KetoUpgrade by Cobionic

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Does anyone have any experience with this product?

I’m 1 month into my Keto journey and this is a lifestyle change for me, not some fad diet. So any feedback would be helpful.



That doesn’t even list ingredients, just a sales pitch in huge print. I am highly skeptical.


It does but it’s a Proprietary blend so needless to say 99% air 1% active ingredients.


Waste of your money. Doesn’t seem they use Go bHb which is (sorta) the standard in x-tones, their blend is proprietary so you don’t even know how much is in there. I wouldn’t go near it, or ANY supplements with “proprietary blends” for that!

If you want exogenous ketones go with Perfect Keto, they’re overpriced for what you get but they’re the real deal. Also understand that exogenous ketones do NOT directly equal faster weight loss if that’s what you’re thinking. That can be a result but typically because you have way more energy so your working out harder in most cases. There are also other benefits to having high ketones like the mental clarity you have when you first go keto or when you’re fasting. Overall just feeling great, if you’re using keto to manage a condition the ketones may amplify that effect. But just go into it with the correct mindset.

Being cranked up on ketones is pretty much like having a pot of coffee’s worth of caffeine, none of the jitters, all the brain power, and feeling like you just got up from a 2 week nap and ready to run a marathon! Awesome feeling… costs a lot to keep it up! If it’s mainly the energy you want there are other options that are a lot cheaper.

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Actually if you scroll down the page it does list the ingredients.

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Can you make some recommendations on keto products for energy please?

That’s more of what I’m after.

I’m type 2 diabetic, blood sugar in the normal range since starting keto, if that impacts these type of products.



If it’s just energy you want look into pre-workouts. If you want to try something non caffeine based I use this a lot

It’s a nootropic based non caffeine pre-workout which definitely gives you and your brain a boost.

If caffeine works on you a caffeine based pre-workout (w/-Teacrine) is a good option. Teacrine acts a lot like a nootropic and pulls the jitters out of caffeine energy so you get the good without the bad.

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Ketosis feeds your friendly gut for free with β-hydroxybutyrate. This is a long article that covers a lot of ground. Well worth the read.

This review also highlights the synergy provided by exogenous ketone, β -hydroxybutyrate (BHB), accompanied by the short chain fatty acid, butyrate (BA) in the context of cellular and physiological outcomes.

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The goal is for your body to produce ketones, not to feed it to your body. MCT oil is s common energy food on KETO. They vary in quality, go for a better one. Avoid the powders in my opinion. You want your oil to be mostly C8 and C10. Start slow! You can take it off a spoon, no flavor or use it in hot coffee as a Bulletproof Coffee. :cowboy_hat_face:

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That’s perfect, thanks!!

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Actually, MCT oil can be used for anything you currently use ‘oil’ for, except making mayo. And it’s probably a good oil for béarnaise sauce. I intend to try it. You don’t even have to pay premium prices at supplement and healthfood stores. The liquid ‘Coconut Cooking Oil’ sold at supermarkets at half the price or less is the same C8 and C10. I’m in Vancouver and buy this one at my local super. For all I know it might be made by Naked Nutrition. (Right, Mike! :point_up: )


As Dave cautions, start slowly with it. Until you get used to consuming, it can go right through you with explosive results. Or you may get lucky. :heart_eyes:

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I wonder what the process is that keeps it liquid?

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@OldDog C8 and C10 fatty acid chains stay liquid at lower temperatures than the longer chain fatty acids.

@amwassil It’s worth reading up and knowing something about the coconut oil and MCT oil you buy. There are some nasty practices with hexane solvent, heat and pressure and deodorizing that go into refined coconut oils. Some healthy elements are destroyed and filtered out. I think it’s worth getting Extra Virgin Organic to me. But I don’t use them as much lately, I always have some. I also get organic cold pressed and centrifuged MCT oil. But like I said I use them occasionally now. I know you’ve probably already read up on this, :wink::joy::joy::cowboy_hat_face:

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I use unrefined organic. I put it in my coffee…:smiley:

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Thanks David. Yes, always excellent advice. For everything not only MCT oil. We do the best we can with the info available.

PS [Edit]: I want to add that I am not shilling for Jaga oil. I’m just a satisfied customer. It’s probably not available outside of Canada, but other equivalent products are. Also, even though it’s called ‘cooking’ oil, I would never use any of these so-called ‘liquid coconut cooking oils’ to cook and bake. The reason is, in addition to C8 and C10, and probably about 10% C12 (lauric acid), they also possibly contain both monounsaturated oleic (Omega9) and polyunsaturated linoleic (Omega6) fatty acids. These are just as prone to oxidation by heat in coconut oils as in seed oils.