Little known diabetes symptom can indicate T2 (not the Sarah Connor hunter...)




My niece was talking to my ex wife, made a point of saying I was looking remarkably well.
I wish her all the best.

My brother in law saw my best mate at a band parade recently, said he looked like ‘an old man.’
Compared to me, which I Idon’t want.
But he is T1 after pancreatitis rupture. My mate is is 49. I’m 47. I support him.

I would pass for at least 46! Lol.

Keto on.

(Robin) #22

Eyes and ears and mouth and nose
Head and shoulder, knees and toes, knees and toes.
Gee, thanks. Now that’s gonna be in my head at 2 am.


When I asked my dad about his baldness, he said that he was learning so much every day that his brain keeps growing and that causes the hair to fall out. I think I was a preschooler when I asked that, but I remember it well.