Love Your Cat(s)? Share Them with Us



Eeeee… look at that furry expanse :heart:

(Jane) #142

Diving pose

(Robin) #143

Or Superman


Gloomy days are best for snoozing.

(Robin) #145

2nd only to sunny days and snow days and windy days and rainy days….


Enjoyed some Mikey snuggles last night whilst curled up on the couch watching my crime shows before bed.


I need to make new photos to bring any…
But I sooo love watching sleeping (or even awake) cats doing whatever they are doing with their limbs :smiley: Pie is especially good at having odd poses, she is stretching very much too…

(Jane) #148

Mom being cat furniture for my orange girl. One of my staff duties……. (dogs have owners, cats have staff). Along with keeping the food bowl filled, box scooped and doorman (well woman but it doesn’t sound right) at least a dozen times a day.

You can’t see her collar very well but it is her “hippy collar” complete with peace signs all around it :laughing:


Princess Bean. She’s being a fussy madam this morning; licked all the gravy off her food and is whining for more, with a bowl full of meat pieces left xD

(Robin) #150

Are you saying you would do any differently?

(Central Florida Bob ) #151

That’s my world. With the one who eats wet food.


Only one of my current two will eat wet food. The other has had no interest ever since I got him as a kitten. I’m actually gonna try some complete raw food soon to see if maybe he’ll like that.

For Miss fussy pants, at the moment, I buy those squeezy treats that are basically just gravy. So if she leaves the chunks then shouts at me, I can just add a bit of that to entice her xD


So jealous of how comfy cats always look all snuggled up xD

(Robin) #154

For sure. Nobody knows how to cuddle with themselves quite like a cat.

(Megan) #155

Prince Fury

(Robin) #156

Color coordinating cat. Nice.


We took a short walk yesterday. It was drizzling. Pie came too (they LOVE coming with us just slower and meowing all the time. they are sometimes annoying, sometimes super funny. once I had to bring a kitten in my arms as they came too far and couldn’t handle the road back. or my nerves couldn’t handle them running on the road, traffic is very low but exists) and lay down on the wet soil every second minute in her mostly white fur… IDK why I find this odd, she is a cat… Of course she does that. A cat of my mother used to lick herself throroughly, she got kinda wet in the end - and when she was pretty, she lay down into some… beginner dust pile? Definitely not your usual dusty soil but a step above. She did that all the time.

I should make more photos of Pie… But it’s sharing even if in text, right? :slight_smile: It’s not mandatory to bring photos… Even if cats are so good to look at…



(Robin) #159

The definition of irresistible


NEED to rub that belly but it’s a photo!!! :sob:

Oh, don’t worry, I go now and rub Caroline’s belly, no matter if she wants it or not. I am a tyrant!

(She is fine with attention for a minute, sometimes longer…)

EDIT: Done, much better :slight_smile: She has the nickname Cloud so it’s always lovely to touch her fluff. She seemingly enjoyed the belly rub and continued napping…