Love Your Cat(s)? Share Them with Us


(Jane) #101

My cat is broken….

And she is an asshole. That is the dog’s bed she is in

I said “It is time for my staff to PET ME!!!”

Hubby added a 1-foot wide board to the windowsill and she still spills over it sometimes. She has another on in our family room overlooking the meadow which she enjoys also.

(Robin) #102

Love that breed. They are such characters. And of course beautiful




(Robin) #105

Look at those toe beans!

(Linda) #106

I seem to have a growth on my chest. Do you guys think it might be a teratoma?

(Robin) #107

Looks harmless, but keep an eye on it.


Other cats make the best pillows.



(Jane) #110

They do!


One thing I really love about cats is that they’re never, ever in the way…

; )

(Robin) #112

Thank goodness. Think how irritating that could be.


Indeed. They never decide we both need some serious affectionate rubbing right now while I am painting my No-Face (from Spirited Away) rock with my 000 size brush so I need all my tiny skills to stay stable… (It happened today. I added the tiny details to the tiny face and the whole thing isn’t big either.)

My SO sometimes writes interesting things on chat. Well, it’s from one of the cats, actually… :wink:

And we probably know the cats loving getting away without tiresome decisions like “should I go out of the door or stay inside?”… Pie is good at that. Sometimes she does go out but keeps her tail inside :wink:


Sometimes Miss Bean is supremely neat and elegant. Sometimes…

Ever feel like you’re being watched? (Renfield. RIP my baby)


(Robin) #116

This is the one who has my heart.:hot_face:


Mikey steals everyone’s hearts, without fail ; )


My youngest sister has fallen in love with him from photos I’ve shared too. Tomorrow is her birthday, so I made this ‘card’ to email to her xD

Would have been better if a I had a photo with his ‘superman’ paw and his tail out behind him, but eh ; )

(Denise) #119

I don’t have a kitty as I can’t have more than one pet here, and I have a little dog. I would love a kitten for her to play with, and to raise but for now, not possible. But I did find some cool videos that my pup likes watching but they are supposedly for Cats :wink: This is one of my faves:

Kitty Entertainment :wink:


Ahhhh… my guys loved this one. The trouble is they lose interest after they realise they can’t fish them out from behind the TV xD