Love Your Cat(s)? Share Them with Us


(Jane) #161

(Megan) #162

(Robin) #163

Those eyes!


Indoor cat looking out.


El Beanio has switched back into snuggle mode now that the days are getting shorter and cooler, and I’m very much enjoying her company on the couch in the evenings : )


On me!


Relaxo plushie : )

(Robin) #168

Overly squeezable.


Looks as soft as Cloud :smiley: There is a reason we call Caroline that and we feel it every time we touch her… Mmmm. She is all soft except her super sharp and eager claws (she never bites, that’s Tofu. never bites us, I mean. she totally crashes rodent skulls).

And I keep forgetting to make new photos of the cats. Maybe one day soon.


Foster mama for a couple more weeks

(Robin) #171

Oh man… my dream job. But will have to be after our dear old dog is gone.

(Jane) #172

Getting some head scritches from Daddy

(Robin) #173

Nuthin’ better… for both of them!




Just a moggie : )

Got him from a Russian lady whose house looked like a show home and I get the impression that she was displeased that he didn’t match the furniture… I remember her saying “you can meet his mother, but I have no idea who his father was. I guess he was white!” :rofl:

I’m like, lady, I couldn’t care less. I shall take my adorable kitten thank you please ; )


I have found some photos I made last week… Bad quality as poor camera can’t handle the huge dynamic when the otherwise shadowed room gets bright sunlight from one side…
But it’s Pie! :slight_smile: I only show the only properly sharp photo.

Tofu is asleep in lovely poses so she comes next :wink:


On me!


And the promised shots of Tofu!
On my lovely and highly popular bean bag. EVERONE loves it (maybe not Caroline, he favors my bed, in the area of my feet. no matter if my feet are happen to be there).

(Megan) #179

(Jane) #180

My side of the bed was captured and occupied. I surrendered peacefully!