Lots of ‘F’ words (temporary tile) Carnivore Zero Carb February 2023

(Megan) #61

Great video @Azi Linda, I can totally relate to a lot of what he said at the beginning of it.

Hi everyone, I’m probably going to prattle a fair bit about this new dog for the next however long. I’m really enjoying, and very much needing, something outside of myself to focus on. Something that gets me thinking, gets me moving, gets me planning.

Not a peep out of her when I popped her in the crate last night, she just lay down and went to sleep. I didn’t get to sleep until about 6am and was woken by her wet nose on my face. Ruby had come downstairs to see her and let her out of her crate. She said she was laying in there quite happily when she came down. Soooo big yay. My sleep is jacked every 2 or 3 nights, I’m unable to fall asleep until 6 or 7am, then needing to sleep a bit of the day away. So it’s good to know she can possibly tolerate some extended crate time.

I have no idea when she was last brushed, she has some really terrible matts. Ruby and I have cut most of them out and we’ve both spent a good deal of time brushing her to get rid of a huge amount of undercoat. Her coat is very german shepherd and needs stripping. It’s mind blowing how much we’ve already brushed out with a slicker brush, but she needs something like a furminator to really deal with it.

I think I am going to call her Shelby. It suits her and feels right.

She’s definitely calmer/less skittish today but has a long way to go. Her coat may lean more towards the german shepherd in her but her energy is border collie all the way. Constantly on the move, sitting and laying down for no more than a few seconds at a time. Lulu is pooped!! Fast asleep at my feet. I’m going to take them both for a walk around the park later, but Shelby is miles away from being able to be let off lead. She’s still very hesitant and timid when approaching when I coax her to me. I can see she wants to come close and when she is close she seems to enjoy affection, but nervousness is what’s topmost a lot of the time at the moment. So definitely not a dog I can let off lead yet.

My hope for her is she learns to relax. She’ll always be a high energy girl, but I’d like her to be able to lay down and just chill some of the time.

(Linda ) #62

For just one day i think she is doing amazing I remember when we got jake chacha hated him we we kept him crated around her In the Middle of the room she sniff and grow and bark at himl and he was hesitant and shy and cowering …,at day 5 ,I was saying I don’t think we can keep him i was devastated he was such a beautiful dog. And so friendly towards us .I’d have to crate her to give him time out of his crate …next morning on day 6 here was cha cha giving him kisses and smelling him through the cage …we were shocked so we opened his crate at first he stayed in and she went to his door no fighting no growling no barking she had finally accepted he not leaving …and they been best friends ever since…
Some things do take time …

(Megan) #63

What an awesome story @Azi Linda, I’m really glad it worked out and they became best of friends so quickly. Sounds like you handled it well. I knew Lulu would be great with Suki (new possible name, Ruby doesn’t like Shelby), and Milly has totally accepted her as well, which we are a bit surprised about given Suki is female and Milly can be a bit standoffish with girl dogs.

I just got back from 3 brisk circuits around the park. My body hurts but it needed to be done, and once I can let her off lead I won’t need to walk that far. Her humans were right, she is totally dog and kid friendly. Also, quite a few very small humans went past on bikes and scooters, and she wasn’t fazed. She has only been walked on a harness with a retractable lead but she got the hang of walking beside my walker with a short lead attached to her collar. By the time we were on our 3rd circuit she was doing great.

It’s weird having such a high energy dog. She’s on the go constantly and non-stop panting b/c it’s hot and very humid here at the moment. It almost makes it hard to relax. Miracles of miracles she’s actually laying on my bed right now. Let’s see if it lasts longer than 2 minutes lol


yesterday was 1 lb. Tbone steak
then I ate 3/4 lb big ol’ cheeseburger patty
YUM. I was hungry and this went down fine.
Hit scale this morn. Up a lb. but hey I did hold off a few of the sick lbs, lol.
Cool with it all. For some reason today does not ‘feel’ like it will be a huge eating day only cause I woke up with no food draw again.
defrosting thin pork chops and got burgers for later if wanted. Will just see how the day flies. Feel good, just cruising along to see where I land in eating again kinda.


@MeganNZ: It was nice to read about Shelby/Suki/whatever her name will be in the end :slight_smile:

Frosty winter here but pretty sunny. Yep, it was huge wind in many places, the radio talked about lots of ruined trees and roofs…
The cats had an ice block in their outside water bowl in the morning. They happily napping in my beds (2 in my bean bag, 1 in my normal bed) now and the sun shines on them… Ginger is outside, she isn’t our cat and didn’t come in anyway.

I feel a weight in my belly but I already knew I must put a stop on this insane overeating. Last night I didn’t even feel hungry, it was some strange irresistible appetite, salive collecting in my mouth and stuff… I surely went over 200g again.

I changed my mind about my day every hour but for now I go with fat fast again. Not for the whole day just as my first meal as I surely will have more. I can’t do carnivore as I need to avoid meat and need to eat coconut oil as I don’t have any other fat to eat just a very tiny bit of lard and chicken fat. It’s fine and dandy, it’s just fat and an okay one, the most innocent thing to do, I would go way further if it’s about minimizing protein. It’s unusual but I even use willpower now. I have a lot of it, I just rarely use it and never for food related things :smiley: Unless I really, really, really lose my (pretty high level regarding overeating) patience.

But first I wait for some proper hunger :slight_smile: And this heavy feeling to go away.

By the way, I wondered about the price and problems of coffee again… No idea why it has the charm when I don’t enjoy it… Without cream… So I have an opened box of cream again, I justified it easily as it’s fatty and I want a fatty start of my day. But I really don’t want coffee anymore. I would rather buy and eat butter for that money :smiley:

And I watched new videos about weightlifting (I already knew about someone on YT, I trust he knows what he is talking about, why I didn’t check out more videos before?) and I am very enthusiastic now. I will use the best exercises and my best effort and will improve quicker than ever! Or at least as quick as I did once, it was amazing for several weeks…

Now I try to put my mind off food. Hard. I only had this extreme focus on the last days of my 5 day fast decades ago…


My breakfast today.

I just didn’t bother with the almonds today. I don’t know why but it’s all I want to eat, cream, cheese, eggs and meat. Though I really should be eating more seafood. But for some reason I always want meat, and particularly the fat. I don’t care for the lean meat on my pork chops, but I can’t waste it. There is currently no higher pleasure culinary wise for me than chewing the fat off pork shoulder crackling. Perhaps it’s because my body is now thoroughly fat adapted I want fat mostly instead of protein?:thinking:

(Megan) #67

Looks delicious @never2late! I rarely eat seafood, it’s not on the list of carni foods I enjoy. Is there a reason you think you should be eating it? Pork fat is my go to fat, crackling in particular. Sooo good!

(Karen) #68

Food today…Chicken mince

Plus some cheese
I have 2 pork chops in the slow cooker that i may eat in a little while. Almost forgot it was cooking lol. Didn’t start eating till 6pm as i got distracted doing my new jigsaw. Which is better than the last one … the actual pieces fit better and i am not getting frustrated with it … thankfully…
100 push ups and 50 each side and front raises completed.


Hi Megan, I suppose I thought I should be enjoying various cuts from various animals, poultry and fish included. But all I ever seem to want to eat is pork. I eat pork every day. I went off beef, just don’t fancy it as much. Chicken, is nice, though still inferior to pork. But I’m feeling good so figure it must be right how I eat now. I just love the sameness and simplicity as I never seem to tire of these foods, my SO says he could never live that way as he desires variety, but to me it’s bliss.


100 push ups, wow! You sound incredibly fit. I just do my 40min morning walks, I keep telling myself I should be doing more. I’m impressed.

(Megan) #71

Ahhh good ole shoulds @never2late, many of us are plagued by them to varying degrees. I eat a mix of pork and beef, with pork being my favourite. Plus it’s cheaper here. I’m seriously thinking about becoming a cattle rustler. Meat is way too expensive!

Eat what you enjoy, imo, if you’re doing okay on it. Any health promoting way of eating needs to be sustainable, and enjoyment is part of what can help it be.


Hi Megan. I think the reason I went off beef is because all I could afford were the Aberdeen Angus burgers, and though I thought them nice at the start, they just don’t provide enough fat and I got a bit bored of them. But I’m like that with eggs too, I go on and off both beef and eggs, so have them occasionally. Yes, I agree 100% that enjoyment is what makes a WOE sustainable. I feel lucky because to me the foods on this WOE taste sinfully good.

(Megan) #73

I just buy 80/20 ground beef, salt it, roll some into a biggish ball, smack it down flat on my palm, toss it in the frypan. That would be cheaper than pre-made burger patties no? I used to add grated cheese to the mix but found a heck of a lot of fat gets rendered out as they cook, and it seems more than just what’s in the cheese. No clue why. Anyway, I’ve discovered I prefer the taste of them sans cheese, as long as they are well salted.


Hi Megan, I might try that. Ground beef if nothing is done with it other than frying it in the pan I’ve always found dull, but when I fry it with some eggs as well it’s instantly better. Ideally it would just be the egg yokes as I’m not that keen on the whites, but I don’t want to waste them. Yes, if you get the higher fat ground beef a lot of fat comes out making it unnecessary to add lard or butter, though I add the latter more for taste. Although I haven’t eaten ground beef in quite a while. Perhaps I’ll buy it next week to see if I like it again. With butter it certainly becomes more tasty, and some melted cheese. I also fry my bacon that way. I have both lard and butter that I like to use, as well as cream. Well we all know what a godsend cream is, it’s like a superfood, can be used for everything🙂

(Linda ) #75

I love cream but it doesn’t always love me back…it causes stomach /pain bloating unless I use in tiny amounts …but if it’s cooked in a sauce no issues… its weird…as for seafood yup I still love shrimp and fish and I’m trying to make sure I eat some for omega 3: and DHEA every week nowI went long time without any but then started craving fish…


Hi Linda, it’s really annoying when a food we love doesn’t love us back, isn’t it? Are you sensitive to gluten by any chance? As to seafood, I always keep thinking I should get some, like smoked mackarel which I don’t mind, but truth be told I never crave fish, but always crave meat. My body seems fine on cream and butter even if I eat a lot of it. Cheese I’m also fine with, yogurt I’m not, and milk makes me feel ill so I never drink it. I suppose there are degrees of dairy sensitivities. I eat both Edam and Gouda and cheddar and they’re all fine.

(Linda ) #77

Yep listen to your body If your not craving it or not thinking about it you prob not needing it…

I did a run on pork belly for a couple months then back to steak I eat what I’m drawn to I can eat same foods for weeks then suddenly I start feeling like something else it might be lamb bacon or fish I just go with it…

Right now it’s bacon eggs and steak…


[I started to write this many hours ago…]

My body wants fat AND protein. Always. A lot of them.
And today I realized that it wants FOOD now. I find everything extremely tempting, even pure fat, it’s crazy… :smiley: I always was choosier than that! Though pure fat would lose its charm in 1-2 bites I am sure… Or maybe not, these days are surreal.

But it’s 4:20pm now and I am still not hungry so that’s nice. I did had some creamy coffees and tasted whatever I made but those were (very fatty) morsels.

{Here was space left for my photo but all were somewhat bad and what’s worse, my plate was kind of ugly, you don’t need to see that… It had deviled eggs using 3 eggs, a sponge cake with fatty spread on it and a piece of sausage.}

And I have plenty of pork shoulders if needed too.

[after 10pm]
I ate when Alvaro had dinner, around 6pm. I was already hungry but nothing very serious :slight_smile:
Of course I ate everything on my plate and a bunch of more food: another sponge cake (20g fat for one - as in the pic - would have been a bit much :smiley: One sponge cake contains less than half an egg), more sausage and some nice amount of pork shoulder roast. And lots of whipped cream and a yolk, oh they are so perfect together… Both my raw fluff (jellied or not) and ice cream are basically eggs mixed with cream with some tiny flavoring. But the fluff has more whites (except when it lack gelatin) and the ice cream almost only have yolks. Too much water isn’t good for ice cream… I may use some butter instead of part of the cream in all cases. I even had my fluff with only butter and no cream when I lacked cream. It wasn’t as good but still quite nice. Cream is just too amazing, impossible to skip it without negative consequences even if they aren’t too serious.

And later I had to eat again but that was 10g fat and another (two) creamy coffee(s) :wink: I am good. 10g fat alone is as far as I can go and I get grossed out properly (barely, I am still a hedonist but I am on a mission) and it causes my body to lose its hunger, anything just not getting any more fat, ew :smiley: I need to be a tad tough with it now :slight_smile:
Food sounds quite off-putting now but I am still fine so it’s the best I can expect right now. I am pleased and hope in even better days!

Oh, tracking. Yesterday ended at 214g protein (but less fat than that, thankfully).
Today’s guesstimation is

I had an unusual workout as I have watched many videos and tried out things… A half workout as usual but with more exercises per muscle group so it’s fine. I am thinking about stopping trying to do total body workouts, it’s not like I could do them all in one day more than 1-2 times during the last years… And I don’t even train my legs as no point in that, I should train my core and abs as they are SUPER weak.
Oh, there will be so many changes :smiley: It’s fun now. But my biceps weights dropped that I changed from barbell to dumbbells… Oh well. And I will need to change the weights all the time during my workout unless I figure out something… Good that there are multiple good exercises to choose from…

That’s nice but when I enjoy my food too much, I overeat even more and easier than normal… :frowning: But when I don’t enjoy it, I go off and that’s maybe even worse. It depends.

I haven’t eaten ruminant meat since… IDK, very long. Months? I can’t even afford the pork I eat if I eat it in the amounts I did lately… Good thing I don’t need it either, I just couldn’t resist. Stupid crazy hunger and appetite.

But we will buy some ruminant soon, maybe in the weekend if our webshop order arrives with my gelatin, I miss it… Alvaro want to make a dish with it (ruminant meat, I mean), of course not carnivore but not too carby so I will just eat 1-2 cubes of meat or something.
I should be happy with my pork after these crazy expensive times… Oh well, we do have pretty much money just not as regular income.

But bacon releases fat, it won’t soak up any. Well some butter molecules must stick to it so if it’s for taste… But I like lard so butter has no role there, it just makes it even more expensive…

I am quite sure I won’t eat more before bed. My biceps are aching. They didn’t even need the night :smiley: Well I tried out a few exercises today… And searched for core exercises for beginners. The beginners commented that cool, those are always too hard for them but these? No problem. I obviously am miles away being able to do them, even the easier version one had… But I was already tired so let’s hope it has some role.
I want to strengthen my core, it surely will do good to my lower back prone to some tiny pain (it’s not bad since I have exercises to make it better) besides having zillion other benefits.

Ouch my arm. Even typing is a tiny pain :slight_smile:

I want to lose fat to show off the muscles I surely will develop in the next years… I take it seriously now.

I forgot. 170g (or 180 or 190, who knows? I ate fatty pork) fat, 93g protein :heart_eyes: Yay!
340g meat for today, it will be a bit higher tomorrow, I wish for a normal (and eggy) day! I had enough of super fatty days for a while. 79% fat, it’s much for me without my darling fatty items (except cream. that was neat). 45g added fat, it’s too much without things soaking it up. I feel off a bit.

I want to chill and not thinking about food much tomorrow. Today I was on a mission and I succeed.


Heart problems and tired. Some hot sauced chicken wings at a venue, may have triggered something. In recovery and a bit tired to write more.


Hi Shinita. Pure fat, if you’re thinking say, the fat on pork crackling, is delicious. Lard on its own, not so much. So it depends what it is, and if it’s hot. Today I am thinking of beginning with my weights again. I fell off the wagon with those, and they’re only ridiculously light anyway. But I think I must be building some muscle from all the walks. As today I weighed, fully clothed, 52kg, so that’s 1, 5 kg weight gain, and yet my family members say I am looking slimmer and have streamlined. Of course, my weight tends to fluctuate between 50 and 52kg anyway, but it’s a nice thought, that I could be converting some fat to muscle. All my lipoedema is on my legs, so that’s where I’d like some lean muscle. But I should be doing some stretching exercises, or something. My breakfast plate is also not very pretty, but who cares so long as it tastes good.

But I did overcook my bacon slightly, the eggs were perfect though, nice, almost runny yoke when I cut into them.