Lots of ‘F’ words (temporary tile) Carnivore Zero Carb February 2023


Hi Linda, just out of curiosity do you eat one meal a day, two or three? I mostly eat 3-4, as I never can manage a big meal in one sitting. Lamb meat is delicious for sure, but I find it harder to digest than other meats. I shall try ground beef next week and see if I can do something a bit more exciting with it. What of course I would like is a lovely tender steak, but you don’t really get value for money, I think. Pork belly I have once a week, otherwise much too expensive, as one pack of 5 pork belly strips only provides one meal, and because my SO and I share it, it’s more of a snack. The gammon joint is good value, and bacon. So as well as taste it’s what my SO and I can afford really. Pork chops are better value for money. But considering the amount of cream I go through in a week, that is probably a small fortune, right there. Yes, I agree 100% that we should follow our bodies’ cravings, I never crave carbs or sugar, but meat, cheese and cream, absolutely. Oh, and coffee.


Hi FrankoBear, could it be that the body becomes so adapted at burning fat that if there’s even a small bit of glucose it experiences a kind of shock? I read an article, I forget the details, about how some people who were on a ketogenic WOE for a certain amount of time, experimented with glucose. They downed a bottle of some glucose-rich liquid, I forget what. But what the article said was the shock of glucose to the system after following keto caused slight cell damage, which then corrected itself once they resumed ketogenic eating, if I remember correctly.


that maybe plus darn it is good tastin’ and good eating :slight_smile: I attack all that crispy crunchy juicy pork fat also. omgosh so good! Eat what ya want when ya want it, your draw to certain meats etc. will change around on ya when your body says so. I can wake up and say immediately, I must have a tin or 2 of sardines today. Til that day I wake up wanting them and I know I want them I don’t even think about them at all LOL For about a year I lived on 2 ribeyes per day :slight_smile:

yea this could trigger, who knows, but key being I had to dump all hot spicy from my life. honestly I can’t handle what it does to me anymore. Hope you are feeling better!

--------------------SO MY day was simple and toward lilghter eating again. Just didn’t want much.

3 sausage patties.
3 thin cut pork chops.

done deal :slight_smile: Not much draw to food, nothing is screaming out to me ya know. Ok, will just keep cruising along!

I am sitting here with a blank in my brain. What to defrost for eating later? Usually I can immediately know the food I want…right now, again, could care less. So I guess a steak must be defrosted cause I need some meat available and I do have burgers I cook from frozen so I can just leave those til I want them. OK…steak and burger today.

zc on strong all


Hi Fangs, I think our appetites go up and down. Though I usually eat three meals with one additional if I require it. But I don’t ever feel like eating too much in one sitting. I couldn’t do just one meal a day. Sardines can be nice. But I never actually crave fish. I’ve never craved fish in my life, and that is not to say, I don’t think it tastes good. But my body never asks for it, it’s always meat. When I do buy fish, just because I tell myself I need to eat more seafood, I get the smoked mackarel fillets, they are quite nice. But they’re just nowhere near as satisfying as meat. My SO and I have begun buying chicken thighs instead of chicken legs, and they’re nice and juicy with their crispy skin, that’s what we’ll be having today. It was pork chops yesterday and the day before that, and pork chops again tomorrow. Also I have a nice bit of gammon joint left from yesterday, I thought it would last me three days, but nope, I’ll eat the rest of it today. Now what I’m really craving at the moment is coffee, but I always leave it an hour before and after my meal, so as not to inhibit iron consumption. It’s annoying having to wait though, especially because it’s so cold. But then I’ve always been impatient. And I eat way more I find when I’m cold.

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@FrankoBear it must be so frustrating dealing with your recurring heart issues. Sorry to hear about your continued struggles, you deserve relief.


good thing is you don’t have to ever do that :slight_smile: but never say never ever on carnivore. I thought I would never eat 2 tins of sardines LOL but hey, I do when the body asks :slight_smile: I do not eat fish, don’t like it other than a can of tuna every now and then so never worry on any of it.
eat what you want. when ya want it! Don’t do any comparisons against how others are eating on carnivore. This has to be a YOU journey ya know.


It is. And gross all alone in bigger amounts :slight_smile: That’s why I eat it with the meat, in the right ratio. I eat lean things with fat too. Separating them isn’t a good idea but now I can shift the ratio more than before.

Lard is delicious too, I snacked on it all alone in the very beginning (I “snacked” on pink Himalayan salt in the very beginning too)… Of course not any kind of lard… Lard is normally made by frying fat tissue, we get lard and scratchings, both are tasty.

I prefer cold fat I think… Except when it’s a fresh roast :slight_smile: Cold firmer fat is awesome (with meat with it. not even eggs are fine. not even dairy. we have a very traditional pasta dish with quark, sour cream and fried pork fat tissue, I don’t like that much as it has no meat. but it’s neat as all ingredients are nice, our traditional pasta is very eggy. of course it gets better if we skip the flour, no dilating my precious egg flavor!).

To my eyes it is pretty… Oh fine I show my horrible looking plate from yesterday, the not so blurry one, on my prettiest plate that always get some grease and then looks like it’s the dirtiest thing ever… I wiped it for the later pics but they got blurry…

Well this is ugly. Your food looks tempting and the photo nice. OMG I so hate Thomas with its stupid ugly face… But the food part is nice. Nice colors, not the best lighting but not the worst either…

Is that a thing? I just fry them into oblivion… Well, crunchiness and they are perfect :slight_smile:

We don’t have strips, that’s a bacon thing… We have slabs, even when it’s cooked and smoked. Not cheap but not very expensive. Around pork jowl price, more than half as much as the cheapest beef… I think. I wonder if I should give it a try… Now that I like to focus on fat more though it just makes my days overeating by default unless I avoid meat and eggs as much as I can…
Maybe I should go to the pig farm as I don’t want the expensive watery stuff from supermarkets or the huge fresh slabs with skin… Some nice smoked farm thing? Sounds good and no way I overeat it due to the insane salt content… Okay, that’s not ideal. I will check out all the pork belly slabs everywhere on our next shopping!
Bacon is waaaaay more expensive except the tiny cubes on sale that I buy because it works in my scrambled eggs. And bacon ends have a good price too and it’s the same just not sliced… But I almost never see such a thing.
Pork chop (well maybe not that but what I translate it to. we don’t have the stuff with the handle) is lean and a bit expensive, pork chuck price, it has no chance :smiley: Prok shoulder is cheap though, I imagine I will eat much of it in the future. The usual ham/butt (sold as “thigh”) with the price cap is a bit too lean and it leads to overearing protein too easily and I do that with anything now so no extra help is needed. But maybe I will eat it with lots of sour cream or something, should work on OMAD at least. As sour cream doesn’t satiate me but if I eat all my food at once, it is probably good for long term satiation? IDK and plan an experiment about it. I wanna eat as much sour cream as I want once. (It probably won’t be huge, I am used to eating dairy in moderation. It is worst with cream and cheese lately, I have a creamy cheesy phase. Yum. Should stop as they are more expensive and less valuable than my meat…)

…except when it wants me to eat 200, 300, whatever grams of fat and protein and next day I feel a burden in my belly as I clearly overate…
Desires may be out of control sometimes. But normally, absolutely. Our body may know better what it needs at the moment and forcing it to something sounds quite bad. I never force. I just try to figure out what works better.

Still couldn’t quit it, I felt so close to it mentally though… But at one point we run out of it…

I googled gammon. So it’s ham? So theoretically it’s the same cut as the “thigh” I buy? Nice stuff but sometimes a bit too lean. I love when it is fattier.

That was the first thing I (kind of) learned. I did things I never thought possible for me :smiley: Going against solid, consistent past experiences. I even ate less on carnivore and it seems easy carni satiation always happen. And now I feel most carni food being totally irresistible and a little just don’t cut it… This is new. Never had in on/close carnivore before.
And it’s still just the start, no idea what proper longer term carnivore would bring…

It will be very interesting to see what happens with @never2late, she is still sooo in the beginning of her journey and already changed super much, super quickly!


I don’t think your plate is ugly either, Shinita. I’ve never tried deviled eggs, it looks good. What you said about Tomas made me laugh, I’ve kept the covering on because my boys like doing various crafts at the table, and it’s so easy to clean, but the other cloth was much nicer, I really like it, with a nice leafy pattern.
As to your last comment who can say where any of us will be at any given time, we simply cannot predict the future, and life is change, and going with our bodies’ desires, but I can say I’ve never felt so good as now on carnivore. I was never a foodie, never all that into food back on my high carb, low fat diet. I always thought of food more as a source of energy. I ate all the time because I was so low on that energy, and now I don’t need to, my body has regulated both hunger and satiety signals and my energy, although never great, doesn’t crash anymore like it used too.


better will come, believe me it will when ya get that monster ZAP of energy and you think, omg I HAVE to move or die LOL and it all hits us different in our time line but yes, there is big future changes to come, hold strong thru it all!


I want energy too…

I have sunshine, that helps :slight_smile: It seems like my energy and feeling right is like my fat-loss: a big door with zillions of locks and everything should be right to open the door… Well it’s not black or white, of course but I still have this feeling sometimes. If we mess up one important factor, it’s a problem.

My spirit is okay nowadays but my energy still is low. Not super low when I can’t even sit right and just desire to lie down and stay like that… Just normal low. Though it’s hard to tell as there is the mood to do things and it can pull me back very effectively too. The mood is on and off, sometimes I feel ready to do things, other times I just want to survive the day somehow…

Well it’s still sunshine and I already ate twice. It happens. I got borderline hungry in the morning and wasn’t in the mood not to eat for some reason… And then we had lunch. Just because I wasn’t hungry, I ate, it’s better for me to have a smaller eating window. Maybe I can pull this off…
136g protein, 181g fat. Maybe I shouldn’t focus on fat when I don’t do my best to avoid protein… I was just unsure what to do and my tentative plan is eating fat fast style when I don’t have my natural eating window. But I had pork roast and eggs so protein piled up quickly :slight_smile: I had nice food. I just ate about everything I had for my first meal, no idea how to eat simple. My food was simple, I just had a… 8 course breakfast? I had no main food so I ate a little of this, a little of that :slight_smile: Cheesy scrambled eggs are amazing. I find the very usual Gouda quite nice now. Sometimes I get bored of it. Not now. There is no boring food for me now. (Because I don’t have tuna. But tuna is tasty just too lean alone.)

So I am full and lazy and sleepy now. I went to bed late and woke up late but not late enough to have a proper sleep… So my energy level plummet after a meal (and a walk, we got the “mice chewed on it” free cat food a neighbour mentioned before. petted the dog Alvaro saved from a watery pit once, at night. lucky dog, the morning would have been too late… WHY that one neighbour leave open pits on his property IDK but Alvaro occasionally do some tresspassing to save animals, two badgers were the most interesting…)

I wondered about how nice it would be if I have a single simple cheap satiating food I can eat galore without problem. Would come handy in super hungry times. I only know one such thing except the problem as it’s liver and it’s hard enough to keep it as low as adviced… 500g liver is nice for 3 days, some more days pass and I am ready to eat it again… But I eat it about once in 2 weeks and use some other organ instead on the liverless weeks…
Maybe pork shoulder is the best. Even if it ruins my tracking. Maybe I shouldn’t track… It’s way too many measuring and calculating per day anyway… But I am curious. Can’t be helped.
But I only should eat pork shoulder once a day. Especially in hungry times. No problem, I probably badly need OMAD anyway… But as we know I don’t work that way, I am way too undisciplined. Not right word. If my body wants food early, it gets food early and of course it wants food later too.

I just want some vague base so I could chill. With less sponge cakes as baking it 3 times a week got old and tiresome. I quite like scrambled eggs right now so that helps.

I want more simplicity… I probably need to focus on it to make it happen.


My dinner, three juicy crispy chicken thighs. And I funnelled the fat from the baking tray into a cup and drank it which was nice. Tomorrow pork chops, chicken leftovers and bacon, so life is good🙂But will have to stop by the shop tomorrow after my morning walk to buy cream as I’ve run out. I made a coffee having forgotten that, and I was like☹️ But oh well, I’ve had enough cream for today and enough coffee and tomorrow I can get more. Stopped by the post office to return a parcel containing a headband and snood much too large. I’ve measured my head to be 53cm circumferance and women’s average head size is supposedly 57cm. So all the hats and headbands in that shop I wanted to order from, a very nice boutique in Edinburgh selling winter wear, are too large. I think I’ll have to buy from their selection of kids’ hats and kids’ snoods to get the right fit. Well it would work out a lot cheaper anyway.


I will tell it to Alvaro. He talks about drinking fat as some abomination sometimes… :wink:
(Well it sounds pretty nauseating to me as well.)
He merely goes outside naked in -7 Celsius because why not…


me too. I just saturate the meat and dip and then drink leftover but omgosh I am a huge chicken fat lover in taste. So get ya on that one and so darn satisfying for sure! YUM good zc pic.

Head measuring :star_struck::smirk: ya got me on that one since I hate any ‘head gear’ on me LOL


Hi Shinita. In -7 you’d only see me out in my 100% merino whool hat, which I also sleep in, I really must get another one, and my camel puffer coat that makes me look like a caramel bear. And with my two pairs of gloves on. And snugly winter boots. Brrrr.

As to the fat, my body is just desiring fat rather than protein now. Lean meat I don’t much like, there has to be a good bit of fat on it. So I tend to eat bacon with my leaner meats, otherwise it is just not satisfying to me. I think that’s why I love the cream too, it’s essentially fat, I could drink the stuff on its own. My family is not very happy about me being carnivore, but my MIL had to admit I was looking good and healthy the last time she saw me. My SO will never understand my carnivore desires and love of simplicity and sameness, but he’s being supportive as he too can see it’s doing me good. My mom is always telling me to eat vegetables, but I just ignore that and she moves on to other topics. One thing that’s interesting to me in this WOE is just how incredibly good water now tastes to me.


Hi Fangs. Yes, chicken fat is nice, but the leaner meat on the chicken thighs I didn’t much care for, the crispy skin and fatty bits were great.
Headwear I must have as I have Reynauds, and really feel the cold.


Love this!
I was always a 'meat hound and fatty intake person; thru life so I feel ya on that. We found our best life forward for sure.
You will go leaner, more fat, more of this or that and change with years on this lifestyle and that is ok. Just follow the body and time eating this way and ya got it made in the shade for big health.

Yea I ate TONS of thighs and wings til the day I dumped them, like into year 2.5 for me. Now into year 6 I am allowing some thighs and wings back LOL so it is normal to eat as you need at all times what ya love and want. US carnivores say that all the time, eat what ya love, as you love it and don’t give it another thought as we progress and change to our best thru that :slight_smile:


I always loved caramel and bears so it sounds nice to me :smiley:
Well he did it instead of cold showers, he goes to work in frost and it’s not THAT very close, almost 6km, not so much but before 6am, in the dark frosty world?! Poor soul.
So, the last thing he wants at 9pm lately is even more cold. So he went out at dawn instead.
I merely stopped my cold showers but he started them in winter to begin with… I did them in summer, autumn too and the water wasn’t exactly warm in winter either especially when Alvaro just finished his cold shower (maybe 5C water)… It was more than enough for me.

By the way, I told him your fat drinking and he said it’s a very wrong usage of fat :smiley: I told him that if you enjoy it, what’s the harm? :smiley: I like to think I am open-minded enough and I know “each to their own” has deep wisdom.
(It is still extreme to us. But we all do things other consider odd, it’s pretty normal.)

I love my fat, I eat more fat than protein lately (it always was the case but the difference was smaller before… as I didn’t eat this much…), I am fine with very fatty items too, it’s just that I NEED some protein in it. Full pure fat just nope. I tried to eat 10-20g and that works, kinda, still not so great and I won’t do it in the future if possible. Give me some super fatty meat instead! Or my sponge cakes with fat spread on it, that’s nice especially when the fat is butter…
But I got more tolerant with fatty stuff. I even can eat dry sausage (45% fat in weight is typical) alone if it’s not too spicy. But I quickly lose interest in it, it’s probably not for me longer term… But I couldn’t handle all the extra calories well anyway. So I keep my normal, probably 1:1 days with some super fatty days thrown in sometimes.

Fatty dairy is different. I can eat it alone, it’s not nauseating at all :wink: Probably the water and the unique charm of dairy items… It’s not like I eat pure fat, just 20-30% fat with water, sugar, whatnot… So if I want a high fat percentage, I always think about cream and sour cream as they makes things easy. Not very satiating so better suited for OMAD if I eat a bigger amount… Pork jowl seems to be way more satiating, no wonder, meat tops eggs and dairy for me satiation effect wise. And 90+ % fat is super effective anyway. 80% isn’t, too much protein not to want even more.

I never will get bored reading about your changes :smiley: They happen quickly and they are quite spectacular! I don’t have this, water is water, kind of meh despite I have tastier water than most of the country (but my Grandma’s place had much better and not this insanely hard :frowning: but I lived in many, many places and the water is usually not good tasting). When we was searching for a house, despite the limitations we always checked the water as we knew it must be okay. No matter how much soup, coffee, tea and carbonated water I drink, I always need very much tap water too. Anyway, bad tap water makes worse soup and other food where water plays a big role. Sometimes the water in the city isn’t good even for coffee making (chlorine, that’s awful, fortunately it’s rarely so bad).

Folks, I try to disappear for a while, try to find my chill and whatnot, I don’t want to bother you or spend too much time thinking about food.


Hi Shinita, actually it’s bottled still water I’m drinking. The tap water I don’t like for other things than tea or coffee or cooking. But the bottled water tastes really good to me whereas at the start of my WOE it just tasted very ordinary. Now I enjoy the sweetness of it.

I also tend to think a good bit about food, like you. I like to plan what I will eat the next day, but don’t bother planning for the week keeping it a bit free as I might desire something else. I think of what to put on shopping lists. I look forward to my daily coffees with cream as much as I look forward to my morning walks. Food is such a big part of life, and what among other things, gives us quality of life. I’ve begun taking food pics which I certainly never used to. And I’ve become quite fond of the forum, enjoying the chats. The best thing about this WOE apart from the benefits is how incredibly good everything now tastes to me, I believe my palate may have been sharpened.

I don’t think you’re bothering anyone Shinita. But I understand the need to take breaks. Breaks can be good, I should definitely take a longer break from my phone and the internet, and take additional walks while my boys are in school, or read a book, do more housework, do some exercise with my weights, never mind they are 0,5kg each. I am hoping in the spring months I’ll be spending much more time outdoors.

(Karen) #99

Thank you but dont be impressed they,'re done in sets of 20 throughout the day. They started in sets of 10 in december but now i find them okay for sets of 20. The strength builds relatively quickly and no better way to tighten up the underarm saggy bits.:wink: i do like to keep fit though, i’m not getting any younger and i want to be active in my senior years…use it or lose it so they say!


Hi Karen, I’m not getting any younger either although I’m told I look youthful. But this year is my dreaded 40 coming up, and though I like to think I take good care of myself with my moisturuzers and daily morning walks, I know I could do a lot more. The most I’ve managed in push ups in one go is 15, at a push. But my arms are just ridiculously weak. Even shaking my jar to make whipped cream can tire them out. But so far I am thinking the best thing to do as additional exercise would be to take more walks, as they seem so beneficial. And start lifting my ridiculously light weights again because anything is better than nothing. But Tamoxifen zaps my energy.

I’m into puzzles too, I do word puzzles though, just find it so relaxing. And I like to think they jog the old brain a bit too.