Love Your Cat(s)? Share Them with Us


(Denise) #121

LOL, yes, cats are very smart :wink:

(Denise) #122

Have you seen the whack-a-mole boxes? Escpecially the ones with sweet dogs trying to figure out the kittens and where they are going to popup next!! I can’t copy a great one I see on facebook dangit :frowning:

Maybe I can, hope it’s ok with forum :wink:


Soooo adorable :heart:

Fun fact, here in the UK we call this ‘Bat the Rat’ rather than whack-a-mole xD I’ve no idea why, but there we go!

(Denise) #124

Every place has it’s own version, lol! Might be fun to have a “whac-a-politician” LOL!!


I’d probably pay good money for that xD

Mr Winch tied in knots.


Miss Bean and Mr Eins.

(Jane) #126

I want to come back as one of your cats!!! :heart_eyes_cat:


Right?! It’s the good life, for sure xD

Dilemma surveying her territory.

Shroom deciding I won’t be needing my exercise bike.

(Robin) #128

Um… where are you supposed to throw your clothes?


A very good question… But wherever they will end up, the cat will LOVE them (if they are like all of mine). It doesn’t matter how many soft fluffy layers any surface has, you put some cloth on it and the cat probably will end up on top.

(Robin) #130

True true true

(Laura) #131


This is Sadie. She adopted me last year. She is so sweet.

(Robin) #132

That’s the best way. what a cutie.


I saw Pie from the window and called her. She came and she is here since.

Tofu was rescued as a kitten from a tree where she was meowing since ages. She put up some fight and that tsundere personality of her barely changed.

Caroline just appeared on a day, still young but almost full sized already. She goes away for a while sometimes but hopefully she considers our house as her base. I can’t be sure, there is a couple who are basically her number one caretakers when they are here. She just doesn’t come home when they are here. Pie always are around and Tofu is in-between.

Mom had a beautiful princess cat (her personality was really something, we know cats can be princesses… a funny Hungarian vet youtuber said all cats are born princesses. the tomcats too), Princess was actually one of her nicknames… Mom said she just appeared, marched into Mom’s house with big determination and haughtiness (she reminded Mom of a little but powerful tank) and basically said with her eyes: “I am here. Feed me.” Not a little hint of shyness or anxiousness or anything that a brand new cat may have. She adopted the house and Mom on the spot and that was it.

I almost run out of kitty photos, I don’t have so many good ones… But I will check them, Tofu had some photo shoots, I surely have a few left…


Ted adopted us (this was years ago now). We saw him hanging around the back garden for a while, then he got braver and would poke that big pie face through the cat flap and have a sniff. One day, he just sauntered in, walked into my room and plonked himself down on my couch. And that was that xD


Around this time, we also had Penn and Teller. They started as temporary fosters from a cat shelter I used to volunteer at, and then became permanent residents:


Poor loves were abandoned when their owners moved house; just left them behind like they were old furniture, and Teller had had a break in his front right leg at some point that had never been treated and had resulted in him having a bowed leg. Poor sausages. But they were sweet and trusting as could be :heart:

(Laura) #135


What cuties. It is heartbreaking how people treat cats. They seem to think because they hunt, they can take care of themselves. They move and leave them behind to fend for themselves.

I feed the cats outside. Most are people’s pets that stop by for snacks, but several were abandoned or are feral. I have caught quite a few and found homes for them. Sadie’s sister was here too and the neighbor’s got her into the shelter, so I hope she has found a home by now.

@Shinita they do seem to know who to find, don’t they? All of my cats have shown up here and adopted me. I have 2 older girls who were the same way.


My darling Frog when she was just a wee scrap and not yet a mamma cat:


Bernie doing Bernie things:


Yep, they have good instincts. Maybe they feel something? Cats and dogs usually like me. I take full responsibility, they surely won’t go hungry as long as they find me in the time of need (and I am easy to find)! It’s good they aren’t like snakes and like to have nourishment often or else I probably would see them little (though I am not sure, they definitely are very very attached to my bed and bean bag). They are lovely, purring little things but even the most cute Pie has a default round as eating and finding my bed. I am not nearly as interesting to her (except when I paint a tiny rock, she got affectionate again since I wrote about her rubbing at such a time).
But she is fine if I initiate contact and stays in my lap for long so all is well.


Sooo sleepy : )

Ted head.


(Robin) #139

Sum-thin so cute about they fold their little hands up like that, eh?

(Jane) #140