Ketoky Fried Chicken

(Madge Boldt) #3

Thank you for testing out the recipes for us. I am looking forward to eating the result next Saturday. I know it will be great. Hail to the Colonel!

(Jane Hull) #4

Thanks for the recipe! This was Father’s Day dinner tonight! It was perfect. The chicken was SO crunchy. Loved it!

(Mark Anderson) #5

Can you re-use the tallow? 2 quarts is expensive


Many times over. I buy fryer oil filters at BassPro and run mine through it every couple times it makes it like new again. You loose some each fry so as you add new your always just moving the cycle further with newer tallow.

(Anne) #7

This looks delicious, but the name is even better! So cute. :grin:

I regularly pan fry chicken with a pork rind coating, but have yet to venture into the realm of deep frying anything!

(Terence Dean) #8

I’m going to do this recipe once I reach my goal weight, too scared to try it at the moment. I might like it too much if you know what I mean?

Question: Could you use Butter Milk in this recipe or would that blowout the whole keto deal?

(Michelle Barry) #9

I was wondering how well it would work either baked or pan fried and I don’t have tallow so wonder if olive oil works well?

(Artemis) #10

Could you share your coleslaw rec? Thanks😋


Second that, if possible. :slight_smile:

(Keto Kid 4 Life) #12

Wow! I’m going to try that! I love KFC, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this!

(Bob M) #13

I don’t have that recipe, but here’s a good one:


Thanks, will give it a look.

(Virginia ) #15

@dudes Looks so good. :slight_smile:

(Bob M) #16

It looks like they posted the recipe for the coleslaw:

Seems a bit sweet to me to try. But I’ve rarely had Kentucky Fried Chicken or their coleslaw, so I would have no idea what this is supposed to taste like.

(carl) #17

I happen to be throwing another Keto Minifest this Saturday at my house: another Ketoky Fried Chicken night!

(Madge Boldt) #18

I’m so lucky to live close enough to attend the KFC meetup. Looking forward to it!

(Daisy) #19

Edit: never mind, found a link to the original post. Stupid question but am I missing the ingredients list? I see a print recipe “link” but there’s no link lol

(Bob M) #20

I live in CT, and would love to attend. However, my wife just had eye surgery and cannot drive, so I’m the family driver this weekend.

I have, however, just got in some beef tallow to fill my also newly bought fryer and plan to make the fried chicken this weekend. I’ll report back.

(carl) #21

Switching it up a bit on Saturday (not too much):

I am using “Pork Panko” brand pork rind crumbs this time.
Using allulose for sweetener in cole slaw
No chocolate parfaits this time. BUT: Carrie Brown’s home-made ICE CREAM!

We will post LOTS of great photos from this event!


(Bob M) #22

I made the fried chicken in beef tallow. The chicken was great. It’s now my oldest daugher’s favorite chicken and my youngest daughter’s second favorite chicken.

I also learned a bit about frying with beef tallow. My first time frying and with beef tallow to boot. I think I’ll heat it up in a sous vide for a while to get it liquid before putting it in the fryer. There was an air pocket in my fryer, and that caused the safety to trip. I also bought (after the fry) a funnel and some nice filters. I think this needs to be filtered.

That’s the cooking appliance and techniques though, and not the chicken recipe. Hope to make this again.