Love Your Cat(s)? Share Them with Us



Oh thank you for posting, I tried and failed to find this thread several days ago.
As I made new photos of the cats sleeping in our beds.
Some of them are a tad blurry.

Tofu is partial to my bean bag but everyone loves that stuff and keep stealing it from me…

I think this is a perfect example for the word “coy”… SnugglePie. Who is still a super cuddly, purring, lovely little cat. Tofu replies to being petted - especially while she is asleep - with a (hilariously gently though quick) bite.

Caroline is rarely around and then she is just curling up in her own armchair. But I will catch her one day when there will be light…

(Allie) #182

This isn’t my cat.
He does not live with me.

Try telling him that though!

image image

(Robin) #183

Love it! He probably says the same about you.

(Megan) #184

Updating online with my lazy AF coworker.

(Robin) #185

At first I thought that said online dating with my lazy AF coworker.
I thought… well that’s a New twist.

(Central Florida Bob ) #186

I was talking with my cat yesterday, and he was in pretty much in the same position as your coworker there.

He said, “not to be pushy, but have you ever been tested for hyperactivity disorder? You sure do spend a lot of time up and around instead of here in bed with me.”

Smartest one in this household, that cat. All except for the part of we don’t have someone to wait on us 24/7.

(Jane) #187

Dogs have owners. Cats have staff. :rofl:


Bean is appreciative of her new tree. Mikey couldn’t care less. But that’s cats for you xD

(Robin) #189

Girl, what’re ya been?


Busy, busy, busy xD Work’s been a bit mad, and after the long hours I’ve been putting in I’ve been spending more time away from the PC. Still about though. Missed you all!

(Allie) #191

Here’s another of the cat that I keep saying doesn’t live here…

(Robin) #192

Love the little turned up feet.

(Laurie) #193

Kitties are Be Here Now. They live where they are.

(Alec) #194

(Jane) #195

Katy tunneled under the covers, turned around and poked her head out and then plopped over on Leo.

Leo has her back against my leg for support (her usual spot). She looks very annoyed but hasn’t moved! :laughing:

(Robin) #196

The definition of cat is: would rather be annoyed and stay rather than leave.


This is purely Tofu (but I still think the reason is at least partially is that she is just a tsundere. she just acts like she would be very upset. and she eventually leaves if I am really insistent with my torture. I.e. lightly petting her head and back).

By the way, I saw videos (I start to doubt videos about cats… a vet said cats barely drink. mine drink A TON, I refill their bowls so often…) and they said we need to wait for permission to stroke a cat’s belly or else it will claw or bite or whatnot.
Well Tofu is our grumpy cat, she bites me in no time if I touch her when sleeping (lately not always), I need a tad more when she is awake but she is still trigger-happy. But petting her belly when she didn’t initiate that (she NEVER does such a thing. Caroline is that type. Pie doesn’t show her belly, she just soaks up all the attention she can get. I can do whatever with her for almost any long, she is fine with it)? Easy. Careful at the point where she is very trigger happy if I go even near to her but not worse than any other part of her. I successfully petted her belly many times.
The other two never bites and Caroline only would claw if I would held her for too long (I mean when she leaves the ground. she doesn’t like that for more than a few seconds and we have an understanding) but I never tried that. When she starts squirming (after her few seconds), I put her down very soon. Not always immediately, it’s fun and I am not so nice so she won’t be happy for 2 more seconds. But I rarely do that, I prefer Caroline fluffy, soft, compliant (to that tiny extent she is).

So nope, belly petting is pretty safe with our cats at any time. Except Tofu when she is most upset with me and the world (I know it’s not personal as she dislikes the other two as well. she tolerates my SO the best but he doesn’t touch her as much as I like to. cats are for petting! I couldn’t resist. and tsundere Tofu is fun. sometimes a tad bloody, oh well. her claws are super sharp, she doesn’t really want to hurt me. often. sometimes she bites harder, still NOWHERE near her strength but usually her bites are feather light touches :smiley: so she is totally a tsundere and not even the more violent type. but claw control is harder than bite control).

I have no new photos, sorry.

(Allie) #198

This is Loki

(Robin) #199

Loki looks pretty low key. :wink:


I didn’t know people here maim cats too :frowning: That stupid ear cutting, looks utterly horrible.
A ginger kitten came and has it. 3 young cats is already much but it’s possible it will stay as we have this with cats… I say a nice word, there is food, they just don’t leave…
I LOVE ginger cats by the way. I think I mentioned it here. I just prefer them with intact ears, it is painful for me to see such things :frowning: And 4 cats are too many for us. So we try to keep our distance. Not easy, I instinctively pet kittens especially ginger ones.