tomatoes, tomato & chilli sauce, mushrooms, green peppers, onion, and pickled garlic cloves):
I just had it by itself. Plenty leftover for tonight as well, maybe with cauliflower rice.
Not the prettiest, but very palatable nonetheless.

(Jane) #66

Ribeye (on sale). Peas and radishes from garden.

Peas steamed and tossed in butter. Radishes tossed in olive oil, salt and thyme and roasted until crisp.