Mad meat Mayday....this is what we keto today

(Jane) #21

Chicken mushroom alfredo sans pasta.

Sautéed some onion and garlic in olive oil, browned the chicken thigh cubes, added the mushrooms

Added alfredo sauce (from a jar because I am lazy LOL). Topped with some grated Parmesan cheese. Delicious.


I’m full up at moment- but I’d have to eat at least some of that if it was put in front of me.
Great ingredients!


For brunch, omelette with smoked bacon lardons and red pepper.

Allowed myself some curry sauce over it (only about 6 grams of carbs):

(Peter) #24

Lunch - Sardine Fritter, Liver Pate, Radish, Celery, Olives, Avocado and sauerkraut


Wow. That is some haute cuisine right there Pete!

Looks delicious :+1:t2::ok_hand:t2:

(Peter) #26

Thanks Coop :blush:
The Sardine frit recipe is adapted from Ketogenic Woman (I don’t have the powdered pork rind) So its mashed sardine, egg, mustard, butter and a little ground nut to bind it. The Pate is my recipe.
Shop bought sauerkraut though it’s not hard to make.

(Jane) #27

Turnips and turnip greens from the garden. It is a root vegetable but only 3 net carbs for 100 g vs 16 net carbs for 100 g potato

And instant pot pork ribs. Was going to have hubby put some grill mark on them, but they fell apart taking them out of the pot. So, I just brushed some BBQ sauce on them and called it good!



Turnips, or ‘neeps ’, was our staple in this part of the world before the potato was introduced.

It changed the geopolitical world, when the Ulster Scots and Irish exodus occurred upon potato crops falling.

I love neeps.

(Peter) #29

Coop do you remember all the cooking with lard? things like skirlie. I lived in Aberdeen for many years

(Jane) #30

Turnip au gratin…… may have gone a bit overboard on the butter…… or NOT!!! :laughing:. The recipe called for dots of butter and mine may have been globs LOL. They were good. Leftovers will be better

Burgers on the grill sans bun. Don’t miss the buns at all.

(Peter) #31

Cooor love the Burger :stuck_out_tongue:
And as you’ve shown the ‘few carbs’ turnip, I’ll post up my ‘quite a lot carbs’ leeks. Still beating myself up about that mistake.

(Peter) #32

Lunch - Egg, Bacon, Belly Pork, Brie Cheese, Liver Pate and naughty Leeks.


I just come looking at the photos and write, I am not good at food photos and I don’t have anything pretty at the moment… I cooked soup from chicken frames, smoked pig bones and pork today. Only water and salt was added as usual.

I always changed recipes to suit MY taste and preferences in general :smiley: That’s the right way :smiley:

I looked it up and wow. I have thought there are low-carb, so little nothings and not enough onion-like to me, milder… It was surprising how carby it is. Still perfectly fine in small amounts, not like I ever use it like that…
Your leeks good wonderful, by the way :slight_smile:

We have no turnips here, at least I never saw any if I remember correctly…
I looked up that too, so it’s not impossible to get seeds… Maybe next year I will find some. This year I have colorful radishes. And lettuce too, first time I try, my SO is very sceptical, our soil isn’t so great in the veggie patch (we only had a little place after we sold the pool and there was the worst yellow soil there. we have been improving it since 12 years, black soil, cow manure, compost) but it’s not THAT bad, lettuce isn’t as choosy as, like, pepper or cucchini, I can’t grow those here. And cucchini is super easy to grow in a good soil. I miss my Grandma’s place :frowning: And the land my family owned before it was taken away was even way better…

(Peter) #34

I know right? … Leeks are about double onion carbs! So to make up for it my next meal was zero carbs … Nice and purple on the test strip this morning :smiley:


But onions are sweet and flavorful and one uses it in tiny amounts…
Leeks aren’t even super sweet, doesn’t feel starchy either, HOW???
Even beets are less sugary but they are SUPER sweet!
I can’t believe leeks are that carby. It makes no sense to me.

(Peter) #36

There are 50 veg with lower carbs! … apparently


It’s good I never cared about carbs per weight :smiley: It just doesn’t matter! I cared about carbs per portion :wink: Hence my usage of carrots and peas and banana on my original keto. I avoided cauliflowers as they brought way too much carbs (my minimal amount was 1000g and I ate it in minutes).
But it’s so, so easier with meat and sans vegs! (Or in my case with little. Like a thin slice of cucumber and a very young spring onion and it’s a veggy day for me.)

(J) #38

(Peter) #39

Coooor blimey look at that. That’s it, I’m hungry now :stuck_out_tongue: Do you make your own sausage?

(J) #40

I do not.