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Looks familiar xD

(Jane) #82


(Jane) #83

I dare you to remove me off your laptop!

(Jane) #84

Did I give you permission to call my name?


Oh apologies, My Majesty, please let me enjoy looking at your exquisite beauty in silence then!

I am not even joking (much), I get into this mindspace seeing such a superb specimen!
(I don’t say I wouldn’t make attempts to get a hug though. My SO gets touchy-feely when he sees a snake, I have that with many species. Furry creatures are made for hugs if you ask me. I saw a small leopard in a zoo a few days ago and it seems soooo huggable… It probably wasn’t but it seemed so… I was sitting there for a while, admiring the animal.)

(Megan) #86

My beautiful baby boy Prince. AKA Prince Fury. AKA Princeypants

(Robin) #87

Ach! A beauty.


Today’s daily cats!




Daily kitties! (Looks like I forgot yesterday… shame on me).

Tweak cuddling up to Mr. Rob Zombie… because, why not?!

Popular with the ladies, I guess xD Dilemma adds some ‘Rawr’.


Cat time.

Shroom being a little supermodel:

Winch and Snooch checking out their new cat tree:

I apparently can’t keep making posts without someone else replying, so I’ve had to edit my last post to include…

Today’s catses.

Bernie taking a well deserved break from VR. She’s a Beat Saber champion, you know ; )

Mikey just… taking a break in general xD


I was informed there won’t be more cats from @ElgynsToy without someone writing here and we can’t have that! I want more cats!

And I haven’t finished introducing my cats in my huge laziness.
It’s not always easy to hunt my cat photos from multiple years…

So, Caroline (it’s came from the Portal game and my SO and me pronounce it differently) aka Cloud (just in Hungarian) is our oldest cat. Maybe 7 years old now? Tofu must be… 3-4? And Pie is 1. She still is a smallish cat but all the girls are on the smaller side of a normal housecat. One boy, Caroline’s son was quite big and it was reflected on his appetite! He suddenly died maybe 1 year ago, since then we only have the girls.

I have very few Caroline photos…

From 2016…

I have ZILLIONS of photos of Tofu though, I will bring some of them later.


Gorgeous : )


Eins (Uncle Dad xD) and Dilemma:



Awww, red! I like red tabbies and the very pale ones too.
I sooo wanted to keep Piskutek but poor thing died.
Piskutek and one of his siblings.


Daily cats : )

The Bernie bean:

The Mikey moo:


Lovely cats! :smiley:

Little Boy again. We had Big Boy aka Hurutka and Little Boy aka Jacko (Alvaro said something about his movements…), both were Caroline the Cloud’s babies. While they were around, we actually had some good relations between our cats as the family members liked each other. A mother doesn’t stop being a mother and licking their boys just because they grew up! :slight_smile: They often lay together in their basket. I am pretty sure only one cat should fit into it but even Big Boy managed to squeeze next to his mother sometimes… It wasn’t a comfy fit in my eyes but you know how cats are…
The girls doesn’t like each other especially Pie and Tofu, the two young ones as Tofu has a strange temperament and Pie is very assertive and curious and couldn’t care less about Tofu’s wishes… Caroline is a cinnamon roll, it’s easy to get along with her even for Tofu who doesn’t like anyone. I had to separate the little girls today as Pie pestered Tofu (if she gets closer than 1m, that’s pestering for Tofu. I often can’t grab her either, she just runs away, very dramatically, she is prone to overdo things… so when Pie gets close, Tofu gets super upset and loud and annoying to human ears and disturbing to our peace. Tofu likes loud noises, she loves finding objects making the biggest and most possible sounds).

So, Little Boy!

Okay, I show you Big Boy as well. Their coloration was about the same but Big Boy was way bigger and self-confident and strong and I have problems with finding the right word. Little Boy was an uncertain little wimp compared to his awesome older brother. Who has some temporal eye problem on this photo, apparently… But normally he was very healthy (as far as I could tell, at least) and strong with a huge appetite :slight_smile: Still, he was our lovely purring cat. All cats of ours purr when touched even if they don’t all love to be held.


(Robin) #96

Cat on crack…





Pet mah belleh.


Once Tofu lay in the grass, the sun was shining so I decided on a spontaneous photo session. This is one pic from that series…

(Robin) #100

I would give that cat at least a B++