Love Your Cat(s)? Share Them with Us


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I love all those cat pictures you share. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to have a pet not because I live in a rental property and work two jobs. I would just not have enough time to dedicate to this living creature.
But I dream that one day I will have my own house, and there will be at least two or three cats. They make me feel better and help me maintain my mental health in a better state. That’s why I try to feed all the stray cats I meet on the streets. There are so many of them, and my heart just breaks when I see them and know I cannot help them any better.
For now, I do some reading on to understand which breed will fit me better.


I live in rentals too. I’ve become accustomed to deception and never declare my cats. Becomes normal after a while having to make all sign of them ‘disappear’ if the agent wants to come around. It’s sad that the reality in the rental market is largely have pets and be homeless, or don’t have pets -_-

I work a 10.5 hour day, but only work 4 days out of 7. This was originally on site, but now WFH. Cats were fine with me being away with those hours, but I would never have considered a dog. Now I get to be around my little hairy menaces all the time : )


Daily dose of cat!

Snooch just chillin’

Mikey in training.

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Ach! These are great!


I don’t remember ever writing here but anyway, I will bring some photos of my older cats eventually… But now meet Snugglepie, Pie in short. She is a character like all our cats, very different from everyone else.
She is quite young, we have found her last winter… Or vice versa. I saw a pretty kitten from my kitchen window and told her to come.
And she just never left. We heard that she had a semi-owner in a nearby house but she doesn’t live here. Of course she chose us, she is a cat loving comfort. Not like it’s so comfy to be our outside cat but it has its perks.
As it’s quite obvious, she is a beauty and she is a silly kitten…

She got her name very quickly. I already knew about the Australian stories of Snugglepod and Cuddlepie… And she always was a huggy cat. Unlike Tofu who literally screamed bloody murder whenever we lift her up. She stayed even if I slowly released her but she acted like a cat I am actively butchering. It was so heartfelt I needed a long time and multiple checks to be quite sure she isn’t suffering from my touch. She stopped that. She merely responds with a bite if I pet her while she is sleeping but her bites are NEVER serious, it’s around the threshold of my touch perception, IDK why she is THAT super careful, I could handle much more without any suffering :smiley: As normal with cats, she can’t control her sharp claws that much so she can cause pain with those, always without wanting to. But she has some temperament problems, prone to get super upset in no time (the reason is usually some petting. she tolerates a stroke but don’t like it for long). Then she extremely dramatically leaves, visibly extremely furiously. “I hate you and don’t wanna see you again!”, it can be translated to that. Just with capslock.
She comes back in 2 minutes like nothing happened.
Oh and she is the one who ALWAYS would “tap that”. “That” being our legs or in some circumstances when she reach them, our hands. She even forgets being mad at us, it’s so irresistible…

I made the most photos of Tofu, she is so goofy sometimes… And very pretty.
But we should have something next time too so I stop here.
I haven’t the vaguest idea why I named her Tofu but it suits her. Okay, she is pretty and not boring at all (I have a very poor opinion of tofu, you see… but I like flavors and I don’t even like its texture so much) but somehow it still fits. She is a fun one and calling a cat Tofu is fun…?

But sometimes we call her Calico Katarin. As there is some Hungarian scientist involved with some Covid vaccine(?) called Karikó Katalin.

Beware, I have quite a few fav cat pics. I won’t show the blurry ones but I have some old kitten pics, adorable ones :smiley: Not my current 3 cats as I never saw them tiny. Neither was a full size adult yet but they weren’t very small. I must have some pics of Caroline’s (our 3rd, oldest cat) babies. All of our 3 girls are neutered, the younger ones had it when they became just old enough for it so they never had kittens.

By the way, I love orange cats. Good that Tofu had some orange in her :slight_smile: Once Caroline had a pale orange baby, Piskutek, I was so happy but he didn’t live long. Pale orange is so special!
But I like cats in various colors. I find cats with much white (but not full white) extremely pretty so I am quite happy with the two younger girls. They lost their lovely baby faces they had even when kind of big but not full adult yet but it happens. Tofu can look very mean too, it suits her temperament :smiley: Caroline still has a lovely face and she is a pleasant cat even though she dislikes being held and petter for a long time (like, more than a few seconds).
They all purr very much though. They just don’t want to be held much except Snugglepie, she is awesome at snuggling, she always was. Tofu was a little hedgehog, still not a huggy type but she stopped complaining when touched, she even purrs. She NEVER could forget about herself like that when she was very young! :wink: It was really hard to save her. It was winter, cold, the kitten was meowing on a tree since 24 hours at least… We had 3 cats at that time, no need for another but well, my SO can’t leave her there again… She put up some fight but we are stubborn folks here… She seemingly was okay with us except the dramatic “they are killing meeeee!!!” performances with the impressive acoustic elements. And I am sure we know how to lift a kitten. My family had many cats, I held other cats too and not one did anything like that.
Tofu had phases when it was enough to held my hand 10cm from her and it started to meow painfully. She never went away despite being free to do so, she stayed on the spot and complained. Or IDK what she did, seriously. Is she mental? No idea. But she never seemed truly suffering so we didn’t worry about it much.
She can’t have problems with proximity as she comes and touches us when she is in the mood (not only in her “I’d tap that” moments).
I met cats who didn’t like touched often (and they they initiated it) but they didn’t scream bloody murder (while totally staying) just made clear they wanted to be left alone and it never was a problem.
Tofu is special.

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LOL. Thought the title read Love Your Carb(s)? Share Them with Us at first. So I was gonna post this:

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That is the most impressive one of these I’ve ever seen.




Happy Anniversary Robin!


Wouldn’t have thought you’d get so much meat on a cat chop :rofl:

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Well, how ‘bout that?! 2 years! I had no idea it was my forum anniversary! I had to go look it up myself! I began keto on that June 22… so I’m lucky I found you guys so quickly. I have to wonder if I’d still be so solid in my woe without it.
And thanks, Coop!


Happy anniversary, Robin! Have a kitten!

Actually, have 3!

They are from Caroline’s uniform phase when all of them were similar. I always named the darkest one Antracit (anthracite but as we write it here)… But it was pretty hard to tell them apart.


Daily cats time.

Tweak pondering:

Shroom flycatching xD


I count 4…


Haha! Same. I spy an ear…


Oh my bad. Indeed, it’s 4! So the whole gang was there :slight_smile:


It’s time for your daily cats : )

Bernie’s ready for Halloween a little early this year:

Bundle of Mikey toes:


Bernie reminds me of my cats after they went exploring the most hidden nooks and crannies of the house… That wasn’t this pretty though, they had dust and cobwebs on their heads, hanging from their whiskers…
Once we had a mostly white silly cat and we cleaned an old house… There was a straight pipe with ash outside of the house, it connected our wood/coal stove to the chimney… The cat just fit into it… So it had to be done. He entered the pipe and emerged from the other end with a drastic change in its coloring… He didn’t seem to be particularly bothered just like the dust and cobweb collecting ones. Or all the cats who carefully licked themselves clean and still a bit wet, lay into the deepest dusty spot around the house…

Cats. We never will understand them but it just makes them even more entertaining.


My two seem to colour contrast their adventures (ofc it’s actually just what naturally shows on them :wink:)… Bernie loves to roam around the farm land that surrounds us and go poking about in barns and sheds so very often comes home adorned in cobwebs.

Mikey used to have a habit of trying to climb up the chimney when I had an open fireplace, and now that I don’t, he makes sure he finds some soot or dark earth/compost to faff around with xD

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This is most of mine… MY bed, MINE :rofl: