Losing hair

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It’s my 4th month keto and I found that I am losing hair more than before…is there any supplement that might help? My friend told me Biotin but I would like to consult the keto community here before making the purchase :smile:. Thanks!

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Search the forum for hair loss. Many others have been there done that.

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I started a couple tablespoons of collagen powder in food/ drinks a few times per week. I now need to shave face and head more frequently. It hasn’t been miraculous, but I notice improving hair/whiskers…neither which I like…fingernails growing faster too.
I also drink more homemade bone broth from chicken and beef bones. Delicious.

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Me too. And i continue to take it all, even after my hair quit falling out. Collagen in every hot beverage, Biotin, keratin, and iron. Here’s an interesting fact. My adult daughter (in another city) was experiencing the same thing at the same time, unbeknownst to us. She found out she’d already had covid and has the antibodies. And her doc told her (and my research confirms) significant and prolonged hair loss can be a post-covid symptom! Mine lasted about three months. She’s reaching that time period. I’ve convinced her to start taking the supplements, even though I don’t know if mine stopped due to time or the pills. Just glad it’s over. I remember losing hair many moons ago on the Adkins diet, and it’s not uncommon on keto, but wanted to throw that out there. Whatever the reason, those supplements can’t hurt you and may greatly benefit you…

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Thanks! I’ll try bone broth

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Thanks for the info sharing and wow!

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I was loosing soo much hair. Worried I’d go bald or have to cut alot of the length. I ordered this product. And till this day, even the daily hairloss has stopped. Very little in my brush after washing my hair in the am. Totally worth a shot. Worked great for me. Although I dont take the recommend daily amount. I take 2 caps a day.
Good Luck!

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I have read that weight loss triggers hair loss and that it will naturally sort itself out in time.

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That’s my fear too…I have thin hair and not that much hair. Thanks for the suggestion on that supplement. Just took a look on Amazon and I’m gonna give it a try🙂

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Great! My sister started using it also. Shes noticed a difference too! Has lots of other vitamins in it also. Definitely worth a shot!! :grinning:

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I upped my protein a bit and added collagen powder. It slowed down significantly since then.

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I started to up my protein and added collagen in my daily diet a bit last week too :smile: I will observe how it goes. Thanks for sharing!

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I jinxed myself when I said my hair loss was over. It’s baaack! Now, I also adding saw palmetto and zinc. I am a walking supplement.


Sorry to hear about your hair. My hair decided to thin out on me back last November. I’ve been Keto going on 3 years and have no clue for the sudden hair thinning that started in November 2020.
I tried collagen, had a bad reaction to it. I’ve added a fish oil supplement recently and I eat jello every day since I can’t do collagen. My hair has now stopped thinning and I haven’t went bald. But it’s not growing back either. I had Covid last October. I had a mild case, didn’t take any medication, just an over the counter pain med. I’m shocked reading in this thread about it causing hair loss after recovery? Hadn’t heard about that?
Now I’m wondering if that’s why my hair started suddenly thinning back in November?


Anyone know if people who lost hair with COVID regrew their hair?

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I’m going to look into it further. especially since mine started falling out again after a few days reprieve.

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I’m going to look into it further. It may be to soon to say if it’s temporary and how long it usually lasts.

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Since hair is protein, I would suggest that anyone wishing to regrow hair consider increasing their protein intake somewhat, and also increasing total calories (especially by eating to satiety). Hair and nail growth, along with the reproductive system, are the first places where the body cuts back when under stress and feeling the need to conserve resources. So an abundance of protein and energy would seem to be a plausible solution.