Little known diabetes symptom can indicate T2 (not the Sarah Connor hunter...)



Here’s another stocking filler, from the UK Mirror tabloid this time.

Who’d have thought male pattern baldness was insulin resistance related? LOL.
Fair enough, it may be a factor in some cases, including female. But given that T2, mostly, develops in the years that a lot men lose hair anyway…I would say this is by far NOT an indicator of T2.

Doctor warns little-known diabetes symptom can be warning sign of 'silent killer' (

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Gotta be nonsense. Being very strong and manly I started going bald at 28. When I was at the peak of health and physical fitness … The Mirror! lol


LOL. Me too- it must’ve been my testosterone lol.

(Bob M) #4

Testosterone is supposedly related.

(Karen) #5

Don’t knock it … my daughter has PCOS and has problems with her hair falling out and is pre disposed to T2, several other symptoms too like weight gain. She has to adhere to a rigid diet, not unsimilar to Keto. It also affects fertility and she has been undergoing IVF treatment. As T2 is quite often associated with age, weight and possibly hair loss i don’t don’t find it particularly surprising that men fall into that catorgory later in life … years of poor attitude to health and lifestyle, i would expect to see most lose hair too. And yes i do realise that a lot has to do with genetics.

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Since PCOS is one of the signs of insulin-resistance in women, a ketogenic diet is a great treatment for it. It’s so effective, in fact, that when I joined the forums in 2017, there were lots of jokes about “keto babies” and warnings to be careful, if you weren’t prepared to have a kid just yet.

As for the issue of baldness, I always assumed I’d end up bald, like my maternal grandfather (back in the day, it was supposed to be your maternal grandfather that determined your baldness), but it never happened. And yet, in the years I’ve been eating a ketogenic diet, my hairline has receded more than in the decade or two before. So I’d believe it does have something to do with testosterone.

PCOS and testosterone levels are another great reason for not worrying about having lots of cholesterol, by the way. Progesterone and testosterone are both made from cholesterol.


Hey Karen, we hear you, no disrespect intended friend!

I’m here to learn.

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That’s right. Same here. Don’t mean offend. I was only talking from my limited experience.

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There was no offence taken guys. … i am a tough old bird … it takes a lot to offend me!


Makes sense, I’ve seen that link made before, and I know T1’s are more prone to Alopecia, more people are diabetic than ever, and as somebody that pays attention to how many other dudes are going bald, I’ve never seen so many guys with MPB showing than I have the last 10yrs or so, something’s doing it other than age and having the MPB gene. Given that we start going in the wrong direction many years before we show direct symptoms of it, I wouldn’t have an issue believing theirs some sort of connection.

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I looked this abbreviation up on the Interwebz, and apparently MPB is either a camera manufacturer or musica popular brasileira, a resistance tool used to combat the military dictatorship in Brazil. I’m guessing you mean the latter, since there could conceivably be a gene for writing such music, but there is likely not a gene for being a camera manufacturing company.


Male Pattern Baldness…

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Aha! I wonder why that didn’t come up in my search. Probably shouldn’t have stopped at page 5 of the results . . .


All valid and interesting points.

I just wanted to say (especially if you are male)…if your fringe is receding, or your crown is getting shiny…that may NOT be a sign of Male Pattern Baldness. It sucks, but that’s the way it is…and a sign of wisdom hopefully.

But if in doubt, HbA1c test.

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I’m pretty sure I’ve got the same amount of hair nowadays … it’s just moved location!
For some reason I’ve decided I don’t need hair on my head but need to sprout hair from ears, shoulders, nose and toes :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is there a song about that? :thinking:


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Well done that man, I’ll have a check :smiley:


No song yet, but this might mitigate the ‘assault.’

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Ahhhhh Photos from my modelling days

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For me, my Turkish barber sorts out my noggin. Really good btw!

No.0, back and sides, trimmed at top (yes, I still have hair!), then a trim of the eyebrows and a discreet trim of the ears. Bit of lotion.

My previous (Turkish) barber used to stuff melted wax on sticks up my nose, wait till it set, then rip out all nasal hair. It was effective, but painful. I left.

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Ouch! Sadistic barber…

Is there any chance this caveman diet will grow my head hair back? … So far my dietary changes are making me less attractive to women !.. Mrs Pjam has started pretending shes asleep. Not sure where shes got that idea.