Let’s talk pate!

(Carol E. ) #1

What prepared brands of pate have your tried? What is your go-to pate recipe?

I like pate and do make it at home.

Once I over seasoned my homemade once, and it became an excellent addition to Cauliflower Dirty Rice (used ground beef and pate instead of sausage)

Shopping at Publix, I came across Alexian brand Truffle Mousse last week. The ingredients are pork fat, eggs, turkey liver, milk, chicken liver, sherry, onions, spices, truffles, salt, garlic, mushrooms. It is pricey but taste great. Nutrition breakdown is Fat 27g/Carb 2g/Sugar 1g/Protein 5g. I will be looking for a recipe to perhaps make at home. http://alexianpate.com/index.php

Another brand I like is Tour Eiffel. Favorites are Champagne and Truffle. The website shows lots of flavors that I have never seen in the store.

I did a search of the forum and found several threads with different pate recipes.
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https://www.ketogenicforums.com/t/massacre-pants/8907/9 (Sage and Chicken Liver Pate)
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Let’s talk pate!