Looking for other beginners to start keto journey

(Mary) #184

Hi Viv. It certainly feels strange being liberal with the oil when I have cut this out of my diet in a big way before. I have decided to try and only weigh myself twice a week on Wed. and Sat. so I am hoping for a little movement on the scales tomorrow but won’t be disheartened if I don’t as my overall calorie count is too high. I will review the books you have mentioned.

(Vivienne Clampitt) #185

It also feels strange adding salt to my diet. I have gone for years not adding salt to my food, I don’t really like the taste of it but I make myself take it.

Stay positive and take each day at a time , try not to run before you can walk. Don’t beat yourself up if you feel you have done something wrong at any time whilst following Keto diet. I think it’s all a steep learning curve at the beginning. For me my achievements for the first two weeks have been adding the fat, adding salt and eating when hungry. That will do me. This week has been about embedding those . Next week will be to work out my macros because I think I may be eating too much protein .
I will get to fat adaption so will you. Keep going!

(victor) #186

Wow…63 pounds. Thats great!

(Pete A) #187

Thanks it’s been great. :man_dancing:

(victor) #188

Im planning start the diet next week. Im doing the research first. Any advice?

(Jonathan Marshall) #189

One day at a time. When you see carbs and sugar, especially the tempting stuff, remind yourself that it’s not fit for eating. I literally tell myself, “That’s not food.” Also, acquire as much knowledge about keto as possible. The more knowledge you obtain, and the more success stories you read, the more convinced you’ll be that you’re doing the right thing, and the easier it will be to stay on track. And when you start to become a success story yourself, be a ketovangelist and convince everyone you know to try it. They’ll thank you for it.

(Mary) #190

Week one and I have lost 2.5 kg. I am no longer desperate for some sugar or a snack between meals but probably eating too much protein and not enough fat. Finding it hard to eat fat after cutting this virtually out of my diet. Thanks for all your posts. As a “ newbie” it is really informative and motivating.

(RL) #191

I started it last week. I thought the way the first few days were going that I would not be experiencing the keto flu.

Well, reality has struck. Last night I got home from work just feeling completely drained and hungering for anything and everything. I resisted the easy snacks in the pantry and loaded up on some fat (pecans, cheese, and then my main meal).

Woke up this morning with aches, pains, and a general fatigue that feels like I’m walking in wet, deep sand. I keep telling myself that this, too, will pass.

(Vivienne Clampitt) #192

It will, this happened to me about 3 days into the keto way of eating, then everything slowly got better. I am about to go into my 4th week now.

(Queen of Random) #194

(Cara) #195

I’m new too. Tomorrow is 3 weeks of low carb high fat. And today was my 1st day of no ketones on my urine dipstick.
I panicked but then re-listened to the ketones podcast and was reassured.
I’m still listening to the 2016 podcasts and listen on my work commute. Brilliant.
Today I’m doing my 1st fast. I lost the initial water weight early on but nothing since.
So ate up until 8:30pm last night and it’s currently 12:15pm the next day. Had an espresso this morning and lots of water so far. Feeling fine, which is weird because food has always been an obsession.
I’m planning to fast for 24hrs as a 1st attempt.
I haven’t done any measurements and only go on the scales, which isn’t ideal. But I can’t be shagged focusing too much on numbers anyway.
I’m not diabetic, am 34yrs old and am definitely overweight. By about 20kg going by BMI.
I don’t have kidd and don’t want kids. Have been overweight since at least 13 years old.
From Perth, Australia


Welcome to the forum Cara and good luck with the rest of your fast. I’m into my 12th week of keto WOE (way of eating) and have never felt better. I did a 48 hour fast after week 8 (coffee plus water). It felt good but I decided not to continue for longer on my first attempt. Next time I’ll try 3 days. I’ve found that I lose 1 kg(=2.2lbs) and then nothing for a couple of weeks then whoosh, another 1kg. I’ve lost 9kg so far but the inches lost are very noticeable. Clothes very loose and dropped 2 sizes! Enjoy your journey :smile: Ali

(Cara) #197

Wow you’re going amazing!
I’m 22.5hrs in and feeling fine. Have smashed water and 2 coffees.
Yeah I look forward to my guts shrinking! Can’t wait to feel that in my clothes.
Thanks for your support! :slight_smile:

(Michelle) #198

I just finished week 1 yesterday. So I am pretty much a newbie!

(Cara) #199

Well done on week 1! Headaches and lethargy I had during that time but then happy days…


Hi…jus started Nov 1,2018… dropped 5lbs. Still figuring this out lol

(Steve Spencer) #201

Hi Frank Just started Nov 27 2018 and confused.

(Paula Fox) #202

Hi Steve, I also started on the 27th and I am trying to learn as well.

(Martie) #203

Hi! I’m new to this and would love to join this thread. Thanks for starting it!

(Steve Spencer) #204

I’m 10 weeks in now and have lost 16lbs.